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  1. bobstremglav

    Post a picture of yourself!

  2. But what about moving with just mouse?
  3. bobstremglav

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (hyper-realistic survival rogue-like; PC) Adventure Island (NES) Plus very many Atari 2600 games P.S.: Among Us, android version
  4. bobstremglav

    Post your Video Game ideas here!

    Baseball Racer One player controls a batter on..roof of car, and defending it. Other player controls car itself, and use it to race on roads, dodge something and etc. Main one is AD, but it very long story, and still unfinished anyhow. In nutshell, Third World War began - sihshofetzs attacked the country of Bob Stremglavski. His Mom disappeared, Bob himself was kidnapped by mysterious man. Destiny gave to Bob the chance to escape, and Bob use it. But now he is exhausted and too weak to fight anyhow. Destiny call Player to assist Bob, and find Mom. Player would meet unnatural, unbeatable or horrifying people infected with evil and called villains; merceless guardians and rulers of Stone, Dust, Manufacture and other towns and cities; traps and twists in order to stop Bob; more truth about war. Bob is fat and weak, he's not regular hero from classic FPS... Also, if not help of other characters and controllable classmates of Bob, he never would leave even his zone alive.
  5. bobstremglav

    PSX Doom Forever [Awful Mod/Hack for PSX Final Doom]

    ЙИНГЛ PLAYER :D Heh, remember that crap with translations in some games, like in one about bionicles. Good times.
  6. bobstremglav

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    In one dream I was kinda playing doom 2, but invaded... baron, throwing rockets of revenant and having legs from spiders. Also, map here wasn't vanilla, something other. I think similiar to what I had in my early days of making the levels. In other one I was playing alpha version of Doom with friendly marines, and there was texture of Hagrid (that wide buddy with huge beard) from Harry Potter PS1(?) game in one corridor
  7. What about playing with something like home console pistols? XD
  8. bobstremglav

    Best video game chaingun?

    Best Gatling guns for me are from Quake 2, Doom 1/2, Doom 3, and Chasm: The Rift P.S.: Oh yeah, I forgot about one from Wolfenstein 3D. But it's not such good, because eat bullets too fast, and with it don't kill enemies as fast as you want
  9. bobstremglav

    Joining the team (For level-designers)

    Yeah, I also sad; because I love eat humans, but shells make them less tasty >:c (Stupid joke)
  10. bobstremglav

    Joining the team (For level-designers)

    Honestly, we pay nothing :(
  11. bobstremglav

    Joining the team (For level-designers)

    Here's link to post with example screenshots, made my this friend
  12. My friend and me making RAMPAGIOUS wad, and we decide it would be better if we had one more guy in our team. So, we have room for one more level-designer, here's main requirements: 1. We only work with Doom Builder VANILLA maps - Creating maps using scripts or other features non-vanilla of GZDoom, ZDoom and etc are not acceptable now. 2. You need to follow the episode’s design, it will also not be allowed to put random textures that are not the episode’s theme. 3. Your levels needs to be balanced and tested by you and the team. 4. We need an abstract level designer (simmetry sucks) 5. We let you take a break during work but don’t abuse and lookout for too many excuses to do not work. we don’t accept lazy people. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you’ll be kicked out from the team with a shotgun blast in your FACE. If you want talk more about it, like ask questions, or get in job, or something else, direct message me, or my friend I'll post link to him later P.S.: At 12th September he's not free, so at this day DM only me
  13. bobstremglav

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Honestly, who can eat golden eagle? Who did it? Is it tasty?
  14. bobstremglav

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    (Argh, page refreshed not in right time, sorry) What the thing you holding??
  15. bobstremglav

    React To The Profile Pic Above You