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  1. Reading the posts here, I'm kinda impressed at how consistently hated E3M7 is. Personally I have a very similar opinion to @elborbahquarama's, E3M7 is also one of my favorite maps in terms of atmosphere and overall feel. It's ok in any case. I think the reasons why people dislike it are valid. It just goes to tell how much the idea of what makes a map good or bad differs from person to person.
  2. I haven't tried this one yet, but just wanted to tell you that your architecture skills are really impressive. I'm quite busy at the moment, but I definitely plan to give this wad a go once I have more free time.
  3. Congrats on the release @Stupid Bunny!!!! This WAD is pure unhinged fun, do yourself a favor and go play it asap!
  4. Fernito

    Post a picture of yourself!

    It had been ages since I took a picture of myself :)
  5. Fernito


    Felicitaciones a todos por el release!!! Ya lo bajé, estoy bastante ocupado últimamente pero lo intentaré jugar apenas pueda :) PD: me encantó el title screen con cosas representativas de cada país :P Qué ganas de comerme un completo ahora :')
  6. I see, makes sense. Thanks for the info, I'll take it into account.
  7. I swear I'm not trying to antogonize you, but for me it's quite evident, even if I'm not fully concentrated trying to catch it :( It really breaks the immersion for me. I wonder if it's frame interpolation issue when you're running it in a modern port at more than the original 35 FPS. Maybe there's just no way around it :/
  8. Well, maybe I chose a bad example to prove my point. I'm aware this is "ilegal", it's a hack I use when I need a single linedef action to span across several sectors. Never had problems with it in vanilla/limit-removing format, but maybe that's causing the weird "bump" in this particular case. That does not detract from the fact that even with the simplest possible setup, the teleportation is definitely not seamless. I created this very simple sample map to show what I mean. You can very clearly see when the player teleports:
  9. I've been experimenting with Boom's "teleport to line" actions, and I'm trying to figure out how to achieve a seamless transition. I keep experiencing this sort of "flicker" upon teleportation, and in some extreme cases like this one in the video, you can even see some sort of weird "bump", as if there were a change of height, which makes no sense to me, given that both the origin and destination sectors share the same height values (I'm not sure that's relevant though). Screenshots of both linedefs in the editor: The question is basically whether there is a way of ensuring a smooth, seamless transition using these "teleport to line" effects, such that the player has no way of noticing they have been teleported to a new location.
  10. Fernito

    [BOOMER: Beyond Vanilla] MIDI soundtrack

    Yeah, I do plan to continue with the WAD at some point. Oh, and track #2 was made by Lee Jackson, and I haven't yet asked him for his permission to publish it here (I only have official permission to distribute it along with the WAD)
  11. Fernito

    [BOOMER: Beyond Vanilla] MIDI soundtrack

    Is that an Indiana Jones reference? :) There's no secret 9th level, this is a Doom 2 wad :P
  12. A lot of love was put into creating these MIDIs and it would be a shame if they went into oblivion, so please feel free to make fair use of them in your WADs or however you wish :) [=======================================================] Artwork by @BoJustBo [=======================================================] [01] - Energía (Fernito) [03] - Goin' down the hard way (Fernito / Guitar solos by Enzo Cabrera & Fernito) [04] - Monster condo style (Fernito) [05] - Misleading demeanor (Fernito) [06] - A day at the beach (Fernito) [07] - Obliterating rendezvous (Guitars and arrangements by Tomás Rojas / Synth solos by Enzo Cabrera / Bass and drums by Fernito) [08] - Rite of passage (Fernito) [Title] - Slam (Fernito) [Intermission] - Victory toll (Fernito) [Full pack ZIP] [=======================================================] Artwork by @BoJustBo
  13. I played the first 5 levels the other day and had a blast with this :) And the music really rocks, amazing work @Korp! :D I have a FDA of the first 5 maps (I died at the beginning of the 6th) in case anyone is interested xD
  14. Fernito

    Replacing multi-patched texture

    *sigh* No idea how that other texture lump got there. Thanks a lot and sorry for wasting your time :(
  15. Fernito

    Replacing multi-patched texture

    Yeah, I deleted the original entries already. Yes, that's eaxctly how I did it.