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  1. Pirx

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Or punching a barrel into someone's face.
  2. Pirx

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    2-shotting cybs whenever possible, else it's not perfect Zerk Punching barons because they're doors with health Overkill vs hapless low tier enemies, for glorious piles of gibs Insisting on getting monsters to infight, and taking enough damage in the process that simply shooting then would have been more effective
  3. Pirx

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Man lol @ that caco. Make it the boss of a secret map and fast and powerful enough to make players shit bricks.
  4. Thanks, that's it. As for what @pegleg said: I vastly prefer to explore a map on my own, rather than being guided through it. Not being able to jump and crouch into various places takes away from the experience imo.
  5. With doom's low res cartoon graphics? Not really. Wait, didn't we shoot those pesky hell babies in doom 3 already?
  6. Thanks. And now if I just don't feel like playing flat-footed, is there a way to enable jumping without editing the mapinfo? For example, dimension of the boomed forbids jumping, which I found rather irritating, since quake used jumping heavily... Yeah I know it can break maps, but whatever, it's just my game.
  7. If your port lets you jump high enough, you can jump over pinkies and even surf on them so they can't box you in. Jumping obviously helps getting stuff that is harder to reach. As for ducking under a projectile... I guess it works, it's useful in duke3d for example, but I'm more used to just strafing.
  8. Pirx

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Big thumbs up for this. I posted somewhere when we played AA with the club that this map's unique style deserves a follow-up.
  9. Pirx

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    What's the problem exactly with that cyb? He can't even follow the player around. It should be obvious that you're not supposed to fire your pea shooter at him, but use a far better weapon: your speed.
  10. Pirx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Struggle

    Heh. I missed the vote for this month, being abroad, and as I see now, struggle won by a landslide, coming out of nowhere! I'm eager to play it, but won't get to before 10th or so. NiCe wad, from looking at the dev thread.
  11. Pirx

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Mind blown.
  12. Pirx

    Doom Expanded vs Smooth Doom

    I'd be very grateful too if fusing beautiful and smooth is so simple.
  13. Well, I've been very busy lately so I couldn't comment much on dimension of the boomed, but at least I finished it and enjoyed it thoroughly, regretting only that it's not a full megawad. Fantastic job, Urthar. The dark and rotten art of quake with doom's weapons and monsters, their best fusion I've seen. One could wish the original quake was like this. Also, the weapon balance and monster hp changes were very sensible, even better than the somewhat overpowered valiant chaingun. Hope to see more from you. Now I'm afk for the next 3 weeks, but i'll follow the discussions here on my phone. Have fun.
  14. Pirx

    Liking posts

    That was worth an invulnerability to me. (They pop up when you touch the soulsphere once, then you touch the orb you like). Tbh I only came up with the rating idea because I didn't know what to do with the other orbs. Anyway, " X liked your post " sounds better to me than " X reacted to your post ". X may have reacted by shooting his pc, who knows. But we don't need pain elementals for dislikes.
  15. Pirx

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    they're good for making the player fire at them and alert stronger monsters, or just get in the way. or, the opposite, for comedic value, being splattered by a player armed to his teeth.