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  1. LordEntr0py

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    The Talos Principle II At first, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it nearly as much as the first -- there were some aspects to the opening sections which I found long-winded and annoying. Now... This game is stunning. Conceptually and visually. I love it so much. The architecture is phenomenal, too. I will be walking around taking some screen-grabs later on as inspiration for my Doom maps.
  2. LordEntr0py

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    Oh, we are deeply aware of this. 😄 This song has been floating around my head since I joined this project. I used to find it annoying, but I've actually learned to like it. Possibly a self-preservation mechanism.
  3. Are you using the most recent version of RAMP2023? It was only recently added.
  4. LordEntr0py


    I... Might have a go at this.
  5. LordEntr0py

    I need help

    Certain hobbies facilitate meeting like-minded people. I recently got into a social deduction game called Blood on the Clocktower in the last couple of years (linked a nicely-edited online playthrough video which I think was originally recorded during lockdown). It's like a face-to-face Among Us, similar to Werewolf for those who know it but friendlier and more inclusive. It's expensive to own, but requires a large number of people to play and there are local open groups all over the world who play it. I play once every two weeks in a pub in my local city and it's a great time. I've met loads of people I really enjoy being around. I'd consider many of them friends, and even if I only see them at the games I'm still socialising with them regularly. Obviously not everyone is going to enjoy lying to a bunch of strangers (and being lied to) within the respectful context and rules of a game, but it's an example of something I started doing recently which has done wonders for my personal wellbeing. Doesn't cost me anything to play other than the drinks I buy at the bar. And some people just drink tap water all evening, so I guess it's free for them. Another example: five(?) years ago a friend had recently broken up with her long-term partner and came to visit us. She was concerned that she didn't really do anything which helped her meet new people. I told her about the time I met a colleague of mine in a bar who was out with a social group which exists literally for the purpose of anyone who wants to meet people in a social environment. It must take a bit of courage to go along to one of these for the first time, so again I know it's not for everyone, but she went along. We're all glad she did, because she's now happily married to someone she met with the social club she joined. These are two specific scenarios that fit for me and my friend. There are many options out there that will fit other people better, but I guess you have to know where to look (and of course have the motivation to, which is arguably most of the problem when you're fighting depression).
  6. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This mod something you're working on? I think I'd like to try mapping with that...
  7. LordEntr0py

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I think one of the interesting things about FoxTex it that it looks far better when the textures are actually applied in the map than it does in the texture browser. And I, too, have been using Materialize to make material textures to use with FoxTex! This one's on the backburner behind a couple of other projects I need to finish first though... Maybe we should be sharing our rendering textures. I was thinking of posting mine on Fox's Discord Channel...
  8. LordEntr0py

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Back to mapping in MBF format for a bit. I seem to enjoy alternating formats...
  9. LordEntr0py

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    FoxTex is SO GOOD! Love this design.
  10. LordEntr0py

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Meant to post some of these before. This map is technically about one-third finished, but with one complete playable section for my RAMP 2023 submission. Final version to be released later this year.
  11. My advice: go ahead and make one anyway. Then either or it out there yourself or wait for a project storage to submit it to.
  12. Go to upload the map the same way you did the first time. The site will ask you if you're uploading a new map or updating an existing map. Select the option to update an existing map and you'll be prompted for your PIN. After submitting your PIN, you'll need presented with the upload form, with the information for your map already filled in.
  13. LordEntr0py

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    This is gorgeous, man <3 Dat purple
  14. @Silhouette 03 You get to set your map name when you upload it on the site.
  15. I know that feeling! Looking great, I love a good Linedef pic.