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  1. fnord

    11 Years Of Doom

    Normally these maps designed around printed words are pure garbage. This is an outstanding exception. Very good stuff. Worth a download for sure.
  2. fnord

    1024-4: Directors Cut Version 2

    Blocky, cramped, incredibly dull and repetitive with little to distinguish one map from the next - feels like your playing the same map over and over again. And too many revenants, barons and arch viles. All in all, very little to enjoy here.
  3. fnord

    100 Lines

    Not a lot to like here. A handful of OK maps buried in a sea of absolute dreck. The last third of the wad was particularly awful - just skipped through that in unfounded optimism there would be at least one map that was interesting/playable. A last resort mapset when you have nothing else to play.
  4. fnord

    Lights of the Seven

    This needs a warning label - it has one of the most annoying "enhancements" ever to stain Doom. A countdown timer. I just abandoned the level when I noticed it. Also first hall you enter has a dozen Hell Knights and god knows how many Imps, while you have a single shotgun and a dozen shells. This kind of crap makes me want to punch my screen. So you've been warned.
    Most amazing thing about this is that somebody actually wasted time making it. Possibly the worst wad I have ever been dumb enough to download. Pointless freeform spaces populated by hordes of monsters and piles of BFGs and ammo. Truly awful.
  5. fnord


    Yeah, nah. When there's dozens of lost souls and pain elementals hiding behind them spewing out more is when I quit the level and look for another map that may actually be enjoyable to play.
  6. fnord

    Union Aerospace Corporation

    Extremely dull and extremely repetitive, but sadly, not the worst of it's kind. Looks and plays like one of those awful software auto-generated map sets. Room after identical looking square rooms with small mobs of low level monsters and the occasional Baron, Revenant or Mancubus. Played it to the end and I can't remember a single level that differentiated itself from any of the others. Wad of last resort if you have nothing better to do.
  7. fnord

    UAC Deathcamp v.1.2

    5 minutes of the idiotic custom sounds was way too much. Also ugly and confusing. Abandoned this. It is an insult to the player.
  8. fnord


    "This is my second level, but it's my best" - I'd hate to see your worst... Horribly amateurish with zero play testing. Starts of with a crate maze where if you take a wrong turn you miss 2 secrets, one with a key you need to progress, and can't turn back. Either noclip or start again. Then there's endless huge corridors leading to obligatory toilets and a lift that takes close to a minute to go up or down. Ends with another crate maze and the done to death Spider/Cyber showdown. Not good, but playable if you have absolutely nothing better to do.
  9. fnord

    To Hell and Back

    If you can get past the god awful first level, it eventually gets pretty good. Would have given this a 4 just because of the last level, but taking one off for the abusive over use of pitch darkness, flashing strobes and annoyingly banal "funny" sounds.
  10. fnord


    Bunch of square rooms just slapped together then filled with mazes, crates and slime pits. Not very enjoyable at all. Poor even by '97 standards. No reviews here, so this is just to let folks know.
  11. fnord

    The Trepidation Terrain

    This is actually a pretty good set of maps considering it's age - playable and even enjoyable. Would have been 4 stars - but taking one off for the relentless "joke" sounds and the insistence of having at least one boss on EVERY level. Also, the last map being an annoying teleport maze and having no exit I could locate. Despite this, worth a download and play through.
    Big, bland, repetitive, unintuitive, confusing, endless backtracking, endless slow lifts, pointless mazes, unmarked secrets necessary to progress etc. Little good to say about this. Gave up at map03 - either an exit lift was broken or there was some obscure switch I missed. Had a peek at map04 and wasn't going to even bother, it just looked even worse. Wad of last resort if you've run out of other maps to play. Tedious in the extreme.
  12. fnord

    The Suicide Missions

    These are reasonably enjoyable medium to large brown stone maps. About average difficulty. But subtracting a point for overload of Pain Elementals in map31 - a sure fire way to ruin any otherwise enjoyable game. I wish people would stop doing this - the novelty wore off about 30 seconds after you fought the first one in Doom2. Just stop it.
  13. fnord

    THE END!

    5 stars? Er, no. This is just lazy slap together mapping. First room is a huge corridor where you trigger about a hundred Barons and you having just a single shotgun and a dozen shells. You have to do an impossible run to find a secret door with a teleport that takes you to an arena with a 100+ imps. That's where I abandoned it. 1 star is being generous. Pretty much an unplayable mess.