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  1. Pirx

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup)

    thanks @Sergeant_Mark_IV your brutalities never disappoint ;) like @diceman i prefer classic gameplay with extra ketchup. have been using universal gibs so far and it runs well, with little slowdowns. have to see how good bolognese tastes. edit: well, i played a bit of MM2 with the mod and the gore seems more 3d than the "flatter" UG blood. i had to set the gore level to 2, as 3 already blocked my view for a moment when i shot someone right in front of me.
  2. Pirx


    that's like doom with some colorful pills
  3. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    following inconspicuously... MAP09 - “Sabbath Sewer” by Mark Klem i think that opinions on this map vary because it combines good parts, like the church or some underground parts, with bland corridors and ugly texturing. gameplay-wise, i had fun getting everyone to infight in the cave with the invuln, but then corridors and doors with health felt like a slog. MAP10 - “Clear for Death” by Matthias Worch again, reminds of requiem map09, it's just this mapper's style with the base texturing and the blue computer texture. killed lots of rabble with only a shotgun and a chaingun taken from its previous owner, as i didn't find the ssg @hell's kitchen was talking about. which slowed me down a bit, but the ssg wasn't really needed then. dropped down into the teleporter at the end and exited to my surprise. MAP11 - “Sewer Shutdown” by Eric Sargent sewer map again. i pistol started them all, and there's indeed enough ammo if you're careful in the beginning, later i found a backpack and had an ssg and over 60 shells available. the first half is a techbase, it's mostly plain and rectangular, but still ok compared to the later sewer with the "aliens" walls and no variation in floor and ceiling height, and lighting too iirc, very wolf3d. at least it offers a berserk somewhere so i could go medieval on many imp asses, while mancs and arachs were easily paired. that kept the action going, despite the boring architecture.
  4. heh, i scribbled a matrix like this on paper as i couldn't post from work, but yours is much better.
  5. Pirx

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    woah, rants about other people's preferences
  6. Pirx


    holy siege cow on a bike. after soon 25 years of doom, one would think he has seen all that can be built in this game, and then you come up with this.
  7. Pirx

    The story behind your custom avatar

    yeah i noticed her right away when you uploaded that pic.
  8. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MAP06 - “Trapped” by Adam Williamson that map took more time than i felt it was interesting because of its fairly obtuse progression, like the tower with the imp alcoves, bumping into closed doors, backtracking, looking for changes and so on. the texturing doesn't make it very fun to play, also. blame it on quake and its following of brown walls. the texturing is fairly diverse, like some gothictx looking parts, then the alien-ish looking corridors, but overall it's all drab. found the ssg by humping a wall without any hint of a secret, and skipped the ending because i just couldn't kill those poor barons, they take too long, the doors with health. MAP07 - “Frustration” by David Kuykendall is that map name meant as a joke about that fucking doors? on one hand, the map is a convincing doom 3-style corrupted base (long before doom 3), with malfunctioning machinery. on the other, said malfunctions like the door you have to press like 4 times before it finally opens fully are utterly frustrating speed bumps. also, the layout requires much backtracking. basically you have a section where the keys are found, and a section where they belong to. the part with the damaged doors joins them, and you have to cross it repeatedly. map layout is rather corridor-heavy, texturing looks much nicer than in the previous map, and the music reminds of some track from requiem. MAP08 - “Stigmata” by Denis Möller rather compact map, found it fun to play after the door kung-fu slog. a demonized water treatment plant used to make acid stuff, with some chaingunners as the potentially most dangerous enemies, and a teleporting zombie regiment to mow down in the end. they take some time to warp in, though. obvious red key trap and an original exit where the switch is located above.
  9. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    didn't get to play much these days, and i'm still busy with the last maps of 404.wad, while hopping now into a wad i haven't seen for a very long time, so my perception of aesthetics and gameplay might have changed a lot in the meantime. MAP01 - “Outpost” by Denis Möller i liked that iconic opening shot with the ceiling remininiscent of the red round windows in quake's e4m3 or m4, forgot which one its was with the fiends in the beginning. overall pleasant hellish style with the red rock and skulls, a refreshing change from the usual progression back then. gameplay, well, a lot of imps and pinkies. and those zombies in the opening tripping over each other. i barely did anything than standing behind a pillar and shoot the last guy standing. thumbs up for the music, mm2 has some nice tracks. MAP02 - “The Feeding Pit” by David Davidson also very nice visuals for its age, with that stone and blood. shooting imps and zombies again. the shotgunners at the stairs are so random, sometimes they only walk in place, another time they shoot right away. i only left the 4 pinkies in the open room alone as i couldn't bother with wasting the shells that might be needed later. MAP03 - “… And Hell Beneath” by Matthias Worch worch, another name i remember from requiem. his style is easy to recognize here, an underground complex made mostly of brown brick and earth. some telegraphed ambushes in the chapel and the crypt, but nevertheless fun. the only dangerous part were the hiding chaingunners. ssg could have come earlier. MAP04 - “Ratamahatta” by Florian Helmberger the music doesn't sound like sepultura, the spooky part works well, but the tooting in the end is annoying. i noticed the nice, smooth progression as others have said, plays like an adventure. a bit too much red rock, making those damn chaingunners hiding everywhere difficult to see. lots of hitscanners in your face, and armor only in hidden places, so i made it through with only the bonus armors. was hurting badly from the chaingunners at the teleporter ledges when i found the soulsphere at green marine's grave. i also landed in that place with imps, shouldn't have jumped. good ending, however, when i found that i always returned to the same room where my actions elsewhere were building the bridge to the exit. MAP05 - “Rites of Passage” by Paul Noble one of those weirder maps from the time when mappers seemed to experiment with various concepts, resulting in a mix of complicated, mostly dark secret areas, leading to open areas, leading to... almost mandatory secrets, i could say. well, the areas i was looking for - the corridor starting from the thick red door that acts as an elevator, as the tunnel in the lava at the exit platform - aren't secret, but you have to look for them. some floating textures as panels or switches. i think such maps haven't aged well, the many convoluted dark corridors were not fun, but at least it had the more open parts that made up for ít.
  10. Pirx

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    that flesh cathedral is awesome.
  11. Pirx

    Could you Would You in a Box - A 2048 Megawad WIP

    Wow. I didn't know about this. Beautiful maps! Indeed that sky is like a three eyed demon. Keep up the good work.
  12. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom 404

    +++ MM2 from me too
  13. as for what i'm ignoring, i never got the appeal of these cartoony looking games. even more so that epic apparently stopped working on unreal tournament because this thing is flourishing.
  14. this. i have trouble keeping up with the dwmc's one map per day, so i rather spend my free time with doom. and a bit of quake champions, but i'm rusty.
  15. It isn't a thread from post hell.