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  1. _bruce_

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    The "endless turn dilemma" can be nerve wrecking - one of the few downsides of the game. Only remedy is increasing combat speed as far as I remember.
  2. _bruce_

    Thoughts on the Fallout Games?

    Fallout 3 was he first game of the series that I played and I really dug it. Later on I got my hands on part 1 and 2 and I couldn't believe how atmospheric and fascinating these games were... entering The Glow in part 1 was an experience I'll never forget - pure magic. Unfortunately anything that came after 1&2 was a huge letdown in comparison. NewVegas seems like the best "afterbirth" to me though whereas part 4 was fun for a week and then never played again. Seems more like a random game mimicking something it does not understand. Luckily there's outstanding user made content for the old games - thanks to some talented Russian fans.
  3. _bruce_


    A staple on all of my Dos-machines. Props!
  4. _bruce_

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    I have always liked Donald Duck's Playground - great presentation and fun to play. Another great game with fantastic music is duotris for the C64. On the VCS2600 I really dug "Monster Attack".
  5. _bruce_


    Sucks that the link to Romero's site isn't working anymore... happened to other stuff as well on his site. Regarding the map... albeit one of the typical 90ies atrocities(which are a classic niche by now) it's way better than expected as there's at least some meat to gnaw on game play wise. Looks wise it's more than ok too(ignoring some fluff). Cons -"look ma I can make 4000 rooms" syndrome(+tedious search for keys & doors) -as square as Romero's fat wallet -narrow door frame width which is unpractical and looks bad -more obvious marking on the key'd doors would have been nice -too many items(put there without second thought) -can't go outside(could be I missed it!) Pros -chunky 90ies relict -somewhat good architecture besides the inane clutter -the office turning "more hostile" after a key grab was cool the last thing should have been made better use of. Could have been a really cool map if some details were changed / some good things more expanded upon.
  6. _bruce_

    Doom 1 or 2?

    It seems that the original Doom is more defined/remembered by its first episode and is therefor judged way less harshly than the successor which got played, dissected/modded and criticized to near death(especially the "Sandy Sandbox" issue). Some weeks ago I sat down(on a fast 486 setup) to give the old "registered" Doom a run for its money and the impression (Episode 1 excluding) is way less satisfying than that of DoomII. Besides the obvious differences to part 2 the maps often are not that interesting/exciting to play... especially once you've come into contact with the new & bold standards set by DoomII. There are also some heavy stinkers like E2M9, E3M1, E3M8, E3M9 in there that may be neat but for later maps these provide hardly any bite or serious value... could one imagine oneself with somebody(affine to Doom) on a LAN being pumped to play through E3M1...? E3M9 has failed its kinda cool idea with meager execution. Similar to E3M8 which makes even the final monster look really stupid... lonely trotting along in an depressingly empty marble stadium.(imagine all your fickle minions leaving for the Bahamas instead of putting up a fight)
  7. _bruce_

    PowerSlave Exhumed Released

    Very nice - really liked it on the Sony and Sega coonsoles even though it became a bit too abstract/tedious towards the end. I think I made it through with a friend but we weren't able to find many dolls. On the other hand the PC version was, unfortunately, kinda strange - a different game practically & no changing of key bindings if I remember correctly...
    Nice blast from the past when shovelware CDs were a "Doomer's" delight and an endless source of fascination(and sometimes frustration). Relative to the tools used a good map but in no way on par with the stock maps design wise. Some nifty ambushes and clever routes nonetheless. One of the better ones from a gone era - 4/5 1995 stars and 2/5 in respect to today.
  8. Quake ( PC / Multiplayer ) Time Pilot ( Arcade / C64 ) Falcon Patrol II ( C64 ) Impossible Mission ( C64 ) UFO / II ( PC ) Fallout / II ( PC )
  9. _bruce_

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    Most "alternatives" are also censored... it's a dire situation.
  10. _bruce_

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    I loved the overall style and theme of these maps, especially "Spawning Vats" with its pseudo tech-design(absolutely adore the lighting in the starting room). I also liked the layout/look of "Unholy Cathedral" and didn't mind the "tele-hazzle". Limbo seemed different and unconventional and the labyrinth with the bio-suits was neat too. I would have to replay those maps to give a more detailed opinion though.
  11. _bruce_

    What ruins Doom (1993)?

    Only thing that may have tainted it a bit is not having had Rom-ero as some kind of final quality control agent for all maps released. Quality Control as in refining and not just purging "weak" entries. I really like the maps you mentioned as being bad, but they could have been way better with a few tweaks.
  12. _bruce_

    Best level in Quake?

    "Favorite" is DM1 since I mostly played "death-match". In single player it was "The Necropolis" that impressed me the most. Overall the authors made some really cool maps especially when taking into account that their tools were not that luxurious.
  13. _bruce_

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    It's theoretically "awesome" but I know too little to make a profound guess about it's reliability. I once saw an interesting clip on youtube where a dude just ate radio active material and said it's way less harmful than what official sources say. He argued that the bad rep stemmed from big money being made to have it stored/handled "carefully". Always cracks me up thinking about this.
  14. It's the same in all other "arts" - most fans are just fans.