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  1. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    Thanks a lot for all the help guys!
  2. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    Yeah, it really had to do with those Windows dependencies. It works perfectly fine now! Do I need the pdb files, or are just the dlls fine?
  3. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    I'll try those once I get the chance and let you know. I do, yeah. I have both PrBoom versions in the same directory.
  4. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    It didn't play the demo, actually, which was weird. As if it was starting to but crashed, somehow. I think it produced two files named temp_a.nut and temp_v.nut. Maybe it has to do with the dependencies you linked? I only got the ones that X warned me it was missing. Exactly right.
  5. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    They appear to be the same yes. Here's a screenshot:
  6. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    Sure. The bat file I use in PrBoom+ is this: @echo off setlocal cd /d "%~dp0" prboom-plus.exe -timedemo %1 -viddump %~n1.mp4 I just tried the same for this fork (changing "prboom-plus.exe" to "prboomx.exe") and it didn't work. I have not changed the video capture settings in either Plus or X.
  7. adamastor

    prboomX 2.7.0 (Nov 3, 2023)

    This is great! And it's really handy that you can keep it in the same directory as regular PrBoom+ without the overlapping or otherwise affecting each others settings. I just wanted to ask if this fork is still\ already capable of the viddump stuff? I have a bat file for it that works perfectly for regular PrBoom+ but didn't with X (even though I edited the file so the program's name would match, of course). Also, the demo was recorded with X (though I doubt that that would make a difference).
  8. Looks great dash! You can color me interested.
  9. Just wanted to point out that it's TRITON.WAD, not CHARON. EDIT: Also, I just spoke to Gibs and he messed up the WAD's description. TRITON.WAD is for the original DOOM (slotted in E1M4), not for DOOM II. BLOWYOUR.WAD is, though. Nothing wrong with that one.
  10. adamastor

    Merry Christmas Doomworld!

    Merry Christmas you filthy doomers! And a happy New Year!
  11. Whoops. Sorry then. As that WADs's title says it's in v1.7, I guessed it was still in WIP or beta form, even though it's already perfectly playable in vanilla. I'll correct it now.
  12. Just a bump to let everyone interested know that, now that I'm back, I've updated the OP with a good deal of useful links. I'm also waiting to hear from Gibbon at the moment, so I can link his up-to-date work on ReBOOM-DOS source port and the DOOM128 EXE hack.
  13. Well said, and welcome back Rusty Dusty! And good review. I'll go check your video out asap. Glad you think so too. I honestly think that this is only fun because we do it together. Many of the PWADs aren't exactly a joy to play nowadays.
  14. adamastor

    Dosbox Staging 0.80 Has Now Been Released

    Thank you for the comprehensive explanation @johnnovak. The highest my display goes is 1366x768, so it makes perfect sense. And about that, I had previously changed to the openglnb output option, and aspect ratio set to true, and it looks just right for me (similarly as to how I do it on regular DOSBox). Are there any noticeable differences between that and using opengl and the sharp shader you suggested?