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  1. Yeah, but then Steam changed their rules and removed Steam Greenlight. It's practically impossible to get your mod on Steam unless it's released officially through id software (or using the Source engine). Which I don't think will happen. They are hard to reach, and I think they've moved on from a 14 year old game. They already made their "HD" edition of it (BFG). We would love to have all the benefits from being on the platform though.
  2. We've been talking about it. It's something we want to do, and feel ready to do once Phobos has been fully released. We are not sure what we want to make yet though. We have a few ideas and thoughts. Definitely something with a smaller scope and smaller devtime would be ideal heh.
  3. @Doommarine_maxi Why do you want to play it without the SDK? A lot of things won't work as intended if you do @printz You will be able to see your objectives as a minimum. I don't see automap happening, as we are not adding features at this point in development. We are in Phase 3 and crunch mode. It's not the time to pile up the devtime any further :)
  4. At this point no levels takes place in Hell. Again. This was never the focus (after we ditched the old ep 2 and ep 3), and our story has moved more and more away from that aspect. So we haven't been down that route for quite some time. We have some old stuff laying around, but it needs a lot of work to actually be on the same level of quality that we want and expect of our levels by now.
  5. Each episode will have its own story arc, and these will connect the dots for the bigger story that spans the episodes. You will be able to play it in its entirety with no pause, once everything is released.
  6. You mean something like this? XD (yes it's a total bitch to work with, but makes for an interesting map)
  7. @DooM_RO It could be interesting to explore if that was the actual focus of the game. It never was for us, and you just can't include all ideas in the same game. It was also something they already explored in the original Doom 3, and we never felt we had anything else to add to that. So it was cut. At this point we don't think that much about Doom or what it is. We think about what we want to tell. It's a platform, a game and an engine for us. We try not to let Doom dictate what we want or can't do. What kristus made is mostly made with original Doom 3 textures. Very few new was made, but they will be included in the release, because why not :) You are free to use anything from our mod as long as you credit us or the original creator of that content :)
  8. They need to pay their employees, server costs etc. It's a business model. Why else would they have made the system in the first place if not to make money?
  9. Spotify put BFG Division and Rip and Tear on my 100 most listened tracks this year. So I guess those two :)
  10. I use a Kingston Hyperx Cloud II. Pretty much fit all of your requirements.
  11. Why use current gen development tools for a 14 year old engine? Why not use a current gen engine?
  12. No nothing is stopping you, but I'm just not sure that's what you really want to do with a game engine like idtech4. You won't have the instant feedback on the visuals in modo like you do in the editor. And you won't be able to easy adapt to it. I think the pipeline is a bit too manual or long for that. But again, dragging brushes around is also manual, but it's feel way more hands on IMO. I believe in one tool. But professionally I'm also used to work with Visual Studio where I never have to leave. But the only way to find out is to just try things out. What tools you need and want to use also depends on what kind of game you need to make. Also maybe why they used modo instead of the lackluster idtech5 editor for Rage. It can't be a coincidence that most people use modules with an engine like Unreal.
  13. I think it's possible. We use a lot of models in our levels. Things that you use a lot can just as well be a model. What you want to do though is not make the entire level as one big model, but make modules and piece it together from those inside the editor. Just like you would do in Unreal Engine or CryEngine.