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  1. Last year on June 8th, I successfully achieved the world's first completion of an official Doom port, 100 times, in less then 24 hours. Mathematically it was proven capable before it was attempted, and it was a success the first time. Now, over 1 year will have passed quite soon. On June 14th, at Midnight EST, I will attempt a new goal time for Under 23 hours in this master endurance category. Beating the previous record of 23:34:24. My average time now reaches below 10 minutes and 30 seconds, statistically saving 30-40 seconds per attempt (Compared to last years final splits with an average of 11-12 minute completions). The time of 22:55 or less is projected over the 100 attempts currently, with a possibility of even being able to get into a lower 22 hour Territory. The full attempt will be streamed live on twitch, under Alexo670. My previous attempt has been made fully available in a previous thread submission found here I hope to see some of the Doom community stopping by through out the day, and pray I don't go absolutely lucid when I reach the 70's. Last time, by the 99th run, I was seeing ghosts.. It was interesting to say the least. My bets on aliens this time... lol This will be played on a real Nintendo Game Cube GBA Player, using a software called Game Boy Interface for playback. GBI allows for much better response time on inputs than the official Nintendo software. It also shows an input display for anyone watching. Breaks will be regulated to every 15 attempts (Average 3 hours) for 15 minute time spans, just like last time. Wish me luck with 2,300 levels! GBA Speedruns leaderboard
  2. Alexo

    Today I Played Gba Doom For The First Time

    Doom GBA master here, the speedruns are cool to learn and check out. I've dumped about 500 hours in the last 2+ years, its unlike any port for runs, even on Nightmare. šŸ™‚
  3. Another Doom GBA 100 attempt is in planning stages.


    As I said in last year's June 8th speedrun of 23:34:24, I wouldn't be attempting to beat the time forĀ longer then a year. We are now under aĀ month away from 1 year since theĀ first 100 completions attempt was finished.

    I will be attempting 100 completions again in June ofĀ 2020.

    ItsĀ without a doubt one of the most difficult speedruns I have completed. Focus for 2,300 levels, in a days worth of Doom! The good news isĀ all the recent break throughs since the first 100 completion. TheĀ optimizing on real hardware, discovering new set ups and routes.Ā I can now finish the game over a minute faster then my previous average time.

    This means I can play a faster game for almost every single completion, saving drastic amounts of time from last years splits (which I still have!)

    I've played over 20 runs this year alone that wentĀ under 10 minutes. Only three 9 minute times were played all of last year!Ā The numbersĀ are pointing towards a much higher window of completion at 22:20 - 21:45 hours 100Ā completions. Only a single 10 minute time was played in the 100 completions run before.

    Before the previous GBA 100, I had a 1/3750 chance of getting a PB each run. Its dropped to a 1/432 chance as of lately, the numbers are looking really good for each completion to be close, or under, 10 minutes each time.

    This will likely be the last easy chance at getting a PB for this category again without a huge discovery. For those who missed out on the previous GBA 100 attempt, I'm letting the community know ahead of time at various points, this post on my Doomworld profile being a sort of reveal of the second attempt in June. Will likely make a forum post when I figure an exact date.Ā Would enjoy seeing folksĀ chill at the stream that will be going all day on my twitch channel. The whole run will be live for over 20 hours!

  4. Alexo

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    To be for real for a second, Mick has taken Rob's past tracks, and done them justice. Bobby has given his seal of approval, there is an entire interview with bobby on youtube, paying Co-op E1, and talking about his time on the game and many others! Part 1, Mick is mentioned at 13:04 Parts 2-8 Edit: I like both.
  5. I was well introduced to Quake II and Quake III at their respective launch times. Doom was a game right before my conscious time on this earth, but I had heard about it for a few years before playing. I was given the GBA version in 2003, played the Xbox 360 arcade port in 2006, and finally had my way at the PC version in 2007. Sadly its because of this, I have never had the aspect of being "Afraid" of classic Doom's graphics (crazy in 1993). But that has never made me look at the game any less then a masterpiece.
  6. Alexo

    Who the hell plays GBA Doom?

    Its a piece of junk that goes fast. Addicting to play after such low times lol. But it's not the immediate version I recommend to people who have never played the original. You have to understand that this was the first official port of Doom for any mobile platform. It was a great novelty for the time, and a part of history in its own regard.
  7. Attempts for an 8 minute time for Doom GBA Any% are being played now. It's finally reaching a possible final barrier in minutes for this game. Without further OOB discoveries, or a new route for health to save even a few seconds, the game will likely not be able to go below 8 minutes on a real cartridge. I've been playing the game again to very good results. I was able to play six runs in a single day, that all finished in under 10 minutes. I played more 9 minute times in one day then I did all of last year. If I can keep it up, we could see the first 8 minute run very soon. Sum of Best 8:39 Former WR 9:33, played at AGDQ 2020. :P 3 months have passed since the 9:33 World Record. The record was achieved January 8th at AGDQ 2020, in the practice room. Would like to extend thanks to the folks who congratulated that time, as I really thought it was a retirement time for the category. Pushing times past the emulator times took a whole year of research into making real hardware as fast as it could go with lag reduction, it took a long time to happen. To all the folks I met and hung out with during the event, I hope to meet you all again in the future at other events! I was away from the game for February, but as the IRL world has closed, I've had a lot of time to invest into the game once more. The 9:33 became the first Real Hardware time to beat the emulator time set on January 25th, 2019. For about 3 weeks, I was unable to get close to the kind of times needed to get even below 9:50. I was letting the game sit, would try one day a week for 2 hours, and go away for a week. But I finally said no more. 8 hours of attempts for this one. Incredibly, less then 20 seconds left for an 8 minute time is what the 2020 any% attempts have resulted in. 8 is very possible to see in 2020, but will be difficult. We stand at 8,194 resets. It could happen before 10,000 , or it could take 20k. I want to keep trying to max it out, and finally just tie a sum of best time. But thats the fun of speedrunning, just when you think its over, a shiny new strategy shows up thats been in front of you for 20 years. The episode one played in this current full game record, was the fastest ever played. The E1 beat a 3:52 time, set over 8 months ago.. It took me over a half year to save 8 seconds in the first 8 levels. Thats the kind of needle in a hay stack run we are shooting for, but consistency grows with overall average runs. I have been finishing runs out, even if behind, to practice and get better results for when it matters. Really been appreciating the folks coming out to the stream and chilling out while the runs and resets happen. I get a good first half of the game to talk with the chat, and I take a 5-10 minute break every hour to stay healthy and stand. Good time to talk with folks, go over any questions someone has about the game, and keeping those happy thoughts (as we say on stream). The games largest time saves now are getting back into the level first try every time (missed only a few) and all the enemies not getting in the way. I'm dubbing this category the 'Super Mario Brothers of Doom', because the reset chance is so high for the lowest possible time I can go for. I want it. Even if it takes 20k resets. lol.
  8. Alexo

    Linedef Deletion Glitch on other ports

    There are 2 deletions that have become advantageous for speedrunning in the GBA port, one of them recently discovered. There is also a linedef deletion that happens in the current route, that isn't particularly useful.. but happens because the route is the shortest route to the exit (just allows pinkies to exit the map pretty much). Map 11 and 12 Map 11's deletion isn't useful, but happens out of convenience. Getting out of the map near the rocket ammo in the room to the right, near the spawn, running to the exit on this side, deletes walls near the exit switch. Pinkies will attempt to run at you, leaving the level. You also enter level 11 on world record route with so little health, that being hit just a single time ends an entire attempt at a new record. Map 12's deletion turns a level that generally takes 44 seconds IGT, and makes it 24 seconds for average pace. Keeping a correct distance from the level after exiting, and turning with the red room (where the yellow key is located), causes a wall to disappear where the yellow door is. This strategy was developed by myself, but there is a possibility of walking into an incorrect section, and causing the platform you teleport to from the plasma gun secret to mess up.. the platform you teleport to, if you walk in the wrong section, has the linedef for opening the door to the next area after you walk off the platform with the health orb, deleted entirely (Sometimes just from 1 or 2 sides). So pretty much an 85% success rate for me currently, but sometimes it can throw a whole run with the first wall not deleting, or the trigger you teleport to becoming useless. The most recently discovered deletion was found back in December of 2019, and isn't the fastest route for the level or even the speedrun. But leads to a consistent sub 30 seconds IGT in level 9. The route I currently use in speedruns involves going out of bounds behind the blue key door, and running at the wall behind the door in attempt to return into the level via an oversight in the engine. The recent discovery involves a set up found by myself, and gathering the health orb near the bruiser brothers in the previous level. Performing a set up, allows you to walk straight to the final room in the level. You can see how it works below. If you find anymore that might be useful, let me know. Level 13 linedef deletion for a time below 28 seconds would be a "Holy grail" of the speedrun, so to speak. Level 20, unholy cathedral, could also have potential to have something found, with the lowest time possible currently at 8 seconds with 'Swag cathedral' strat... but an average run taking 12 seconds by using a deathwarp. Finding a linedef deletion in the section where the swag cathedral strategy is preformed, even achieving a 10 or 9 second IGT run, would be a nice time save. Swag cathedral strat: The fastest possible way to finish this level thus far, but involves passing through 3-4 walls while out of bounds. Easily a 1 in 20 sort of trick, right near the end of a run. Would be helpful to find linedefs to delete, near the area you exit from. Can be done in 8 seconds at fastest completion for any%. Normal death warp strat: The currently used strat, which soon will be to slow for any% times to crawl any lower. Can be done in 11 seconds. Level 7 could have possible linedef deletions also for consistent times to achieve sub 50 IGT, but more science will be needed, and I don't see it becoming faster then the current strategy.
  9. http://www.twitch.tv/alexo670/v/528518640?sr=a&t=0s Wanted to share that I'm doing any% attempts again in Doom GBA for 2020. I've been away from the category since August. Just a week into the practice returning, on December 30th, I played a 9:44. This set a new personal best time on a real Doom GBA cartridge for the category! Only the third 9 minute run in the games current history. It was over 5 months from the first 9 minute time on real hardware since I stopped playing the category. Its nice to see more nine minute times on real hardware, because it takes a lot more effort to save time and get lucky with some damage rolls and fire rates. My current goal is to have 9:44 played very soon. I'll be out at AGDQ this coming week on Monday. I hope to say hi to a few other doomworld members, and folks in the scene of different Doom games and speedruns. I'll be going to the practice room on the 9th of January, and just sitting at it for a few hours in attempts... The day seems fitting, since it could be a 9 on the 9th! šŸ˜‚ I did some recalculation. I was saying to others there was only 10 seconds left to save. But thats just being realistic in terms of "luck", without reseting triple the amount I already have (7000+)... Getting all returning into levels to work, all enemies to cooperate, and move properly. There becomes a point where only 1 in so many thousands and thousands of runs will have no time lost on the IGT, for every level. Every clip into the levels first try. No stucks. Its unlikely anyone will get it to happen for quite some time, including me. Having to reset after 1 level lossing 1 or 2 IGT seconds would just kill the run for me, but its gotten to that point in a few spots already. These times are in theory what could be saved still. Estimates E1: Lost 10 IGT E2: Lost 13 IGT E3: Lost 12 IGT 34 IGT seconds remaining in real terms. Sub 9 seems unlikely on a real GBA with the current route.. But more things could be discovered. I never say never with this game. But its seeming in the realm of close to 'perfect' for a human at that point. A consistent way to finish level 9 OOB was just found last week also, so there are still things out there to find I'm sure. http://www.twitch.tv/alexo670/v/525274059?sr=a A way to finish level 13 in less then 28 seconds, with no other levels drastically effected. Finishing level 13 with armor and health, in less then that time, would be the holy grail of this game if it was discovered or routed. I still do science from time to time, but always find things in levels that dont really need much more time save (new route, same time). Lets hope to see a 9:3X on a real GBA, before the first 9 minute run on emulator turns a year old, on January 25th. Coming back to the category feels decent so far. I'm only doing 2 or 3 hours sessions every few days to keep myself from burning out. It will help playing to get to a lower time not wearing down the game in long hours at a time.
  10. *The Doom GBA guy likes this* I've seen it running recently, have plans to begin tinkering at runs in the port over the next month. Like I said on reddit, amazing job on this port!
  11. GBA master returning again, to share the recent news with you all. Last week, for the first time in 25 years.. a console version of Doom has been played on UV, faster then the current PC world record time (for episodes 1 through 3). If you would have told me 3 months ago this was possible, I wouldn't have believed it. But recent developments, and extensive play sessions resulted in this run. Non commentated run; Live reaction stream. Developments , advantages, notes: - Obviously this run is much faster thanks to out of bounds capabilities in the stripped down game engine that Jaguar Doom, and ports based on it, provide. Over 10 levels allow for advantageous out of bounds. Without them, the run would take close to 40 minutes. - New route in the eleventh level saved over 15 seconds compared to previous runs. Going out of bounds from the point where rockets spawn in the room on the right, saves a lot of time. - E1M1 and E1M3 are a crap shoot. Most runs end here, E1M3 is just as bad as UV for PC in terms of shot gunners... However, Limbo (second to last level) is a real kill joy also. Some of the most complex set ups for achieving the fastest possible time in the level, require baiting a lot of pinkies and cacos, and praying to sustain enough health to pull it all off. - I had about 700 resets over 3 weeks. My longest session was 7 hours one day. In total, it was about 24 hours over that 3 week period, in the wee hours after getting home from work. - I needed to practice this game before returning to Any% attempts in 2020. My goal for Any% is 9:40 on real hardware. While UV plays much slower due to lag and enemies ruining the run.. it does help in terms of health management, and planning ahead with out of bounds in this regard. - If I ever meet Romero, its going to take everything not to flip my lid over all the shot gunners he placed (jk). Theres over 30 in the third level alone. It makes me hate life. - Luckily, keeping shot gunners and other enemies behind the player, decreases their fire rate significantly. I used this to my advantage in a few places. By the end of E1M3, you honestly have no worry of being shot on the rising stairs, and it only happen to me 3 times in hundreds of attempts with them standing behind me. Sub 15 is possible 100% possible, but I had to take a break. I spent about 3 weeks resetting this category for the first time since February of this year. I'd gather to say there is about 25-40 seconds of time save left, but below 14 minutes seems unlikely at this time. Also, I would like to shout out another DoomWorld user, DoomHack, who has ported a full working version of the real PC experience to the GBA system for the first time in nearly 2 decades! My hats off to him, and I look forward to doing runs of his port in the future also (I'm looking for a flash cart over the next few months). Would love to play this on real hardware for speedruns next year. :)
  12. Alexo

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    This is what I have been waiting for! Hype to see the final result. Wouldn't mind helping test it since I speedrun the Jaguar port.. šŸ˜…
  13. Alexo

    does the doom on GBC exist?

    I really wish there was... But sadly, no. There were rumors years back about someone making a GBC port, but it turned out to be a hoax. There is a video on youtube that claims its on Gameboy, but its just PC Doom put through a bunch of filters.
  14. Its been about a month since my recent personal best time was achieved on real hardware, and I forgot to update you all here on DW with it. Doom GBA has been played in 9 minutes and 55 seconds on a real GBA cartridge finally! Full run with no added commentary: https://youtu.be/ghHua9QTfuE The current best time on emulation is 9:40, however.. further testing has proven emulation saves massive time over real hardware. Easily 15 to 30 seconds over all 23 levels. (Loads, lag is reduced in certain places). My goal for 2020 is to play 9:40 on real hardware, which is technically possible... but my sum of best segments thus far for is 9:42. Further strategy has been developed in a few places to make RTA 9:4X possible, I'll list just a few below. -Keeping walls loaded on the player POV in nearly any instance with longer hallways. Occasionally, it can become RNG dependent if Imps or zombie men walk into your path, so there is some reset heavy points just to save a few seconds over all. Its starting to get to this point. - Avoiding shot gunners in Level 6, near the blue key. Taking no time to fire on them, and praying they dont hit you and take health away. Easily saving 3 to 6 seconds, but its a heavy reset point. - from level 10 into level 11, having 63+ health, and enough armor, to rocket out of the level, and avoid grabing health in far off places, which losses time. If any enemies in level 11 hit you, its a failure at 9:4X pace. -Getting Level 5, 7, 9, 12, and 22 returning clips in the first attempt. Failing any of these more then twice is automatically loss of 9:4X pace. -Ensuring the cacodemons in the final level don't enter the final portal room. Backing up after opening doors, will sometimes trigger the caco's to pause and shoot fire balls at the player, which in turn saves them from getting to the room. This is very RNG heavy in dependence. Pretty much, the run is coming down to a perfect set of RNG parameters being met for the 9:40 on real hardware. I have retired Any% on emulation, and strictly play on a GBA player for the nintendo gamecube now. While I haven't been heavily reseting for a PB lately, I have been practicing for a potential AGDQ 2020 run. I'm still waiting to see if it has made it into the event, and we will all know on october 6th! I can currently play 10:39-11:30 on no reset runs, which is pretty awesome considering everything that can go wrong during episode one, and the last half of episode 3. Hope to have an update for you all later this month with a world record progression video, give some more indepth showing of the routes developments since 2017. Take care fellow Doomers!
  15. I'll take sick at its 90's variation of meaning 'rad'... lol. and that guy should have prepared to be... 'beaten'.. xD Thanks! I don't recommend trying it without a lot of experience playing a single port/game. There were some parts where one mishap could have cost more then 10 minutes at a time just 4 or 5 months ago. A lot of time was spent routing to ensure all back ups were accounted for in the attempt, every levels failing possibility. Hardcore indeed, thanks! Just finding new ways to challenge myself with this particular version has been a journey in itself. I rested up for a few days after, but haven't been able to push over 15 hours of being awake after the attempt... so I guess my days of staying up for many hours at a time are over, thanks to this insanity of a speedrun. Thank you, maybe someday I'll be back to attempt this in 32X or even... PC?!? (That last part is sarcasm) Sega 32X is possible in just under 12 minutes, even on runs without out of bounds. The full game only has 16 levels, and can be reset in a matter of 20 second intervals. The big problem would be having to hold the run/strafe buttons for so long. In regular sessions, after only an hour or 2, your thumb can cramp up really bad even in a play session after many months from your previous attempt. PC 100 times in 1 day is probably not possible, considering the best times for a full run on ITYTD are 13:30-13:50 range respectively. Playing under 14 minutes everytime would be required, perfect E2M6, E2M7 every attempt, Good E3 key grabs... you would truly have to be a Master to accomplish that task. Under 14:24 for every single attempt would be required to complete PC 100 times in a single 24 hour period, with no breaks... MADNESS!