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  1. Back in the 90's they were really good. It was just more Doom 2 and it was really fun to play them. Some of the maps had some interesting concepts for the time, too, even though a lot of it was unrefined. None of the Master Levels aged very well, but still, I have good memories from them. I especially liked Dr Sleep's maps because - well, I can't quite put my finger on why, but they had a unique atmosphere to them that I enjoyed. Paradox probably also holds up pretty well gameplaywise today.
  2. Thanks buddy. I'm really happy you enjoyed it. @Clippy I'll fix the oven bug in a future update. :P Thanks again.
  3. Wow, thankyou. Really glad you enjoyed it. Hey, thanks a lot. :) I agree the archville part can be awkward. I noticed it more when watching other people play. When I tested it myself, I tended to run in, shoot the imps and then hide around the corner to take out the Revs, then deal with the Archville from there. But I'll definitely tinker with that part if I do a future update.
  4. Probably Barons for me. I only really use them to prevent escape by blocking doorways and such. But apart from that, they tend to be a chore to deal with.
  5. idgames download: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hydrosphere
  6. Always scenic/theatrical. I think video is better if you want to show off action; it gives a much better sense of what to expect than a screenshot ever could.
  7. Egads! I forgot one side of the red door... how embarrassing. This is why I like videos; because I see stuff I completely forgot to fix. Anyway, thanks again @sandwedge. :)
  8. Thanks buddy. I had the most fun building this one and it's nice to see people like it. I really appreciate the videos you posted, as well as yours @Clippy, so thanks again.
  9. Thanks Sandwedge. I really appreciate that video and look forward to the next. I'm glad you like hitscanners. Thanks very much. Good point about the armour; I'll probably move that in a future update.
  10. Ozonia. A lot of hard work has gone into this and it's brilliant right the way through. Just A Mapset. Can't remember if this came out this year, but if it did it's worth a nomination because it's a really fun set. Irkalla. Most recent one I played. Improves the old Doom in many ways with some exceptionally crafted modernisation.
  11. Makes me happy you enjoyed it. I always feel a bit nervous whether the composers of the midis will like the maps I put with them, heh, but I really dig your music. So thanks again.
  12. Thankyou. Glad you enjoyed it. The bug possibly could be to do with GLBoom+ if it's an old version maybe. But I honestly don't know. I've tested it in DSDA which is pretty much in the same family as PRBoom+ and GLBoom+, so I figure all of them would be able to read the boss action in UMAPINFO, but I'll look more into it.
  13. I loved this. Great atmosphere and really engaging. I like how it feels new but also has sections which are still recognizable. It's exceptionally well-built.
  14. I'm not a game-design expert and I don't think inescapable pits are bad. Cheers!