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  1. No nothing is stopping you, but I'm just not sure that's what you really want to do with a game engine like idtech4. You won't have the instant feedback on the visuals in modo like you do in the editor. And you won't be able to easy adapt to it. I think the pipeline is a bit too manual or long for that. But again, dragging brushes around is also manual, but it's feel way more hands on IMO. I believe in one tool. But professionally I'm also used to work with Visual Studio where I never have to leave. But the only way to find out is to just try things out. What tools you need and want to use also depends on what kind of game you need to make. Also maybe why they used modo instead of the lackluster idtech5 editor for Rage. It can't be a coincidence that most people use modules with an engine like Unreal.
  2. I think it's possible. We use a lot of models in our levels. Things that you use a lot can just as well be a model. What you want to do though is not make the entire level as one big model, but make modules and piece it together from those inside the editor. Just like you would do in Unreal Engine or CryEngine.
  3. Yeah Communication is definitely also a theme. We just don't talk much about it since we don't really use that textureset that much. Alpha Labs is also one of my favourites! It's one of the best themes in Doom 3 IMO
  4. On Team Future we use a few terms for the various themes in Doom 3. These names mostly comes from what folders they put the textures in when you find them in the editor. Mars City Caves (dig site human facilities) Temple Alpha Delta Recycle Enpro After 13 (omg) years of looking at the textures inside the editor you get a bit too familiar with the themes. You just know where to find anything you need really. And you know what goes well together. A theme like Enpro rarely goes well with other textures outside the Enpro theme.
  5. @hardcore_gamer Do you have antialiasing turned on? The editor doesn't like that one bit.
  6. The first was great because it took itself serious even though it wasn't. This one just looks like they threw that over board. Looks bad to me.
  7. This obscure Danish developed pirate game called 'Kaptajn Kaper i Kattegat'. It was sweet as hell. You can play a java version of it here (if you have a browser that allows these things today): Translated WIKI page:
  8. Then you must know my answer by now ;) I can't give you a release date or say it will happen this year. There's too many factors (they are declining at a steady rate though). We'll let you all know, when we know it.
  9. Thanks man! All maps are completely custom in layout and doesn't have any connections with Doom 1 or 2. I'm sure and hope you will enjoy the game anyway :)
  10. Can't really see what the issue is. He's done nothing to us on Moddb. If you have an issue just contact the moddb guys through e-mail or something.
  11. I'm not sure what you are referring to about that Moddb issue?
  12. I also forgot to recommend getting SOMA
  13. I would recommend getting The Witcher 3 - Game of the Year Edition and Life is Strange. Insane price tags for amazing games.
  14. The FPS MP market is highly saturated, its hardly a missed opportunity. It's owned by Blizzards Overwatch and CS:GO atm. Once in a while a new COD comes in and people play that. There is a big chance a Wolf MP won't make an impact. So making the decision not to make it is the sane choice here, when you look at the business and time to market aspect (and you have to do that). Not much you can do here that hasn't already been done by others currently on the market. Doom 16 could have lived without it as well IMO. It was even called Halo MP with demons. But that's just me, I'm moving more and more away from MP games as I get older.