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  1. For Doom it would be E3M6 - love the style. Also DoomII's "The Chasm" has always been enjoyable as it feels different when compared to the other maps of the set. Add to that Map17 which I absolutely adore especially in coop.
  2. _bruce_

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    Given the deathtraps are far and few between then I do not mind. I liked them in the original - adds a certain unforgiveness to the map.
  3. _bruce_

    I found my dad's 1994 WAD

    Very nice - would also be interesting which editor he used.
  4. _bruce_

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    I would pay to not have one.
  5. _bruce_

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Quake and Blood. I also really liked QuakeII & Duke on LAN. As for watching and not playing I like System Shock 1.
  6. _bruce_

    I just beat Knee Deep without dying!

    Playing through episode 1 is one of the few "must have done"s in life - great that you could catch up with that. I was in a similar position like you back in 1998 after I had cheated my way through Doom in later 1995 I kinda felt a huge dissatisfaction where once pure fascination used to reside in respect to Doom/II. The cheating, and lack of "mousing", had totally destroyed the game's enigmatic charme. One day, after sniffing through a Doom level/editor CD, I loaded up the original and warped to map e3m6 which previously had caught my eye due to its awesome colors and open architecture. I pistol started, so to speak, and grinded my way through the map - this time trying to make full use of the mouse("novert" be blessed) and the game's secrets / "hidden passages"... leaving no corner untouched. After I hit space to exit the map I was literally blown away how good the game truly was. I restarted and went to tackle episode 1 always remembering what a buddy of mine used to say when he played PSX Doom - "the secrets... they're literally the icing on the cake!". Going through episode 1 and later through Map10 trying to find all secrets made me truly appreciate id's genius at their peak. I also installed the Doom shareware on all PCs at school and can vividly remember strolling through E1M9 while the teacher blabbered on about how nobody was allowed to install stuff on the fleet of 486 DX33s... good times!
  7. That's a bit of far fetched bullshit. Please provide a less hyperbolic argument.
  8. I will give it a try, could be interesting. Why does C get blamed for the misuse by coders? It's the programmers' fault becoming too esoteric or sloppy.
  9. Love C - it took me a while to get some things down like more complex declarations. Granted there's not much need for most more elaborate stuff but it feels dandy to go nutty and a bit academic. The best thing about it is that it's a simple language and easy to learn. Never understood the woo about pointers but I came from assembler so it was just another thin abstraction. Had a few run ins with C++ but it's too much for me - I'm reading Stroustrups books now to get a grip but I'm hesitant as I like simple things... and all that syntax appears pretty confusing. Anything too far away from the machine is not for me - I remember having to make it through Java in school... annoying as fuck.
  10. _bruce_

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    A topic "getting hot" is a good sign that people are on to something.
  11. _bruce_

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    A weak society(thanks to "liberal" media, education & Co.) where traitors and snitches prosper(This problem goes back to the earliest stages of mankind of course). Hope you recover!
  12. _bruce_

    What ports do YOU use?

    Chocolate Doom.
  13. _bruce_

    How old are you ?

    Forty Fart Something
  14. Regarding the random numbers - there's 256 values(shared by game and menu) and, "of course", every single one has to be unique and the sequence without an obvious pattern. This makes the value differences "jumpy" by nature. An option would be to have a flattened "graph" but this would result in similar numbers along the range. One could just tinker with the set but then a demo would have to store the numbers it was recorded with. Maybe somebody on here has insight into rng? It would also be interesting if John just used rand() and picked proper values or if he used the same algorithm as in Wolf to generate the coordinates for the "fizzle fade" - as Fabien Sanglard explained in https://fabiensanglard.net/fizzlefade/index.php
  15. Yep, Partial Invisibilty, albeit the orb is totally cool looking, seems a bit thin from a practical perspective. Maybe a better powerup would have been a sort of death orb which caused the monster to erratically attack each other and temporarily disabling the none attacking agreement of same species. But who knows what decisions and time limits played into the final powerup... guess they liked the effect and the fact that the pinky was wearing one too.