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  1. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    A list of the soundtracks used would be nice indeed. I've heard the music from map01 somewhere, perhaps in a movie, but can't remember where. Anyway most pieces are fitting and atmospheric. And it's entertaining to read loquacious posts again. Damn, it's the last third of the month already and I've barely been able to play anything :(
  2. a bit off topic, but thanks for mentioning these maps... i haven't been following the quake mapping scene as closely as i do with doom's and i can't believe what i've missed... yeah ;) and this tool sounds like a revolution in doom 3d-mapping.
  3. Pirx

    REFRACTED REALITY (formerly Infinite Void)

    unique, that's the keyword. haven't seen something like this. perhaps the rainbow map in valiant, but this is unreal colorful.
  4. Oh, THAT ONE. Is it finally gone? I used the same combo (smooth + gore) for the dwmc plays and it made me quit some maps. Especially the spectres had to be killed in one ssg shot, because if I only wounded them, they turned into ghosts that couldn't be killed with rockets. Annoying to say the least.
  5. Pirx

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    I watched a part of your playthroughs yesterday and enjoyed them. Didnt get to play yet, though. A work of art overall. The golden exit portal rocks, I think the only comparable portals were those in ancient aliens with the animal powers. After reading some complaints about difficulty spikes and astrocacos, I have to ask if the episodes should be played continuously (as there's a death exit anyway, iirc) , or doesn't one miss anything if pistol starting? Like the BFG. Thx
  6. Pirx

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Some might confuse it with being antisocial, but I'm just tired with dealing with most people. Everyone has his / her goals, and I'm not here to cater to them. Not feeling the need to give facebook any data, either.
  7. Pirx

    Any fellow Brazilian mappers?

    I'd look forward to this. Even play it with brutal doom.
  8. Pirx

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    Perhaps "final doom the way id sold it " :p Ok there are pl2 and prcp for plutonia already and tnt evolution and revilution for tnt, (have i missed any other final doom megawad?), so I don't know if people are willing to rehash the themes another time. But if one isn't too demanding, then the community should be able to collect enough fitting maps within a short time. At least, the level of detail in final doom isn't too hard to imitate in modern editors.
  9. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    to finish e4 this year... Episode 4: Griefless E4M1: “Inhuman Remains” compact, easy starter, leads the player in a circle, over the bodies of scattered zombies standing in the way. i would have preferred a berserk or chainsaw to kill them in more creative ways, since they (and some souls) are the only enemy until near the exit. there's a shotgun marked as a secret though behind a marble wall, i discovered it only after i had taken one from a sergeant. the blur sphere comes handy when the sergeants rise from their grave. the armor is for continuous play and placed near the exit. E4M2: “Fetid Site” compact map, e4-like mostly old wood structures. imps at a gallery, plenty of chainsaw-loving demons and only one caco, iirc. i managed to catch a fart from it though that put me in a bad state until i found the soul sphere. hint: don't be too quick to get out of the lava if you jump / fall into it. i found the secret exit here swiftly. E4M9: “Under” under...halls? i didn't even recognize it instantly when it started, as it's partly outdoors here, looks like i got what i wished earlier, something more than a simple conversion of a doom2 map. brown bricks and wood over large pools of blood. the start is simple, then surprisingly much opposition, especially sergeants, when you cross the first blood river, but there's also a fat reward, a secret blue armor and a bfg with a bulk cell. which means the barons we meet in the right half of the map are instantly crispy. the map is generous with other weapons as well (pg & rl). E4M3: “Corroded” running start at the end of an acid lake with imps and humans around. hence "corroded" i guess. clear first structure, the chainsaw comes handy vs cacos here. it's a rather easy fight but it's also to take damage from the imp balls coming constantly from the other sides. pay attention to the bloody altar to the right. a gate to a flooded area with a simple wooden structure opens, where 2 cacos and some lesser critters are guarding the red key, the only key needed for the exit. E4M4: “Incision” larger than the previous one, looks ancient and mysterious with its predominantly wooden structures under a green sky. some demons in the starting area and the tool that i used through most of the map, the berserk pack, in a corner nearby. saved ammo this way but the map gives you just enough rockets to finish the 2 barons here without the zerk, and everyone else. some things i liked: the "demon waltz" track, how the lift to the upper level lowers when you jump onto the imp platform so you don't have to go for the switch again, and the soulsphere secret, i just smelled it there, at the end of a damaging corridor ;) E4M5: “Serene Shadows” more vertical play, with a siege cow placed high above greeting you with rockets. it's easy to get rid of, though, via a teleporter in its back that lets you telefrag ist. raising a few walkways, you climb to where they key ist (forgot which color), with the lone ineffective baron on a platform in front of it. that's where the lack of doom2's enemies is felt, imo. spectres are roaming down below, but can be ignored. most of the threat comes from the cyb as long as one doesn't know how to kill it, or stumbles upon the teleporter. there's also a bfg behind the cyb and a secret in a passage leading to a soul sphere. btw, great idea to give the souls less hp, as it should have been, the buggers. E4M6: “Vertigo” now this one doesn't get up as high as one might assume from the title, but there's still lots of welcome verticality. there's a tower one can take a lift to and jump from there into one of the 2 passages on its sides. however, better play it like @lirui1001 does in his demo. i found the plasma gun and the ammo for it only after killing everything, and that style of playing just wasn't interesting. ammo is dosed just right for you to blast through everything. of the 6 teleporters at the lava hole, the one with the pentagram will take you to the ledge outside (also with a pent as receiver) and a berserk for smacking the door with health at the exit. E4M7: “Sea of Entrails” a number of wooden walkways over a acid lake with locked gates controlled from a central spot. plenty of critters milling about, and a siege cow overlooking the whole thing from a pedestal. his rockets and the acid keep you on your toes. visit the tower with the path along its wall to get the first key, then run over the wooden structures to open the barriers and get the others. i telefragged a baron by accident while returning from the tower and killed other 2 this way, also fell right on the invulnerability while strafing around the imps on the bfg platform... and considered this overkill, as the poor critters were busy enough killing each other, while the cow is telefragged after the red barrier goes down... so basicaly i was left standing alone place with a couple imps and had 300 cells and that bulk cell on the wooden platform left. which means that someone speedrunning this can play around less (i was stirring infights wherever i could) and blast everything out of his way. very enjoyable map as you have to keep up the pace. E4M8: “Desecrators” oh well, a map with soem bosses because the game demands it. this map shows imo what an annoying, rng-depending enemy the mastermind is. keep them busy with the barons and cacos (that's what the barons on the sides are good for, i think, for pistol starters), steal the cells from under their asses, then smack the cow that shows up. the barons can be skipped, but what am i going to do with that plasma, fireworks? so, happy new year 25 A.D. (after doom) everyone.
  10. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    Heh, what's up here. We haven't had such eager voting for months :p
  11. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    +++ A.L.T.
  12. This. Tbh I didn't find them much more difficult than the standard imps. Just strafe immediately when they start their throw animation, or approach them at an angle. And use the berserk as a health pack, not as a weapon. At least, they don't lead their shots, so you're safe as long as you keep moving. The bigger problem is changing the direction, as you risk running into everything that comes flying towards the spot you just have been in. Obvious for example in the city map. Also, ssg is less effective because you expose yourself to more fire while reloading, the super chaingun largely takes its role. Antaresian legacy goes a step or two farther in this direction with massive volumes of high speed fire, so one has to play it more like a modern shooter in parts, that is by taking cover instead of just strafing, as one just can't always evade that amount of crap heading your way.
  13. Pirx

    Ultimate Doom The Way id Did — Released!

    I'm for a merger too, it's a more complete package, just as id's ultimate doom. Gotta play that as I have a bit of free time now.
  14. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    Episode 3: Deathless E3M1: “Open Wound” a much better version of hell keep, while being faithful to the original. i agree that the old e3m1 was weak gameplay-wise, with the terrible pinkie corridor leding to imps crammed into the exit. this version has the same beautiful (heh) hellish look of blood pools under an fiery sky, but leaves enough space for some action. the starting closets offer some goodies, like a very welcome armor, and the best was still the berserk pack you can jump onto and go rip & tear. what i did, and many imps and pinkies were ripped apart that day. E3M2: “Salted Earth”? perhaps i should read the other players' comments after playing a map, or their points will be especially visible during play. the mapset has a habit of showing the next waypoint in advance, you look through doors and windows and see where you will (or want to) get later. iirc that's one of the design principles romero described. here you see the exit above on a cliff. the key hunt was not very straightforward, and combat is rather incidental, with little resembling an ambush. E3M3: “Forlorn Morgue” very classic hellish design, red rock walls, wooden bridges over blood rivers. an underground map with much interconnection, winding and surprising me with turns into new directions. i ran low on ammo at first, but the damn skulls having less health is really helpful, and the rocket launcher comes handy for the few cacos around. E3M4: “Vestibule” wait, i know that start. everything else is different though. there's a open, barren area with some imps and a caco, one can get the plasma gun and the rocket launcher here easily, but ammo is limited, so i thought i's better go to the undergeround area first. cleared that, then escaped the caco ambush, while from behind a baron and some imps approached. i guess i should have stormed the open area now and shot everything dead, but unaware how much more will follow, i held the choke point to the cave where the baron clawed the cacos to death as they ran into each other, and i had plenty of ammo left when i exited. played it again faster, because it's a compact map and can be done quickly. E3M5: “Soul Drinker” a hell castle / whatever featuring your halfway turreted cyberdemon. that makes going outside a bit risky as long as pinkies can block the path, because it's a recipe for catching a rocket. inside the castle one quickly finds a rocket launcher, and a plasma gun in a corner. that's enough for dealing with the cyb, it can be easily shot from across the courtyard. not very threatening overall if you know where to go first. there's a visible bfg for those who like to fight the cow on its platform, but i didn't find the secret. E3M6: “Dire Prayers” nice hellish map reminiscent of mt. erebus. mostly low-key opposition, especially against plenty of rockets here. the baron preaching to the imp congregation made me smile, especially the most pacifist solution to this: repeatedly open and close the door until the priest has killed all his sheep. some annyoing lava because it's 20 hp iirc and seeps through the radsuit. the only frustrating part was not finding the damn teleport to the secret exit. i'm not an example of patience though. E3M9: “The Wastes” ok, i liked seeing doom2 maps ported to doom here, but this one is almost a direct copy, retextured, so i would have preferred "re-imagining" the maps. especially m05 as it's not one of my favorites from doom2. now it also has lava in the tunnels and is restricted to udoom's monster variety. the better part was the cyb, you have to sneak past him from pistol start, perhaps with help from the baron, until you can get back with the bfg. E3M7: “Wormwood Cathedral” beautiful cathedral of hell. intriguing view from the outside, reminding of the udoom unholy cathedral, and elaborately decorated interior. not much opposition, most of them imps, a few barons, there's a berserk pack to take care of all of them, so i exited with plenty of ammo. a solid map, although not it's not very memorable imo. E3M8: “Ire” well, the SMM is a hard to use boss, and combined with plenty of doors with health it's not particularly engaging either. overall i'm impressed with e3 though, especially considering the build time @Capellan mentioned.
  15. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    Episode 2: Ruthless E2M1: “Hydroelectrics” somehow i had already comparisons with the original e2m1 in mind when i started this map. wonder why, since it's jimmy's take on the doom theme and not a dtwid. this e2m1 is more technological, with its blue / gold computer panel walls and those weird "hell tech" red glowing pillars. the caco that shows us its ass in the beginning can be kept as a pet to fight the imps showing up later. the armor and the chaingun are found late and probably meant for continuous play. overall a compact, pleasant map, only the music isn't my thing. E2M2?: “Snake Alley” outdoor map with a berserk at the start. so rip and tear. which i did for most of the map. only the bunch of sergeants at the start were worth some shells. the map shines at giving the player enough space to beat everything into pulp. i didn't find the access to the blur sphere near the start, but health should be plenty. and the souls go down faster? great. E2M3: “Greenhouse” a containment area with the exit in its center, guarded by imps and some dead trees that don't quite belong there... the opening is a bit of running and taking a shotgun from a helpful sergeant's hands, then smacking the gaggles of imps with a few rockets. the invuln pick-up is self-explanatory: i had a good laugh at @Capellan's monochromatic glory. so that's a nice finale to this map. enter said tree stump area and exit. E2M4: “Virulent” captures the style of the original e2 well, a weird, corrupted base with hellish artifacts, mixed texturing, the damaging floor lights (which are simple to avoid, btw, just step onto the doorsteps between them while punching the pinkies). the lava bridge reminding of udoom's e2m2 is faithful, but a speed bump in playing. opposition can be avoided in the beginning and then smashed as soon as you get the berserk pack. some didn't seem to like the blue armor being useful only to the continuous player, but it wasn't necessary with 2 zerks and 1 green around. E2M5: “Repugnant Gardens” not repugnant at all, rather beautiful with its vine-covered walls. an open architecture that makes it easy to run between the enemies and stir infights, while giving a rocket launcher that kills clusters of imps with a few well placed shots. i was about to get mad at not being able to pick up the ammo left by the sergeants on that ledge when i found the skull switch and... well, doesn't e2m5 lead to the secret map ;) E2M9: “Slain” d2m11 in doom, that map was fun to play. less threatening cast than in doom2, but the siege cow in the middle can shoot right up into the archvile's cage (replaced by a baron here), as i found out and barely got away from the splash damage. the rest plays faithful to the original, i lured the cacos from the pit to fight the cyb before i shot it until it died. it's a bump in difficulty compared to the original doom, but not a big one, and i'm with those who think that you've been asking for it by looking for the secret map. E2M6: “The Mad Mistress” delicious map. much more otherworldly castle than corrupted base as @TheOrganGrinder observed, and i liked that too because it reminded me of how i wondered about these artifacts when i played doom for the first time, as the whole wad helps reliving those days, the fascination of seeing strange worlds with my own eyes, as i had not done before. thanks again @Jimmy. it was exciting gameplay-wise too because i got away with 5 hp from the RL ambush, i had seen that coming, but not how many there were, and that spectre in my face, so i had to play careful, until i got the zerk again, which swung things in my favor... as those barons noticed, i smacked the one off his ledge at the plasma gun, and exited with a big grin. E2M7: “City of Coal” this one was fun to blaze through. literally, shooting loads zombies with bullets and blowing them up with barrels. a blur sphere helps, but i left it because i find erratic fire from barons and imps worse. it's a (smaller) hellish city with doom2 elements @Magnusblitz noted. the bfg with several hundred cells found on a rooftop is overpowered against everything doom1 brings to the table, the pack of barons is disintegrated faster than they can fart in your general direction. i still held back 2 shots expecting a cow, but that was their last line. E2M8: “Dukes” 2 cows instead of one, more cramped than the original ending, and a basket of tomatoes to get in the way. overall not much different from the udoom ending, but if feels more like fighting on the top of a "tower of babel" looming over hell. i realize what the safest strategy was, but, bold from the previous map, i jumped right into the thick of it, hitting all switches, lowering the stuff on pillars and taking on all of them at once. the first cow was cowardly shot in the butt with plasma while fighting a caco and killed quickly, the second one was more interesting as i ran out of cells and had to use rockets. but we know how it ends. little nitpick: a new intermission text would have been better. i mean, it says something about a lord of the cows but there were two. enjoyable episode, liked it better on average than e1.