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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Same here :( But what is with that cyber? On an invisible conveyor belt?
  2. Best ending?

    Yeah that was so hilarious
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Well that's the problem I have with ESP too, 1) little time 2) huge maps and 3) hard maps, plus 4) i'll probably be afk for some time anyway this month. Most of us would need perhaps 2 months for this one. Now I'm not necessarily a slaughter fan, but coming from this background makes one casually brush aside a normal opposition, so these maps definitely help one improve the skills, especially against the odds. Tbh I didn't find enough time to hack my way through this degrassi, since just plating my lazy ass in front of the screen when I'm tired does not get me much fun. I'll see if the next maps even surpass this monstrosity. .. However, I had much fun with castle of the damned, even more than I anticipated. That's because ToD's passion for 2-shotting has embraced me too, and the cybs gave me less of a headache than the flood of rabble afterwards, perhaps because I tend to catch too much blast damage. Now that's something else I have to work on.
  4. Forum Update?

    Have to say that I love these soulspheres and health bonuses. So worthy of a Doom site. Overall I'm very pleased with the changes. Readability is better with the fat usernames, smaller but clearer fonts and without like-points in red and other distracting things.
  5. Retro FPS Polling Station

    Playtime: about 15-30 min. Not that I don't enjoy "sharp, punchy" maps, or long adventures, but the middle ground is best. Level structure : I prefer udoom's episodic structure over 32 maps in a row because it's easier for a theme change and resets the player without the death exits. Hub is worst, never know where I have flipped that damn switch and where I should go next. Protagonist : who cares. I yam what I yam and I'm Popeye the sailor man
  6. He built his own amusement park here, if that's what he considers amusing. No time is wasted with shotgunning imps, the very first map is a humongous slaughter. And one has to be proficient at 2-shotting cybs when playing his maps, as he seems to hand out cells based on this metric. See his 50 shades map, or esp m02, the conversion of quake e1m2 with cows as ogres, not the kindergarten conversions with zombies and imps. And he kills almost all of them in 2 shots in his demo. So, big point to him, as he beats his own maps. I improved my cow fighting technique by watching his demos, this made 2-shots more consistent and safer. This fascination with 2-shotting seems to be contagious.
  7. Lol that nailed it Give yourself to the dark side
  8. I'd lol too. Cryptic progression is my enemy too, I find it very frustrating to run through corpse-littered rooms in circles , looking for a way out. Still, to my surprise, I learned to appreciate eternal doom during our playthrough. Perhaps except for a few maps which were a bit too cryptic.
  9. Heh that's some admirably close voting this month. That super mayhem 17 went under my radar and I thought it's some 8 bit parody first. Then I realized that it's actually amazing, so +++ super mayhem 17
  10. MAP04 i remembered it immediately for its 3d bridges. too bad they're buggy. not only had the revenants their heads partly in the ceiling, the bridge had invisible walls around it. otherwise, the map was surprisingly tough, more than the maps before. you have some free choice where to go first and should visit the room with the arch-viles and all their minions coming from the sides only after you have found the rocket launcher, as the ssg is too slow for killing everything they can resurrect. i liked the "exploratory" style of the map, but not how some fights were set up. the red key fight being the most outstanding example. i sniped the first viles and elementals from the entrance and figured out there were more of them placed in a symmetrical manner, but still, the damn wall of barons and skulls blocks every move. then i ended up with 9 hp and couldn't believe what bullshit that gate was. some good ideas here but then "balanced" with terrible ones.
  11. Which iwad midi is the loudest/quietest?

    that was already so loud in the beginning, I wondered what would kick in... aargh
  12. heh. that's true, sadly. i liked how the first room with the lowering walls plays, releasing a group of enemies with every switch, so you can run around and fool them. it's a bit square and ugly though with those bathroom tiles. what follows made me save my game a few times, just for not having to play certain sequences again if i bit the pixels. like the one where you're locked between bars while the hellish loons kill each other outside. that takes far too long. and many other things can be solved with a healthy dose of door camping. combine this with some backtracking to the yellow door, and the map drags on. i ran past the vile at the exit.
  13. ouch. if that's the best room, then i didn't expect much of it. actually, i mistook this realm for yukiraven's shadows of nightmare realm when we voted for it. upon loading, i had very confused memories... of playing it 20 years ago when it came out. i must have been suitably impressed back then by its large scale architecture, but i must also have abandoned it back then, because it's not exactly intuitive in parts, and throws those stupid pain elementals at you on the first map already. roofi hit the nail on its head with his "eccentric progression"... i fell literally on the head of a shotgun guy when stepping off that platform (using gzdoom). then there's this cistern with said elementals where you press on a unmarked pillar(?) and lower a lift, and the secret with the blur sphere and a shotgun guy inside a wall? weird. the underground part looks interesting enough with its 3d bridges, but i found it tedious with all those sniping revenants and skull spitters. MAP02 - realm of two cows nokturnus didn't name the maps, so i have to make up for it. large and imposing buildings, with plenty of space in between them. there's a truckload of rockets, but i found the launcher and its ammo only late in the map, which soured my experience of it, as i was forced to snipe those damn chaingunners from the opposite windows, and wherever i saw them, they were slowly grinding me down from the distance. i recognized the double columns gate instantly, now that's not bad for a map played so long ago. the map is pretty empty in the beginning, but you release more and more enemies as you progress. in the end i had the two cows stomping around, as i had thought that i should save my ammo (actually, there's plenty of shells and rockets for them), and when the cacos and pain elementals were released, i nearly blew myself up and ran straight for the exit. not a heroic, but efficient finish. btw, i jumped into the spider pit, and it didn't break the map. i liked its oversized architecture, and i think it's more fun to play if you know it already and get the rockets earlier, else it's too much shotgunning and sniping.
  14. which was about time. and it surprised me, as nothing in the beginning (shooting imps off columns with the shotgun) hinted at the quantity i was about to meet in the canyon. so much, in fact, that smooth doom's frame rate tanked in the crater and i had to restart without the mod (i'm digressing here, but it eats way too much computing power for spraying monster bits around, while newer engines like quake3 take less of a hit in similar scenarios... is that because of doom being, well, an ancient program?) so i played again and thought that it would be better to just blaze through the canyon as long as the rad suit holds, but then those were so plentiful, along with the ammo, that i had time to kill everything that moved, and i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed the romp. excellent change of pace after all that cleaning corridors with the shotgun. and indeed that antenna thing in the end looks really nice, plus it provides an arena where one can move freely and, with all those cells found so far, eat cyber for dinner ;) MAP11 - “Sick” the start is annoying tbh. first circling a herd of goats until they're dead, then these viles and assorted rabble spawned by each switch. luckily you find cover behind the pillars nearby, and the vile seems to charge at you mostly instead of staying behind and reviving the rabble, which would turn the fight into a protracted mess. so yeah, one can stay up close and hope to get him to infight, or stun him enough with the ssg. but that's a bit too rng-dependant for my taste. anyway, the armor found at the start helps. the rest is pretty standard. the haymaker looks even sillier than before because he has more space to skate around, well, he's dispatched easily with all the ordnance around. the final boss, the chimaera, is basically just an icon that doesn't spawn monsters. instead it just shoots a stream of imp balls. which are, guess what, easily dodged. so you unload into its throat until it's dead. it would have really benefited from having a more powerful attack. too bad, because it looks cool and original enough, an ugly brownish and fleshy creature reminiscent of quake's shub-niggurath. MAP12 - “The End” so you're in your ship on your way home, and have a panel showing the doom book cover, and one bluescreen. heh. amusing little credits map. it seems that the activity here has dropped somewhat after the excellent tangerine nightmare, that has set the bar really high. uacultra looks drab in comparison, but that's the wad's concept, and it proves that making a wad even with all those grey textures is possible. the maps have a doom3 look to them. the corridor cleaning and the unfitting haymaker were less interesting to me, but i enjoyed some maps, especially 05 and 10.
  15. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Every time you post a screenshot from your work it looks like it's in a more advanced engine, you make doom look amazing.