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  1. _bruce_

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Both games are not in the same class. I've played throught both single player and in coop many times and Blood was, even after multiple playthroughs, as enjoyable as ever... even moreso due to new secrets having been found. Setting/theme(s), atmosphere, gameplay mechanics, level design, secrets, enemies and gfx/sfx are beyond anything Shadow Warrior has to offer.
  2. _bruce_

    Doom City

    Very well done - especially if one takes into account that excellent tools like DoomBuilder weren't around and the common Doomer navigated through id's brainchild with a 486. This also reminds me of the times when recreating more real environments was a lively urge of many hobbyists with the infamous trinity.wad(1994) being quite The exotic eye-candy of yesteryear(textures were based on original photos of the college building). If the textures had a bit more polish, to better blend in with the original artwork, it would be even more impressive.
  3. _bruce_

    Things about Doom you just found out

    One of my favs too and the map's music fits it perfectly.
  4. _bruce_

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    Tinder is for hooking up and as a man you better be really good looking or there's not much in it. It would be better if you directly confronted your anxiety and maybe tried to mingle more in real life. Due to smartphones it's become harder to get contacts but there's always people who feel the same as you. Joining a sports club is one of the better options. As a general, loose, rule keep yourself fit & dress well since your approaches are gauged relative to your appearance.
  5. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    Yes, L2 was disabled.
  6. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    So hot off the press... 12.7fps at 25mhz core/25mhz fsb using an intel DX and a Rage Pro PCI.
  7. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    Oops, I was so busy with the jumpering that I forgot you wanted a score at 25mhz core clock too. Tomorrow then.
  8. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    Ok, on an MB-4D50AG(oldest board I have) with an Intel DX2 "50" at 25mhz fsb and no 2nd level cache I get 19.0 fps.
  9. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    Maybe use a CF card to avoid "caching hiccups" when playing Doom. I'll post my findings at 25mhz fsb tomorrow.
  10. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    I did not know, maybe overread it, that you were able to source some more ram. The video ram should be more than enough. For most games you only need a max of 256KB frame buffer(and only if the games use extended X-Modes). Many people overestimate a 486s performance because their machine was doing its job a good 10 to 20 years ago... where no serious comparisons in possible performance existed and most users were young and naive. Even a DX2-66 is slow and in DoomII a DX4-100 bites on granite in levels like MAP22(observe with parameter '-devparm') due to its slow front side bus of 33mhz. Upping former yields a good boost and may even somewhat alleviate missing secondary cache once the frequency gets really high(impractical on most hardware though). I have a slow 486 board(VESA + PCI) which I can downclock from 33 to 25mhz fsb so a comparison score can be made but don't hold your breath. I also do not own any ISA-VGA cards.
  11. _bruce_

    help identify 90's pc and laptop

    Beware, your 486 SX is most likely too slow to play DoomII. Also an upgrade-path is not really given due to proprietary ram format. Furthermore the board seems to be cache-less which drives down speed even more. Still looking forward to the video of it running Doom though. The ISSI chip on your S7 board is the "tag" ram which is needed to know which data is in the cache(+how to find it) and may need to have a certain size to be able to cache a certain range of memory(given it's direct mapped). Some chipsets have this functionality embedded in their chipset. Older ones sport such an IC in SOJ format - 15ns should be sufficient for around 66mhz(@fastest settings) but you never know unless you test for it. As already mentioned a Matrox is an excellent choice for playing all sorts of games without acceleration.
  12. _bruce_

    dos game era

    x86 was most likely the strongest due to DOS & the software running being able to harvest all resources. Was there a port for Alpha around back then? There were x86 based NeXT systems available albeit I don't know if the id team used these. According to Carmack the Doom source code contained "fpfunc.S"(contents where not included in ReadMe.asm) which also contained M68K code for fixed point and texture mapping functionality. NeXT was used because it was a powerful development system but I doubt that the end result ran better than on a x86 machine under DOS. Anybody running Doom on NeXT?
  13. _bruce_

    dos game era

    Absolutely - the early "bleeding edge" years of the PC produced some sincerely interesting oddities tech wise. My favorite years are 1994-1996 as before and after not that much happened that intrigued me besides the fascination with Fallout(original) and playing through Fallout3. My Top games for DOS are... DoomII/I(+editing and reading source code) Warcraft(still playing it today and trying to beat maps faster than before and with differing approaches) Quake(QTest left quite the impression on me + LAN Deathmatch was hilariously exciting) Blood(total gem and its tech demo is nice too) ... X-Com DuneII Maniac Mansion(doesn't fit the timeline but was a fascinating game) Duke3D(mostly played it via serial connection - coop rocked!)
  14. _bruce_

    Why Doom 2 level design feels a lot inferior to Doom 1?

    Well said. DoomII has some classic maps to back up its legacy. Map11 is one of the levels that I love playing around with when testing a "new" PC(newly acquired old 486/586 stuff actually). McGee's maps have a nice compact/industrial/abandoned feel to themt with the updated, more earthly/realistic, style rendering it different to the original Doom's(with METAL-, BRICK- and TEKGREN- being THE textures establishing DoomII's, in parts, more organic approach).
  15. Hi, may I ask how is your megawad progressing? I remember playing a demo some years ago and I really liked the exploratory nature of these maps.