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  1. Doom 3: Phobos

    Ooh, I used to have lots of ideas :D These days it's all going down into Phobos though and it's burning through all my creativity. Getting the last writing done and iterating the scenes with art and the voice actors is taking it out of me. It's so much fun though!
  2. Doom 3: Phobos

    Well, the game would be completely unplayable without the SDK changes and as for content? Well, it's a pretty personal journey for the player character so a lot of things wouldn't exactly be suitable for COOP. That said, with a concentrated effort where you remove any prologue stuff, Phobos specific features and narrative it could be done. Don't know if it's worth it though. We really didn't build any of this with COOP in mind.
  3. Doom 3: Phobos

    Sure, there'll be suspense and we're not ruling any "scary" moments out, but the game isn't based around it.
  4. Doom 3: Phobos

    We've made a fuckton of changes to the SDK, so it's absolutely necessary :)
  5. Doom 3: Phobos

    Well. I used to subscribe to the idea of the more optional stuff the better - more or less. That's why we have an old document with a bunch of PDAs. I do still think this kind of stuff may have a place somewhere, but it would be in a different kind of game. With Phobos we're aiming for a directed story that unfolds over a few episodes. Considering that it's mainly done by 3 people it's a long-ass mod, but it's not like we're going to be able to have 60 hours to flesh out a universe with lots and lots of texts, logs, sidequests, whatever like you see in an open-world game. While we are not going to have PDAs, we do intend to have a few other "devices" that will help fill in the blanks here and there. Phobos has a system where select items will be inspectable and you'll get a reaction. This allows for pretty much anything ranging from a simple poster on a wall to flicking a switch or a playable audio log. We believe that anything and everything we tell through the world and the story should help progress the plot and its main themes (minus some needed comic relief etc). All that stuff said, we are always going to favor showing you things or the evidence of things rather than have someone write or talk about them - and sometimes it's much more powerful to ask a question than answering it. We are not going to go into depth about the hell invasion, Betruger or how it is living on Mars. I personally feel that part of the Doom3 universe has been told over the existing 3 entries. All this stuff still takes place, but this time it's more the backdrop for our story, a catalyst for certain events and a driver of the action. It's not a focal point in our story. It's not about closing the portal, saving earth or anything like that. It's about the player character's personal journey in trying to connect his current self to his past. All this told through the lens of someone trying to survive the events of Doom3. A theme that I must say is extremely relevant for myself after having worked so long on this project.
  6. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    Try navigating in it :D Seriously. It's fucked up! You can spend 5 minutes just trying to get your bearings. Sooo glad that level is practically done.
  7. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    That map gives me fucking nightmares. Editing is SUCH a pain!
  8. Doom 3: Phobos

    We actually don't have a PDA anymore. We used to. We used to write PDAs for it. We have an old dusty document filled to the brim with Doom3 style PDAs. The thing is....It's boring as fuck. It's not that the PDAs were written poorly or anything, it's just pointless. Yes, you get a little world-building, but it's so mundane and doesn't really add in anything interesting. Also, it comes at the expense of pacing. Phobos is for the most part an action game where forward momentum and progression is what you desire. We slow down the game once in a while for a breather with some narrative or a puzzle, but we don't want to take the player out of the experience. Rifling through dozens of PDA entries looking for a locker- or doorcode just doesn't seem very imaginative. It's kinda lazy. Having to look through PDAs for clues to puzzles is usually a sign that the puzzle is poorly designed. So many games have plenty of filler stuff to read and while there are examples of this adding something to the game, I personally think it's more often than not a huge detriment. It's a catch 22 for me. The filler crap is boring. If I read it I'm bored, if I don't read it I feel like I may be missing something. I'd like anything told in the game to help progress the plot or reinforce its themes. We try to tell any relevant stories through in-game scenery or a few narrative techniques. And holy fuck are such PDAs boring to write - and if it's boring to write it's probably boring to read ;)
  9. Doom 3: Phobos

    Phobos is a lot more actiony than Doom3 and a whole lot less "scary". The tempo has increased vastly and overall it's a faster paced, more challenging Doom3. It does slow down at times where you'll be solving puzzles or exploring the world and narrative. These will serve as breathers. SOMA is only an inspiration in atmosphere and narrative. We don't have any sneaky parts or horror moments. Phobos is not a horror game. We do have a few plans for exploring the nature of Hell/Demons, but it's not going to be biblical in nature. We subscribe to the idea that it's more about involuntarily opening a gate to another dimension rather than an actual demonic invasion. That said, we were probably never going to outright say in the game that it's NOT this or that. However if that ever makes it into the game is hard to say at this point. Being atheists ourselves (at least two of us), it's not really something we care a whole lot about. Not that it's wrong to care about this aspect, but it's just not our focus :) The structure hasn't really changed much since we cut the last two episodes. What was Episode 1 before has now become what you would popularly refer to as Season 1, containing n episodes. To be perfectly honest, the Phobos and Hell episodes were never really all that fleshed out - which is why the decision to cut them was surprisingly easy. The difference between Mars and Phobos levels would have been negligible - perhaps even boiling down to a different skybox. The biggest difference would have been the events taking place in the story, but one of the things we have learned throughout this process is that the story that matters is not really the obvious locations and events, but rather the internal strugge of the character. Also, story iterations would have changed things anyway. As for the hell episode, we had some rather interesting concepts developed by Kristus and others, but nothing I believe would amount to anything concrete. At least not without extensive effort. I realize this doesn't sound all that Doomish - and it isn't. This is a pet project that has evolved for many years, taking up half of our lifespans. We could go straight Doom or we could do something that suits our present selves and interests. We still like Doom and it makes up the majority of the game, but there will also be parts that probably won't sit well with regular Doomers. We do think our stuff blends well with Doom3 though. We have been working in this environment for many years and "almost" feel ownership of this part of the franchise. I personally feel it is a natural extension of Doom3 for the modern era :)
  10. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    Eh, it doesn't really scale like that. You pretty much missed the point of my post or just glanced right over it. I'm sorry, but all the posts you create in this forum point towards you not knowing the program properly; even this very topic. If you have all the answers I'm surprised you haven't just Houdinied a few awesome levels yet :)
  11. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    While I would definitely love to work with better tools (and a better engine), I don't really feel that the tools are holding me all that much back. Unless the tools are completely retarded (and D3Edit really isn't. It may be simplistic, but it's pretty transparent and powerful still) what is going to hold the developer back is usually the challenge of building something interesting, unique and worthwhile. Most of the time is spent planning, staring at the screen or a piece of paper while trying to come up with something that isn't just a collection of triangles, but comes together to create something more. I definitely see the usage and potential of something like what we see in the Houdini video, but it's not like the hallway there is anything more than a random generic hallway. Given the same assets that the tool relies on, I could build that scene in D3Edit in an hour or so. Sure, it's not the measly 5 minutes Houdini pulls off, but it's not really a problem. A side benefit of spending more time on it is that I would have early-outed on such a generic and boring hallway and made something interesting instead ;) I'm not at all opposed to offloading more work to the computer (After all that is what it's there for), but it's by no means a holy grail and I would definitely start with something more basic like Doom3Edit to get a much much better understanding of the fundamentals. Especially if I plan to use the engine.
  12. How to create smooth stuff like this?

    CTRL + L is the handy shortcut
  13. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    So far in the game there doesn't appear to be any bullet sponges. At least not in the regulars. That's a huge plus. The basic action with weapon feedback etc. is also really good. The art is amazing. It all looks very nice (perhaps except the outdoor stuff). It runs just fine even on my old 2013 PC. Kudos! I must admit though that I'm struggling to finish this game. I started out playing 4 hours straight for two days and then I kinda tired of the rinse repeat nature of the game. It's a damn lot of cutscene, walk, ALARM, walk, ALARM, walk, ALARM, cutscene. Next Level. Repeat. "ALARM" meaning an arena with commandos. Now whether or not that's me and action games having grown apart or it's the game at fault I'm not sure. I just wish they would have played more with the formula. As it stands it's just extremely repetitive. Maybe I'll give it a couple of days and see if the spark comes back.
  14. Any Doom 3 mappers who can help me solve this problem?

    Select the bevel Shift+C -> Bevel -> Ok If you want the opposite shape, select inverted bevel I usually ungroup the resulting construction so I can modify each part by hand. Also, Doom3Edit has a somewhat retarded default setting where the bevel is facing the opposite way of what you want (for the most part), so using ctrl+i will invert that.
  15. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

    Did you try this one? https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4575 Seems to have fixed my crashes.