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  1. damn title. i keep reading "i ate my neighbors"
  2. MAP04 - “Relentless” by Travers Dunne it would really suck if i didn't get to play doom on this day, right? so this map is more airy, especially compared to the corridor-heavy map03, with large open spaces and height variation, a welcome change. color-wise it's worse, even more brown. gameplay... well the archie at the start is certainly a nasty surprise if you don't know the map, he can be taken down quickly with the plasma rifle but you have to attack him at once or the ammo won't last. the rest is a mix of rabble with the occasional baron thrown in. the start is frustrating though, because after dispatching the archvile you're stuck with the shotty and have to the obvious secret with the ssg, past all the meat standing in your way, and once you have that ssg it's mostly a stroll. MAP05 - “Hand of Doom” by Jan Van der Veken i remembered this one well because of its looks, dimly lit rooms joined by galleries with pillars and assorted lighting, mossy bricks and nukage outside. my beef however was the gameplay, i'm not really into hunting imps with the shotgun, while hitscanners plink from the gallery at me, the courtyard with the barred teleport being the most egregious example. i also ran out of shells here, only to find the next shell box sandwiched between imps and a pinkie... while i'm a proponent of pistol starting, this doesn't hold true when i'm a week behind anyway, so i loaded my game at the exit of the last map and breezed through this one. MAP06 - “The Mines of Death” by Nick Baker a basic mines map, i can't add much here because there's nothing remarkable to this map, except the music. the mines are excessively dark, and the megasphere is given only near the exit - at least it will fuel my rage further on ;) MAP07 - “Dead Simple II” by Nick Baker the old dead simple formula with some added beasties in between. i had some issues with this map: first, some spectres simply became invulnerable - even to rockets. gzdoom here with smooth doom. no idea what caused it. secondly, some mancs failed to teleport, and apparently the switches at the first arachnotrons didn't appear because of this either. anyway i searched the map to no avail because of this. it looks much like a regular base, rather than the brown brick aesthetics used until now. MAP08 - “Discordia” by John Bye another base, this time in the darker texturing that gave the darkening its name, i guess, but far too linear and corridor-crawl-heavy, with monsters attacking the player frontally in most cases. MAP09 - “Military Complex” by Jan Van der Veken that was a surprising switch to the e1 theme, with a fast gameplay, you get attacked right from the start, then the zombie horde warps in. the doom2 monsters are sparingly used and complement the e1 roster well. really fun map.
  3. thanks fraggle for sharing the picture from the pov of a moderator. some people seem to forget that mods are not babysitters. you are expected to behave, period. mods might be more lenient in the case of a member who also has good contributions, but that doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to everyone. interesting story behind some bans, anyway. idk, as if arguing on the net wins you something.
  4. Well it's kind of an elephant...
  5. MAP01 - “Scary” by Jan Van der Veken has been fun revisiting this one. atmospheric opener, lots of brown bricks, brown imps and some zombies, not brown. mix in some low drumming music and the arrow and floor textures to make it resemble quake even more. also an edge walk to that soulsphere behind a brown wooden fake wall. well the quakeness is obvious but not surprising considering when it came out. the gameplay isn't that scary after last month's speedmapping surprises, rather relaxing. i found it scary back in the day, though. MAP02 - “Bloody Hell” by Jan Van der Veken a courtyard with brick structures around it in the same subdued quake aesthetics with pillars to give it a 3d look and also the teleport gates taken from that game. i remembered how to get the ssg only after i had killed everything with the shotgun, so it felt a bit tedious for my taste. the blur sphere however was perfect for dealing with the hitscanners, so i didn't have much trouble with them, and the armor came at the perfect time. not much pressure on the player, even with the shotgun. MAP03 - “Entropia” by John Bye not a fan of tight brown corridors connecting tight brown rooms, with mostly harmless monsters stuck in places. the archvile fight was the only brighter part of the map as he kept resurrecting zombies, giving me ammo. 3 maps already, looks like i'm going to finish this at this pace :p
  6. this. just 2 numbers with no classic status bar taking away from the image, quake live style. i find this best for concentrating on the game. the alternate prboom status bar is the opposite to this, at least to me, as it has lots of small numbers i struggle to read during the action. from the classic status bars posted by galileo, i prefer those that are easiest to read, like btsx or threnody, for clear, big numbers with contrasting background. the funny thing is that i learned the japanese numbers pretty well when the club was playing jpcp, just because i insisted on playing with the japanese status bar. forgot them since, unfortunately.
  7. those tentacle things fit wonderfully.
  8. @Eris and valkirivalkiriforce : beautiful tnt maps! Looking forward to this!
  9. +++ For the next month I want The Darkening, The Darkening 2, and Crusades i support this, thx
  10. well, as i have the doomguy & cyberdemon miniatures on my pc desk, and this big, framed doom poster on my wall right behind it, i can't exactly hide my interest in gaming. however, that's only at home. my friends know that i play old shooters, it's just a hobby and i don't make a big deal out of it.
  11. oh well, i'm still... somewhere. MAP31 - “Eau trouble” by Roofi another of roofi's nice landscapes, a pool of water surrounded by rocky paths and caves. many enemies pop up instantly from the ground, not really my thing, but whatever. some occasions to cause infights here, similar to map15. the cyb fight is the best part, as the confined area with pillars plays to the cyb's strengths. MAP32 - “Doom deux” by Oxyde doom2 map01 on steroids, complete with a more upbeat version of d_runnin. listen to it carefully. oh well, it cost me a lot of time. i liked watching roofi's demo, that vile jump saves one indeed some headache. one thing that amazed me: the custom sky with its floating mouths and eyes. what a nightmarish place. MAP16 - “Infligeance” by FranckFRAG one of franck's small, deadly maps in the style of swift death. well, i'm terrible at these knife fights in a phone booth. you need a plan and precise execution, or you get stomped into the ground.
  12. ah, yes. that's like when you see the stars of a movie and then the credits showing literally hundreds of people involved.
  13. thanks for these links. haven't played duke for quite some time. i have always found duke rather humorous, a cartoonish fun shooter, while doom took itself more serious.
  14. interesting. from a view of my task manager, with exactly this one thread opened in both firefox and chrome: firefox (5 processes) 635 mb, 1.5 - 2.5 % cpu and 3.5 - 4.5 % gpu chrome (10 processes) 275 mb, 1.5 - 2.5 % cpu and 2 - 3 % gpu those are average values, as the task manager shows occasional spikes up to 7 % cpu & gpu for firefox, but then the load goes down quickly to the values stated above. however, it's remarkable that firefox uses over 2x the memory and the gpu load (in this particular instance, mind you). also the load spikes seem to be sharper. opening this thread in 10 different tabs in each browser results in firefox (7 processes) 1183 mb, 2.5 - 3.5 % cpu and 4 - 5 % gpu chrome (19 processes) 562 mb, 1.5 - 2.5 % cpu and 2 3 % gpu now those are rough results from looking at the task manager for about 5 minutes while typing a text file, but you get the idea. firefox uses almost 2x the memory and uses more cpu & gpu resources. that's on my old gaming pc which i now use mostly for web, work and whatever. amd 1090t (6-core) from 2010, gtx 670 with 2 gb (iirc), 16 gb ram @ 1333 mhz, windows 10. to make it clear, i can't notice any difference in speed, which is a more important point, and 2 % vs 4 % of the power of an old pc is still insignificant. i tested that before and found it surprising that chrome is said to use more resources. i'm not biased towards any of the two browsers, i just use whatever tool suits me best. i've used firefox for years. it's only this latest update which may have pissed off lots of users who had many, carefully assorted bookmarks. also interesting: i use one of those overclockable korean monitors that were sold by overlord.com with this pc, and on it, firefox has better contrast and colors. the text seems sharper and especially from looking at my doomguy avatar, his eyes and hair on firefox are clearer. chrome blurs the image a bit. do i have wrong settings?
  15. MAP12 - “Spirale” by Ch0wW expected a xaser-esque spiral from the tite, but it's more like an oldschool map, reinforced by the hr / rott midi. now, as i'm reading the comments on this, making the player pass the same area repeatedly and run into new monsters at every pass can be seen as a refreshing, but also a tiring element. i did not have the rl yet when i ran into that ghost spectre at the red door, ignored it by simply running through the creature, and did not have much trouble with the rest of the cast - there were viles and skeletons, but not in slaughterlike numbers. MAP13 - “Funeste Rendez-vous” by FranckFRAG watching rdwpa's video before made my task easier, heh. the start is not too complicated, although markedly more violent than most maps before, but the part with the archvile pillars still required some patience. which i exchanged for some quicksaving. MAP14 - “Epsilon indi” by Datacore i liked the idea of having reached an ancient fortress under on a planet of epsilon indi. its visuals have a bit of quake, hexen, and udoom's ep.4 sky, but brighter. gameplay - ok, rather linear, with monsters mostly in front of the player, but not bad. MAP15 - “Ile paradisiaque” by Roofi you reach an island, start with small fry hunting and progress to mid-tiers towards the end. a light-hearted adventure map with a fitting music that doesn't seem to to take itself too seriously. again, you have to cross the same areas repeatedly. the infight situations are the strength of this map. at least, that's what i enjoyed most, especially with the imp horde.