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  1. Hello everyone, just bumping the thread really quick to announce that a slot has opened.
  2. I didn't expect the slots to fill up this fast, but if anyone drops out or a slot frees up I'll be sure to announce it in this thread.
  3. And just like that, all of the slots have been claimed. That was a lot faster than I was expecting! We'll see what everyone cooks up over the next 3 weeks and if any slots open up I'll be sure to bump the thread to let everyone know.
  4. I figured you'd be happy to see the umapinfo stuff in there. You got me with the format pitch, though. The OP has been updated to reflect the change to MBF21. You're doing God's work, Xaser.
  5. Snap, someone claimed map 21 in the discord as well. I asked them if they're willing to swap to a cave or egypt map, but if you're willing to swap I can do that too.
  6. No death exits will be required for this project.
  7. I put together a spreadsheet with all of the map claims with the due dates. Use this if for some reason you can't exactly remember the due date for each map (3 weeks from the claim date). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wCvJU7SX1bVdXq6l-NqkS9K7cjvf912UmqHhb6v12jA/edit#gid=0
  8. Map 15 is yours. This isn't Sunder or anything so I don't expect the maps to be too crazy, but we'll adjust individual maps to form some kind of coherent difficulty curve when playtesting.
  9. The random number generator grants you map 04.
  10. The random number generator I used picked map 03 for you.
  11. Do you like to get lost in Sandy’s City? Is Odyssey of Noises your favorite Plutonia map? Do you look outside the windows in Going Down and feel a deep sense of wonder? Then this is the project for you! Doom 2 In City Only is a community project where we make city maps. That’s right, a whole WAD of nothing but City maps. What more could a Doom Mapper want? If you enjoy open layouts, non-linear progression, optional areas, and even some good old fashioned doomcute, then sign up below and get to mapping! The deadline to claim a map slot is March 1st (and your map is due 3 weeks after you claim a slot), but slots are limited to 30 maps so if you want to make a map for this I recommend not waiting. Claiming Map Slots & Deadlines Post in this thread to claim a map slot. You have three weeks from the time you claim your map slot to submit a playable map. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your slot. I will give you 24 hours notice when your deadline is approaching. RC1 will be compiled when all maps are submitted or when the March 1st deadline has passed and all the claimed maps are submitted, whichever comes first. Secret map slots are reserved for event staff. Any available secret slots left at the completion of the project will be filled as required. Track the status of maps, claims, due dates, etc here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wCvJU7SX1bVdXq6l-NqkS9K7cjvf912UmqHhb6v12jA/edit#gid=0 Map Rules Maps should be in MBF21 format. You must use the D2ICO_Resource (vanilla stuff is OK). Your map should visually resemble a city and should fit in with the theme assigned to its episode. Maps should have open & non-linear layouts. Must feature optional areas that are not tied to progression that give optional rewards. OPTIONAL: Good city maps often contain doomcute so this is encouraged but it may not gel with some styles, so it is not mandatory. Difficulties, co-op starts, and MIDI are all mandatory. If you don't provide these then I will for you. You must use the provided skies for each episode. These are named with the episode prefix (E1SKY 0, E2SKY 0, E3SKY 0, etc.) Animated skies don’t work when defined in UMAPINFO, so you will need to do a sky transfer in your map. The third map of each episode should contain a secret exit. Check the Map Slot list below to see if your map requires a secret exit. If your map does not meet the above criteria or is blatantly low effort it will be rejected from the project. Episode Themes Episodes will consist of five maps with each episode having it's own secret map for a total of 36 maps. The third map of each episode will contain a secret exit. Episode 1: Modern Human City. Your standard human city, full of skyscrapers and buildings along a latticework of streets and alleyways. Episode 2: Futuristic Tech City. A city from the future. Lots of silver, tech, and computer details. Episode 3: Ancient Egypt City. Ancient stone buildings and sand as far as the eye can see. Don’t forget the pyramids! Episode 4: Underground Ruin City. Old ruins of cities long past buried beneath the earth. Episode 5: Hell City. Where the demons live. Red rock, green marble, rivers of blood and mounds of flesh. Episode 6: Void City. Mysterious cities in what seems to be an endless void. The city itself can be anything, but it must be floating in the void. Episode 7: Secret Maps. These slots are reserved. Discord This project will mostly be developed over at the Pineapple Under The Sea discord. It's not mandatory to join to contribute to the project, but it will make life a little easier for playtesting, feedback, project discussion, etc. Just ping me when you join the server and I'll give you the required role to view the project channels. Submission Format Map Name: Map Slot: Author: MIDI: Coop/Difficulties: Comments: Screenshots: Map Slots Episode 1: Modern Human City Map 01: @myolden Map 02: @thiccyosh Map 03: @OverflowingMocha (secret exit) Map 04: @CBM Map 05: @DFF Episode 2: Futuristic Tech City Map 06: @LateNightPerson Map 07: @T.Will Map 08: @LVENdead (secret exit) Map 09: @spineapple tea Map 10: @muumi Episode 3: Ancient Egypt City Map 11: @Track Federal Map 12: @BluePineapple72 Map 13: @Death Bear (secret exit) Map 14: @PRO-RC Map 15: @Yumheart Episode 4: Underground Ruin City Map 16: @tewgytaylor Map 17: @Weird Sandwich Map 18: @nue (secret exit) Map 19: @SiMpLeToNiUm Map 20: @knifeworld Episode 5: Hell City Map 21: @finnks13 Map 22: @Snaxalotl Map 23: @taviow (secret exit) Map 24: @DankMetal Map 25: @cannonball Episode 6: Void City Map 26: @HEXWALKER Map 27: @mandude Map 28: @NinjaDelphox (secret exit) Map 29: @dac Map 30: @NecrumWarrior Episode 7: Secret Maps Map 31: @Peccatum Mihzamiz Map 32: @Ludi and @myolden Map 33: @Death Bear Map 34: @BluePineapple72 Map 35: @Danlex Map 36: @muumi Episode Skies Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Credits Titlepic: @dashiefrickintyan Logo and menu graphics: @Danlex HUD: @Ludi Animated Skies: @muumi Endoom: @Peccatum Mihzamiz Interpic: @myolden Title MIDI: This Isn't a MIDI, It's a Mapwich by @AD_79 Intermission MIDI: Waiting Room by @AD_79
  12. With the deadline fast approaching and so many maps yet to be submitted, I imagine at least a few people will either drop out or miss the end of the month. If that comes to pass I want to throw it out there that I'm willing to pick up extra slots so the wad can get finished.