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  1. wolfmcbeard

    Random Image Thread

    I admit, We've got Hostiles is a pain, but I think Blastpit is just a chore.
  2. wolfmcbeard

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    F.E.A.R. has great shadows and lighting as well, I'd say it qualifies as a classic FPS. The AI is still top notch, It's visuals have held up very well, and is what I'd dare say Doom 3 should have been in terms of an atmospheric horror FPS
  3. wolfmcbeard

    What were your first Doom impressions?

    First time I touched Doom was in 98, me and my mom were living with a friend of hers during my parents divorce and they had a pc with Doom on it, played it for a bit before we moved to another state. Fast forward to 05 or 06, I got an og Xbox and Doom 3 (still have the disk) and in 2015 I finally bought a pc and Dooms 1&2, been playing since.
  4. Doom 3 = this is ADVANCED darkness. Doom 4 = Harvest the demons toes.
  5. Didn't take long at all, and made a significant improvement while still allowing room for other types of details I wouldn't have had room for before. Plus it's not a phone pic!
  6. Yeah, The ceiling was a leftover I never got around to fixing. As much as I personally like the floor I'm going to kill it, I think something like that is probably best reserved for much smaller halls or more forgiving formats such as udmf. I thought it looked nice though, so it's something to think about for my own project.
  7. i'll give that a go, the door alone might fix the problem.
  8. hit a road block in the first five minutes, what's the best way to deal with these issues, I have only just now tested a area I made just before my pc issues so I can't remember half the stuff I had kept notes on about vpos and other vanilla format stuff, so I imagine you guys could lay it on me in in simple terms. (sorry for the phone photo, no clue how to screen shot in render limits)
  9. You might have to help me figure that out when I get to that point, but that's cool with me (though I do want to take what peg said into consideration), I'd say the maps like halfish done right now though, so we'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  10. I figured I'd post something just to announce that I'm still here and alive, just busy at home. I've recovered from Windows 10 imploding (mostly) and fortunately Map 18 if fine and well, though I've made no progress on it since, I've also been dealing with training a stubborn pit bull pup of mine who really like the taste of carpet so as you can imagine, I've been occupied but will work on the map some more when my gf has the weekend off. I can't say when, but I'll try to play all episode one maps before the deadline, if all the posts are an indication, they'll be awesome.
  11. wolfmcbeard

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Wait, it does? I haven't loaded any games that show the save blocks lately, I was planning on playing Vigilante 8 tonight and I can view save blocks so I'll take a look.
  12. wolfmcbeard

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Password systems like that make me grateful for growing up on the N64 xD
  13. wolfmcbeard

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    I was more meaning why not use the controller pack (I've actually gotten some sleep so I can articulate my words) I recently opened up all my old carts from when I was growing up to clean them and change batteries and it seems a vast majority of didn't use batteries except the Nintendo ones and one other, Goldeneye I think. I get it's been a while so details and reasons why can be fuzzy or forgotten though and at least there is a save system.
  14. wolfmcbeard

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    I can't remember but I think the limit for Skyrim SE on Xbone is 5gigs, I've spent all 5 and I want more. better than the Fallout 4 limit, then again, there's pc. Still kinda cool to have mod support on a console that Sony can't screw up.