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  1. bobstremglav

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    Atari 2600 stuff, Splatterhouse, plus some multiplayer Sega Genesis games with my friend: Lotus 2 RCS, Double Dragon, and others
  2. bobstremglav

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    One was about me playing alpha version which had actual enemies and allies. Then I came to corridor with texture of PS1 Hagrid from Harry Potter. In source files of this alpha then I found "screamer" version of this texture, lol. And another one was about strange doom 2 map where I met baron which was throwing revenant rockets and had legs of arachnotron.
  3. bobstremglav

    What´s your favorite (s) DOOM OFICIAL GAME?

    Doom 1 (3 episodes): very good, I like most music tracks, levels, but no archviles or ssg :( Sigil(?): very cool, hard but fun, thanks for many Cyberdemons :) Doom 2: archviles and revenants are favourite of course, but seriously, level design makes this game great. Doom RPG: cool experiment on doom lore, gameplay and etc. Doom 3: G O O D, BUT NOW I NEED TO CHANGE MY PANTS...
  4. bobstremglav

    Arrow keys or WASD for movement?

    It's useful for mods hovewer. Usually I use: W - action Q - use item A - reload
  5. bobstremglav

    Arrow keys or WASD for movement?

    ESDF :)
  6. Screenshotes - https://imgur.com/a/gFMcbTz (Made in GZDoom with additional lighting) WAD itself - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksu167wbpxxdza0/BIJOGAVONING.rar?dl=0 WAD I Was working on around 6 months because I'm lazy ass. It's buggy, it's glitchy, but I tried. IWAD: DOOM2.WAD Source ports to run on: ZDoom family I guess. Tested on Zandronum and GZDoom and runs pretty well. Source ports to not run on: any other?.. I dunno why, testing on PrBoom+ (?) showed that this wad runs bad on it :/ Maps: MAP01 (WIP), MAP28 Mouselook: as you want. Crouch: not recommended. Jump: ABSOLUTELY NO. Difficulties: easy and medium have more supplies than hard - play on easy or medium for first try, hard is for masochists. Singleplayer: Yes. Co-op: No, for now; Absolutely no for MAP28. Deathmatch: No, for now; Absolutely no for MAP28. New music: kinda - un42.mid and un44.mid, both by Bobby Prince New graphics: sprites and textures taken from early versions of doom, mainly 0.5 and 0.9. Thanks to friends (1 and 2) for testing and advices, and Evan for additional assistance.
  7. bobstremglav

    should i beat wolfnestein 3d?

    No, as well as not respawning brain cells. Seriously, enemies can shoot through enemies, most of them are hit scan, and best weapon in game consume bullets as much as we eat great food of grandma. Raised count of enemies on this difficulty can make you regret about living.
  8. bobstremglav

    Good ol' traditional roguelikes!

    Playing this game makes you real man, even if you woman. You can get depression, you can get fat, you can get hunger. Restore your sanity with anime magazines and books, restore your beautiful body with...hunger and exercices(?), restore your hunger with delicious food, and faster, because it's rotting slowly! Humanity died, but not things left from it. Would you dare to save all of it? If seriously, game is pretty depressive. Slowly food is rotting, knowledges disappear. And since that moment, if you will need simple mechanical element, or new car, or tasty food, or even simple milk...fight for it, or be smart enough to make it. And at same moment, feel free to experiment. You can change difficulty between absolutely peaceful and "why we all hear boss music?". Make characters as you like. I re-opened game for myself when diasbled spawn of zombies, but monsters still appears, and NPCs spawn rate is bigger...spawn of angry NPCs. Even in such conditions I died - one guy with crossbow killed me easily. And lol, I was playing original Rogue too. Want to play it again.
  9. Ohohoh, meet the russian here We have сука [suka] which means bitch We have блять [blyat'] which mean fuck Шлюха [shl'uha(?)] is whore/slut And some other cool words
  10. bobstremglav

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    Whole map making Joking, hardest part for me is make map to looks cool, and problems starts if I do map lazily in several months, because I may forget layout of map, bugs I wanted to fix and stuff I wanted to make and etc.
  11. bobstremglav

    How important are graphics in your opinion?

    I'm playing Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (with tiles set, but still). It's already describe my opinion about graphics part.
  12. bobstremglav

    What can I put in place of a Cyberdemon as a boss?

    Baron of hell first comes in mind, but I thought about multiple pinkies teleporting in various corners of room. If it's 1st Doom, you also can try cacodemon/-s. Giving invinicibility to player by force can make fight more challenging. If it's for Doom 2 what about Revenant or Mancubus?
  13. bobstremglav

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    Angst: Rahz Revenge (I guess 1996) Really, as one reviewer said, "good game as shock therapy against activity crisis"
  14. bobstremglav

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    They may looks funny... Until you face last of them