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  1. I've updated the link in the OP to point to the idgames download. A few fixes in this version. Thanks everyone!
  2. This is an awesome map. Emulating that 90's shovelware aesthetic is hard but this hits the nail on the head. The combat is pretty well thought out, too. I would love to see more of this kind of thing out there.
  3. Glad you had fun. You're certainly on an out of date version, map 19 was pulled at the authors request and a new map 19 was since added (and then swapped with map 20 as it made for an excellent episode ender). Lots of updates and fixes since RC4, I'd recommend playing the idgames version if you ever decide to come back to it.
  4. Alrighty folks, we're live on idgames!
  5. Love that album, the whole thing is a banger. Credits to you for introducing me to it!
  6. Waffle House is a set of 9 MBF21 maps by a small group of people who decided to get together and answer a simple question: "What is bro waffling about?". Maps are balanced for pistol start, target port is DSDA, and difficulties are implemented. Have fun! Idgames Download Map Order: Screenshots: MIDI Credits: Misc Credits: Waffle House RC1.zip
  7. That's strange, it might be a port specific issue as I didn't have that problem in DSDA.
  8. Howdy folks, just wanted to chime in and let you all know that RC7 is now available, and it fixes some stuff in map 30. So I would recommend updating to the newest version before the end of the month. On that note, it's been fun reading these writeups and seeing everyone's thoughts/experiences with the maps. This was my first time running a public community project like this, so obviously I've learned a lot about the process and seeing people's responses to the WAD have given me very valuable insight. Thank you!
  9. Hey folks, just a quick update that RC7 is here. The next version will almost certainly be the one that gets uploaded to idgames, hopefully at some point in the next week or two.
  10. myolden

    I love bonfires

    I've accumulated a sizable stack of things this winter that need a good burning. Thanks for the reminder!
  11. myolden

    Doom 2 In Shitty Only [RC1]

    Finally, a good Doom WAD.
  12. Hello everyone, RC6 is here which includes the previously missing map 19! However, since the new map is quite a bit larger in terms of scale and monster count, I slightly altered the map order. The new map is in slot 20, while the previous map 20 is now in slot 19. There's also some fixes and updates to other maps as well. Also, for you folks who are waiting for the idgames release, we've decided to wait until the DWMC is finished with their playthrough before uploading so expect that to happen sometime in early May. Screenshot of the new map:
  13. Partway through this now and it's great stuff as always. That spinning chicken nugget is a seal of quality.
  14. Wow, cool to see this get picked up so fast. To make sure you guys have the best experience possible I've uploaded RC5 in the launch thread.
  15. I was originally going to wait to upload RC5 until the replacement map 19 was ready, but seeing as this project got voted in for the Doomworld Megawad Club this month I figured they should get the latest and greatest. Map 19 should be in this week!