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  1. Ok now keep making changes until its just PC Doom
  2. Really nice list here, I appreciate Ozonia being in the Gold section, haven't heard a lot of buzz around it since its release, but its one of my favorites this year as well.
  3. Vanilla mappers will be ripping this wad off for years, and I'm here for it.
  4. Egg Boy

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    Depends on what you consider a joke wad, does it require a punch line or simply a humorous premise? Because in the patter’s case, lots of modern wads could be considered “joke wads”
  5. Egg Boy

    Wormwood IV: The Final Chapter

    Finished it, great stuff. The three authors make for a great contrast. Between the micro-map combat puzzles of Ribbiks, the abstract broad strokes of Grain, and the Sunlust-throwback stylings of Danne's maps. My two favorite maps are "Oh No, The Ectoplasmic Frequencies," and "Danne's Theme," the latter of which was so convincing I did not realize it was a Grain of Salt map until just now. "I Still Can't Sleep" is extremely interesting, and had me wondering "how did they do that?" Which was not an uncommon thought I had while playing the wad in general. I wish I had played the last map on a lower difficulty, the combat burned me, which is a shame because I thought it was beautiful and inventive.
  6. Egg Boy

    Wormwood IV: The Final Chapter

    Woah! Loving those wood textures, gonna have to steal them.
  7. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    I will never miss an opportunity to plug something in my own thread: try out Pagodia next!
  8. Egg Boy

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

  9. Egg Boy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Coming up with new themes rather than working on what I should be
  10. I'm 15 maps in and I have to say, this is one of my favorite releases this year. I think I was correct in my original impressions, this follows much more in the steed of Erik Alm and Thomas van der Velden than any 90s authors, but even in this case, the title still holds true. Fantastic work, I will have more to say about it in the near future.
  11. Egg Boy


    Loving the fifth screenshot, I'm imagining I'm going to have to play this on HNTR.
  12. Egg Boy

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The implication that the demons are the ones who “make” the maps is really funny to me.