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  1. Kurogachii

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ¿Any Thoughts?

    I didn't know that giving a personal opinion on a thread that I started was getting into people skin but okay, i guess all you want to hear is some sesame street bs, i'm sorry. Shiver me timbers alright lmao
  2. Kurogachii

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I know that there's DOOM 3 and 4 but nobody is talking about DOOM 69
  3. Kurogachii

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ¿Any Thoughts?

    Oh yeah i'm reeeeally evil, geez people are so sensitive nowadays, even on a forum for such a hardcore game like DOOM! it's hilarious. I was just giving a thought, but well, i think i hit a nerve, also i already gave my stance about blizzard, fuck blizzard, some people are involving PC stuff that has nothing to do with it, just to seek attention, like, nobody cares, there was also a guy who replied to me saying something about hitler or something but that comment got deleted for some reason, weird.
  4. Kurogachii

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ¿Any Thoughts?

    Doesn't change the fact that people unfortunately have that ultra basic mindset.
  5. Kurogachii

    New around here? Introduce Yourself!

    Have fun making wads, it's really fun!
  6. Kurogachii


    Doomworld is close to the idgames archive right? there's no way the idgames archive die.
  7. Kurogachii

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ¿Any Thoughts?

    I just wanted to give a thought about the "Don't play their games" form of "protest". I understand the hate and frustration, and people can do whatever they want with the product they bought! but i personally think that people spreading the message of "Don't play (insert company name) games because they did something bad" is kinda stupid, paying for games? of course, you could say stuff like "I won't buy the diablo 2 remaster because i don't like blizzard", that's cool. But some youtubers and other people of influence are straight up telling you not to play a product that you paid for, it's like the rockstar games situation, yeah, they deleted mods, other people's work, that's evil, but that doesn't mean i can't play grand theft auto vice city for the 200th time! So yeah, be logical.
  8. Kurogachii

    I want to play and record videos of your WADs!

    I'd like to see someone do a gameplay of it lol
  9. Malcom in the Middle: Dewey's Revenge
  10. Kurogachii

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    South Park doom anyone?
  11. The playstation 3 also had a basic remote, i know what you mean, there's a big chance that the controller will be just a standard xbox controller with some bluetooth paired to a special box, something like a TV box where you can play your games but also watch netflix. Or maybe it's just integrated and all you need is an addon that links to your netflix account vía bluetooth. In conclusion, i predict a standalone TV box with one controller and a netflix remote at about 120 bucks.
  12. Kurogachii

    Joey Jordison dead at 46

    Aw man, rest in peace, I'm also not a fan of slipknot but i remember my sister vibing the song psychosocial when i was young lol