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  1. I'll take sick at its 90's variation of meaning 'rad'... lol. and that guy should have prepared to be... 'beaten'.. xD Thanks! I don't recommend trying it without a lot of experience playing a single port/game. There were some parts where one mishap could have cost more then 10 minutes at a time just 4 or 5 months ago. A lot of time was spent routing to ensure all back ups were accounted for in the attempt, every levels failing possibility. Hardcore indeed, thanks! Just finding new ways to challenge myself with this particular version has been a journey in itself. I rested up for a few days after, but haven't been able to push over 15 hours of being awake after the attempt... so I guess my days of staying up for many hours at a time are over, thanks to this insanity of a speedrun. Thank you, maybe someday I'll be back to attempt this in 32X or even... PC?!? (That last part is sarcasm) Sega 32X is possible in just under 12 minutes, even on runs without out of bounds. The full game only has 16 levels, and can be reset in a matter of 20 second intervals. The big problem would be having to hold the run/strafe buttons for so long. In regular sessions, after only an hour or 2, your thumb can cramp up really bad even in a play session after many months from your previous attempt. PC 100 times in 1 day is probably not possible, considering the best times for a full run on ITYTD are 13:30-13:50 range respectively. Playing under 14 minutes everytime would be required, perfect E2M6, E2M7 every attempt, Good E3 key grabs... you would truly have to be a Master to accomplish that task. Under 14:24 for every single attempt would be required to complete PC 100 times in a single 24 hour period, with no breaks... MADNESS!
  2. Guys, Franco brothers are very good at staying true to source materials. Have faith that this will be a decent adaptation. The big question is... who will play carmack? Will there be auditions? Asking for a friend... lol.
  3. The title of the thread sums it up. Doom for the Gameboy Advance has been completed 100 times within a 24 hour period by myself. Its taken me a few weeks to let you all know here on DoomWorld, as I wanted to have a proper highlight for easier viewing for you guys (instead of having just a 24 hour video for you guys to see lol). In the thread I made back in Feburary, I mentioned it would take 24 hours to finish the game 100 times with the current speedrun for this versions any%. June 8th, 2019, I decided to give it a full attempt for the first time. Full 24 hour highlight can be seen here. This was easily the hardest speedrun of my life. I regulated breaks every 3 hours (15 completions) to give myself 15 minutes to use the restroom, eat, take care of my animals, and stand for an appropriate time. Just over 11 hours in, I was convinced under 24 hours was no longer possible, and changed my on screen display to show the goal as '100 times in 27 hours'.. By the time I reached the 60 mark for attempts, I began playing 20 times in a row to catch up, just to clutch under 24 hours in some form. 23:34:24 was the final time for a first in Doom history. I finished run 101 at 23:49:08 just to push it over 100 in a single day. With better plays, and new discoveries, under 23 hours could be possible someday.. but I will not be trying this again for a long time. I'm satisfied that under 24 happened in the first attempt, and can be happy I accomplished this goal. This run was theoretical possibility just a few weeks ago, and now its a reality! Misc. Info Total levels: 2,323 Levels out of bound: 1,350+ (Stopped doing E2M1 out of bounds half way to save time loss from clipping back into the level, which skips the blue key requirement. Can lose time if it fails repeatedly). Lowest run: Run 46. 10:55 (Really decent RNG, clipping into levels on first few attempts. 10:19 is the current best time on real hardware). Highest run: Run 98, 18:14 (Trolled in Computer Station and Limbo, lost over 4 minutes to both levels). Cacodemon's encountered: Over 1,600 Pinkies encountered: Over 1,700 Rockets used: Over 1,600 Health damage taken: Over 200,000 10's played: 1 11's played: 39 12's played: 32 13's played: 21 14's played: 5 15's played: 1 No 16's or 17's were played 18's played: 1
  4. Alexo

    I finished Doom GBA in 9 Minutes!

    Any% March Update. I've returned to real hardware in attempts for Sub 10 on an actual Game Boy Cartridge! Emulation has proven to cut .17 frames every second for loads, adding up to 11-20 seconds of time saved, over a whole run on emulation versus real hardware. The 9:40 Has 12 points of being stuck on walls returning into a level. Each time getting stuck returning into a level, equates to an average of 3 seconds lost for each attempt. My current personal Best on real hardware is 10:44, with 14 stucks while returning into a level. 1 stuck = 3 seconds 12 stucks = 36 seconds of potential save on emulation remaining, perhaps more with perfect levels and enemies. 14 stucks = 42 Seconds of potential save on real hardware, pointing towards a sub 10 game with perfect returns on every level, best route, and good enemies. Real Hardware personal best Any% 10:44 Second 10 on a real cart, first was 10:55. Level 22 is the worst. Bad Level 5, 7, and 22. I'm looking for consistent visual set ups for 1/3 chances or higher for each returning glide. Every little movement is being examined now for any improvements on real hardware. The 9 on cartridge will really push the run to the limits, but considering 9:40 EMU had a bad E2M1 (Can save 15 seconds with best route on that level alone), and time loss in other levels... I honestly believe real hardware can match it with the best possible levels and strategies on all 23 maps. This is all I had before Xbox or PC versions, so its a joy to be the one breaking it wide open. Thanks for checking it out, GBA forever \m/ Nightmare improvements. NM is actually UV renamed, True NM was removed. Currently on emulation, it has matched Zeromaster's personal best E1-E3 on PC, which is 15:46! The current best PC time is 15:21 by Dime, which I will be attempting to match on ONLY REAL CARTRIDGE from this point forward. On real hardware, 17 has been achieved thus far, but sub 16 to mid 15 is very possible with best enemies and wall clips returning into levels. But Nightmare is still highly un-optimized compared to any%, things could still be discovered in the months/years to come. I'm Streaming every 3 or 4 days now, late nights with GBA Doom here in the US. Hope you guys have enjoyed the runs as much as I've enjoyed breaking this version! Emu NM PB 15:45 Real Cart NM PB 17:48 Tutorial for Any%. I've finally compiled a full 3 episode guide for speedrunning the full game with these strategies. 30 minutes for each episode of the game, covering each level in depth with multiple attempts (with input display for example), explanations of lag reductions, and advantages. Everything you would need to get started playing the game this way. I have these unlisted on youtube at the moment, as I'll be making improvements in the future before having public. The game has been evolving all the time, and I'd like to have a full, final master tutorial for public use in a wide release later. New set ups for consistent wall glides are still being finalized at the moment. However, I wanted these available for anyone who is looking to start the game, before the tutorial is 100% finished. Episode 1: Basic's, Levels 1-8 Episode 2: Level 9-16 Episode 3: Level 17-24, Infinity Mode Also Hosting an open tournament for a race in October! Doom world thread here for info.
  5. This is an open invitation to all Doom players across the world! Anyone who can complete the full game in 13 minutes or less, will be invited to compete in the world's first organized tournament in Doom for the Game Boy Advance! Announcing the Doom GBA Open 2019, on October 26th! A limit of eight players will be accepted. Only one will be named 'Master On-The-Go'! Doom GBA, like many of its obscure console counterparts, was long considered slow and a laggy version to play... In just 2 Years of Speedrun's for this version, 18 years since it's original release, Doom GBA stands out. With higher technical management of health, out of bounds strategy, lag reduction, and frame perfect returning into levels from out of bounds. It's become an intense game to play at a high skill level. With a 10 minute game being possible on a real Game Boy! I'm announcing this far ahead of time to ensure anyone who has been keeping up on the GBA version in the past, presently, or anyone interested in trying out a new sport in the future, can join the tournament! This will give anyone the chance to learn and practice the strategy needed in the next half year at the tournament. I know for some, it will be really easy to get 13 or below with all of today's optimizations and tutorials provided below! Even with the tournament accepted route. :) The Doom GBA Open is going to be the first organized tournament hosting any% races of the Game Boy version of Doom. Below is an example of how races will be played out. Hosted under that is a full series of Tutorials for the speedrun. The tournament rules, and additional entry information, can be seen below the tutorials in a series of spoilers. Players will race an average of 13 minutes through 23 levels, performing accepted glitches and strategy for tournament play. 3 levels have banned out of bounds for tournament play, balancing the race for skill ceiling and crashes/common resets. 5 levels removing 1 or 2 out of bounds strategies to prevent skill gaps and crashes. I average 11:40-12:32 with no resets and this route. This is an inviting tournament of all skill levels, which removes level 7 out of bounds to prevent a high chance of resetting races. High skill ceiling strategies to play under 10 minutes have been banned. This is to keep balance for all players entering the tournament. As time goes on, it stinks to be the only person grinding for new strategy. I know people that have played doom for so much longer. I believe there is someone out there who has yet to even play the game as a speedrun, who could perform at an even higher level compared to myself... My hope in starting the tournament is to help people discover the speedrun. Learn a route that is an easy 12 minute game with a few days practice. Have a couple of players competing for a first of it's kind title Starting a yearly tournament for said title, and allowing more players to compete in future years! Full detailed tutorials for each episode. Episode 1: Basics, Level 1-8 Episode 2: Level 9-16 Episode 3: Level 17-24, Infinity Mode Hope to see some new people checking out the game! Its a blast once you get the route down.... because rockets. Links: Saturday, October 26th, 2019. 12PM EST 8 PLAYERS, 1 CHAMPION Listed below are all of the Rules which all players registered for the tournament agree to abide by, and follow during their time playing. The sport is just beginning. These rules are here to help enable it as a welcoming environment for all players of all skill levels, while still keeping an edge over standard doom speedruns. Specified measures have been put in place to help in preventing softlocks and game crashes where possible, and keep races balanced.
  6. Alexo

    Console Doom ITT

    Its okay Doom. Sure Doom GBA, the handheld port, is a faster speedrun... But I heard the only person who ever attempted that port seriously... was cursed to play the console version for life. Including the 3DO and SNES versions... It's okay Doom :^)
  7. Alexo

    Doom E1M1 Pacifist / UV-Speed in 0:08.97

    4shockblast, the King of the horse shoe! :O
  8. Alexo

    Who is the best doomer on Doomworld?

    Would definitely add Dime, Adam Hegyi, and Adam Williamson to this list. If we are talking Doom.wad and Doom2.wad only. Edit* we are not apparently talking those wads only... lol
  9. Alexo

    Who is the best doomer on Doomworld?

    I'm the best at the Gameboy version, and thats about it... lol
  10. Alexo

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Ultimate Doom: E4 Nightmare is a joke, and I can't play it to save my life. Its been 15 years since I was introduced to it, I Can accomplish the other 3 episodes for nightmare on a few ports... but I'm not any better at the 'Gatekeeper' for the full game still... :(
  11. Doom GBA Man back again to share more bizarre stuff with you folks! The 23rd level is the final level in the game. Level 24 is the secret level internally in the games memory. I just discovered if you input the 'advance 1 level' code on the 23rd level, you can play the secret level, and return to level 4... creating a never ending loop in the game. This eliminates returning to the menu or watching the credits. The new category is being dubbed 'Infinity', as the description implies, the game can go for as long as the runner is willing to lap the game over. Truly an endurance mode category, I'm looking forward to nightmare (UV) attempts with this over the weekend. My current best is 10 Laps any%, 212 Levels in a row, with 0 Deaths! Just under 2 Hours! There are 23 Levels in the initial Lap. 21 Levels in each subsequent lap. (Level 1, 2, and 3 are never played again, but the secret level is included to become 21 levels). Doing some math, and considering average lap times: 5 Laps in 1 hour 24 Hours = 2,543 levels you can take 2,543 × X = Y X = Days Y= Levels It would take 24 Hours to complete the Game over 100 times. It would take 9 days to complete the Game over 1000 times. It would take 394 days of continuous play to complete 1,000,000 levels with my current average. That would be 41,748 Laps. It would be amazing to see a Bot/AI created to play this! Still finding stuff, this game still amazes me all the time! I will try for 100 Laps someday. :)
  12. Alexo

    I finished Doom GBA in 9 Minutes!

    This was literally my goal, break into a territory that just sounds impossible :P UV was renamed to NM, true NM was removed all together. My Goal is 18-17, but PC WR time is 15:4X range for E1-E3. Large disadvantage also, more enemies = higher lag. In some instances, too many enemies can prevent OOB (House of Pain Ending) , so I'm not sure if the UV times could match without more things being discovered, or rerouted entirely. Mamba for Doom GBA 2020 xD Duke 3D is another difficult one, I'm a console version pleb and would need to study a lot of new tech to get anywhere with that one. Luckily with Doom 1, I have played PC/XBOX/GBA for many years, and have the maps and patterns memorized... lol
  13. Alexo

    I finished Doom GBA in 9 Minutes!

    You can see the Raw here, but the sound is pretty bad. Had audio drivers messing up after I switched from speakers to microphone playback (OBS sucks if you switch drivers while it is brodcasting)
  14. Alexo

    I finished Doom GBA in 9 Minutes!

    I would love to show this at GDQ one day, I submitted for 2018, but PC Doom and Doom II were chosen. I'll keep submitting it in hopes its picked up one day, possibly nightmare instead of any%. Glad you enjoyed it. :)
  15. July of last year, I updated all of you on the massive breakthroughs for speedrunning this port, and informed you about the History behind the runs. Today is the day. The complete development of the run, optimized strategy, and frame perfect glitches in over 15 levels... I can finally say to you all... I mastered Doom for Gameboy Advance, in less then 10 minutes: I am retired for any%, until someone else comes along and pushes the time lower. I'm pretty sure less then 10 minutes hasn't been played on any other version (Without cheat codes), this is a time I am happy to own as a first. I'll let you all know when I put out some more tutorials, this game was a blast to break wide open in the time I've had with it. I really want to document and pass along all the stuff I've learned, and discovered, to get this legendary time. Hope you guys enjoy the run!