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  1. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    No. I appreciate a deliberate pace. I don't appreciate a complete lack of substance. Alien Isolation is horribly lacking in substance, there is so little to the game to actually do that isn't just walking through similar maps playing hide and seek with poorly scripted and poorly designed encounters using a subpar stealth system which makes the ALien itself seem like it has no peripheral vision. And it's 20 hours long, near enough, for no reason, for no justification. For a big budget game it's very underdeveloped, and there was an indy horror game called Remothered: Tormented Fathers that was also a stalker orientated horror game. It recently had a sequel which I have not really looked into because based on Steam reviews, they mucked it up, which is a shame and surprising, the first game got most things right. It had the right sort of length, a decent pace, a vision for how the story and gameplay progresses and ah, yeah the story and style of it was just cool, like its main inspiration Clock Tower it felt quite a lot like a 70s/80s Italian horror movie. Which is a great thing. Silent Hill 2 is one of the best horror games ever made, and it has the best story that has ever been executed in a videogame. I love slow burn horror. Alien Isolation is not slow burn, it is comatose.
  2. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    Yeah I've not played Colonial Marines, but I'm still wholly unconvinced by that. But its irrelevant anyway. Bubsy 3D is an awful game. It existing doesn't make Alien Isolation better in itself. It was very misguided and if people accept that as par, as good enough, it will drag down the genre and gaming as a whole. It really is to me, one of the worst offenders in modern gaming because of how little substance there actually is in it and how it took what should have been a surefire premise and bottle it to a point that it is the worst game I've ever played in this very specific subgenre.
  3. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    Yes. I will explain. Let me put this to you. You dislike something that is generally well liked or praised. You have reasons you strongly believe for your position. And you are entirely convinced your position is the right one. So why would you care at all what the review aggregating sites have to say? I have a low opinion on current day gaming journalists, and yes... I literally do think I know better than most of them, because if nothing else I've been playing games since the mid 90s and whilst no, I'm not saying that makes me an expert, at least in this one case this is a genre I am well versed in and I have played the vast majority of the games within it. I believe my ability to assess them is well in advance of the vast majority of people who would even play Alien Isolation, given I would guess a lot of its audience came to it for the brand association and not with a background of playing games in the stalker horror subgenre. At the very least, if I believe in my view I shouldn't just toss it all away because it's not the popular view. So you say "SOme didn't like it" "but no everyone liked it anyway", that word doesn't mean what you think it does. This is patronising because at every turn, you just are determined that what I have to say does not meet your standards and oh, you just have to use whatever justification to undermine it, to ridicule it, to ultimately disrespect it. You think I'm hyperbolic? I'd say passionate, but whatever, my position is not adopted to please you. Suspense is when there's a bomb under the table and it doesn't go off. But suspense is intrinsically linked to engagement and careful timing. I would argue that very few horror games choose to go into the double digit hour range for a very good reason, because its difficult to consistently retain that engagement and to maintain suspense Alien Isolation completely fails to do this owing to the shortcomings in the way the encounters are scripted to take place, in the overly long gaps where its pretty clear nothing will happen, and the fact it runs out of tricks long before you get anywhere close to finishing it. You completely fail at every turn to tackle the arguments I made about the content in the game. At least what I am saying is based on my impressions of the game. You don't address that, you don't treat the arguments as worth discussing, you just go to "well you're exaggerating because people kinda liked it." That's patronising. I'm glad you brought it up because if I did it would have been like the third time, but they do sum up very well what the problems with the game are. ANd if you thought what I said was hyperbole, Jack Packard calls the game "the death of the art form" But I do agree.
  4. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    No, you're just patronising me again. Doesn't happen every time, but sometimes that is all your arguments amount to. It is what it amounts to here because I am not claiming the game is unplayable. I am complaining that it lacks substance, that it's poorly paced, poorly written and the gameplay mechanics are poorly executed. And really it's the first one of those that I am genuinely, genuinely shocked more people don't notice. Can you really say you don't notice that when you start the game almost nothing happens for the better part of 5 hours. Do you not notice huge chunks of the game is just inane key hunting minigames which do not add anything whatsoever to the experience? Sometimes things just fail to be good, to be well done. This is one of those times.
  5. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    It was a stalked based survival horror. A genre I've liked for years. And this was both the highest budget, and most inept execution of the concept I've ever seen, which I do mainly place on the assumption they started out making a much shorter game than what we got, which they were then told to pad out like crazy because we can't release a 5-6 hour game anymore. And that is the truth, what is there could have made a feasible 5-6 hour game. What we got was 20 hours of horribly paced nothing. It's supposition but its the only way I can make sense of what I'm looking at. I would prefer to challenge any statement made that the game does the franchise any justice... it does not. This game wouldn't do any franchise justice, and it does the horror genre no justice. There's just such a distinct lack of substance, and the game's AI and stalking gameplay is to me less effective than the basic scripting and encounter design that Clock Tower used on the SNES. It just does not work effectively, due to poor design decisions and a lack of understanding in the developer's case for how to do effective stealth. So it's poor when things are happening, but the bigger problem to me is that for most of the length of the game, nothing of substance happens outside of unlocking doors and pointless minigames. It's "atmosphere" is something that's impressive for like an hour but suffice to say a few hours in the novelty on that has seriously degraded.
  6. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    You know aside from the fact its a boring, padded total failure of a game that's an insult to the franchise (because on top the story is fucking insipid and shits on the choices made in the original film)
  7. hybridial

    Aliens: Fireteam

    I can only believe that if it was also the only survival horror game you played :P
  8. hybridial

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    This is why should we ever scientifically prove that there is in fact, no God... it wouldn't make a lick of difference.
  9. hybridial

    Top 5 Metal/Rock albums?

    It's something that changes a lot, still I like to figure out what I feel it is on any given particular day. 1. Opeth - Blackwater Park 2. Insomnium - Winter's Gate 3. Be'Lakor - Vessels 4. In Mourning - Afterglow 5. Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel
  10. hybridial

    Most recent movie you saw

    Cruising (1980) I didn't like it overall, it was muddled and unfocused and I don't think earned what it was going for at the end. Whether that is an issue caused by the 40 minutes of footage that was cut to get its R rating originally or not, I can't say. I read conflicting viewpoints on that.
  11. hybridial

    2021 Mortal Kombat movie trailer released

    Ask the makers of Mortal Combat :P
  12. hybridial

    Games of your childhood

    I enjoyed that one a lot, good choice.
  13. hybridial

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I got Nioh 2 I finished level 1, and well, I am impressed, and I enjoyed it.
  14. hybridial

    Anyone into tokusatsu?

    I will just leave this here - No reason that I just find it really funny how much the Power Rangers theme sounds like a song about a pervy stalker.