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  1. Hey Dusty, quick question, if possible could I try to create a MAP33? I wanna use CANYON.mid and possibly have a bit of creative fun with it. (by the by i'm still working on my map, although slowly)
  2. This, right here, is Going Down MAP26. Loved it. One suggestion: Commander Keen as a Fortegreen crewmate. Also for some reason the archvile explosion doesn't stay at where the fire is, maybe a bug or intentional
  3. Nope, it wasn't me, however I could try making one. You could choose from the two ENDOOMs to use.
  4. Hey Dusty, do you need someone to work on a ENDOOM? Just wanna know.
  5. Close, but I'm actually going for a MAP03. Also yeah it's called the Dumpster
  6. Speaking of Hell Revealed... I wonder what map this is referencing.
  7. Vladguy

    Angry Anna : Halloween Quest 2

    Wow. That was, uh, a journey. A bit of grammatical mistakes and all that.
  8. In case you all were wondering, this is the starting room. Berserk located.
  9. Another quick preview, this room was inspired by HR's MAP03.
  10. Current progress report, finished starting room and a few more rooms. The room after the start. The shotgun is a secret.
  11. Vladguy

    Crazy Weapon Ideas?

    The BFG-9. Takes about 50 cells to fire, but it fires a weak BFG ball that shoots 4 BFG-2704 projectiles in a + and x angle, alternating every 4-6 tics. It then explodes into a shower of said projectiles.
  12. Reminds me of TNT: Revolution's MAP12.
  13. Doomkid, NiTROACTiVE and either Jimmy or somebody else. Don't ask.
  14. Currently waiting for the resource wad to update