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  1. Personally I find cheesing time to time being entertaining
  2. Had a quick question for everyone here. Now that doom 64 has monsters added back in custom levels and map editor just like classic doom why hasn't it really caught on as much. What's stopping some of you guys from getting into doom 64 mapping or content creation?
  3. Gougaru

    What do you call Doomguy?

    Doom fella
  4. With so many amazing wads out there I find myself playing one and hoping on to another without finishing it. What's the last wad you've been meaning to complete.
  5. Gougaru

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    Gun go boom bad monsters die
  6. Lullaby so at least my horrific death would be aestheticly soothing
  7. Gougaru

    What were the first Pwads you've ever played amd completed?

    I never got into the wad scene until the re releases so definitely btsx
  8. Gougaru

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    Heartland is a gem definitely give that a go as well as auger zenith
  9. Gougaru

    Good Mods

    Give meta doom a go as well as embers of armageddon if you're a fan of new doom
  10. Classic e1m1 of course. It would be a great display peice
  11. Gougaru

    Why do we mod?

    Classic doom is timeless. That's why