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  1. Mayomancer

    Alarming Shower Thought

    They seem to be proud of the fanbase, and source ports cannot be targeted by legal actions unless they start being picky with the names since it's open source. They totally could, but i think i trust them to know that would be bad PR. Otherwise i don't see how they could try to shut down wads and custom original content, even more so after the new steam port started adding those in an official platform.
  2. Mayomancer

    The worst/most useless secrets in Doom

    The teleporter secret in attack.wad from the master levels
  3. Mayomancer

    Mouselook or autoaim?

    When i do mouselook i turn autoaim off, but i usually don't mouselook unless the mod/wad calls for it.
  4. Mayomancer

    Does anybody really value Cacowards?

    Having a list of community achievements curated by competent people is invaluable for both record keeping and introducing new people to doom in general
  5. Mayomancer

    What is the best Master Levels map in your opinion

    The one i played the most in the PSX when i was like 5 was attack.wad (since it was the first on the list so easier to select...), so i have to go with it for the nostalgia. I was far too young to manage beating most levels though, and the ones i did was with a little help from my dad, lol My favorite today though might be Bloodsea Keep
  6. Mayomancer

    Best video game chaingun?

    I like using Doom's chaingun a lot, it's super useful for clearing lesser enemies or even sniping big guys since it pains some of them so often. It's not on the same dps level as other weapons but i end up using it almost as much as the SSG
  7. Mayomancer

    Why is it that....

    Donna Jackson really liked the shotgun sound, so they thought adding more of it in the game would be a considerate thing to do
  8. Mayomancer

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    Great Zoink
  9. I've never had mcnuggets since i don't really eat out most of the time, only thing i get from mac is their icecream. I do like to dip my food on various sauces if given the opportunity, though
  10. Mayomancer

    New map by me (v.2)

    Hey it's pretty nice for a first effort! i'm sure you'll find plenty of tech resources and other great map designs here to draw inspiration from, if you want to continue on making wads.
  11. Mayomancer

    Responding to GmanLives' Unity Doom video (Removed)

    Some people have a hard time dealing with criticism huh... Well he could have handled the situation in a less abrasive way, but it was better than doubling down on his mistakes i guess.
  12. Mayomancer

    Subjective vision of new generations

    Every generation has it's great pieces of media and the stinkers, it ultimately boils down to what keeps being great and beloved after the hype dies out. There are mediocre artists in every form of media, the internet just gives more freedom for people to make, share and consume stuff.