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    This is less than mediocre to begin with, but then it commits the ultimate in vulgarity - hitting you with pain elementals hidden behind cacos when you only have a single shotgun and pistol. This "trick" was annoying the first time it was pulled. Nowadays it's like fingernails on a blackboard and my only response is to quit game and file the map in the "not worth playing" folder for future reference.
  1. fnord


    New benchmark for pointless exercises.
  2. fnord

    Where The Base Has No Name

    Too many revenants and archviles, not enough weapons or ammo - even on HNTR fun factor reduced to zero. 2 stars for map layout.
  3. fnord

    The Tyrell Corporation

    Starts with a very repetitive and uninspired "open a door and chaingun a few dozen monsters" routine of box rooms then leads to a large outdoor area with a hundred cacos, barons and arachnotrons and the obligatory Cybie for the even more routine in-fighting at which point I gave up and looked for a map that was actually fun to play.
  4. fnord


    Yeah, it's as bad as you would suspect - here since 2000 and no reviews. 3 rooms and some corridors with 43 low level monsters. But the worst of it is the non-stop text radio dialogue - it's relentless and goes on and on and on and can't be skipped. And doors remain locked until all the gibberish finishes. Awful.
  5. fnord

    Come To A Head

    Yeah, no. First half was almost ok, but then you are teleported to an open area to platform hop over lava while surrounded by pain elementals hiding behind cacos and you only have a shotgun and a handful of shells. This kind of design only makes sense if you want the bulk of players to quit the map in disgust and look for something that is actually enjoyable.
  6. fnord

    project slipgate

    This is visually glorious and highly playable, but it's not Doom. Amazing set of maps. However, I can't access maps 5 or above that are supposed to be there according to text file. Is there some trick to that? 5 stars regardless of not being Doom really.
  7. fnord

    Southern Cross (Gold Edition)

    How to make a great wad and turn it into crap - overload it with lost souls and pain elementals hiding behind cacos.