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  1. myolden

    PUSS IX: MAPPING AT WARPSPEED [May-June Speedmapping Event]

    v4 Notes: 1. Fixed an issue where revenants had trouble spawning during the yellow key fight 2. Changed the blue key door to open/close instead of open stay 3. Added difficulties 4. Moved some monster closets further out so the player can't hear them in the main map 5. I definitely didn't add a secret room at the start of the map. You definitely won't find anything at the start of the map after getting the yellow key. If @BluePineapple72 went back to the beginning of the map after getting the yellow key, he would definitely NOT find a secret room. Ancient Covenant v4.zip
  2. myolden

    PUSS IX: MAPPING AT WARPSPEED [May-June Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Ancient Covenant Author: myolden Music: Desk Lamp by Stuart Rynn Sky: Default AA sky Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: 10 Hours Comments: I still need to add difficulties. Ancient Covenant v2.zip
  3. @PeceMan Thanks for the video commentary! I'm glad you liked the map. You raise a really interesting point about making the automap more readable by hiding cosmetic lines (like those ceiling lines you pointed out). I hadn't really considered that before and will definitely think about that kind of thing in future maps.
  4. Here's a demo of my playthough: myhousewad.zip I thought this map was great! Really fun fights and a cool layout. I think there were one or two spots where arachnotrons weren't in a position to pose much of a threat, but otherwise the fights were all super fun. Good secrets, too.
  5. Updated to move the rocket launcher closer to the red key. garden of despair v4.zip
  6. Fixed the conveyor issue that caused unexpected behavior in GZDoom - the map now functions as intended in both GZDoom and PrBoom+. @MFG38 Do you want me to re-balance the red key fight so the rocket launcher is closer to the red key? My idea for that area is that the player would have to scramble to get the rocket launcher before the revenants could, but I can change it if you think it's detrimental to the map. garden of despair v3.zip
  7. Hmmm... that is strange. I did a little digging and it seems that the PrBoom+ and GZDoom calculate the velocity of objects moving on scrolling floors differently. So the voodoo doll that controls the second 32-pixel floor raise hits the linedef before the first action can complete, so the input is "eaten". If you notice, the eye switch lights are also slightly off. In PrBoom+, the light goes out exactly when the switch closes. In GZDoom, the light turns out just before the switch closes. Apparently there is a way to build conveyor belts to avoid this issue, so I will rebuild them and post a new version of the map.
  8. Map Name: Garden Of Despair Author: myolden Build Time: ~10 hours Play Time: 5 minutes Music: Destiny's Stage from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Textures: n/a Difficulty Settings: Yes Ports Tested: PrBoom+ Description: A short but challenging (for me at least) map set in the ruins on an ancient structure. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated! EDIT: I re-read the OP and realized I forgot about one of the rules being a limit of 3 monster types! Will edit my map and post a v2 that doesn't break that rule ASAP. Fixed. garden of despair v2.zip Screenshots:
  9. myolden

    Upload doom wads here

    No, you just wanted to trick people into thinking that someone else's work was your own, which is why you said "the best map ive ever made" in the post. Changing the filename actually made your theft MORE obvious.
  10. myolden

    Upload doom wads here

    This WAD is stolen. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/quake
  11. myolden

    Doom III: IDKFA Edition | Project

    I'd be willing to contribute some maps and MIDIs to this, assuming you don't already have enough people. Here's a sample of a map/MIDI I created a while back: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/lament I've also been contributing maps to BluePineapple's speedmapping projects. Two maps in this project: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/120156-puss-vii-rowdy-rudy-march-of-the-speeddemons-march-speedmapping-event/ And map 05 in this one: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/119529-puss-vi-imperfect-hatred-version-1-out-now-february-speedmapping-event/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2267425 I also have around 13 finished unreleased maps that are samples of my work as well in the form of an in-progress megawad I can send along in PM if you'd like to see more.
  12. Map Name: Die Harder Author: myolden Music: Big Boss from The Adventures of Batman & Robin (sequenced by GteL) Sky: CLUDSKY6_vseamless Format: Doom 2 (Doom in UDMF Format) Difficulty Settings: All Build Time: 7 hours Comments: As usual I planned for more but spent too much time on detail and had to cut areas. If you squint real hard you can tell where. Die harder.zip Screenshots:
  13. v1.0.2 works a LOT better on Total Fucking Chaos mode.
  14. Tried this on "total fucking chaos" with pistol starting the first 3 maps of doom 2 and I have to say it's a lot of fun! Having to chainsaw through a spider mastermind stuck in the hallway on map 01 is pretty funny, but when enemies aren't stuck in the walls it can actually be pretty challenging. I did notice that certain things don't seem to randomize. I used IDCLEV01 a bunch and the chainsaw seems to always spawn in the first secret. And it also seemed to favor certain enemies over others - I saw a ton of hit scanners, pain elementals, and arch viles but few mancubus or revenants and no hell nobles. This is great stuff! I'll likely try to do a playthough of doom 2 with it.
  15. I played through your map real quick and I like the concept. The view of the mountain at the start is cool, and the idea of going under it then climbing up is neat. And the fact that you can look down from the top and see the starting area is a really nice touch. The exit seems to be impossible to access. I double checked in DB and the switch in the final area is tagged as 8, while the final door which reveals the spider masterminds is tagged as 7. I assume those are meant to have the same tag. As-is I couldn't exit the map, and the switch in the final area can't be interacted with. There are also some minor texture issues I noticed. The crushers in the cave area aren't pegged properly so the wall textures slide up and down with the crushers. The sector that connects the monster closets to the main map is missing a texture and causes a HOM effect. I also think the map could have a bit more detail to break up the space a little. For example - in the final fight, you might want to add pillars or sections of rock that crop up so it's not just one big empty space filled with monsters. Of you could scale that area down a little, since as-is it's a little too easy to just run around and bait infighting. It also might be worth considering re-working that final area to more closely resemble the view of the mountain at the start to help tie together the theme of the map.