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  1. Rymante

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    I'm gonna have to drop out of this sadly, for whatever reason, any motivation I had to work on maps just completely left me, my submission isn't even remotely close to finished & the thought of opening UDB to work on maps is giving me a sense of dread & anxiety instead of the excitement it used to. I'll be taking a break from mapping in general for some time most likely. Looking forward to trying out everyone else's submissions when they're ready!
  2. Unfortunately, you'll have to take my name off the list, there is no way I'm gonna be able to finish up a map before the end of the year this time around. Ideas & motivation just completely dried up for me this year :(
  3. Spotted this from the Cacoward Mentionation thread & decided to give it a shot. That mention is well earned, legitimately unnerving stuff here.
  4. Lost Civilisation by Jaska is an architectural marvel, just beat it on HMP & I HIGHLY recommend playing it!  ^_^

    Grab it from here!

  5. Rymante

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    I wouldn't mind having a shot a this, been wanting to attempt a city style map for a while now & this seems like a good opportunity!
  6. Rymante

    What's your favorite source port?

    For a long time, GZDoom was the only port I used. I liked how smooth the mouselook felt as well as all the options & mods that let me customize the experience to my liking. However, as I started playing more ambitious limit-removing, Boom & MBF maps with lots of sector & linedef based detailing, GZDoom's performance left me wanting (it was also at this point I discovered that some of the mods I was using tanked performance way more than I expected). I also got more curious about accuracy to the original engine, so I started experimenting with other ports. Of the other ports I've tried, I like DSDA-Doom, Woof, Crispy Doom & the Eternity Engine the most. Of those I use DSDA-Doom the most (before it took off I used PrBoom Plus) because I like how fast it's OpenGL renderer runs, I can play at my native display resolution, it supports vanilla, Boom, MBF & MBF21 maps & it supports widescreen assets & UMAPINFO. Woof is a VERY close second since it also supports all of those things except it's limited to a software renderer with double resolution, I play it if I'm randomly in the mood for that old school crunchy look. Woof is also one of the only ports I was able to compile from source & run on a Raspberry Pi 4, it runs pretty well on it. I almost forgot multiplayer, I've hosted a few sessions for my friends on Zandronum & it works pretty well for us. I would like to try Odamex & it's horde mode with them at some point, it seems fun!
  7. Rymante

    What are you playing now?

    Recently started Lost Civilisation by Jaska. Absolutely marvelling at how intricate, detailed & pretty these maps are. I'm only 5 maps in so far and it's blown me away multiple times.
  8. Maps & Mapsets Completed on Ultra-Violence


    Ultimate Doom

    • Doom the Way iD Did
    • Fava Beans
    • Ultimate Doom the Way iD Did


    Doom II

    • Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday!



    Maps & Mapsets Completed on Hurt Me Plenty


    Ultimate Doom

    • Deathless
    • Double Impact
    • Phobos Revisited
    • SIGIL


    Doom II

    • Aeternum
    • Ancient Aliens
    • Arcadia Demade
    • Alien Vendetta
    • Arrival
    • Back to Saturn X Episode 1
    • Back to Saturn X Episode 2
    • Community Chest 2
    • DOOM Zero
    • Epic
    • Eviternity
    • Going Down
    • Japanese Community Project
    • Jenesis
    • Lost Civilisation
    • Lunatic
    • Order of the Odonata
    • Putrefier
    • The Quirky Domain
    • Rapidfire
    • Rapidfire 2
    • Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks HAVOC!
    • Rowdy Rudy's Revenge
    • Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP!
    • Scythe
    • Scythe 2
    • Slith
    • Thunderpeak
    • Valiant
    • Vanguard
    • Violence


    Final Doom

    • Plutonia Revisited Community Project
    • TNT Revilution


    Maps & Mapsets Completed on Hey, Not Too Rough!


    Doom II

    • Heartland
  9. Rymante

    What are you playing now?

    Finally making my way through the classic Scythe 2 for the first time! Just made it to the 5th episode. Been having a blast with it! ^_^
  10. Ah, my favourite map from my current favourite megawad, yet to be surpassed. I'd be happy to see more of these kinds of videos from you. ^_^
  11. I tend to get quickly bored & frustrated when I have to repeat sections I've already beaten because I died at a difficult section later on in the map, so if I know or suspect something tough is coming up I'm very grateful for the ability to save whenever I like.
  12. Rymante

    What was your first console?

    A Super Nintendo bundled with Star Fox (or as it was called here, Starwing). I have a lot of fond memories of that system, getting full completion in Super Mario World & all 3 Donkey Kong Country games, playing through the strange Jurassic Park games Ocean Software released for the system (those damn dinosaur eggs!), although funnily enough I actually missed out on a lot of the top tier classics back then. No 'A Link to the Past' or 'Super Metroid' for me until long after I had traded in the SNES for an N64.
  13. Rymante

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    Unfortunately mapper's block seems to have hit me pretty hard this month & I don't see myself finishing my submission before the deadline. The submissions I've seen from others so far look very interesting, looking forward to trying them out.
  14. Rymante

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    End of June eh? I had considered submitting something for the previous RAMP but instead prioritized a personal project that had been languishing in development for over a year. This time, I will attempt to submit something decent by the deadline.
  15. Alas I was not at home when the last 2 playthrough videos premiered so I could not catch them live. I'm catching up on those as I type this! I also finally decided to do one small thing, release a new, final version of my map 'Waste Em!' This new release only changes one thing, it changes the double sided, impassable linedefs that @Doomkid mentioned in his playthrough video to no longer be impassable, literally nothing else was changed & I think it was only that way originally because of me overthinking a tiny detail. HERE is the updated map!