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  1. _bruce_

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    Quake ( PC / Multiplayer ) Time Pilot ( Arcade / C64 ) Falcon Patrol II ( C64 ) Impossible Mission ( C64 ) UFO / II ( PC ) Fallout / II ( PC )
  2. _bruce_

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    Most "alternatives" are also censored... it's a dire situation.
  3. _bruce_

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    I loved the overall style and theme of these maps, especially "Spawning Vats" with its pseudo tech-design(absolutely adore the lighting in the starting room). I also liked the layout/look of "Unholy Cathedral" and didn't mind the "tele-hazzle". Limbo seemed different and unconventional and the labyrinth with the bio-suits was neat too. I would have to replay those maps to give a more detailed opinion though.
  4. _bruce_

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    Only thing that may have tainted it a bit is not having had Rom-ero as some kind of final quality control agent for all maps released. Quality Control as in refining and not just purging "weak" entries. I really like the maps you mentioned as being bad, but they could have been way better with a few tweaks.
  5. _bruce_

    Best level in Quake?

    "Favorite" is DM1 since I mostly played "death-match". In single player it was "The Necropolis" that impressed me the most. Overall the authors made some really cool maps especially when taking into account that their tools were not that luxurious.
  6. _bruce_

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    It's theoretically "awesome" but I know too little to make a profound guess about it's reliability. I once saw an interesting clip on youtube where a dude just ate radio active material and said it's way less harmful than what official sources say. He argued that the bad rep stemmed from big money being made to have it stored/handled "carefully". Always cracks me up thinking about this.
  7. _bruce_

    DOOM graphics

    Looks like "Buttman" was the video series of choice for the id crew.
  8. It's the same in all other "arts" - most fans are just fans.
  9. _bruce_

    Favorite Map in Doom II?

    Tough choice, but Map17 / "Tenements" used to fascinate me when I first played through it.
  10. Some models and artwork are truly inferior.
  11. Great review but maybe swap the screenshots for some "pixel perfect" ones - or does the site scale/interpolate them?
  12. Absolutely - I dig the original maps in conjunction with legacy hardware the most.
  13. Never beat it albeit after cheating I recognized the required strategy at least.
  14. _bruce_

    What DOOM map editor do you use?

    Doombuilder 1 and DoomBuilderX. I also use Eureka on and off because it's quite different.
  15. _bruce_

    learning other languages is hard

    I have always liked English and thus learned it(to some extent). I have ok skills, but spoken it's not really good as there's no folks to practice with. I would love to learn Latin again but this will most likely remain a wannabe effort. German is a bitch to learn and many foreigners I meet never learn it appropriately and thus sound amazingly amusing. Too many of them here are too lazy to put any kind of effort into sounding at least a bit "genuine".