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62 files

  1. 4derp

    Map i made for derp. Decided to upload here bcuz why not?


       (1 review)


  2. 3D Entryway

    A single quick, Easy Map. UV Difficulty designed.


       (4 reviews)


  3. Lights of the Seven

    A small map, based on the series "The Game of Thrones" (season 6, serie 10). The map was made on 4-hours Speedmapping #19, which was conducted by the Russian Doom Community on August 13, 2017. Music (composer - Ramin Djawadi) is played and recorded by Shadowman.


       (0 reviews)


  4. 100,000 Levels

    Just like 30,000 Levels, all you do is press spacebar or press use to be a little bit more technical. This time you have to beat 100,000 levels to get to the end of the game. Since it's updated I've added 100 more midi tracks totaling that amount up to 200 different songs to listen to.

    The question is can your computer handle it? Another one is do have what it takes to beat the entire thing? Even though Barack Obama is no longer our president, his quote "Yes We Can!" is still relevant to this wad. You just have to have the dedication to hang in there longer and keep going until you make it to last level to discover greater awards that will await you.


       (4 reviews)


  5. Area 02 Temple Study & Excavations V0.8

    Area 02 consists of a Research & Shipping base built beside a Small Demon Temple to extract the Relics & Study the strange power source.

    A rather large complex with areas criss crossing, multiple paths and a tendancy to attract Cacos.


       (5 reviews)


  6. 2countrv

    A 2-bit ripple counter, built using WadC. Based on the design of Fraggle's binary ripple counter from 2006. The code can generate counters of arbitrary bit-depth. I originally thought to upload a demo of an 8-bit counter (to be different to Fraggle's example) but there's already a built-by-hand 8-bit counter (8-bitadd). So instead I downgraded it to 2 bit and added a surprise for when the counter overflows.

    Hopefully the surprise demonstrates how this construction might be used in a real map: perhaps you need to reach a certain "score" to open a door / complete the map, and you have a choice as to which tasks you complete to get to that score.

    The WadC code is included in a WADCSRC lump. Requires WadC 2.1 or newer to build.


       (3 reviews)


  7. 7 Sins

    You have just teleported into hell. This level of hell is dedicated to the seven deadly sins of man.

    Enjoy your stay and don't burn your fingers!


       (13 reviews)


  8. Earth Installations

    An improved version of previous maps "Fallen HQ" & "The Terminal". MAP01: "Fallen HQ". Escape from a techno base to the streets. MAP02: "The Terminal". Visit a Doom II style installation, complete with a few suprises.


       (10 reviews)


  9. 100,000 Revenants

    You stand moments away from shutting down the final demon spawner that would forever end this tormenting struggle and bring everlasting peace to the universe, but Hell has followed. You've conquered endless realms, shattered their realities, and killed them all more times than you can count, but they've returned again, as they always do. But, this time, it's their true last stand. They think an assured victory is within their grasp, the combined army of Hell's finest against a lone survivor left with nothing more than his fists, but you know better.

    It's 100,000 to 1.

    And they don't stand a chance.


       (32 reviews)


  10. 0effort

    Another pretty easy and short level, inspired by Kama Sutra Map08.


       (11 reviews)


  11. 1024 x 1024 The Building

    Friend has challenged me to make 1024x1024 wad, and thus Doomguy has been sent to clear out an important building and retrieve some very important keycards!


       (10 reviews)


  12. Atmospheric Substation

    "You awaken in a small and desecrated base, the demons have brought you here for some reason and you are going to find out what awaits you in this haunted husk..."

    This is a spooky Halloween map with a... Twist...

    This map is very scary and should be played with the lights off for maximum spooky factor...


       (11 reviews)


  13. Bunker 1024

    This is a simple map I made inspired by the Claustrophobia 1024 series. While tiny, I have managed to make this Multiplayer Compatible. I did originally design this with Brutal Doom in mind, but you should be able to play this in good ol' Vanilla Doom.

    NOTE: Please limit 2 people in Co-op, & 4 people in DM.

    Storytime: =A local UAC Bunker has recently gone Dark. You have been sent in to investigate the area & eliminate any hostiles. However, from the moment you walk in the door, you realise that this job won't be easy.


       (3 reviews)


  14. The 8 Game

    This wad is based on a memorable scene in the demo of The Stanley Parable. What you do is press on a button that says 8... and that's it. If gimmicky levels without gameplay isn't your thing, then it might be a good idea to skip this one.


       (13 reviews)


  15. 100 Lines

    The challenge was to put together the best possible level that meets all 5 of the following criteria: 1. is Boom-compatible; and 2. uses only vanilla textures; and 3. is fun to play; and 4. looks OK; and 5. is constructed with 100 linedefs or less.

    To put this last criteria in context, e1m1 has 486 linedefs.

    Over 70 maps were submitted, and 64 were OK'd for release to idgames. These have been split into two wads:

    100lineT: is levels that are more or less 'traditional' in their map design. They may feature special effects in their gameplay, but the focus is on providing the standard style of play, just in a very limited number of lines. 100lineN: is levels that tackle the 100 line limit either by delivering a slaughtermap, or through the use of an unusual (for Doom) style of gameplay. Many of the levels in this wad are considerably more difficult than any of the maps in 100lineT.wad

    All maps were designed with pistol start in mind, though continuous play is of course possible. The order of maps in the wads was determined by the visual style of the levels; difficulty curve was not a factor. Some later maps will be easier than earlier ones. If a given map is too hard, too easy, or just not fun for you, feel free to IDCLEV out of there and try one of the others :)


       (25 reviews)


  16. 10Tomb4

    2 Egyptian-themed maps for Boom that follow the 1024 rule, plus one map to stop the player progressing into the stock maps. The second map is a boss map, so watch out. :)

    Fun fact: during construction this wad went under the charming name of "Constipation 1024", due to the fact that I was making a 1024 map out of Tormentor667's "Too much Brown" texture pack.


       (8 reviews)


  17. Five Minutes of Hell

    Basically, this is a temple in hell that can be blazed through in 5 minutes. No real plot, just demons getting blown away.

    This wad originally began life as part of what was going to be a 9 map set for Vanilla Doom, but I abandoned it after switching to Zdoom. Then I took bits of maps 2, 3, and 5, converted them to Zdoom format, put them together, and added some basic Zdoom functions and scripts. It was going to be part of the Doomworld Mega Collab (or whatever it was called), but I missed the deadline. It gathered dust on my hard drive for a few months, until recently when I decided to polish it up and release it anyways.

    One more thing. Given that this is my first public release, I'd appreciate some constructive criticism so that I know what to improve next time.


       (9 reviews)


  18. 300

    After kicking a messenger into a well, scouts report to you that an army of Persians 10,000,000,000,000 strong marches towards the gates of Sparta. If even one Persian breaches the (open) gate, all is lost. The Ephors have consulted the Oracle and have given you their blessings to go to war. You hope to push your way through the hordes of Persians and destroy their leader Xerxes, thus stopping the invasion. Your ranks, which numbered a mere 300 men, have thinned due to syphilis contracted during battle with the Mud Giants to the North. You are the only one left. May the Gods have mercy.


       (7 reviews)


  19. Heaven

    After pressing 30,000 switches you finally make it out of this boxed nightmare in the year 30,000 AD. Little did you know upon arrival, the planet earth has gone extinct and you were somehow killed in a matter of hours by some strange anomaly unknown and unseen by your eyes. The planet was later on in that same exact time period engulfed by a black hole to never be seen again. You the marine who has passed away wakes in heaven with no way to escape and is forced to be trapped in there forever. Well at least you made it in heaven where you can forever rest in peace.


       (39 reviews)


  20. 100x

    100x multiplies the amount of doom enemies by, you guessed it, 100. Enemies explode into multiples of hundred as soon as the map starts. Due to collision problems, you are able to walk through monsters. Most monsters projectiles pass through each other, making it harder. Ammo on the map is also timesed by hundred. Don't try this on NUTS maps! If you have a weak PC it will most likely crash on you. This amazing challenge is so far ahead of it's time, that you will have to wait for something like windows 10 for example, and that may not come out until the next decade. The WAD was based on 10x by Cutmanmike.


       (41 reviews)


  21. 5till L1 Complex

    This is my last (and best) work.


       (45 reviews)


  22. 2^8

    A short level with the restriction that vertices must lie on a 256x256 grid. Not much detail is possible.


       (6 reviews)


  23. 30,000 Levels

    There is no story and all you do is press spacebar to flip the switches in hopes you reach the end of the tunnel. You get to listen to 100 different midi tracks while pressing the switches. Basically the easiest wad out there and the most boring to date.

    Think you have what it takes to beat all 30,000 levels? Then download this wad and put yourself to the ultimate test of your boredom if you can do it. I hear Barack Obama and his quote "Yes We Can!" and so can you if you have the dedication and determination to beat this wad and stay in there.


       (124 reviews)


  24. Six Ways to Die

    Two maps that extensively feature functional 3D architecture and fierce fighting.

    The first map, Six Ways to Die, has finely balanced ammo and health at UV skill. Cautious playing is recommended; if all else fails, use the berserk you get at the start. Find all 6 secrets to access the Super Secret Level. [Refer to the file named secrets.txt]

    The second map, Palais des Cauchemars, has a good amount of ammo and health, but monster-infighting is strongly encouraged. It's easy to use ammo unnecessarily and find your weapon chamber empty at UV skill.


       (13 reviews)


  25. 64 Test Map

    This is a map that is exclusive to Doom 64 EX (it can be only played with 64 EX). Made by the Doom Builder 64 (2 originally). It is a test map, but I figured about publishing it.

    READ THIS TO RUN THE MAP: 1- Put it in your Doom 64EX folder. 2- Open the launcher and type at the bottom: -file 64ways.wad


       (11 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Roebloz · Posted
      Not bad for an early 1994 level to be honest. It isn't good, but not bad. Being a Wolf3d fan I don't mind long corridors in maps that much, although the decoration could have been better that's for sure. If you're into old maps and corridor-esque maps, give it a shot.
    • By chlef · Posted
      Partial truth in advertising - "This PWAD represents the combination of just 27 of some of the best levels I have found on the net." - maybe for a brief 6 month window in 1994. But compared to traditional/old school maps since, this selection would scrape through as a C- if you were grading school homework. Barely a pass. Mostly dull, bland and repetitive maps you have played elsewhere - maps you groan through and forget 2 seconds after you have finished them. Supreme ordinariness, nothing you ever want to see again. This is only of historical value. Not exactly enjoyable play. Nosireebob.
    • By CyberDreams · Posted
      I'm not very good at reviewing so bear with me: If you want a quick and fairly easy WAD then this is for you. It starts out fairly easy as well as being fairly linear and than it gets harder as it goes on. It's also fairly short too as it took me about an hour or two to complete on UV difficulty in GZDoom using the Doom (strict) compat mode.   The new textures were a nice addition although they were only featured in the last few maps. There are a lot of switches and "rising structures" (floors & lifts) but the placement of them is decent so they aren't a nuisance. The switches open doors or activate lifts that are pretty much right in front of you or in an area that you've just past through so the maps aren't that confusing (which is a good thing).   The one thing that i did not like about this WAD was that the exits were not marked. I exited a few levels with only 50% or so of the map explored due to the exit just being a normal looking switch. In a map that has quite a few switches that activate doors and lifts, you need the exit too look different or at least have an exit sign above it imo.   I did notice a few misaligned textures but tbh that's normal for 1994. Also, there are different sounds for weapons and some monsters as well that kind of annoyed me. I don't usually mind sound replacements and i know that a lot of early maps had them but this one just really got on my nerves at times. You'll hear GROOVY! a lot and it's not as cool sounding as Duke Nukem saying it, even though it is the actual sound clip from Evil Dead 2 (i believe).   Other than that this E1 replacement played alright for a '94 mapset, having decent layouts and monster placements. I give it 3 1/2 stars mainly because of the exit issue that really bugged me and the sound replacement not being my favorite.   [Oh btw, i played continuous. I tried playing pistol start only on a few maps but i just couldn't do it. I'm not sure if it's possible tbh. Maybe some of the weapons are hidden in secrets because i often found ammo in levels for some but not the weapon for it.]    
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      Amazing Total Conversion megawad!!!
      Moody, atmospheric, challenging, breathtaking...   Just... WOW! At first the game is really different to the Doom experience, soo different that you will have a rough time trying to understand the mechanics. Just like playing a completely new game for the very first time. But when you finally understand the mechanics, the new weapons, and the possibilities, a marvelously detailed and vast world unfold to you very eyes. It was a long time that a game made me feel real awe. The sense of wonder of this maps are something unique. This Total Conversion really make the unthinkeable and take it to eleven.   Thanks @Revae for this amazing total conversion. Hope you can take this piece of art to the next level. You deserve it!!!
    • By Erick · Posted
      Before Plutonia's Go 2 It, there was Dario Casali's take on expanding Doom 2's MAP01 into a difficult and action packed level. Punisher can be seen as sort of a prototype for Go 2 It in that it was released a year before Final Doom and the map is rough around the edges to play. There are far more many monsters in Punisher than there are in Go 2 It, starting off with about 600 enemies, which is three times more than Go 2 It's initial start of about 200 enemies. It sounds like Punisher is more difficult than Go 2 It for having more enemies and a rougher layout, right? Well, actually no, Punisher is easier than Go 2 It though at the same time, Punisher has its difficulty issues that can make it annoying to play.   In Punisher, a variety of enemies are placed together far more frequently, meaning infighting happens immediately in the areas they are in. There are some rooms where only a single enemy type is in to prevent easy infighting, but even still, you can take advantage of monster infighting far more than you would in Go 2 It. Another thing, you don't always get up close to tough monsters like the Cyberdemon so you can pretty much skip them at times, which is unlike Go 2 It as that map has you getting up close to them or at times killing them to progress.   Despite Punisher encouraging something of a aggressive and fast playstyle like you Go 2 It and other Plutonia maps encourage, it doesn't exactly feel like you can do it as freely here. There's a ton of open space so trying to draw attention of monsters to cause some infighting yourself can be annoying to do, an Arch-Vile can hit you out in the open and Pain Elementals can be very problematic, so you might find yourself peeking in and out of cover often instead of blasting monsters away with rockets and a BFG. That's not to say you can't blast through the level if you played it multiple times much like Go 2 It, but even so, the pacing and fights here feel a bit messy.   Punisher is not bad to play and I found it fun to play despite its gameplay problems. I found it interesting to compare this map with Go 2 It to see the differences and how much more refined an expanded Doom 2 MAP01 turned out in the end. If you're into maps with tons of monsters to kill and don't mind some odd pacing, Punisher is good to play, though it definitely shows its age.