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  1. Shaviro


    Moving the textures panel from the inspectors window to the XY view is a really nice idea!
  2. I've been a C# developer for ~14 years. If one chooses C# today, I'd recommend jumping straight into .net core rather than the "full" .net framework. While the latter isn't officially being phased out, there's no doubt that .net core is and will be receiving most of the attention going forward. Contrary to popular belief, C# (with .net core) is cross platform and open source today. C# was born out of a strict OOP mindset, but in the later years it has adopted many features and ideas from functional languages. Another somewhat recent trend with .net core is a focus on overall performance and low-level features like simd and Intel recently added support for hardware intrinsics to the framework. Another general note is that Unity engine is transitioning their most tight loops and performant code from C++ to C#. It's their own version of the language and not stock C#/.net core, but the general direction is the same. What I really like about the language is that you can go pretty far in both vertical directions. It has some excellent high level features, but also sports more and more low level options. I'm currently looking into learning a bit of Vulkan with some nice C# bindings. It's great fun.
  3. Shaviro

    Stream soon.

    @DooM_RO There are plenty of ways you could go other than cramming as much nostalgia in there as possible. You know. Marbfaces and what not ;) Ah I get it. It's just more "subversive" garbage then. I guess it's okay when it's Doom :D But seriously, they're riding this wave of power fantasy gaming so hard and it's also really diluting their other titles with Wolfenstein and Rage 2. I can't blame them, it's a business after all and I'm way too old to be fangirly about it. Not every game or movie has to cater to one's exact tastes....but this is just as much a wave and a trend as what "everyone else is doing".
  4. Shaviro

    Stream soon.

    But the current audience is the power fantasy. Every other action game or movie today is all about being powerful, going over the top. Doom 2016 "kinda" broke the mold with shooters by not going call of doom, but today it's a pretty different market and Doom Eternal seems to be really fanservicey to me. That doesn't mean it's going to be a bad game, by no means, but it does feel pretty toothless and risk adverse compared to former id games.
  5. Shaviro

    Stream soon.

    If you want to get a point across, not writing an inflammatory one-liner post is probably a better strategy :)
  6. Shaviro

    Stream soon.

    Yeah that part really rubbed me the wrong way. Almost to an extent that made me uncomfortable, but probably for different reasons. First of all I have to point out how low a blow that was, desperately trying to cash in on a 1½ year old discussion. Thankfully only one guy in the audience responded to that and apart from him it was so awkwardly silent. Somewhat of a dick move and I definitely lost some respect for the guy right there. I mean, you wouldn't expect JJ Abrams to rag on Doom 2016 while promoting his next movie. Anyway. I think he's got it backwards. It dawned on me right then and there why Doom Eternal is the iteration of Doom that interests me the least and why I am more fond of "New Star Wars" than I am of "New Doom". It seems to me id software of 2019 is more afraid of the fans than anything. He even said it himself; He wouldn't want to "ruin someone's childhood" by having a different take on something and it shows. Just take a look at what happened going from Doom 2016 to Doom Eternal. Lots of design decisions revoked with the sole purpose of "pleasing the fans". Reverting the Mancubus, the Plasma Rifle, the Cyberdemon. It's not that I *don't* think these Doom2 versions of the designs are better, I do, but it's also kinda disingenuous and fan-servicey. One of the amazing things to do back in 2000-2004 was to see how they reimagined this monster or that weapon in Doom3. I don't really care about that for Doom Eternal because it's all pretty damn predictable. Go with the power fantasy head canon and scour forums to figure out what "fans want". That's exactly what they didn't do with TLJ. They went with a completely different type of director and gave him 100% trust. I still haven't decided whether I really liked the movie, but it was someone's vision, someone's baby, someone's take and thus controversial. ...And even then I think they ended up understanding the source material better than they do with Doom Eternal. All that said, I still do look foward to Doom Eternal. It's a day one purchase for me and I'll probably build a new computer for the purpose...well, at least partially for that purpose....but I'm not *all* that excited for it because it does feel a lot less like a dedicated group of artists working on a common vision and more of a corporate cash grab this time around.
  7. Shaviro

    Anyone know how to edit levels for doom 3?

    I've stuck to Doom3Radiant, the editor that came with Doom3 for the entirety of the Phobos project. I did shortly try out DarkRadiant and others, but D3R just won out in the "What You See Is What You Get" department with the actual renderer being built in. I have no doubt that the other editors have more features and less bugs though. Over time I've come to really appreciate Doom3Radiant for what it is.
  8. Shaviro

    "fantasy combat puzzle" describes doom new and old

    One of my most fond memories of gaming actually stems from low health/ammo situations in Doom2. Having messed up an encounter, barely scraping along and meticulously searching for a medkit and 4 shotgun shells. My favourite memory from Doom 2016 is actually 'kinda' the same. I tried to avoid glory kills and spent a lot of time exploring the environment, trying to find health and ammo. It's in these stretches of the game where it all comes together for me. When the game breathes and you take it all in. On that note I'm worried that Doom Eternal may be way too much like Doom 2016 was in the later stages and not enough like the excellent Foundry level.
  9. Shaviro

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    I very much agree with this. There's no question that I'm going to buy Doom Eternal and I will even build a new PC for it. I have very little doubt that I'm going to enjoy it for what it is. That said, I do think that this generation of Doom looked its best back in the original E3 demo for 2016. The one from the Foundry level. Looking at the Doom Eternal footage here, one phrase comes to mind; "it's so dense; every single frame has so many things going on" But it is what it is and it does what it does very well, so. I'm in.
  10. Shaviro

    Doom 3: Phobos

    At this point we're just in a stretch of "bread and butter" work, getting things to the last stage of development where it all comes together and we implement the voice-over, polish the scenes, the combat etc. April is a bit quiet for us as one third of the team is away and I'm personally regaining my energy and motivation after having put around 30 hours into the mod each week for some time. We're set to kickstart that last long stretch of development on Ep2 in the start of May. We've also been pouring some work into the rest of the mod so that Ep3 isn't a year away after Ep2.
  11. Shaviro

    Why did Doom 3 go for realism?

    I don't think Doom3's themes are all that similar. Well, similar sure, but they're by no means identical. Personally I don't see the environment as overly focused on being realistic either. I think the biggest problem ties right back down to the story presentation. It's impersonal. They kinda deposited all the world building in PDAs or audiologs and while that may add at least a little color to the world, it doesn't really ground or anchor it to the physical space. Also, most of the PDAs were linked directly to the main narrative of the game and less to the actual world building. Or in other words; too much "I'm scared. Betruger is crazy" and too little "Frank's lunch". In fact, this has been a major focus point for Phobos. We call it "Human stuff". Item placement can go a long way in creating a rich environment that breathes life into it. It's time consuming and difficult, but if you don't do it you'll end up with a bunch of rooms and hallways instead of a living, breathing place. It's not that Id software didn't do any of this, it's just that they didn't do it enough. Compare and contrast Doom3 to the Lost Missions and you'll find that the latter really is just a soulless string of hallways whereas the former has at least a little character.
  12. It's not really a crucial part of the game by any means, but Firewatch has an option to take photos throughout the game. Your photos will then be shown back to you during the credits sequence. A nice touch!
  13. Shaviro

    Doom 3: Phobos

    ...and Resurrection of Evil :)
  14. Shaviro

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's out.