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  1. Less ballsy and most likely more tacky-wannabe.
  2. I partially agree with Peterson having a less visually pleasing style but on the other hand the abstract "inferno" was what made some of the maps what they are. His map "Entryway" for DoomII looked pretty good, especially the base's outer hull and "pretty unique" starting scenery. It seems also Peterson was used to fill the gaps in Doom, which is not a good place to be in. The person on the design team that had a "great hand" was McGee - some of his maps defined the more brutal, industrial, "modern" look that DoomII featured. It was also interesting to read in MastersOfDoom that he was, rightfully, giving Romero a little bit of hell.
  3. Took them quite a long time to get away from the comic look. Shading skill was way ahead of proportion when they were young.
  4. Two to three mega-wads at max - I'm more interested in the style/elements of a wad(series). After this I hardly care to play through the whole ordeal and rather invest time in seeing if I can incorporate style elements into my own or dismiss them. I remember the good old days where I bought CDs that were chock-full of dubious "goodies". In their defense, some of the worse looking maps were the ones with rather good playability.
  5. Cute but honest - I agree that many places in Duke were pretty creepy. The atmosphere could violently change from guns blazing to "uh..oh... what's that?!?".
  6. It's mostly tongue in cheeck but the vibe that the environment gives of is one of coldness and abandonment. Duke looks a hair more realistic then the other shooters(city and space) and thus slightly better projects the "big city/trash/rat/apocalypse/void" atmosphere. And yes, the native caves were really spooky... E1M5 was overall a very interesting map.
  7. So in theory Doom, if recompiled + assembly routines adapted(or substituted by C code), could run on an i286 as latter supports ProtectedMode functionality and has a max. addressable memory size of 16MB... ? When "running" Doom even a 486DX2/66 can be slow as molasses especially with sound enabled. Furthermore if you happen to run it with a Soundblaster Live card the general Midi support cuts into performance sharply - which I suppose is caused by the card accessing the midi samples in main memory. After acquiring some "vintage setups" I was positively shocked at how demanding Doom is... and that's not even thinking about maps from DoomII like Map14, Map22 or Map29.
  8. I used to love "Refueling Base" for the secrets and the "boss fight". It so nicely conveys the feeling of hiding in and exploring a huge, cold installation where hordes of nasties are roaming the all forgotten corridors... as one's hastily moving from end to end seeking refuge in its vastness and a millisecond of silence. Today I think it is still an enjoyable map, albeit I can sense that the stamped out, square, planar style of many DoomII maps rubs you the wrong way... basically a postage stamp sprinkled with random obstacles and some keys. It should be noted though that Doom I had E3M6 which could have easily passed as a DoomII map... so this style wasn't all that foreign. Sandy most likely prepared for the "assault" which would become DoomII. It seems the successor's best maps, with some exceptions, were the early ones(for me especially Map03 + Map05). I see McGees input as the most important for DoomII and would go as far as saying that he had surpassed Romero at that point as a designer(for DoomII maps at least). His style was more refined and a glimpse of things to come. @yakfak - could you elaborate further?
  9. It's a mix of talent, interest, experience and first and foremost: being a workhorse. Especially Sandy had a bulldozer mentality that Romero lacked but made up for in some other areas where Sandy was worse(e.g.: visuals and some positive craziness). Take also into account that these people are multi-dimensionally talented and have the time and will to put in hours honing their skills day in, day out... money's helping too of course. Many new mappers are people being led to emulate the "coolness" of their favorite gaming moments/heros, which puts them in a bad place to begin with. Add to that a normal schedule, lack of talent, will power or interest and its easy to see why the original, ancient maps have stood the test of time. And never forget LUCK - DoomII's Map01 is a pretty snappy multi-player map without having been designed with former quality in mind.
  10. I would have probably never bought a PC as I always saw them as - business machines. Carmack, Abrash and idSoftware changed that.
  11. Different name - definitely not Doom. Less "scares" and more puzzles(+more traditional key hunts). Less "cinematic bogus". Maybe a bit of a different art style, but that's nit picking. Different weapon sounds. Good gibbing instead of this stupid "double dissolve" animation. More feedback from enemies when they get hit. id could have definitely pulled it off but they burdened themselves with a brand name that guaranteed sales and pulled them into a corner with some kind of modern/old-school hybrid game.
  12. You like it or you don't. If somebody has no notion of what unique joy "classic" Doom provides than something else(another game) may be more appropriate. Just expose more people to the things you like on a channel on yoootube... the rest takes care of itself.
  13. Ok, I'll take a look at UnholyTemple today - a functional skeleton should at least be doable. From what I can remember it has some fancy color-based puzzles... we'll see.
  14. If you do not get Dildomaster's map skeletons then I can try to at least sketch out a base that maybe you can fill and fine-tune. But to not get ahead of myself I hope he can send his base.
  15. Excellent work - I really like the assembly "details". I have zero experience with this processor but it is quite intriguing to hear about code on non-x86 hardware powering an interesting application. The color reproduction "issue" strike me as nonsensical in lieu of said project but maybe someone anal and knowledgable enough could "touch up" the port once it has a stable release.