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  1. The carriage driving segments will still be crap though.
  2. Coming out "when it's done".
  3. Thanks for the offer. The sprites are nearly all done though. Around 1000 of them... Just mapping left on my end (finished a map today actually, so that makes 8 done), and some final boss sprites and maybe some more decorations if I think of anything good.
  4. Yeah. Two affected maps and one unaffected map have around 525+ things in them, so that seems to be a soft limit. Not sure what all plays into the save file size. Everything else is within vanilla limits.
  5. No saving in REKKR, guys. :-p Didn't even know this was a thing that could happen.
  6. Occasionally. Harder than just going straight, and more expensive, therefor more rare. But they exist.
  7. There's a blueberry FLAT I added at some later point too. Uh, doom picture: Cozy country farm, with barn and everything.
  8. That's from a museum map... Took a while to get all the exhibits in there. That's from the art wing.
  9. Windmill: It's bigger than it looks, I'm standing on a platform.
  10. Illegal/10. You modified doom2.wad instead of making a separate pwad. As-is, releasing a modified iwad with nearly all the original data is illegal (though I doubt anyone is going to be knocking on your door). Think: Piracy. The filesize is 32mb and would be closer to 1 or 2, tops as a pwad. A lot of the size comes from ripped textures from AVP2, which you have hundreds, and most aren't used at all in the level. As for the level: It was pretty okay for a first wad. Fair enough and fun enough. And I don't even mind the 1990's style of having pin-ups and photos on the walls (I kinda miss that level of devil-may-care mapping that was popular in the 90's actually)... So yeah. Keep that up. Just do it a little more cleanly/legally.
  11. Learned how to make an ENDOOM lump. Fun.
  12. It wasn't supposed to be. I must've accidentally toggled it, and didn't notice since it doesn't do anything. Whoops. Changed it back, still had self inflicting projectiles. Here's something though: I had tweaked the max health and armour settings, and soulsphere health and such. Changed them all back to defaults and now the projectiles no longer hit the firer... Chocolate doesn't seem to mind this (changed starting to health 75, max to 150, starting ammo to 10, max soulsphere health to 150, and soulsphere health given to 50, idfa armor to 150 - not sure yet which change made the difference, I reverted them all) Something else: The rocket replacement works like a time bomb. Fires with gravity. Hits ground, enters death state (so it drops when hitting monsters/walls and makes a "thud" sound), then ticks and explodes. If you have the death state set without a "fall" it will crash vanilla (freeze) but not chocolate. Pic related: 316 is the "death" state Only thing left to fix (that I'm aware of) is my pistol/chaingun replacements freeze the game. I'll let you guys know of any other inconsistencies I hit. It seems like chocolate is just more forgiving all around.
  13. There's really nothing special about any of it. It happens with every projectile, so I'm not sure it's the dehacked patch itself, or what. Thing 12 (Imp) Bits = 155207174 Exploding frame = 0 Height = 3932160 Width = 983040 Hit points = 80 Death sound = 82 Mass = 500 Thing 32 (Imp fireball) Missile damage = 5 ^Should act, more or less, like a normal imp/fireball except that it can fly and it explodes on death. run like this: dehacked -save current.deh -reload -load rekkr13.deh doom -file rekkr25.wad dehacked -reload -load current.deh del current.deh
  14. Well right now my dehacked edits seem to be working with both, except that in vanilla the projectiles hit and explode inside the entity that shot them, whereas in chocolate they work fine. Not sure what the cause is yet,though. So I can't give any specifics. Might just be something stupid I'm doing.