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  1. I usually cycle through the games and types of games i'm interested in on a monthly-ish basis, these last few months i haven't played much Doom at all
  2. Mayomancer

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    Yeah i never dug too deep into the subject but as far as i know the original games (including Doom 64), Doom 3, and 2016/Eternal each have their own 'canon' universes. Though an argument could be made that the Doomslayer's was originally the Doom marine. You're free to interpret things the way you prefer though, i personally think of them as separate things.
  3. Mayomancer

    favorite gun

    I have a thing for the plasma rifle, it's just so cathartic when you get the chance to pull it out and scythe though a mob
  4. Mayomancer

    Norm Macdonald Dead at 61

    Another national tragedy, guy was really good
  5. Mayomancer

    Dad play(ed) Doom

    My dad never played the original Doom games, but when i was 7 or so, my we used to play Doom 3 together a lot, he picked it up whenever i couldn't beat certain area or solve a puzzle (or got too scared). We mostly just bickered about what the right way to do certain thing was until i looked up some gameplay on youtube. I actually learned a good deal of english trying to find the combination codes for the lockers. Same thing with the PC Medal of Honor games but less PDA reading to do. I got my younger siblings to try some Doom games but none of them sticked with it.
  6. Last time i ever installed a game that used it, it was DIRT 2 quite a while back. Not really used it for anything else, maybe Spore? from 2014 onwards with the release of Wolfenstein the New Order i started using mainly Steam.
  7. Mayomancer

    I want Doom 1, I get Doom 2.

    https://zdoom.org/wiki/ZDL For source port and iwad, pwad file management https://dsdarchive.com/ports source ports for speedrunning edit: oops those were linked in the literal first comment
  8. The whole of the "Come and See" movie, or just pictures displaying the hopelessness of war in general, civilians suffering, Vietnam napalm bombings, etc.
  9. Mayomancer

    The ULTIMATE slaughter map!

    I ask you to analyze your project and plan the scope more thoroughly. Even more so if it's your first time mapping, make some smaller maps first, see how you do.
  10. I feel like buffing the Baron of Hell so it's attacks are more dangerous is a good thing to do since it's always just a really big imp, something the Hell Knight does better since it's not as much of a sponge. Eviternity did it right imo, it creates some really high tension fights without the need to spam the usual big guys.
  11. Mayomancer

    It's Cirno Day

  12. Mayomancer

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    In the original Doom games, i like the idea of "Evil Megacorporation unleashes literal Hell on Earth", pretty accurate stuff. Doom 3 has the cliché villain in the form of betruger which kinda takes the blame away from UAC itself, but the whole intro and hell invasion sequence was flawless, and the world building with all the pda's, characters etc. is amazingly well done. On the lore of the new games though, i liked Doom 2016 the characters were good and the plot was pretty tight, but Doom Eternal took the lore on some grandiose tangents that are not really my stuff. I count them as three separate things, i don't like the idea of sewing all the games in a single timeline.
  13. Mayomancer

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    Pretty good
  14. The dynamite from Blood could be cool