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  1. Pirx

    The Dune computer game appreciation thread

    That music is excellent. Thanks. I played the dune rpg and dune 2, but not dune 2000 and emperor, so I missed this music completely. Listening now to it. The bad guys have the best music.
  2. Doh! I shot the upper part of the box first (gzdoom, with mouselook) and the bullets passed through. Seems not to do anything, so I left, found nothing new, shot the box again, hit its lower half, prompting it to shake its antennas and make that boss noise like it was alive... well, then, shoot at it, and when it forces you to restart, it's something that happens in today's maps, right... :p
  3. you know, i played map03 with this devil's advocate stance again inspired by your post, because i felt i (and other posters) maligned it enough, as it made me run circles when i was tired and not on the mood for this, and to my surprise it has some redeeming qualities. for example, the curved shapes look good in a time when many mappers still built many boxy rooms, and the use of yellow door tracks as lamps came surprising and looked quite good. overall, the stony brown complex under the orange sky looks, again, desolate... and this is where the map takes a turn towards being a puzzle, much like some eternal doom maps: i recognized that silver mushroom immediately although i haven't touched talosian for 20 years, and being so different from the rest, the mushroom should attract the avid explorer, who then finds a way inside... and then into the tower with the flame. and suddenly the obscure progression isn't that obscure any longer, possibly how its author imagined. but the community's beliefs have changed since to thou shalt not make mandatory secrets. if this was the intended story, it falls victim to the poor execution: bland rooms, boring gameplay, whatever. beginner's mistakes, it seems. so, who knows what dan might have come up with if he just continued mapping. MAP04 - “The Chapel” by John Bye an underground chapel, complete with organ music and an altar. competently made, a good example of this "satanic chapel" theme, however there's not much in the combat department: some imps as chapel guards, and then the pinkies in the large cavern are only fillers. as for how its abrupt ending, it seems that john bye cut a map in 3 smaller maps, or deliberately built them this way, looking at how the next map starts exactly where the previous one ended. now, one can argue that was not necessary, as bye's 3 maps joined together would not be too large to handle even for a pc from that time, or was it? i like when a mapper uses this continuity trick, but it comes at a wrong moment imo. MAP05 - “The Fort - I” by John Bye large underground map, something like crawling through kilometers of dungeons, which leads to much of this wolfenstein-like game of "open door, shoot everything inside the room, go to next door". plus backtracking a lot after retrieving a key. i smiled at the description by magnusblitz, it's so true. the map is dark and moody in parts (the mossy stone rooms), then clean rooms that are well lit for no reason, and in the end clashing techbase-like concrete. like someone built that base into the ancient tombs... and then installed some device, a box with antennas. i shot the box, it blew up and killed me, and i thought it's a forced restart for the next map. uh, no, dumbass. those weren't popular yet. you were just standing too close to the box. MAP06 - “The Fort - II” by John Bye basically you're crawling through the fort I's dungeons in reverse. there's some attention to detail like mirroring rooms from the fort I, and where you killed a demon, there's a spectre now. the static noise in the beginning of the music track is meant to be spooky, but it lasts way too long. this parallel dimension theme can be a cool idea (as shown in revilution's map12 iirc), but here it's like smacking the player over the head twice, because it wasn't bad enough the first time. edit: and the dungeons took certainly far longer than i thought while playing map04.
  4. now off to talos. good thing that modern ports can simply load those wads without assembling them with deusf which doesn't run on 64 bit anyway. i'll play that on continuous too as it's obviously intended with its story mode. the crew went to great lengths to tell their story through doom maps, something i think was quite novel at that time. MAP01 - “The Transport” by John Bye very inspired by "alien", you're alone on a ship with utilitarian silver walls, some hibernating marines, some specimens, an armory, and that low droning in the background does a good job of establishing the bleak atmosphere that marks this wad. MAP02 - “Desolation” by Malcolm Sailor not much in the way of combat, just some imps and other rabble to punch. you leave the shuttle on a planet where the grand scale architecture, the orange sky and the low key music leave you with just one impression: of desolation. MAP03 - “The Cliff Top Fort” by Dan Huff i see where the dislike for this map is coming from. very basic architecture and lighting in parts, a bit of rabble to kill, and then you run through the same empty hallways looking for a key to leave this desolate place. at least the mushroom-shaped metal structure sticks out, the only detail i recognized immediately.
  5. so, to get ttp done... MAP07 - “Three-o-Matic” doesn't play well from pistol start at all. too little weapons and health (there's a secret soulsphere somewhere, but pretty late). on the other hand, there's not much one can't steamroll with the weaponry brought from the earlier levels. the only time a took a hit was from the double archvile trap, and that for my sloppy play. so i see those mancs were used to lower the grates around the teleporter when dead. the single siege cow with enough space for dodging... i don't know, today he was more a test of how close can i stay while ssg-ing him, just because. the last room was rather strange too because the cacos outside had trouble belching fireballs at me, and the PE kept detonating its skulls uselessly against the wall. MAP08 - “Star Control” not very impressed by this one. a series of disjointed, vaguely techbase-ish rooms with less resistance than the previous maps. the evil troopers were wasted in every map by being placed on crates, pedestals etc like turrets. at least, apparently matthias played that game too. MAP09 - “Deliverance?” with a question mark? yeah it's very basic indeed. overall it's ok, but shows its age because of the tropes that are barely used in modern mapping: made for continuous play, "fuck you" traps like inescapable pits, barons in empty spaces like they're going to scare anyone today, secrets without any hint. i can live with low detail architecture, but said tropes are tiring imo. thanks on the info on the author, however, i liked seeing how his quake architecture was at a much higher level imo, and how this modding got him a job in the game industry.
  6. update, i had a bit of time for gaming :p playing The Troopers’ Playground on continuous, with 1 save at the start of each map, after reading how it's apparently made for this style of play. not feeling like getting bitten by pinkies only because i'm supposed to have my gear on map05 or so. MAP01 - “Welcome easy game, predominantly brown map, with 2 wings housing one of the 2 keys that are required for opening the exit door. behind it: this enemy marine with an auto shotgun. looks a bit goofy without a helmet, though, and is easily dispatched with the chaingun (hm, later experience tells me i was just lucky enough to stun him) MAP02 - “Intrusion” @Roofi indeed reminiscent of the early hell revealed maps, boxy and incoherently textured, however mostly brown. yeah the pinkies convinced me that playing this with carryovers was the better idea. hiding shotgunners behind grates is mean. i liked the trap with the baron, however defused it easily as the cacos were visible from the door, so i shot them first from here (instead of running into them and then back and into the baron's arms, as the author intended). the map gives you the ssg, and from here on it's a walk in the park. MAP03 - “Simply Dead…” more a tricks and traps map. annoying from pistol start, with only a shotgun against a PE, so one should block that one from spewing skulls while also using it as a shield agaist the chaingunners who spawn repeatedly in this first larger room. lots of boxy rooms, not much visually. the baron crusher is dispensable, like a strange side-quest, but at least it looks unmistakable with its lattice ceiling. there's one secret blur sphere intended for the chaingunner gangbang. the map had a bug, perhaps it doesn't work correctly with gzdoom, i don't know, anyway, the wall would close if i stepped on the blue key pedestal and trap me behind that fence forever. so i took the key without stepping on that pedestal and it worked fine. the fight at the exit was built around the two barons as main opponents, but actually they only were in the way (or not even that) while i sniped at the chaingunners above. MAP04 - “Going Down” just quoting @Spectre01 here because he summed up my thoughts on this map, it's kinda silly from pistol start, and matthias brings a bit too much of his switch games for my taste here. it's mostly a game of sniping chaingunners and shotgun guys, and occasional imps and cacos in a brown, uncomfortably narrow underground complex. it gets you a backback though. MAP05 - “Underground Temple” i was about to quit for today when the map loaded and i noticed the welcome change in textures, now we also have marble and some concrete. indeed udoom ep.4-like @Roofi. why didn't this come earlier? some secrets i stumbled upon by humping walls, like the one right after the blue door. also somewhat better fights, like those where you can get barons and cacos to do the dirty work for you. iirc one trooper. smacked him with a rocket. not a spectacular map, but definitely an improvement after 3 and 4. MAP06 - “Deep Down Below” but wait, that's map09 from requiem, or an earlier version of it, although unchanged in large parts. lacked the barons vs mancs infight behind the yellow key and had one trooper instead of a chaingunner. overall i preferred the requiem version.
  7. Pirx

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    that's magic. really dig that fusion of doom and quake.
  8. the 99 troopers incident, hilarity. on 99 ways: i'm still here, and the good part about this classic combo is that it can be played very quickly if you don't have much free time. so after reading how poorly optimized map02 of 99ways is for pisol start, i just went and played it on continuous, the common way of playing back then, as well as my habit back then when i probably played this wad for the first time (at least, the opening view with the shotgun on the stairs seemed vaguely familiar). anyway it's not like i missed any challenge, as the first maps throws mostly imps at you, together with blue armors and soulspheres to compensate, so out of the 99, the only possible way to die is probably ignoring the chaingunners behind midtex windows. progress is a bit weird or not well calculated overall, as you can just run into the exit on map01 and ignore the section behind the yellow door, or not even notice the archvile that appears on map02 when you're already at the exit. then on map03, the big lift to the broken teleport (thanks for the fix!), another gimmick inspired by that lift in quake's "dismail oubliette" i guess, loaded with smooth doom, suddenly slowed to a crawl when the shooting started, froze, and then i was standing again at its bottom, wtf. the map set that was ok for its time, but shows its age. the most obvious visual was the abundance of browns, and now i have to ask, why was everything so brown in old maps? just because mappers thought they had to mimick quake? (which has more varied browns, btw). one can argue how people had simpler tools and less experience, but still, everyone who builds a bunch of maps and then plays them should notice if they're brown from the start to the exit.
  9. Welcome! I've written somewhere how I lurked for about the first full 2 years of the dwmc's existence before posting anything. ..
  10. So do I. Was pretty impressed by Talosian back then. Hope this doesn't change now ;)
  11. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Hehe, I was in a restaurant, with no Internet connection on my phone, and when I suddenly remembered that I wanted to break that stalemate I went out and posted without looking for new posts first. So, nice to see how it turned out.
  12. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Well in case no one voted yet... +++ TTP + 99 ways + the other one ;) Quake 16 next month.
  13. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    that's funny. i'll think about that. here some quick observations i made before i barely got to touch my pc. perhaps i'll finish halfways :p MAP13 - “Koopa Anomaly” by rf’ snow again, but not slippery, and mixed with lava in parts. i can see where the "conventional doom layout" comes from, but nevertheless i found it very enjoyable, especially the staircase ambush. the battle with the 2 cybs is solid, but not very engaging, as the cybs stay in front of the door far away from you, where you can snipe safely at them after killing the vile that comes via teleport. MAP14 - “Absolute Zero” by Obsidian what are 2 or 3 archviles at the start vs a pea shooter intended for? likely to put you on the run. or, you're stubborn as dotw in his fda and punch them to death. which i did too, while thinking that obsidian can't make a map that stupid. restarted and see, it's much better when you run first and get a better weapon. tbh i found the icy sections aggravating as you're suddenly as nimble as a beached whale. strangely calm, dreamy music. MAP15 - “Ziegenhaus” by Xaser more of a "Knochenhaus", bone house, as there's barely a noble, but revenants everywhere, with multiple angles to fire from, and support from their team medics. fortunately you're given a decent amount of rockets and cells for this urban warfare in a kind of demented village. it's technically excellent in xaserian fashion, with those muddy textures contrasting with mario's colorful world... i imagine that this map would have made an even better impression if it was all in a gritty, decayed texturing, think silent hill...
  14. Pirx

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    that looks nice, dark and gritty as i prefer my doom. i'll look into these troo cullers and grey doubt i found while searching for your mods. retro shader is funny in some way... 20 and more years ago full hd resolution was sci-fi and now low res is simulated on high res monitors ;)