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  1. LordEntr0py

    Weird Mandela affect

    That area has always been outdoors for me. Always. I can't even get my head around it being indoors. I still can't quite accept that the blue carpet in the first shot of E1M1 isn't water. I think it's because I assumed it was the first time I played, and never looked at it properly for many years after.
  2. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Listen, mate. These are really frickin' cool and I adore the styling, but if you're gonna use that username, I'm'a have to know you a whole lot better before I'm comfortable with that colour in your map. Seriously, though. This looks really cool and unique. I saw you've posted this map in Wads & Mods I'll check it out.
  3. LordEntr0py


    Hellginger! For when you need to give your food a real kick.
  4. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I didn't know myself. This is what Google showed me for ubi maior minor cessat: Seems like good advice to me.
  5. LordEntr0py

    Any tips for creating a slow/horror map?

    Number of things to consider, bit at the root of them all, you're looking to create atmosphere. I've used the examples below before: Lighting. Keep the ambient light low, so the player strains to see between the lit areas. Where the light is brighter, justify it as a pool of light from a wall or ceiling lamp, or from a bright computer console. This is also an excellent signposting technique to draw the player's eye to progression points around the map. Don't forget blinking/flickering lights. Monsters. As stated above, a carefully crafted slow burn start is important. I would recommend teasing the scarier monsters while only putting the player against easier ones to start with. A few zombiemen here and there, but they can hear the revenants/arch-viles howling in the walls. Low ammo. Stated elsewhere in this thread again, but worth repeating. That Murmuring arch-vile sounds a lot scarier if you only have five shotgun shells and your starting bullets. Later on as the monsters start coming, I recommend limiting all ammo types except bullets, which feel weak against the more serious monsters. False jump scares. Remember the part in horror films where it turns out it was just the cat? Doors open at unexpected times. Set up teleport systems for monsters in the walls so that the player things it's a teleport ambush but nothing happens. Subvert player expectations. That switch didn't do what it looked like it should. Backtracking through an area, the walls or consoles have turned to flesh out piles of skulls (you've transformed then with walkover linedef action elsewhere).
  6. LordEntr0py

    Doom journaling! (With doodles and stuff!)

    I love these. They are giving me some ideas for things I want to make. Thanks for sharing! Promise they'll be different enough from what you made from them. And you'll get full credit for inspiration...
  7. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Mostly just backdrop for the exit area. Holy crap. I just realised this is basically an exit room. I spent 10k lines detailing the exit room.
  8. LordEntr0py

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    Working my way through in order. Just finished E2 and I have to say that so far this is bloody excellent. Bravo on pulling off such a great Ultimate Doom boss map with E2M8!
  9. LordEntr0py

    What DAW/Hardware/Soundfont/VST use?

    I own Ableton Suite 11 and Reason 12, but haven't used them for making Doom music. I'm slowly working on a UDMF set I might compose some MP3 music for. Would be nice to compose MIDIs for Doom in Ableton, but it's not so simple to set up for that. I have Sekaiju installed. Perhaps I'll learn to use it eventually...
  10. LordEntr0py

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    It was E2M2 that made me realise how much I was going to love playing the rest of NEIS, and these not-secrets in particular. They were just so unsettling. Really atmospheric. Inspired every corrupted techbase I've made since. EDIT: I think it's unsettling because it kinda works on a meta level. It challenges your notion of how this is mechanically supposed to work. There are no goodies here, just an immense spine or a demonic face staring back at you. Hell has crept in and nothing is as it seems.
  11. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Love the geometry on these! What kind of linedef counts? These look detailed...
  12. LordEntr0py

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    Oh wow, my name is still on here! You can free up E2M1, I don't think I'm gonna be contributing. Did make some progress on it at the time, but it's not really to my standard anymore and I'm not gonna have time to contribute on top of other stuff I have going on.
  13. LordEntr0py

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    14k linedefs of lighting detail powered by voodoo dolls...
  14. LordEntr0py

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This is exactly my take on it as well. It really, really *should* mean that.
  15. I think I just got unlucky with it. A quick reload/retry worked just fine. Might be worth considering a change to a more reliable setup?