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  1. Then you must know my answer by now ;) I can't give you a release date or say it will happen this year. There's too many factors (they are declining at a steady rate though). We'll let you all know, when we know it.
  2. Thanks man! All maps are completely custom in layout and doesn't have any connections with Doom 1 or 2. I'm sure and hope you will enjoy the game anyway :)
  3. Can't really see what the issue is. He's done nothing to us on Moddb. If you have an issue just contact the moddb guys through e-mail or something.
  4. I'm not sure what you are referring to about that Moddb issue?
  5. I also forgot to recommend getting SOMA
  6. I would recommend getting The Witcher 3 - Game of the Year Edition and Life is Strange. Insane price tags for amazing games.
  7. The FPS MP market is highly saturated, its hardly a missed opportunity. It's owned by Blizzards Overwatch and CS:GO atm. Once in a while a new COD comes in and people play that. There is a big chance a Wolf MP won't make an impact. So making the decision not to make it is the sane choice here, when you look at the business and time to market aspect (and you have to do that). Not much you can do here that hasn't already been done by others currently on the market. Doom 16 could have lived without it as well IMO. It was even called Halo MP with demons. But that's just me, I'm moving more and more away from MP games as I get older.
  8. Just what I was hoping for this years E3! I love the announcement and the release is so close together. More should do it like that.
  9. I started my level designer days in Duke Nukem 3D and Build. Me and a couple of friends had a great time making our own MP maps to play in. I also once started a Diablo 2 mod for Titan Quest. But that never got very far. The Editor for it was a blast to use though.
  10. DOOM 2016 focused on one thing (mostly) and did that REALLY well. Combat. They never pretended or told you (the player) or us otherwise. Stuff like upgrades and what not they presented to you at it's own time when combat was "off". haven't heard people say DOOM 2016 combat is boring. In Prey they constantly throw stuff at you to do, often at the same time. "hey read this book", "hey upgrade your suit", "hey pick a new neuromod skill". Maybe I should just turn the popups off ingame ;)
  11. Also the protagonist in Prey is just another empty shell that you care nothing for, and therefor doesn't care about any motivations that person does or does not have towards the end goals. They get force fed by everyone else telling you what you should feel by calling you every 5 minutes to remind you that there's a plot you need to follow. And don't forget all the emails and books you have to read to know the world instead of just showing it to you. I enjoyed prey the most when I could explore the areas (loved the level design). I couldn't care less about my protagonist or her friendlies. Give me a reason to care! This is at least my biggest downside about Prey, but didnt expect much else really. It's what all "story" shooters struggle with. Also there are so many features that on their own are pretty well implemented, but not perfect. Crafting, stealth, shooting, resource management, looting, upgrading, skills etc. Why not focus on one thing and then do that. Show the player what you're trying to do really well. Doom 2016 did this. "We do this, and we do it well". They didnt pretend or say otherwise. Not a bunch of stuff slapped on top of each other because today we gotta have crafting or a huge amount of skill trees to give the players options. For me Prey lands somewhere in the middle. I won't say it sucks, but I'm not going to praise it either.
  12. Great mix of many things! Learning the engine, learning how to make a game, growing up (I was 16 when doom 3 came out (my birthday is the same day as the release date)), moving, school, work, break ups, small team, trouble with team mates, playing games, family troubles and death, refurbishing maps, ditching other maps, planning, vacation, summer (we usually have a slow period here), constantly getting better at level design, writing documentation etc. etc. (no sobbing!) Knowing what we know now, we could definitely finish something like this a bit faster.
  13. Hard to say really. Sorry! We already started on Phase 3 :)