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  1. Mayomancer

    Doom 3 in 2023

    I'm perhaps biased when it comes to Doom 3, but I find it to have held up extremely well, moreso than some of the other games from the same era, like Crysis. I personally like to keep things relatively vanilla, only using a source port (which is dhewm3 for me) and texture upscaling mods (though the game doesn't look too shabby as it is), but you have a lot of options with the different mods around.
  2. Mayomancer

    The Original Doom 3 Has Now Been Added to GOG

    Time to buy it again!
  3. Mayomancer

    how old is your computer?

    My current PC will be a year old next month, so pretty new. My previous one was 5 years old when I upgraded. I'm still using the same graphics card though because, you know.
  4. Mayomancer

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    i draw some skulls and bats on the borders of notebook pages for the day
  5. Mayomancer

    Buying music nowadays

    I do not use spotify or apple music, mostly buy albums on Bandcamp and, for some not easily acquirable stuff, Soulseek.
  6. Mayomancer

    What's your preferred way of implementing skill levels?

    I feel like doing UV first, and then for easier levels adding extra resources and swapping higher tier monsters for easier ones (say, baron -> hell knight, chaingunner -> shotgunner, etc.) is very effective. I don't like it a lot when games just give a flat hp and damage buff across the board for enemies, though it can work depending on the combat system. When everything is a bullet sponge it becomes kind of a chore.
  7. Mayomancer

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I don't think that's the point he was trying to go for, considering other very complex and detailed maps that have received high praise in other reviews... It's about the disparity of a grandiose presentation/ambitious design and the perceived actual quality of the thing in question. That perception obviously subjective, as you can go on the whole tangent of what "quality" is and if there's objectively good or bad standards, but if that's how it came across, it means just that, it's how it came across to that player in particular.
  8. I think I would make a sequel to Doom 3, "Hell on Earth", with a similar pacing, world design, monster designs (the overall aesthetic, for short), but in the modern Doom 2016/Eternal engine. The intention would be to remove or rework the worst parts of Doom 3, like the over-reliance on jumpscares, the camera shake when taking damage, the soul cube/artifact, the clunky platforming, and bring some of the best additions, QoL and UI improvements from the new games. I like the weapons wheel and weapon customization aspect, though would probably leave the skill tree out. Maybe incorporate glory kills albeit in a way to match the more horror oriented theme of the game. The gameplay would still be more reminiscent of Doom 3 but with some of the extra options those things give. Nightmare mode would work similar to Doom 3's ticking down to 25 health and having no Medkits on the map, but relying on some of the Doom 2016 mechanics to recover health instead of the cube. And I would leave the shotgun exactly as it is, because it is perfect.
  9. The only one I actually shot was a Perazzi MX2, and it kicked quite a bit. I shot it at a sporting range used for trap shooting. A gun is not really near my priorities to have right now, but if I had to choose one of the all-metal 9mm handguns would probably be my choice, the CZ-75b in particular looks great. Though it would probably just sit on my bedside drawer most of the time.
  10. Mayomancer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    None, actually! But my dad is re-visiting Wolfenstein: The New Order
  11. Mayomancer

    Why was there nothing new in doom 2?

    That really does sound like a troll question but, the additions were very significant. There were plenty of engine alterations to accommodate for the new monsters, the new map structure, tons of new mapping tools and obviously all new maps. It wasn't a leap in technology, but it was not supposed to be that either... just more and better Doom.
  12. Mayomancer

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    That's just what normally happens when you have enough experience with things such as games, music, etc. When you get to know better, you notice and get bothered by tinier stuff. I don't think there's any reason to think it's wrong to have specific preferences and pet peeves, as long as you're not letting small things prevent you from enjoying otherwise great content.
  13. Mayomancer


    My parents certainly did
  14. Mayomancer

    Make your own difficulty!

    I'd love to see an implementation of Doom 3's nightmare skill level, with life ticking down to 25% constantly (in this case there would be no fast monsters, maybe respawning still?). It would perhaps need to be adjusted since I'm not sure how the map balancing would play out, in Doom 3's all medkits were removed and healing depended on the SoulCube which you started the game with, but the original games have no such mechanic.