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  1. LordEntr0py

    I'm looking for a tower of babel remake map

    Do you realise how pushy you're being?
  2. LordEntr0py

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    Oh, I don't know. Here's Mars as seen from the surface of Phobos in SpaceEngine. Seems to take up a good chunk of the sky (SpaceEngine doesn't map a terribly high resolution for Phobos' surface, though so doesn't make a great candidate for skybox unless mountains get manipulated into the image): Agree about the focus on mapping for now, though. Haven't forgotten! Progress is slow, but still being made on Phobos Anomaly.
  3. LordEntr0py

    What are you playing now?

    Played through most of this recently (still slowly working through E4) and adored it. E2 was really creepy and E3 absolutely nails Hell.
  4. LordEntr0py

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eviternity

    Looking back, Cryonology was my favorite map, although i didn't realise it at the time. Too captivated to form a critical opinion. I wholeheartedly and respectfully disagree about the music. It does change the mood, but the ever-so-slightly off-kilter melody makes it a mockery of the pseudo-Christmas feeling. It reminds us that We're in a huge wintery castle! What could be more Christmassy? Except there are demons. And the music isn't quite... right... And yet, there is something Christmassy about huge cacoswarms blazing with BFG hitscan blasts beneath a beautiful icy folly, don't you think? The thrill of seeing them fill the skies, the glee of the trigger press, the red, the green, and the joy of seeing them fall in droves... Remember how you felt on Christmas morning as a kid? I think the clock fight took me there for a moment.
  5. LordEntr0py

    Dissecting Doom's Inferno depiciton - Help

    That route would a lot more sense, as well as the locations matching better... Have your seen this community project?
  6. LordEntr0py

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Staunchly refusing to play along with the DWMW club, since I prefer to play at my own pace. But I still wanted to review a level. Started the 5th episode last night and finished Map 21. I have been telling myself all through the previous episode that I should probably switch down to HMP for this chapter, but I swear I can feel myself improving along with the mapset. I keep coming out of encounters, thinking "Gah! I'm doing terribly!" then realise I'm doing fine when I see my health/armour. Only a couple of deaths on this map, and at least one of them because blind carelessness let that damn arch-vile catch me without cover. I wanted to say, I absolutely *love* the opening: large enemies all over the place and nothing to properly fight them with. I didn't find the early SSG until later, so had to run past a horde or two of monsters to find a decent weapon. Out of fear for managing the tight ammo count, I had to to drop my normal cautious, methodical play style and charge about like a maniac, adrenaline pumping, never daring to stand still. The map is clearly well-designed for it: large open spaces to charge around in, with encounters that'll easily outflank you if you're not quick to contain them. So yeah, looks like I'll be ploughing on with UV, screaming BRING IT! at my monitor. Bring it, Eviternity. Bring it.
  7. LordEntr0py


    Okay, I've played through beta 0.9, and what I loved about it was seeing your mapping skill increase with each subsequent level.ganic. See, the earlier maps mostly involved opening a door, killing the monsters in the room, then moving onto the next, but I felt like you were really starting to get a handle on the flow by the fourth map. And by the fifth map, you were designing some really interesting locations and the encounters were starting to get that dynamic feel. There was plenty of scope for encouraging infighting. The outside location on Map 5 and the wooden section beyond the blue door are examples. Those cramped library sections made a good contrast to the wide open spaces, although they did get a little repetitive. No, you don't. The speed at which you're learning is evident. There's some really good advice in those posts, though, that it would be worth taking on board. You're obviously not letting yourself get too caught up on petty details and ploughing on with making the maps, and I envy your ability to do that. I think it's paying off in spades, and I think you should keep pressing forward in the way you have been doing so far. But it might be worth slowing just a little in some areas of your maps to think about aligning some textures or beautifying some areas.
  8. LordEntr0py

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's also the sound you hear in every SF/Action movie for a large comet/fireball/whatever whizzing past. Makes me think if the Icon of Sin every time.
  9. LordEntr0py


    I haven't played these yet, but I'll check them out tonight and give you some feedback. Don't be disheartened!
  10. LordEntr0py

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Yup. Feeling brave, so I might play around with -nomonsters for a while. If I see anything, I'll take a screen grab or two...
  11. LordEntr0py

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Aiden Carmack was notorious for his sneezing fits and always signposted them by habitually raising a hand in the air when he felt one coming on. One such sneeze was recorded in secret by Jeff Romero, who pitched it down, added distortion and added it as the Mancubus alert sound for a joke. Did you know that Doom isn't actually true 3D? Programming wizard Jeff Carmack actually developed it as a heavy modification to the isometric Filmation Engine used in the previous decade in a number of groundbreaking isometric games. Ever wonder why there are so many fleshy textures in Doom? Back when six episodes were planned, episode 5 was intended to take place entirely within the body of an imp. Tom Haul had planned for the player to be shrunk in a demonic teleporter accident at the end of episode 4 and injected into the its body. Action was planned to take place in the head, neck, hand, heart, chest, arms, legs and feet of the monster, but tensions mounted over creative differences for where to place the ninth -- secret -- map. Tom Haul left soon afterwards, and in a related change, the Imp's sprite was given a more... Action Man style anatomy. Only one of the concept maps survives, although most of the textures have been changed in its final iteration. Can you guess which one? The Doom Engine is actually the earliest example of sprite-based rendering in video games. Prior to Doom, graphics rendering had been entirely pixel-based. While the -nomonsters command-line switch appears to remove all monsters from the game, there are reports from some players that a shadowy figure has been seen following them through the game. Dubbed "Flicker" for its preference to hide in sectors with flickering or pulsing lights, he has been reported to follow the player from level to level and even through custom maps. Flicker's inclusion in the game appears to be a complete mystery; although no trace of the related code has been found, Aiden Carmack has mentioned adding him before, and he's been seen in every source port. Spooky! Map06 in Doom II was named after American McGee's favourite character from Star Trek DS9: Lt. Beverley Crusher. The "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty setting was a nod to his favourite Culture Club song, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"
  12. LordEntr0py

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Holy crap. I finished Ukiro's map 32, Anagnorisis, last night (UV, many saves) and I have to say it's astonishing: wonderful design and imagination, mind-blowing scale. Remarkably good balance of monsters, health and ammo for something so sprawling. As a side-quest in Eternity, it's a chapter in its own right. My normal approach is to backtrack a lot, securing my immediate surroundings and maintain familiarity with the layout, but in Anagnorisis there were so many branching paths that lead so far in each direction, that you just have to pick a path and stick with it, trusting the design to signpost you enough that you don't lose your way. It was rare that I felt truly lost, and when I did, it was kind of a good thing. I certainly never got stuck about how to progress and that says a great deal. Pathways through the red key building in particular are so complex that I never figured the layout of that place out. I wandered back in a few times in search of medikits and got lost every time. But like I say, that's a good thing. Maintains the sense of mystery. Expert-level use of imps, too: in clustered hordes on the cliff face, they are a real threat and also extremely satisfying to take out with the rocket launcher. Really pushed the limits of my Dooming skill in some places (in particular, the Arch-Viles near the yellow key, and the entire last fight). Ultimately, I felt as if I'd completed a hero's journey on finally beating it. The anagnorisis here was realising how herculean this map really was; after the long climb of the cliffs at the end, the apotheosis was the climax of the final showdown. Thanks for the experience, @ukiro. How did you achieve such synergy with the texture pack designer by the way? ;-)
  13. LordEntr0py

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    @Kracov - Are you gonna regret asking about this project? I've had another thought... Designing the buildings also requires a fair amount of rock outside the facilities. While I clearly don't need to use a uniform colour, doom.wad is fairly limited on options for plain grey rock of the kind seen on the E2 intermission screen. How about grey and brown (for E1) versions of a new rock type? Possibly a couple of variants with cracks if they're easy to put together? It's all hard work and I know I've asked a lot! Please think of it all as suggestions...
  14. #notalldoomers. Yeah, but all Cybies have to live in fear of Doomers' rockets.
  15. LordEntr0py

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    These are gorgeous! I do have some ideas, if you're interested in working on them... Working on E2M1, I've been concealing a few demonic face textures designed to turn up around the level as the player progresses - an indication that behind the tech, something has gone very wrong with the Deimos base. So far I've been using the stock textures - the large Vile face and small marble satyr, specifically. Some fresh textures might be more effective than the old familiar ones, though. Especially if used alongside a mostly-vanilla set. I don't recall the exact dimensions of the surfaces I'm texturing, but I'll find them tonight and let you know. I'll show you the context I'm using them in, too. The red demon face you posted above looks fantastic, but the colour might be a little *too* Hellish to include at Deimos Anomaly. In general, any faces you have or can knock up to work with subtler colours to work alongside techbase textures would be fantastic. Another thought: how about black or grey marble? I love the stock green, but I think it looks too obviously non-techbase. Black/grey marble might blur the lines a little -- did the UAC install it or has hell started to seep in here? One more (and this might be of interest to @dpstatic as well, working on E1M8) -- I'm using the four-part demon face for the "landing" telepad. I really like this texture, but if we're using black/grey marble at Deimos Anomaly, maybe an equivalent demonic-face ritualistic telepad texture would be nice? Doesn't need to be implemented as four flats; I'm using Hexen format, which allows me to use wall textures on floors/ceilings.