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    Is motivation a one-time thing?

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  2. dyshoria

    What stresses you out about being a mapper?

    I posted a wad called "when the devil takes hold" it was my biggest project and it was a partial conversion but one guy commented on the post
  3. dyshoria

    Last Concert You Were At??

    I saw Orbit culture, imminence, at the gates and in flames. Seeing At the gates and in flames was awsome and both of them hit like a truck
  4. dyshoria

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    The CD of this boi right here. Has not arrived yet
  5. dyshoria

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Doomguy pulling the good 'ol bang bang
  6. While i dont use dosbox often i still use from time-to-time even though i not a doom veteran. The thing i use besides doomkids wad pack is novert. It simply removes the annoying mouse acceleration. Installation is simple. download it, put it in your vanilla doom/doom2 directory and when you lauch dosbox and mounted the directory simply type "novert" and it shall work. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/utils/misc/novert
  7. dyshoria

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    New footage on HTP: the lost levels
  8. dyshoria

    some changes that i want to see in doomworld

    I think a board for community projects would be nice
  9. This is my first time what is the password to join?
  10. These wads are found by the random option in idgames and are as old as the mid-90s or as new as 2020. The text files are all included. Some maps are better than others but overall this will probably give you a few minuets of entertainment. Link:Note that i did not create any of the maps:) Maps: Blood Circuit Death Match by Reviver Buzzard's Arena level 1 by Paul Busby (aka: Buzzard) Close Kill by Russell Pearson Control Station KGx/57 by Scott McNutt DragonMatch Zone by Alex Devilliers LA25 by Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root LANCE by Lance Mohring OW OW by John Wakelin POSSIBLE by Iikka "Fingers" Ker„nen RAVE by Todd Elsbernd Yet Another Arena by Adam Windsor Have fun!
  11. dyshoria

    I need help with dworld

    so i just noticed that my email address on this account is my school email. I need to change it but i accidentally created a new account. I cant change it and i cant delete the account. What do i do
  12. dyshoria

    Favourite Map from each episode?

    ep 1:e1m1 ep 2:e2m3 ep 3:e3m6 ep 4:e4m2
  13. dyshoria

    Most insane reviews you´ve read for film/game/book etc.

    it was a review for payday 2 that said "0/10 cant sex the clowns"