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  1. Alaux

    Nugget Doom 1.14.0 (May 23rd, '23)

    Hey everyone. It appears that the existing Debian Package of Nugget 1.14.0 was lacking FluidSynth support. In light of this, the package has been replaced with a fixed version. Same download link as before; here it is (direct download link).
  2. Alaux

    Cursed Doom Images

    Which is also how it worked at some point, albeit unintentionally.
  3. Unless I somehow missed Fist sprites with black gloves amongst Smooth Doom's assets - which I don't think I did - it is exactly as it is in Smooth Doom. The fists have no gloves in the base WADs, so neither do they in the addon.
  4. Well, I've edited this post twice already, I guess I'll rewrite it with shorter summaries. HOM on Map11: This door on Map12 can be opened without the yellow key, and I assume it should require said key: At the beginning of Map13, there's this little bit of sky visible that I assume shouldn't be there. Also, the map's title is missing a colon which other map titles do have from what I've seen:
  5. @DreadWanderer, I found the issue. Thanks for reporting it. Everyone: SD21 and SD21-Classic have been updated to V4 and V2 respectively. These updates fix the Cacodemon's Raise state using the wrong sprites, which would cause a crash in the Classic Edition. Download links in the OP.
  6. Most sprites in SD21 go beyond the DEHEXTRA limits, into DSDHacked territory. Do Helion and GZ support DSDHacked?
  7. Any chance you could trigger the crash again and send me a screenshot of the error message?
  8. @RastaManGames should be fixed now. Please redownload the addon and confirm that it works.
  9. Oh, I'm a fool. I renamed the weapon sprites in the main WADs, but not in the black gloves addon, that's why it doesn't work. Give me a few minutes.
  10. Took me a while, but here goes a bunch of stuff: SD21 has been updated to Version 3. I must admit, for the previous versions I had to cut just a few corners to keep the mod within DEHEXTRA limits. That is no more, however, as the mod has been transitioned to DSDHacked. Thanks to that, the mod is now slightly more compatible with other DeHackEd mods. As a byproduct of this, randomization has been improved, and also made more uniform. The floating gibs and casings bug has been fixed. I found a way to fix it that doesn't tank performance right away, and it probably won't do so unless you have a lot of gibs and casings on a moving lift. Some people had encountered a bug in Doom 1 where first-person Chainguns would appear when gibbing enemies. This happened because some gibs make use of the POB1A sprite, which isn't present in Doom 1. As a fix for this, said sprite is now included in the mod. The last thing worth mentioning is that there's now a Blood Patch that forces red blood for the Cacos and Hell Nobles, for those that don't like the mismatched blood. Apart from that, there have been a few more changes and improvements. If you're interested, here's the full changelog: On the other hand, SD21 Classic Edition has been released. Some of you wanted a more Vanilla-flavored version of the mod without the fancy stuff, so here it is: no casings, no extra gore, no effects. Just smooth animations. Lastly, the Black Gloves addon has been updated to Version 2. Just a minor sprite edit. All downloads links in the OP.
  11. Alaux

    Nugget Doom 1.14.0 (May 23rd, '23)

    Alright, thanks! Everyone: I've replaced the Windows builds of the latest release with static MSVC builds. If you have any issues with FluidSynth, try using those instead.
  12. Alaux

    Nugget Doom 1.14.0 (May 23rd, '23)

    Alright, thanks. Before replacing them, though... @Deil, if you have a GitHub account, try downloading either of the builds here. Otherwise, try this 32-bit build [attachment deleted] (I don't know if you use 32 or 64 bit, and there's a limited attachment quota so I can't upload both). Let me know if the FluidSynth issue is solved.
  13. Alaux

    Nugget Doom 1.14.0 (May 23rd, '23)

    @rfomin Actually, what if I provide artifact builds like these for releases? That's how Woof generates its release builds anyways, or so I believe. I'll still manage releases myself.
  14. Alaux

    This is Woof! 11.1.4 (May 23, 2023)

    Config files (.cfg) and savegames (.dsg) should still be compatible. In any case, you can try yourself and see if it works. Do make backups though!
  15. Alaux

    Nugget Doom 1.14.0 (May 23rd, '23)

    Will do. Thanks for mentioning it.