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  1. Wow. Has anything releasable remained of that project? I asked about it here, even forgot about it : Eh, this is newer: So, nothing new.
  2. Lol those screens are hard. Especially the one with the invul
  3. It makes the game less suspenseful if the enemies don't have any chance at winning. One might play on a lower difficulty for the same result. Give the monsters a chance and fight for your life. I used to play continous with plenty of saving in the past, and pistol starting the maps and not saving has improved my game. Well, I still save when playing difficult maps, but very sparingly, and only because I don't have the time and motivation to be stuck in some map forever.
  4. Good question Memfis. Because I tend to stick with routes and forget thinking about alternatives, so when I see the map in a different, and perhaps better way, it's suddenly obvious, but why hasn't it been before? I thougth this thread is fitting because i commented on this some days ago on a video of rdwpa playing prcp. Or how many times I stubbornly ran into a wall and then watching Dotw 's fda made me feel like I'm back in elementary school.
  5. Heh. Totally agree, because solving a puzzle can be rewarding, but people have different levels of wits and patience. So what makes one spend the whole evening with map in delight, might just get someone else quit in frustration and never touch the map again.
  6. That droning .... ugh. Why didn't it just start with the part 10 seconds later,? It's terrible. The rest is quite good it just doesn't shine in midi format. Echoing what has been said about d2 m04 it's weird and not doom-like, and that monotonous noise used in 12 and 24. As for d_runnin, come on, it's miles ahead of those I mentioned above, but people are dying from being overexposed to it.
  7. Cool demo, because I never thought of playing the map that way. Always went to the ssg with the revenant on the way to the mastermind first, and now I feel a bit dumb ;) As for a few other maps, because I'm getting nowhere again: MAP01 That's one of my favorite warm up maps, toget her with pl2 m01 and E2M2. That berserk gives you the power to rip and tear through the zombies, at least until the tougher monsters show up. Beware of the arachs at long range. MAP02 Nice exploratory map,looks good, but Pcorf over does it again with the pinkies...
  8. This. Did I mention already enough times that the pinky and chaingun should have been like that in vanilla :)
  9. That's better. Status updates are rarely important enough to bother with.
  10. Haha. I guessed that was quite close. But either wad is fine for me. I slightly prefer prcp over pl2 because the former feels more plutonia-like to me and the latter more modern, due to the reasons Memfis mentioned. And the title pic is hilarious.
  11. Nerfing the ssg in order to bring it more in line with sg + cg. Rather make those moderately more powerful for more fun.
  12. +++ MM2 to make it more interesting? i have barely touched my pc this month, talk about backlog...
  13. guess what.
  14. fresh from the source!
  15. Heh. Having aliens and terminators is beyond cool.