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  1. Rymante

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Out of absolute nowhere! Guess I know what I'm playing after SIGIL II.......
  2. Discovered the video about 'Hate Machine' in the Doom videos thread, I enjoyed what I watched and am looking forward to more!
  3. Rymante

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    I've been using WASD for movement, mouse for turning/looking and E for 'Use' ever since that was the default contol scheme for Half-Life. It's a common standard control layout for so many other PC games that I've played by now (although sometimes 'F' is 'Use' instead) that it's become ingrained in me & I can't go back, so now it's what I set classic Doom to use as well.
  4. I've tried various launchers, but I keep coming back to ZDL (specifically the '3-1.1' version). It works with every source port I've thrown at it so far, has a simple, easy to operate UI & has all the features I need in a launcher without any extra fluff. That said, Doom Launcher's tracking of map statistics & wad organization tools are pretty cool & worth a look.
  5. Rymante

    Do you display stats while playing new levels?

    I used to have the stats up all the time, nowadays I only have them on the automap so that's what I voted. However, I may yet consider turning them off completely since you only get to play a map for the first time once, turning them off completely would give the map much more of a chance to surprise me, having the stats up can ruin that somewhat, at least that's how I feel about it now. Replaying a map is another matter entirely though of course.
  6. There's some great tracks in here, thanks for sharing! ^_^
  7. Rymante

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    Congratulations! Working on this project was pretty fun & quite the learning experience, looking forward to trying the full wad. ^_^ Hoping to hear impressions from others as well!
  8. It was a pleasure to learn the ropes of vanilla compatible mapping with this project, very much looking forward to trying the complete set of maps!
  9. Soon, the complete Jamal Jones experience will be upon us! Looking forward to giving the final, bugfixed version a try, especially considering the new additions to Episode 3 I haven't even tried yet. ^_^
  10. I'm gonna have to drop out of this sadly, for whatever reason, any motivation I had to work on maps just completely left me, my submission isn't even remotely close to finished & the thought of opening UDB to work on maps is giving me a sense of dread & anxiety instead of the excitement it used to. I'll be taking a break from mapping in general for some time most likely. Looking forward to trying out everyone else's submissions when they're ready!
  11. Unfortunately, you'll have to take my name off the list, there is no way I'm gonna be able to finish up a map before the end of the year this time around. Ideas & motivation just completely dried up for me this year :(
  12. Spotted this from the Cacoward Mentionation thread & decided to give it a shot. That mention is well earned, legitimately unnerving stuff here.
  13. I wouldn't mind having a shot a this, been wanting to attempt a city style map for a while now & this seems like a good opportunity!
  14. For a long time, GZDoom was the only port I used. I liked how smooth the mouselook felt as well as all the options & mods that let me customize the experience to my liking. However, as I started playing more ambitious limit-removing, Boom & MBF maps with lots of sector & linedef based detailing, GZDoom's performance left me wanting (it was also at this point I discovered that some of the mods I was using tanked performance way more than I expected). I also got more curious about accuracy to the original engine, so I started experimenting with other ports. Of the other ports I've tried, I like DSDA-Doom, Woof, Crispy Doom & the Eternity Engine the most. Of those I use DSDA-Doom the most (before it took off I used PrBoom Plus) because I like how fast it's OpenGL renderer runs, I can play at my native display resolution, it supports vanilla, Boom, MBF & MBF21 maps & it supports widescreen assets & UMAPINFO. Woof is a VERY close second since it also supports all of those things except it's limited to a software renderer with double resolution, I play it if I'm randomly in the mood for that old school crunchy look. Woof is also one of the only ports I was able to compile from source & run on a Raspberry Pi 4, it runs pretty well on it. I almost forgot multiplayer, I've hosted a few sessions for my friends on Zandronum & it works pretty well for us. I would like to try Odamex & it's horde mode with them at some point, it seems fun!
  15. Rymante

    What are you playing now?

    Recently started Lost Civilisation by Jaska. Absolutely marvelling at how intricate, detailed & pretty these maps are. I'm only 5 maps in so far and it's blown me away multiple times.