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  1. Yeah, it would only really fit MAP01 I think, just offering as the map is basically done and there's a drive to get the project moving at the moment.
  2. Let's see what happens, I'm ready to go if the slot needs filling!
  3. Somniac

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    My vote goes for Anthony Soto, loved his work in End Game and The Classic Episode, and he had a hand in The Darkening E2 and Alien Vendetta!
  4. Somniac

    Ultimate Doom or Doom 1

    Unless I'm wrong, Ultimate Doom adds fast doors, keyed switches and sector type 17 from Doom II, and I literally need fast doors, keyed switches, and sector type 17 to live, so....
  5. Please let me know if MAP01 opens up at any point :) I notice the author hasn't been around since April, the slot is marked as "possibly done" and there's something I would love to throw in the ring for this, no worries if the slot remains taken!
  6. Somniac

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I could go on and on at length about how I hate this kind of bullshit and wish it didn't exist, but it does, and having spent basically the last decade plus feeling this way, I'm kindof done caring. I just try to have as little to do with it as possible.
  7. Somniac

    Dosbox or chocolate doom

    Chocolate Doom has some extra command line stuff. For example you can load Dehacked patches in the command line without having to patch the game .exe yourself, and merge wad files into IWADs. I think there are some extra options in the setup also. As for just playing the game, I think for all intents and purposes they're functionally identical. Its just an easy way to play vanilla Doom on modern systems. Then again, so is Dosbox.
  8. Somniac

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    Making good progress on E1M7: Took these screenshots in Crispy but its all being tested in CRL. The larger outside area skirts the visplane limit a bit, but no overflows.
  9. Terminal Velocity/Fury3, yeah they were technically flight sims, but not massively detached from something like Descent, which seems to come under the FPS banner.
  10. Somniac

    Best of John Romero?

    Tough choice between Computer Station, Against Thee Wickedly and The Living End. I've always had a soft spot for The Abandoned Mines, too.
  11. Somniac

    MIDI Originals [09/06/2023]

    Gotta say I think Atrium is maybe the best MIDI I've ever heard - gives me RTS vibes while I can also see it fitting the right Doom map like a glove. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Somniac

    What is your best tip for beginners?

    Lots of good points raised in this thread. Here are a few tips I try to stick to, sometimes unsuccessfully: Make your starting room as un-square as you possibly can. A square just doesn't inspire anything. With a more interesting shape, you can hit the ground running and have something that implies where doorways, windows, etc could go, which leads you into having to fill in those gaps. Just start drawing and see where you end up, and don't be afraid to delete and start over if you don't like what comes out the first few times. Further to the above, a square room isn't a bad thing, in and of itself. Neither is a symmetrical room. Conversely, not everything needs to be a wacky shape either. A middle ground between these two points is a good place to land, though ultimately it depends on what map you're making, e.g a map that's entirely caves should naturally be more freeform. ITERATE!!!! (bolded more so to try and tattoo this on my own head) - does an area look passable, but not quite what you had in mind? Remake it. This can be varying degrees of pain in the ass, but its unrealistic to expect everything to come out picture-perfect first time. Don't start a map from the start, instead start it at the end, or in the middle. I made my best map so far with this approach. Worth trying when you're not sure how to start something. Don't be too afraid of "this has been done better before" - people have been doing this for almost 30 years and there are only so many ideas. Plenty of great maps reference other maps and the IWAD maps. Its a means, not an end. Not every map you start will click and lead to a finished map. Its okay to walk away when something isn't working. Which brings me to the final point, that I'm still working on reminding myself of: gameplay first, details second. None of this will sink in overnight and mapping is, like many disciplines, a constant state of being "work in progress" as a creator. I've been mapping 3 years (which is fuck all time really, I know) and I still find it nescessary to remind myself of all the above points on a regular basis. I also overthink everything and get caught up in my own BS all the time when trying to create things, so threads like this are great way for me to state things that should be obvious to myself at all times, but still need reminding occasionally. :p
  13. Somniac

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    This is a nice layout, I've been tweaking a couple of parts of it that I really liked and I'm gonna see where that goes. I might still try doing it from scratch, but if your parts end up in the submission then you should be credited for it as well. I thought this area was really cool so I've been detailing it up a bit: Cool, I already have a head start so that should be ample time. I should have something more to show for myself in a couple of weeks!
  14. Somniac

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full]

    I'll have a shot at E1M7, this project looks awesome and I've been mapping purely in vanilla for a while now. Is there a specific deadline, or is it done when it's done?
  15. Somniac

    Volition has been shut down.

    Freespace is one of my favourite games of all time. You have to hand it to (old) Volition, they gave the source code out and the community kept it going with loads of custom content and graphical upgrades.