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  1. hybridial

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    I get what you mean, System Shock was always cooler, and 2 in particular is just fantastic. They cut its heart out, and desecrated the corpse to make it into Bioshock.
  2. I really like Mario 64 but I don't really get this position. I mean what's the basis for it, visual, audio, story? I mean, from a technical level it was superlative for the time, and to this day I still like it a lot more than any other Mario game, but I always felt there's a bit of a difference between the aesthetics of a game and the experience of playing one, and that for a videogame to really be art it has to merge the two, and I don't really feel most games actually aim for that. I don't consider Mario 64 to be an example of that, and even if I did, I would say its a bit twee and light on substance to be great. Silent Hill 2 is probably the best example I can think of, Killer7 is also worthy of some consideration considering its rather avant garde approach to basically everything. But something like Final Fantasy VI, I would say is a sum of different artistic endeavours, where the storytelling, visuals and audio components are all worth considering in of themselves but where it falls short is playing it is simple a game of mathematics. Its about as straightforward a gameplay experience as one can get. Of course if you want to consider a game by its artistic strengths, thats fine, but I really think a game has to be more innovative in the substance of its mechanics to kind of feel like a complete artistic expression, rather than simply a set of aesthetic expressions working together.
  3. hybridial

    I'm struggling to decide what games to get

    I'd actually recommend Monster Boy & the Cursed Kingdom, over Bloodstained. I actually liked Bloodstained, but Monster Boy is a very good example of the metroidvania genre that is going more under the radar than it deserves. I felt it was the best one I've played in recent years. Valfaris is really great, I guess if you can handle the fact its really kind of asshole hardcore Slain is fine, but I'd say just get Valfaris and forget Slain.
  4. I see someone here actually reflected on their experience of playing those games :P I might out of morbid curiosity try them again, see if I still feel the way I do in practice, although of course this is a timed thing, even when it comes to marketing Valve seem a bit half assed and fairly transparently greedy these days.
  5. hybridial

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    I just want to reiterate this, it really is worth a second try with that mod.
  6. hybridial

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    Bioshock Infinite for sure, when I started playing it I was hoping for something I would enjoy. I definitely did not develop any distaste for it before actually starting to play it. It was fairly clear quite quickly however that the game wasn't going to work for me at all. But I still played through the whole game. If anything that's why I hate it so much, because I experienced its story in its entirety and I though it was abhorrent. Oh, and... yeah I've not ranted about these yet. Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. I played some of Demon's Souls back when it came out but not really enough to count, and I haven't played any of the later ones, so what I am going to say is only in relation to those games. Now, I can respect them to an extent. Its not like certain other games I criticise because they're soulless husks, ba dum tish. No, I respect that these are videogames, made by videogame designers. I guess its a lot like Seed's post above, this is simply about the fact I did not enjoy them. Why did I play through them? Unfortunately, ego had a lot to do with it. You know what the fanboys of all those games say if you criticise them. Git Gud. I hate that because these assholes probably ain't played Kingdom Under Fire Crusaders or Ninja Gaiden Black or a number of other games that I think are easilly far harder than what the Souls games try to be. I don't think they're hard. But they are very tedious, very clunky, and I just do not like the battle system. I don't like the stamina bar. I fundamentally think they designed it to not be fun, from my position and what I enjoy. There are other things I'd say, I actually had a better time with 2, because its online actually worked, its a modestly pretty game and I guess I had practice, I did it in like half the time. The first game I find to be ugly, I think parts of it are blatantly unfinished, parts of it indeed are cheap difficulty. Not the whole game, certain parts. And it has several bosses that are absolute goddamn SHIT tier. Which is not necessarily universally damning because the bosses at the end of System Shock 2 are as well, but I certainly liked that game as a whole a lot more.
  7. hybridial

    I beat Quake 1 and 2 for the first time.

    I actually played through the N64 version of Quake back in the 90s, only really played through the game on PC in its entirety pretty recently, same with Quake 2 which I've finished a couple of times. I think I prefer Quake for its feeling and Quake 2 for its action. Really like both overall.
  8. hybridial

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I mean as bad as those boss fights were, I guess they didn't take me many tries, I think 3 for the Body of the Many and 4 for SHODAN, but I admit if I didn't have 29 hit points left it may simply have not been possible. I may in fact have been too conservative in the game considering I had a lot of nanites left and probably could have thrown modules at skills that might have helped, though I read the exotic weapons aren't great it still would have been more ammo I could have utilised, and also the worm heart implant would have likely helped. If I do it a second time I'd definitely change some things about my approach, including probably buying all the stims I could at the last vendor that actually sells them, because some chucklefuck decided to not make them available at any point that late in the game. As for the remaster, I'd love to see someone rejig the balance of the game but wouldn't that likely be out of the scope of a remaster? *edit* I checked to see if the game has cheats, it does. I think in future I will utilise them for the end of the game, and no, no shame. No shame at all. Better to do it and feel like I could replay the game in future without worrying too much about that trashy end. Kinda like mouse aiming the Icon of Sin.
  9. hybridial

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I finished System Shock 2. I played with a controller the whole way, just about, switching to the mouse for convenience when I hacked stuff mainly. But yeah, the final battle with the game's interface... and yeah Shodan, M&KB wasn't optional. It was awful. Did it with 1hp left. The final section of The Body of the many was also AWFUL. I can believe that having that Psi power to just be outright invisible to enemies must be amazing to have in the last half hour of the game, I went completely no Psi and it was a battle of attrition I don't know if I could ever go through that again. It took me about 15 hours, I'd say the first 14 hours was one of the best games I have ever played, and the last hour was a bit of a sour note to it, unfortunately I feel that's such a common thing with games, the ending being the worst part of it by far.
  10. hybridial

    Bioshock vs Bioshock 2

    It not only happened, it was better :p Well, having said that, I kinda want to know why people have this attitude, it really doesn't make much sense to me based on playing the two games, although Bioshock would hold up better if its last hour or two were stronger, both in terms of story and in gameplay, but thats where almost all my problems with it come into, towards the end of the game.
  11. hybridial

    Blood or Serious Sam?

    Serious Sam 3 was the only one I actually played through in its entirety, because well I got it when it came out, when it was new. I guess I enjoyed it okay, but I almost certainly would find it and the rest of the series overly tedious now.
  12. hybridial

    Quake 2 vs SiN

    Honestly I don't get the thing with people playing on higher difficulties as if that's the only valid way to play a game. I play most games on normal because unless I have good reason to assume otherwise that's the intended experience, and 9 times out of 10 the harder difficulties do not make things more interesting. And yeah, Quake 2's easier than Quake on normal but I'm reasonably satisfied with the challenge level. Though the final boss dropped 4 BFG shots and two railgun shots because I had a quad damage. This feels like a call for the top 3 biggest bitches of final bosses I've ever fought, but I'm not counting Quake's bosses here because I don't even think they qualify: 3: Quake 2's final boss - Well, at least you need a quad damage to kill him in less than 10 seconds. 2: The Spider Mastermind - Yeah this is well documented. 1: Fontaine in Bioshock - chemical thrower, electric gel, fucker doesn't even get to move a step. How embarrasing.
  13. hybridial

    COD Modern Warfare or Fortnite?

    Only Kirby game I ever played was Ghost Trap, and that was still a better fps than COD.
  14. hybridial

    Blood or Serious Sam?

    I think my ownership of a 144hz monitor is the only reason I avoid this, but Bloodgdx runs at 144fps vsynced fine, without screen tearing.
  15. hybridial

    Quake vs Blood

    This is an interesting point. I actually like the abstractions myself, I think they're pretty cool, but I do think, as I said, Blood succeeds in making cool levels out of more realistic places, and that is better. However, simply using realism as the basis for your maps isn't an instant win. A lot of games, and I'm just going to name FEAR because I played it for a bit the other night, and in fact despite my issues with it I might continue to play it more (replay it, I did finish it back when it was released on Xbox 360), but my immediate impression of it is "sure, these warehouses are realistic, but I'm never gonna remember I was ever here". What Quake did is far more interesting than the average corridor shooter of the 21st century.