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  1. Dyshoria

    Should I upload on Doomword my first sh*tty megawads?

    i say that you should upload them because then you have a way of perserving them and if you would do something like conserve space by romoving files then you always have a way of getting them back
  2. Dyshoria

    dyshoria's deathmatch

    @Doomkid Thanks for the review it means alot to me! Also im a big fan of your vids you inspired me to make a dm map.
  3. Dyshoria

    dyshoria's deathmatch

    heres my first deathmatch map (please leave tips underneath) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cJTKhhsn4-2_rVLShr4Yxulngo1Zm9i9/view?usp=sharing 1. use zandronum. 2. only one map.
  4. this my my brand new death match level https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cJTKhhsn4-2_rVLShr4Yxulngo1Zm9i9/view?usp=sharing 1. use zandronum its a deathmatch WAD (no mouselook) jumping is allowed 2. tested with zandronum 3. doom 2 IWAD 3. only one map
  5. Dyshoria


    Thanks for your review it means a lot to me!
  6. Dyshoria


    Thanks everyone anyway I’ll follow the thread rules next time I post a map
  7. Dyshoria


    1. Use gzdoom you can use mouselook but no jumping or crouching 2. Iwad:doom 2 3. Difficulty: about medium there I did it
  8. Dyshoria


    Ive already seen it
  9. Dyshoria


    Heres my new doom map called doomskin.wad. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gor5qarUcLFRvWqLU-BQu-LGXsFzDj70/view?usp=sharing
  10. Dyshoria

    What's the worst megawad for Doom?

    Anyone remember the lost episodes of doom
  11. Dyshoria

    Two thing with slade

    1. I’m using gzdoom UMDF 2. When I’ve added a new texture it says that the wad has no maps. 3. I don’t what the problem is with it.
  12. Dyshoria

    Two thing with slade

    I use slade to make my own textures and stuff but now when I add a new texture and try to star editing the map in ultimate doom builder it doesn’t work. Secondly when I add new text using doom writer it instead has a glitchy color to it. Please help
  13. Dyshoria

    Extra Crispy.WAD

    @Dubbagdarrel no the wad
  14. Dyshoria

    Extra Crispy.WAD fixed door

    So in my new megawad a door to the final map was broken heres a fixed version https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v_Cw8ujufI6784sIfTsAZ1GN9_M9mNzp/view?usp=sharing