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  1. myolden

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    @horselessheadsman I did another full playthrough of the map just to be safe and it did not crash again. So I think it's fine but time will tell I suppose. While doing that playthough though I did notice that the yellow key door on the south east end of the map isn't visually marked as requiring the yellow key.
  2. myolden

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    @horselessheadsman Played through the WAD and was posting feedback in the discord, but noticed you're not in there so I'll post it here. Your map was quite fun, it had a lot of charm and personality to it. I giggled at the imp statue. A lot of the areas seem to be referenced to RE2 (the main hall, the STARS office, the moving statues, etc) which was a lot of fun. Your take on the unkillable pinky gimmick (used by 3 total mappers on this project) was really cool and the messages when the demons die were fun. I didn't find any bugs while playing the map, but for some reason when I exited GZDoom crashed on me. I'll do another video with the error code, hopefully that will help you figure it out. EDIT: I tried recreating the crash and was unable to. I managed to exit the map twice without crashing.
  3. myolden

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Version 1 out now!

    Map Name: Mope Author: myolden Music: Brutal Schism by Jimmy Sky: n/a Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 4 hours 20 minutes (plus like an hour troubleshooting some ACS...) Comments: Tried to go for that retro-futuristic style that pac man always kind of reminded me of. Mope.wad.zip Screenshots:
  4. Unfortunately I'm also going to have to drop out. IRL stuff got overwhelming and will likely continue to be overwhelming for a little while.
  5. myolden

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Aqua Dementia Author: myolden Music: Tranquil Temple from Ape Escape Sky: SKYHX2B Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 5 hours Traps Built: Comments: A small but dense overgrown temple. Screenshots: Aqua Dementia.zip
  6. Just checking in with some progress pics. Mapping has been inconsistent for me lately but I should have this done before the due date.
  7. myolden

    Musical Mapping | Music videos in Doom

    Music/Map Name: Better To Reign In Hell Author: myolden Sky: ALLBLACK Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 5 Hours Link to song(Useful for the readmes and stuff): Comments: Short Hell castle themed map with some not too difficult fights and some not too unforgiving resources. Screenshots: Better To Reign In Hell.zip
  8. Since we're on the subject of death exits I went ahead and added one to my map. The death exit in this map is a voodoo doll script that telefrags the player and ends the map at the same time. Works pretty well, not sure if someone else figured this out before I did but I use it in all my maps with death exits. If anyone wants to use it in theirs feel free. 30mc_myolden v2.zip
  9. (I already posted this on the discord, just posting here since there are a few people who I think aren't on there) I recorded a playthrough of Episode 1 last night. My first recorded playthrough used Crispy Doom but for some reason bandicam didn't like Crispy and the resulting file was messed up so I switched to prboom. I went for 100% kills on all of the maps to make sure that the monster closets and stuff worked, but I didn't get 100% secrets on a few because I am dumb and can't find secrets sometimes. E1M3 by @Doomlust An overall fun map. I noticed a very minor texture misalignment early on (I shoot at it in the video). I also found a way to get into the secret exit very early in the map, which would allow a player to skip maybe 75% of the map and go straight into E1M9. E1M4 by @Death Bear Good stuff as always, feels like sort of a spiritual sucessor to your skulltiverse map but more open. The rocket launcher fight was probably my favorite part, just a good clean knock-em-out slugfest with a hoarde of demons. E1M6 by @Shawny This map is probably my favorite in the episode so far. I like the interconnectedness and the good balance between set pieces and incidental combat. Nice visuals, too. E1M7 by @LoreCaco37 I like the design idea of throwing tons of monster at the player with E1M7, it fits the overall pacing of the episode quite nicely. The outdoor fights stand out to me due to the sheer spectacle of them. I do think the heavy symmetry does hurt the map a little. E1M8 by @ViolentBeetle This is a great episode closer. I very much like the concept of having an actual map in the lead up to the episode finale. Good pacing, good lighting, good final fight. In Summary: I think the progression of what we have so far works really well. No major issues or bugs (except for the secret exit skip in E1M3). Will get to recording E2 and E3 at some point.
  10. Map Name: I'm Dreaming of a Red Doommas Author: myolden Music: Freezeezy Peak from Banjo-Kazooie Sky: Default Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Will implement after playtesting Build Time: 7 hours Voodoo Scripts: the Baron area, the blue key area, the BFG area, the exit area Doomcute: Christmas tree and some suspiciously large presents Comments: I couldn't think of a better name lol I'm Dreaming of a Red Doommas.zip Screenshots:
  11. Wow, this is a cool concept. Throw my name down wherever you (or a RNG of your choice) decide.
  12. Map Name: Rapturous Grief Author: myolden Theme: Blue Music: "Forbidden Area" from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Difficulty Settings: Implemented Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom Description: I liked the shades of blue in this palette so I went all in. Difficulties shuffle monster types but they stay at 30 total on each setting. The map is also co-op compatible. Notes: The name of the new texture is SHAWNBL3. Map: 30mc_myolden.zip Modified Resource Pack: 32in24-15_tex_v2_mod.zip Screenshot: Bonus:
  13. @dac What's the rules regarding creating a new texture from an existing patch in the texture file? I have a specific 8px high variant of one of the SHAWN textures I want to use to build a transparent floor trim like what are used in Ancient Aliens.
  14. I'll make a map for this, seems like a really cool project.