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  1. That was a long vacation. Anyways I think it is about time to get more work done on this map. Detail in this map is still a work in progress. Yeah the two tone texture scheme I chose can get very drab and boring. So it needs a lot of work in spots. Layout is 90% done just want to change the two upper outdoor areas. I got a plan for them just need to add it in Gameplay is unfinished and will be worked on. And if anyone wants to give more feedback based on beta #1 feel free. links is still working
  2. Just sticking to one. I always liked the Dynamite Headdy Music. It just went so well with the game. Too bad I'm terrible at this game and have never finished it even though I owned it since it came out.
  3. Working on stars
  4. They Saved Hitler's Brain. Somehow I watched all 130 minutes of this movie. it is BAD
  5. Cape cod waffle cut chips. I love waffle cut food like fries and chips
  6. I like rocket league, boarderlands, and elder scrolls. After that I dont have money so that is what I kept up with and buy
  7. This has about a 1/3 chance of being true based on all the past ones.
  8. no I got better thing to do
  9. A whole bunch of film negatives and prints. As well as physical release on my record label.
  10. Work on a star making medical parts as a CNC machinist.
  11. ZPC so I can have better gameplay that finally can match the cool artstyle.
  12. I got at least two cameras and four lenses.
  13. It will be run into the ground like most things that make money now a days
  14. Thanks for playtesting. Will be out of town for a few day and will get back to work on this once Im back.
  15. Should be fixed now. Removed the few custom light textures I had new link below: