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  1. I was watching the Game Awards, and this trailer came up and it floored me, granted it's probably pre-rendered. I wanted to see what you guys thought, knowing everyone here is a connoisseur in hell-based first person shooters. I'm already sold (maybe I'm just easy to please). There appears to be a dash mechanic of some sort that looks rather cool, as well.
  2. One of my favorite things to do these days is fire up FL Studio and make some beats. I've been making "music" for about 5 years now (I initially wanted to make EDM but as my tastes shifted to Hip Hop I started producing that kind of thing) and I think I've improved substantially. I really don't want to subject anyone to my oldest stuff, but here's some shit from the past 2 months.
  3. Yay or nay? Lonely Storm DeLorean Raincoat
  4. Haha, yeah I just really like putting stupid shit in my beats.
  5. here.
  6. I mean, I think it's fun to see how other people remember or interpret map01, I just replayed a compilation today and was having a pretty good time. I don't think it's for everyone, but the point isn't really for it to be a fun, balanced mapset.
  7. Hey, I had an idea for future compilations. Leave Map01 unchanged so that the player has something immediate to compare the next maps with.
  8. Someone else did that? Was it in this thread? I didn't see it when I played through the compilation WAD. Sorry if it appears I stole it or something. edit: Oh wait, you're saying I did it first. Whoops. My mistake.
  9. There's a map in Scythe that does something similar to this. It uses a crusher, and the gimmick of the map is that you have a very short time to complete it. It's fucking bullshit. Still a great idea, though.
  10. Most of my school friends prefer strategy games, but that doesn't mean I don't talk about Doom waaaaaay too much. It's embarrassing actually. Oh well, at least they pretend to be interested. ;)
  11. Old enough ;)
  12. Thanks for the compilation! I can't wait to play a full megawad of Entryway. As for the secret exit thing. I will definitely consider it. I think I might make the map look a bit better towards the end. I tried to remain as accurate as I could with it's design tho.
  13. Dead Simple should be map01 but the hallway is blocked off and you have to go into that room with the lifts, but it's dead simple. (That's kind of what I tried with my remake, except for the blocked off part)
  14. Sorry, couldn't keep myself from doing another. I like this one a bit more anyway. Screenies