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  1. I believe you should prioritize having fun with what you're doing and not worry about what's popular at the time. Personally, I find the whole single segment UV trend boring. It's more interesting seeing people actually playing the maps and show casing the ups and downs of it all.
  2. I think TNT as a whole gets a lot of overblown hate, to be honest. It's a product of its time and there's stuff that could be better, for sure, but it's not bad.
  3. Bri

    BEST Offical level?

    E4M1: Hell Beneath
  4. Bri

    Secrets in maps

    Just a few. I think it motivates you better when it's a small amount. If I play a map and I see it has in excess of 8 or more secrets, I usually don't bother. And I think it's good practice to make secrets worthwhile with something that can give an advantage in the level - make it rewarding. Unless, of course, you just wanna be funny and put a single health potion in there, in which case does make me laugh when I see stuff like that. :P
  5. Bri

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    Thanks! It is a WIP, but nothings really concrete at this point as far as name and such.
  6. Bri

    YOUR least favorite Doom enemy, and why?

    I don't hate them as such, but Spider mastermind's are generally useless unless their presence in the map fits specific conditions. Most monsters are reasonably flexible for any map with a bit of thought, but the Spider Mastermind needs the map, or whatever section it's in, specially catered for it to be effective.
  7. Funnily enough, I loved the Spyro games. I 100% them on PS4. :D
  8. Bri

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eviternity II

    I originally had ideas to make this map much larger and more open and that vista is the remnants of that idea (originally planned to make that section a huge valley). I even thought at one point about having this huge map that would just be totally non-linear, explorative and atmospheric with very few monsters. All this would aid in its dreamlike quality. But I wasn't certain it would be received very well. Maybe next time.
  9. Bri

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Eviternity II

    I was very honoured to be invited. It was intimidating at first, but I soon discovered they are all really down-to-earth and supportive. I tend to be a quiet person, too, but no one seems to mind. Everyone does a great job and also builds up other peoples work. If only real work places operated like this!
  10. I loved Ozonia. All the best with this!
  11. It's fixed for the next RC.
  12. I'm facepalming myself because I meant to set that up properly for software but I forgot in all the excitement. Thanks for alerting me to it!