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  1. That's a really great question! It's split up among several documents on google drive. We have most design documents on there, so that we can collaborate wherever and whenever. First we have a document from the developers point of view where we ask any questions you can think of regarding the story. Anything from plot holes and general motivation etc. Super usefull document. You tend to forget things, and you can look anything up here. Then we have a document with questions for the main characters. This is a pretty standard writers trick. These are just an array of random questions that help you define characters, so writing them and figuring out their motivations is easier. Finally we have a game screenplay. Its pretty much like a movie screenplay in layout and style. It explains briefly from the player's point of view only, what he does and sees in each map. Most importantly it's here we have the dialogue written down. And when these dialogue encounters happen. Who says what etc. This document does not explain puzzles or standard action going on in the maps. The game screenplay is written based on the two previous documents. Before writing the others we had a pretty basic story layed out that are ages old in some document somewhere. A lot of stuff never changed and the maps were developed from this. So writing the game screenplay you also look at how the maps are played. I don't think we will be making any more dev blogs, but hopefully we can make some other update at some point this year.
  2. Phase 3 is about implementing story elements, music and the final tweaks. Like balancing, the right hints for puzzles etc.
  3. Combat is the only thing that's somewhat enjoyable. At any rate it's the only good thing about Quake 4. Everything else is really bad IMO. Worst game made by Raven. It has nothing on the other Quake titles.
  4. Not saying it's the worst ever, but I just have to throw Max Payne in there. Personally I was especially disappointed with this one. Loved the 2 games, it was ripe for a great screenplay, but they just changed all the wrong stuff and it turned out shit.
  5. There's a documentary on the way about the development of DOOM.
  6. It's going steadily forward. We don't have any PR planned for the time being. And no release this year either, I'm afraid. We want this to be done as much as you guys :) All I can say is that we have begun finalizing the game, and there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. Pokemon red on gameboy
  8. Good question! We haven't done anything yet (and highly unlikely we will) to prevent anyone to do what they want with the code/assits etc. once the mod is out. So if somebody wanted to make a map with a 100 Arachnotrons they could do so (just an example). We don't have any idea if we have broken anything preventing you from playing or enjoying the two original campaigns though. Since that has not been our focus. It will be open for use the same way any assets in Doom 3 is. Any credits would be appreciated obviously :)
  9. Windows 10 is one of the best, if not THE best windows I've used to date. I use it professionally as well as home for gaming. had NONE issues so far, on work laptop and older stationary gaming rig. Its extremely stable, and they cut out all the annoying things they introduced with Windows 8. So if you're on Windows 8 upgrade that shit. If you're on Windows 7 and happy, there's a smaller incentive to change, other than to stay updated for the future.
  10. But why is that an instant win? You can't just slap new AI into samey areas and expect it to be just as great.
  11. Great article. Pretty much sums up my own cons and thoughts about the MP part.
  12. There is already a thread for this...
  13. You mean something like this?
  14. So you guys will be happy with maps that takes 5 minutes to finish, as long as there is a map load 25-30 times during the entirety of the game? Measuring the game in levels makes no sense.
  15. This article pretty much sums up how I feel about the Beta.