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  1. That sky's looking swell! Map's great looking too. Didn't know that BaronOfStuff departed from the project.
  2. Ok, I see. The Guru sprite would look great if it was a little bit more buff. Fine artwork but it appears a little bit too meek to be a be all/end all boss.
  3. Is using the original motherdemon a possibility or a copyright issue? @CoTeCiO - done listening... awesome tracks.
  4. The "Aracnorb" queen looks pretty outstanding - props to the artist(s). Somewhat too "Duke3d-/Predator-ish" for me but nonetheless a beauty.
  5. CoTeCiO - the midis are pretty awesome. "Aug" being the most fitting in terms of lingering spookiness... very nice! The only "complaint", specific to your work, may be that some of the stuff is too upbeat(I know, Doom's may have been too). A general "complaint" about custom music in Doom wad's for me is that themes seem a little bit too elaborate to hit home hard enough. Games like the original Warcraft thrive with music which has more depth to it as the pace and experience of the game is vastly different to Doom. DoomII's "Countdown To Death" may be a perfect example of a song not too simple nor too complex in composition... and perfectly fitting the "dilemma" of the player when facing the unforgiving gaming world which is unfolding in all its "beautiful monstrosity".
  6. Best: Map26 "The Abandoned Mines"(that was a tough choice though... Map04 "The Focus" & Map17 "Tenements" are also really good) A map which visuals always struck me as extremely impressive and it just feels awesome to play. If somebody asked me to choose a map for a presentation of DoomII, this map would be it. Worst: Map24 "The Chasm" The only map I kinda dislike, although I used to play it on and off. The map's direction seems a little bit too random for my liking and feels too terse and accidental. Having said that, the part where the lights go out is awesome... even creepy during first playthrough. I also like the part whith the tech rooms and the labyrinth where one gets the "blue"? key. Overall a map a second person/mapper, maybe McGee, should have brushed up a bit. Btw, Map18 rocks. @TootsyBowl: pretty interesting observations, although I beg to differ on the verdict for Map11.
  7. A few brush ups and lots of play-testing still ahead, but I'm finally coming close to bringing Map17(Map21) to a palatable stage. Etched out the starting area as much as I could while still maintaining the 128 visplane limit - close and maybe even a cigar this time. Added another secret due to the map being to blast heavy and short. Doom's more dynamic pace brings the whole affair to an end way too soon. The Cyber demons are pretty hard to beat but can easily be obliterated with a "trick".
  8. Doom64 has excellent maps which mirror the more competitive era it came out though not all maps made use of the clever tricks that were possible via scripts. I remember being totally impressed with the teleporting blue key in the earlier maps. It is overall more of a slower and darker interpretation of the original theme... its only weakness being release date, controls and the, in parts, cheesy artwork.
  9. If I had to choose one of the two for a trip to "the eternal" island(including editor & compiler) I would go with Doom II. Despite having said that I feel that part I provided finer grained sophistication regarding mapping, atmosphere and gameplay. On the other hand some of Doom II's maps are severely underrated(e.g. Sandy's work) and especially McGee's input had a certain kind of quality that Doom I's mapset lacked... a certain post apocalyptic brutality that made great use of the more gritty texture set. This combined with the hordes of monsters created some uniquely desolate and morbidly mesmerizing gaming moments. It's such a tough choice and I'm happy that the two games, which are one, complement each other so well.
  10. "Watch Your Step" is structurally as good as complete now. I had to cut more elaborate shading from the starting area since I sunk into 170+ visplanes... highly annoying as it would have looked so much more atmospheric. Also other tids and pieces had to be removed... sigh. On a more positive note - I added another secret area. There's way more to explore now in the map. Since a "shot door open/close" function is not available I had to change the way the main secrets' doors are triggered. Gameplay is not complete as of yet - the teleport "on thing action" stuff is kinda hard to replicate.
  11. I'll post pictures of my, unfortunately small, update in the evening. I) Still working on the secret area of "Watch Your Step" - the main map has been slightly refined and is as good as complete... I'll maybe split a little hairs and retouch some stuff. The super secret area has to be revamped, shaded and some gameplay added. I'm still open for input on what to add to it, since it should be something special. At the moment I like it's visual "humor based novelity" but I think it's kinda cheap gameplaywise. II) Added a secret to "Breakdown" which felt to be in harmony with the design. The shading has to be added and refined - high octane visplane drama. Closing up some portions of the map was connected to making the windows smaller and still having it all look good. The only REAL headache I have with the map is that there's lots of teleporting in and I'm still a little bit baffled on how to remanifest the original's feel with a more mundane approach. From what I've read the dehacked patch includes that a killed cyberdemon finishes any map? What I totally forgot to take into account is the save game limit - is this a showstopper?
  12. The room of DoomII's Map13 that Durian "show-cased" was in my oppinion one of the most bombastic looking visuals in vintage Doom maps - awesome. Episode I maps along with the gorgeous maps that McGee created have an overall abstract beauty where I would have a hard time picking favorites. Some visual hotspots for me out of the many...
  13. Pretty outstanding - the enigma of Doom and its "creative users".
  14. The custom screens look cool!
  15. Good to see the project getting a new thread! Is there a deadline...?