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  1. hybridial

    Which games are you waiting for ?

    Eiyuden Chronicles, the only RPG that I'm interested in but I am very interested in it. Blasphemous II I'm mildly hyped for after finally playing the first one and being pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Warhammer 40k Boltgun which is out in a few days. After playing the demo, Selaco, I really want to play more of that. The Ion Fury and Amid Evil expansions because more of good games Phantom Fury The DLC for Symphony of War Silent Hill 2 remake, albeit cautiously, it'd be very easy for them to fuck it up but if they pull it off, will be a great use for my PS5 and new TV set up.
  2. hybridial

    Looking for lesser-known horror media

    I could offer a lot of suggestions so what I'll do is try and categorise them a bit, but I'll start with the really big thing for me. Devilman. Now, Netflix funded an anniversary series that got some attention in 2018, and it's not bad but I'm not gonna recommend that, I don't think it was as good as the 1973 manga it adapts, nor as good as my personal favourite thing of all time, the 1998 spin off Devilman Lady; hell I'm writing my own adaptation of that series because I love it so much, my general goal is to be a horror writer of original work but when I decided I needed a project to kind of boost my motivation a bit it's really worked out. Also there are the 1987 and 1990 Devilman movies which were my first exposure to Devilman like 23 years ago. If you're in North America, Discotek released those movies and the DML anime on blu ray, and the latter is available digitally on Amazon but it's also on TMS' youtube channel in it's entirety. If the fanfic I'm writing's of any interest to you, I'm uploading on deviantart at the moment, under the same user name. And I'm recommending this on the basis I don't care it's anime, it's just my favourite story period. With that out of the way, uh, lets see. I'm not sure how obscure is obscure to you, I imagine some of these should qualify at least. Movies: Split Second, The Psychic\7 Notes in Black, The Cemetary Man, The Exorcist: Legion (the only good but honestly awesome sequel), Ginger Snaps, ReAnimator, The People Under the Stairs, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Deep Red, Phenomena, Tenebrae, Suspiria, Inferno, Opera, Don't Torture a Duckling, Society, Scanners, Videodrome, In the Mouth of Madness, Prince of Darkness For videogames I'll just say Clock Tower, I don't think there's too many excellent horror games that aren't quite well known. *edit*, Oh, I did forget one indie freeware adventure horror game that I thought was kind of impressive, The White Chamber. It was apparently being remastered but that started almost a decade ago, not sure if it's still coming or not.
  3. For me it can be a bit complicated but the one thing that I can say for sure comes down to performance, and the fact GZdoom is the only sourceport that offers everything I feel I need. So I guess I can add compatibility with that port as well. If a mapset can't run at a stable FPS at all times on my computer, then I pass. I think a good example of a quality mapset I had to stop playing owing to this is a couple of later maps in Valiant. Eviternity just becomes a slide show.
  4. hybridial

    What are you listening to?

    Just getting into this album really, the last one I need to properly get to grips with.
  5. hybridial

    New Zelda Game looks pretty awesome

    For a long time I considered Ocarina of Time the greatest game ever made. I still consider it to be an amazing game. To be honest after that Zelda... was bordering on letdown after letdown for me. The shift to open world about 7 years too late with BotW kinda ended my interest altogether, as really the thing I liked most in Zelda is intricate dungeon exploration and that is one thing they entirely stripped out of the design for the sake of the open world approach. I own a Switch but I got it for Shin Megami Tensei V initially, and I get some fun out of it with the Mario games but I don't see me even bothering with the new Zelda.
  6. hybridial

    What are you currently reading?

    I realised recently that I was only one book away from having a complete set of the original run of Shadowrun novels, there were 40 and I was only missing the 40th one, which I've bought online and just waiting for it to arrive because why not complete the set. And given I've only read about a quarter of them so far, I've started one by Nyx Smith called Steel Rain.
  7. hybridial

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    A lot of WWE 2k23, I finished both story modes and now I'm really getting into the groove of the endless sandbox the game is. I also just finished chapter 2 of RE4make. It's not bad, now I'm definitely in a better mood and more up for playing something different.
  8. hm... it's not definite really but here goes Agalloch - Pale Folklore. The two following albums are generally considered bigger deals but I dunno, I think I like their debut the most. It's the most zen thing I've ever heard. Paradise Lost - Medusa. Not among their most popular albums I think but I absolutely love from beginning to end. The title track is beautiful, Fearless Sky is doom metal at it's peak and Blood and Chaos is an anthem for the ages. Swallow the Sun - New Moon. Yeah, I guess seeing Falling World live helps me pick this one. Hard to pick one album with a band this consistent but I will go with New Moon. Persefone - Core. Hard to put into words the splendour of this album. Just spectacular, a progressive opera based on the relationships of Demeter, Persephone and Hades. Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone. They did three albums in a row that are borderline interchangeable because of how evenly amazing they are. That I picked this just means I'm in an In Parting and By Moon and Star mood. Sublime.
  9. hybridial

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    Okay I missed his Deepest Reaches video, but he gave it a pass. That's good, I think it absolutely deserves one, given it's definitely one of the most successful TNT levels at doing what it set out to do. I'm totally glad it basically got a tribute map in TNT Revilution because it's generally good enough to hold it's own there. Mount Pain is left, and well, MtPain27 is well known for his love of the map, after watching his take I took a go at it pistol start and I became a convert. But I've also seen people (Big Mac Davis I think) call it legitimately one of the worst maps of the set. Now, I mean I get not liking it... I tend to ditch entire megawads for technical or aesthetic reasons that are purely my preference... but the bar is too low in some of TNT Evilution to associate Mount Pain with being the worst or near it in any way, shape or form.
  10. hybridial

    Should I beat Thy Flesh consumed on Hurt me Plenty?

    It's doable on Ultraviolence, I've done it, but I will say I do not think either Doom or Doom 2 were improved as experiences on UV vs HMP. The exception is Knee Deep in the Dead, I think the added spice helped that but the rest, UV kinda sucks in my opinion. I'd suggest playing HMP first then try UV and see how you find it.
  11. hybridial

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I think the most interesting thing to me would be a spiritual successor to Heretic and Hexen. It wouldn't be revisiting those worlds or characters though, it'd be doing a new setting and story, and they could do one with a lot more thought put into it's story. I'd actually be fine if they did something like this to put some real work on the story and give it an epic feeling ala Conan or Berserk. Maybe have one protagonist but you can spec into different classes giving different abilities, weapons etc? I'd definitely like a good dose of heavy melee weaponry but also for it to retain some FPS elements using ranged weapons. I guess Graven is sort of like this, but a AAA one would be pretty nice and different, and I'd still expect id's take to be faster and more action orientated.
  12. hybridial

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    The irony being it's still a much better final map than Doom 2's... which is like the low point of id developed Doom.
  13. hybridial

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    Here's the twist. Civvie will say this map may be the worst looking and most badly designed map but it's major plus point is you can skip most of it and finish it in like 3 minutes and that automatically makes it in the top half of TNT levels.
  14. hybridial

    Dusk is Overrated.

    Obviously I've had my fair share of... strong words about other popular games. On this though I cannot see where the OP is coming from at all. Dusk is definitely one of the top 3 new wave FPSes for me, probably sharing with Ion Fury and Cultic at this point. I simply do not agree with any of the criticisms laid out here, they just don't hold up for me. The game is visually creative, has rock solid gameplay, has on point atmosphere, sound design and soundtrack, and the level design is well paced and never really wears out its welcome. About the only issue is meh bosses and that's never a strong point for any FPS, not even Metroid Prime or the like. Dusk is probably not solely responsible for the trend of indie wave retro FPSes, it probably was gonna happen with or without it, but it's a pillar, it was along with Amid Evil and Ion Fury the opening wave. That says something about its quality, and I think that's kind of the only really insightful thing I could say.
  15. hybridial

    "people don't know how to make good doom1 wads"

    Deathless is probably the best content I've played for Doom 1. Keeping the levels short and compact generally is the best way to keep Doom 1's limitations from biting. That said, No End in Sight was certainly ambitious and great, and Doom the Way Id Did is kind of like playing the original only episodes 2 and 3 specifically are way, way better (Sorry Sandy) But those are kind of the only Doom 1 sets in my rotation. Kinda can't bring myself to play DTWID-LE because it's theme is too similar to DTWID for obvious reasons, and 2022 A Doom Odyssey felt too much like it was falling into the trap of being too abstract and limited and my mind just quickly glazed over trying to play it.