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  1. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Eager to catch up here at least with reading... and I got a message yesterday telling me that I can't like more posts for the rest of the day. Didn't know that this is a dw feature :p
  2. Damn. Missed it completely and wasn't able to play it with the club, but you're right, the art in ancient aliens is gorgeous and I always wanted more in its style. Managed to play the first 3 maps for now, I'm reading through the comments and can see that it's an amazing episode, thanks.
  3. Pirx

    Share Your Sprites!

    Excellent stuff on this page. Your flying cyber-jellyfish fits classic doom's beasties perfectly, ,like it's part of the original art, and this is something I'm looking for in wads, not enemies that stand out from the rest of the crowd. Also props to neo worm for his zombies - they look more "serious" than the classic zombiemen - an shtbag667's tech columns.
  4. Pirx

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Unreal! Gimme :D
  5. Pirx

    Which color key is the scariest/hardest?

    often this. i tend to see the keys as a progression from blue to yellow to red, if i was to make the map, but then the mapper might have thought otherwise, and the actual order in the map counts.
  6. +++ bloodspeed Well, is it bloodspeed then? I was either away or busy elsewhere during the last 3 months and found the lack of activity in the club disturbing, but I guess that's summer for many of us.
  7. Pirx

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    good work. reminds me of unreal.
  8. Pirx


    do that lol that zappa's odyssey in space avatar is genius
  9. weird name for a weapon, heh. cool thing we see such games in this day.
  10. Pirx

    Hell-Forged version v1.00b Released.

    whoa. i loved demon eclipse, didn't think you'll bother completing or remaking it. this is awesome.
  11. Nice. One more on the never ending to do list :)
  12. ROFL. So true. One has less time and incentíve to grind. If I get my ass kicked on UV, then perhaps I'll learn the map well enough for "proper" playing on HMP.
  13. Yeah that bioluminiscent forest is great to look at. I didn't like xen's jumping puzzles, but I'm looking forward to the completed hl remake.