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  1. Very interesting - a somewhat tight translation of a sketch to an actual map seems kinda rare.
  2. Finally I can take care of the remaining sections of the super secret. -did a redesign of the starting section which I'll keep as a fallback piece since I like the original design better(interesting as I thought the original was bleak) -managed to create a "Hall Of The Ancients"-feel for the welcoming section of said part -refined hall -detail added to enhance the suprise -mini texture pack cleaned up -added hub at starting area -cleaned up the castle(huge section where nasty alignment issues can creep in fast) -added some lighting and crude architecture to fill out the main hall visually -added one of the gimmick-fights(pun on *****) redo: +last section so that it resolves around the map's theme +add some gimmicky fights +whole latter section battle +"stylish" connection to Map25
  3. Do any of you guys sketch these ideas out on paper before starting up the editor - thinking about the map as a logical route with skirmish-, puzzle- and trap sections?
  4. Seems like its "streamlined" to not "offend" the player with having to put in some effort. Keys become a mere prop in such scenarios and thus there's way less fun in exploring these worlds. A good deal of more recent games seem like an adventure on rails.
  5. -same floor texture issue in Map21 stemmed from a sector lowered into the floor... no idea why(done) -changed lighting in Map24, as pointed out by "Da Werecat", and it was a change for the better(done)
  6. I remember all the old Doom tools - I preferred Waded but WadAuthor definitely rings a bell. I have always wanted to use a more elaborate method to design my maps, but I have to admit that for the ones I have made so far I just mapped along and then recombined these "map artifacts". A good partial approach but using only this method may mostly come down to being lazy and therefor having a rather fragmented "big picture" of ones work... which makes it hard to have work unleash its full potential. So in essence I have a vague idea of a whole, start off with lots of visual testing various floor/wall combinations which set the mood. Lots of it depends on the feel I get of the current "mental impression" of the map in progress. Then building/chiseling singular environments as I go along - imagineing the situations, impressions, actions, etc. Kinda like Columbo thinking about the player. I fine tune and reconnect according to this until I feel satisfied. What I have witnessed after some time of mapping is a kind of staleness creeping in where the designs may get rather functional, boring and shallow. It's the moment where one has to reset, scale down the established "manufacturing mode" and concentrate on the initial fascination which makes such "undertakings" great and unique. This of course does not only pertain to mapping.
  7. It seems to be mostly genetics/talent combined with hard work. John Carmack, not a mapper but a good example, would have achieved nothing if he hadn't worked to accumulate the skills to be able to manifest his inborn greatness at problem solving. There's one plus when it comes to the brain as due to Neuroplasticity there could be a higher chance to improve upon what one was given and get really good - not genius level But Good Enough to produce interesting content in a field of choice. So map making, being a manifestation of your mental processes, has indeed a high chance of being responsive to improvements if you keep toiling away and let inspiration do the rest. In sports it ain't so. Try out-lifting somebody who was born to tear things up(reactions, joints, willpower, leverage due to limb proportions) or to beat somebody up who was born to physically dominate... bad idea.
  8. Cage's work looks excellent.
  9. Late January seems like a good date. The mother demon sprite prototype is looking fine DeXiaZ but it does not really fit Doom's art style. It reminds me more of a sprite for a NeoGeo game plus its head is screaming "Shadow Warrior" to me. Deathmatch support, in its final form, could be officially postponed to be fully functional in a later release as there's lots of play testing necessary. Fine tuning weapon placement and needed (mild) structural changes to the maps to accommodate the players' needs are a pretty elaborate undertaking, especially for so many maps.
  10. Thanks Werecat! These flats always sneak in after testing a different floor or ceiling. And yes, the Cyber should be killed via the tele-frag "dick move". This map is in general a hair too short on ammo as I wanted to push the player into seeking "hidden bargains"... which is in itself another dick move. The secrets may seem forced but I had the feeling the map was kinda lacking substance. In Doom64 the slower pace seems to hide this notion. I'll take care of all three issues in Map24. And yes, it is not really finished because it still needs the super secret hub attached. Both maps had a lot of shadowing cut due to visplane issues.
  11. Bashe, thanks for testing. Currently "Breakdown" has a dead-end(teleporter) as the part of the map that substitutes the super-secret, where the "tele" would lead you to, is missing. The map is finish-able but you can't reach the WIP-secret.
  12. Most likely total bullshit but really nice to see the game pop up like this. There was some talk about a Quake arcade system if I remember correctly... or even working prototypes? I would use a paddle for strafing(acceleration would maybe add a nice dynamic feeling... imagine the possibility of being able to evade some projectiles even in Nightmare mode) and a short stick for moving where the lingering thumb is being used to push the fire button. Definitely doable and if fine-tuned could be a total havoc... but highly hypothetical. Nice 24" CRT, sound system, network and proper housing and this could be good!
  13. Interesting!
  14. Props! Do you use a profiler to measure hotspots and gauge efficiency of your implementation?