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  1. Hi, may I ask how is your megawad progressing? I remember playing a demo some years ago and I really liked the exploratory nature of these maps.

  2. _bruce_

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Big PROPS regarding the MotherDemon! I downloaded the gif and inspected it, zooming in, and it's very well done... a beautifully crafted mosaic. Regarding Map21... the seg overflow is not really "repairable" - it's a trade off to make the architecture, or rather its style, possible. Similar to the save game overflow but less subtle. I'll, of course, look into the plane overflow... a 140+ count is a bit shocking though. Once the shadow sectors come into play it's most often game over with the plane count. The map's lighting was way more elaborate but it's just not going to happen in vanilla - even after untold hours of tweaking. This is also the reason why some of the architecture is kinda "off".
  3. Absolutely - the experience back then was fantastic. A milestone similar to listening to Reign In Blood for the first time.
  4. _bruce_

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    The sky with the bridge is truly cool. I still have to make the O and the Baron rooms. After that there's not that much left to be done with the SS, BUT the lengthy part could be the testing/"sense"-making. If you want to Mecha, you could design one of the gimmick parts(demon/spectre) which will then be fused into the remaining map. It would, of course, be updated looks-wise to fit the rest.
  5. _bruce_

    Questions about Doom 2 maps

    Seems like DoomII touched a nerve with its chaotic nature which is the very feat I like about it - it was badass and "didn't give a fuck"... love it or leave it. If all this was on purpose... -I highly doubt- but nonetheless it delivered quite the punch at the time it was released. The map design will always be frowned upon by the "theoretical master mappers warped back to 1994"-crowd but besides some salty cucumbers it was pretty solid(for that time frame) and the worlds created seemed "cosmically contrived" in an amusing manner... plus there are also some neat visuals to be found too. Compared to Doom the levels felt quite different - more erratic, more bombastic, more "3D", more hostile... DoomII as a whole felt pretty tough and menacing as the predecessors scifi/bible belt touch had somewhat faded. It was just a gory zoo... and that's why the "on earth" spin seems a little bit more tangible than just a sales slogan... it was a nice pun on this crusty prison in overdrive. The strongest maps, in order of "perceived awe", were Tier01 ... Map02 to Map06(oh gee), Map11, Map17, Map19, Map20, Map22, Map26, Map27, Map29 Tier02 ... Map01, Map07, Map08, Map10, Map13, Map14, Map15, Map18 Tier03 ... Map09, Map12, Map16, Map21, Map23, Map28 Tier04 ... Map24, Map25 Tier X ... Map30, Map31, Map32 ...with Map30 being X-Files in a good way and Map31-32 being "a hoot" for its time BUT in hindsight there could have been a really cool Wolfenstein inspired map addon(more than two maps) which maybe fit DoomII's architectural standard... a secret worth discovering. In contrast Doom's Ep01 mapset was legendary - talent + right place + right time. It also fit together and the only maps that, in their own way, may be regarded as vaguely similar in "tightness" were Map02 through -06 to me. All others, with a few exceptions, had some kind of "let's get this done" syndrome, where one could easily imagine -Romero slacking off before catching steam -Peterson being bombarded with halfassed Map-stubs that need to be finished even if it means his death -McGee's blooming talent but not havng the impact it deserves on the final mapset Who knows, maybe there's some info on this contrived scenario in MastersOfDoom...?
  6. _bruce_

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Map24's "SuperSecret" is making progress. I had many errors/delays due to map size but confining the "goods" to a nice square box seems to be working.
  7. Very interesting observation, Revenant100. The face tilting in the sphere makes it more dynamic looking... like something powerful wanting out of it. The Fix does look GREAT too but fits more within a totally different context.
  8. Agree - the only sin with the Icon Of Sin was that there wasn't enough "foreplay" like in E1M8.
  9. As already said - the MasterMind is a bit underwhelming. More health and slightly faster movement would have made it more threatening - has to be tested though. E3M8... should have had a bit more parts before the final arena like E1M8 had... I would have had the player fight and explore a bit then fall down a shaft only to have him plunged into the vast open space with the mastermind rising out of the floor + custom sound effects. E4M8... ok as I didn't expect much. Left a rather solid impression but nothing to write home about. Map30... should have been closer theme-wise to "TheLivingEnd". The problem was that, at the time, computers were too slow to make the huge boss room concept a bit more interesting. I remember a friend of mine from back in the day complaining that Map30 would demolish his DX33... so having any more geometry displayed would have even disgruntled the DX2/66 owners which were sparse to begin with. In concept good... interesting music, style, different way to kill the boss, new "enemy"(cubes + cheesy-funny Romero gimmick), custom sound- and death effect. What would have been neat, and EASY to do for Carmack, would have been a kind of 2D effect running over the screen every time the boss got hit... maybe some warp effect based on the silhouette of the boss' face to make it stand out... as you hit it you unmask it. But, to be honest, back when I first saw it in '95 I was pretty freaked out and fascinated by it.
  10. Agree - both are top notch artists and a vital part of the game's success.
  11. Lots of great work - props!
  12. _bruce_

    How do you make maps?

    Very interesting - a somewhat tight translation of a sketch to an actual map seems kinda rare.
  13. _bruce_

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Finally I can take care of the remaining sections of the super secret. -did a redesign of the starting section which I'll keep as a fallback piece since I like the original design better(interesting as I thought the original was bleak) -managed to create a "Hall Of The Ancients"-feel for the welcoming section of said part -refined hall -detail added to enhance the suprise -mini texture pack cleaned up -added hub at starting area -cleaned up the castle(huge section where nasty alignment issues can creep in fast) -added some lighting and crude architecture to fill out the main hall visually -added one of the gimmick-fights(pun on *****) redo: +last section so that it resolves around the map's theme +add some gimmicky fights +whole latter section battle +"stylish" connection to Map25
  14. _bruce_

    How do you make maps?

    Do any of you guys sketch these ideas out on paper before starting up the editor - thinking about the map as a logical route with skirmish-, puzzle- and trap sections?
  15. _bruce_

    Game is a bit too easy ? (OH MY GOD STOP BUMPING THIS)

    Seems like its "streamlined" to not "offend" the player with having to put in some effort. Keys become a mere prop in such scenarios and thus there's way less fun in exploring these worlds. A good deal of more recent games seem like an adventure on rails.