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  1. ...yeah. And IT'S STILL IN THE WORKS!
  2. Something tells me this might be harder than it looks.
  3. I'm a bit stumped with the name of my map. I want to go with something along the lines of failure + internet slang. Take the L is currently what it's called, also thought Skill Issue because haha funny loss Methinks me got to think more about this.
  4. Aaaaand immediately we have a bug. Launching E3_EXEC.wad in GZDoom g4.8.2: Execution could not continue. Script error, "E3_EXEC.wad:MAPINFO" line 244: THIS: Unknown top level keyword
  5. AT LONG LAST, THIS BEAST IS HERE! Can't wait to see what everybody thinks. Hoorah!
  6. o7 "Godspeed, you magnificent bastard." -Jane Doe, Tea For 2
  7. it's the final count down dududuu duuuuuuu Still expecting them .txt messages to be happening before idgames upload.
  8. So today's the presumably final day of before-release bug smashing. If everything goes alright, then we have ourselves a 1.0 release! Oh yeah, to quote myself earlier-
  9. Vladguy

    Doom Community Iceberg (Entry Suggestions Needed)

    Why isn't MtPain in the second top category?
  10. We're so close to release... and also to new years. Will we still reach that 2022 release? Only time (and procrastination) will tell... Oh, can we also write some stuff about ourselves/our maps in the text file ala JPCP?
  11. Oh, that reminds me. @Dusty_Rhodes, MAP14 in the most recent version of CT is the old version. It has two yellow keycards. Mind fixing that?
  12. Vladguy

    What would you get Doomguy for Christmas?

    The first thing that came up to mind was already gifted by somebody else. Weapons, ammo, secret items, a pet... the rest. But you know, all this demon killing must be a bit tiring to do all.. year? Decades? Eh whatever. I'd give him a six-pack of Alpine Spew. Gotta stay hydrated!