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  1. hybridial

    What are you currently reading?

    I just finished the second book of the Dragonlance Legends set, the story centred on the Majere twins which I have heard quite a bit about, also heard a very nice Pyramaze song based on it. It's more engaging and character driven than the War of the Lance trilogy.
  2. hybridial

    Most recent movie you saw

    I just finished the second book of the Dragonlance Legends set, the story centred on the Majere twins which I have heard quite a bit about, also heard a very nice Pyramaze song based on it. It's more engaging and character driven than the War of the Lance trilogy. *Ah I'm an idiot, I put this in the wrong box, should have been in the Reading topic. I'll post it there, just delete this one, mods.
  3. hybridial

    unpopular retro opinions

    I'll believe its bad but we're in a universe where Disney is redefining that qualifier seemingly annually at this point. Although the worst for me wasn't them, can blame WB for Man of Steel. Which I would say is the worst adaptation of anything of all time as well.
  4. hybridial

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Hundred Heroes is one of the games I am genuinely excited for because Suikoden was awesome, and this game as the first product in what will hopefully be a long running series is quite nice as a simple introduction to the world. And maybe a timely release because right now I seem to have wanted a decent grinder.
  5. hybridial

    unpopular retro opinions

    Well, yes it definitely has had better marketing but it's completely undeniable that the Switch being a fully functional portable hybrid console makes it far more attractive as a product. I say that and I don't care much for portables, never did, but Nintendo + portable has long been a recipe for major success. I think if anyone should be pissed it'd be the 3DS audience because Nintendo kinda just dumped that console after a point.
  6. hybridial

    Which is cooler, Cacodemons or Pain Elementals?

    Can't pick. All I'm thinking of right now is the moment I realised they both have anus holes rendered in all their pixellated glory.
  7. hybridial

    Shooter With The Best Maps Overall?

    To be honest I'd go with unconventional choices, System Shock 2 and Metroid Prime.
  8. hybridial

    HMP shouldn't be scoffed at

    What I would say of HMP and UV in Doom 1 and 2, these are the only WADs I've done both difficulties in. I think the only part that benefitted was Knee Deep in the Dead, in every other instance UV just made things a drag. It's hard to make a comparison to a lot of fan wads because in those, HMP is often more difficult than UV in the original games, let alone their own UV setting. But I go to HMP hoping to get something fun and manageable. I will try HNTR if HMP is too much, that's probably the only reason I got through Plutonia 2.
  9. hybridial

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    The ZOE HD collection on the Microsoft store... and because of what happened I have bought a physical copy of the 360 MGS collection off of Ebay. Be cool to play these again. I do have MGS1 on gog which maybe I should as well.
  10. hybridial

    Void Bastards

    Honestly everything you've said there Rudolph just reinforces my point about not understanding System Shock 2 in making this comparison. You can replicate its mechanics in a roguelike but you can't replicate the experience. You take the experience away and what you have is hollow. I play a game to engage in a designed experience from beginning to end because a human design touch is just superior. I have never come across any game that proves otherwise. I also cannot overstate how important SHODAN is to both System Shock games and what makes them special. I mean, is SS2 quite unbalanced? It is, because by human touch I'm not talking perfection by any means, but Void Bastards is just empty grind and repetition which is worse in every conceivable way. There is a lack of purpose to it. The random generation doesn't enhance replayability to me, it kills any point in playing in the first place. There's no selling point. This was honestly one of the quickest times I quit a roguelike. I mean, if you like it, power to you, but I think selling this game based on it being influenced by System Shock 2 is about as dishonest as when Bioshock tried to sell that it had an indepth morality system (oh boy did that piss me off, but Bioshock 2 vastly improved on that like it did everything else.)
  11. hybridial

    Void Bastards

    Yeah I would agree with Jello on when I tried it. Roguelikes in general are like, 99 times out of a 100 total misses for me anyway, but I can say this game does not understand anything about what made System Shock 2 work. Anything with random generation is never going to be remotely like System Shock 2. I might as well say anything with random generation is going to be inferior to an equivalent game that doesn't because that's pretty much how I feel on the whole matter.
  12. Maybe if you don't waste your time with stuff you don't like you can see more in what does, maybe you'll have a more positive outlook? I stick with what I feel works for me, I don't feel much of a need to bother about outside of that. Most of what I listen to is contemporary and I like it more than a lot of the "classic" stuff which I went through a phase with as well.
  13. hybridial

    Episode 1 is the best DOOM Episode : CHANGE MY MIND!

    I do think episode 1 is probably the best one considering consistent quality. I don't really like 2 much. I think 3 is underrated and I quite strongly like some of those maps, and even the ones that get a lot of hate I don't really mind. Episode 4 has the best two levels in the game imo (Perfect Hatred and Against Thee Wickedly) Doom the Way Id Did did a far better take on episode 2 imo.
  14. hybridial

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I finished 1 and 2 and concluded I don't like them and I mostly wasted my time. The difficulty was less consistently an issue (moreso bullshit spikes I'd call unfair/poor design) but whilst I enjoy aspects of what they did, as a whole, no, not worth it; I kind of get the reason people do like it but that doesn't really justify the attitudes they often have. I'm finally back to playing a series I did enjoy with the Ninja Gaiden collection; I love 1, like 2 a lot, but never really played 3:RE (3 standard is an infamous turkey) because the demo for it was kind of offputting. So I decided to focus on it for now because it's the one I played the least. And I have some issues with it (and no doubt more will crop up) but I probably shouldn't have outright rejected it. It's still certainly a fast and frenetic game with tight combat. The camera is a mess but if you finished any of these you learned how to work through it. The first two I still see as untouched when it comes to 3D combat.
  15. hybridial

    Your Games Backlog and How You Get Through It

    The neat thing about nightdive remastering that and Turok 2 is they're both games I owned and really liked on the N64 and I played them quite a bit. I never got close to finishing either, that only finally happened with these remasters. It was nice to tick those off finally.