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  1. RiviTheWarlock

    Planar Havoc [MBF21] - Episode 1 Alpha

    === Planar Havok Episode 1 Alpha 2 === Google Drive * Updated cloud textures * Fixed missing block line on a railing in MAP01 * Changed final fight of MAP03 * Removed Fred Clegg Also teaser for MAP06:
  2. I don't understand how you think plagiarism is okay :(
  3. This is comically damning even. How did you stop if there are instances after 2017?
  4. RiviTheWarlock

    Planar Havoc [MBF21] - Episode 1 Alpha

    Thanks for playing! I'll be sure to fix map01, but map03 is intentional, they're meant to keep you from just running to the exit once you trigger the final fight. If other people find it clunky as well I'll try to find a different solution.
  5. ==== Planar Havok Episode 1 Alpha 1 ==== IWAD: Doom II Target Port: DSDA Doom Tested Ports: DSDA Doom, GZDoom, Woof(?) Complevel: 21 ==== About ==== Planar Havoc is a MBF21 map set about the ubiquitous Doom Guy and his adventures through the multiple planes of existence in order to bring his pet bunny daisy back from the dead. His quest has gotten him thrown in jail on the Skystation E764, but there's a conveniently placed vent that he could easily break open... Using MBF21 and extended states, Planar Havok includes a revamp of the classic Doom 2 arsenal. Your wimpy pistol has been upgraded with a powerful rifle, and your chaingun has been overcharged. You'll find a special new replacement for the chainsaw alongside an upgrade to your shotgun. The classic rocket launcher and super shotgun have been left untouched, but who knows what happened to the plasma based weapons... Plenty of custom foes, both old and new, await you on Skystation E764 as well. I have previously made very difficult projects, but this is much more accessible than my slaughter work. I'd consider it slightly easier than Episode 1 of Eviternity 1 for reference. ==== Settings ==== Jump: No Crouch: No Freelook: Please Don't WARNING: If you're using GZDoom ambient occlusion will ruin some map effects! ==== Included ==== Episode 1: 5 Maps (~45 minutes of playtime) Episode 2: COMING SOON Episode 3: COMING LESS SOON Episode 4: COMING EVEN LESS SOON Episode 5: COMING NOT SOON Episode 6: COMING VERY NOT SOON ==== Downloads ==== Google Drive ==== Screenshots==== ==== Credits for Textures ==== - 32-in-24 Tex - Mechadon's Box-o-Skies - Ancient Aliens, lupinx-Kassman (cloud textures, all white) - Ozonia (inspiration) ==== Credits for Various Assets ==== - Sprites based on Chopblock's work, touched up by a1337spy, Hyperultra64, and Sledge. - Sprites by Neoworm - Sprites by Captain J - Sprites by Doomkid - Sprites from Kaapeli47 based on the Helion - Port of Xaser's Axe from Heartland - Monster Code and Sprites from Xenaro et al.'s Hordamex - Gore and Casing Code from Smooth Doom MBF21 by Alaux - Edit of Porphyry Nodes by Alan Pollack and TNT Interpic ==== Credits for Music ==== - Title - Intermission from Golden Axe 2 - Intermission - Shop from Waterworld - Map01 - Briefing 2 from Star Fox Assualt - Map02 - DarkIce Mines from Star Fox Assault - Map03 - Press Garden Zone Act 2 from Sonic Mania - Map04 - Stage 7 from Battletoads and Double Dragon - Map05 - Sigma Fortress from Megaman X
  6. I'm happy to have worked on this project. Arsinikk always runs a tight ship and has helped me tremendously in actually getting vanilla maps to work. The content here is pretty fun despite me not being a huge fan of the Hell Revealed series.
  7. There's no shame in HNTR, it's there for a reason. Don't let all our effort on it go to waste!
  8. My levels tend to be shorter, so those would be my choices to single segment. Otherwise, I feel as if a lot of the maps in this project will require practice to single segment on UV.
  9. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    === SLOTS ARE NOW OPENED === I think I've given everyone enough time to respond. We have a few freed up spots now. Claim the spot here in the DW thread. All maps must be submitted by July 30th 2023. This should give everyone around 2 months to work on and finish their map.
  10. RiviTheWarlock

    SPEED WEED - Happy 4/20 🌿

    WE'RE NOW ON ID GAMES PEOPLE: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/spdwd Jimmy please update your download links I beg you
  11. RiviTheWarlock

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Now that I'm free from college for a little bit I'm starting to work on this again. I need status updates from the following people: @SirPootis @djv @Meyland12 @knifeworld @gabirupee @AWettBlanket @TangentDeath @Walter Confetti I'll give a few days for status updates, if none's given or you indicate you wanna relinquish your slot I'll free it up. In the upcoming days I'll be accepting new entries and assigning a hard deadline that will be mid to late summer.
  12. RiviTheWarlock

    [CP] [DSDA CL2] Super Doom TV - [RC1]

    Map Name: Turtles Nearby Map Number: 03 Mapper: Rivi the Warlock Prompt: Turtles Nearby Music: MK64 Rainbow Road Turtles Nearby.rar
  13. RiviTheWarlock

    [CP] [DSDA CL2] Super Doom TV - [RC1]

    Have any there be any thoughts around custom textures? I feel like some billboards or TV screens would really fit the aesthetic well.