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  1. Not at all. You probably (maybe) could pull it off, but I'm not sure dosbox has enough on-screen buttons available. My phone had physical buttons to assist. If you have a bluetooth keyboard or mouse or some-such, it'll run just fine at least. But it's a nightmare for a phone otherwise. That map, as "1996_my_first_wad.wad" as it is, was the culmination of hours across days (across months) of fumbling with mispressed buttons, corrupted saves, and circuitous work flow.
  2. I could only find an older version that lacked monsters, and had a few bugs (mis-keyed doors that made it unfinishable and such). I patched it up, and put the monsters back in on my computer (i didn't remember the exact location or types, so...). It used to be possible to get outside in one area, and a lot of the doors didn't look so stupid. Dunno where that version got to. Anyway. This is it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r025go2z58tdap5/TEST10.WAD Expect a lot of STARTAN and unaligned textures and such, and maybe not much fun.
  3. I used to use WADED in the 90's... It was okay. Doombuilder is leagues better though. About 2 years ago I made a map in EDMAP on dosbox on my phone during breaks at a shitty job I had for a while. I should see if I can find it... It was a pain, but playable.
  4. REKKR - an Ultimate Doom total conversion

    I don't have any plans for it. Mostly because I'm not even sure how to go about ut. Especially with the dehacked-ness and all.
  5. REKKR - an Ultimate Doom total conversion

    It needs doom.wad v1.9
  6. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That water wheel is pretty damn rad, @lupinx-Kassman.
  7. DeHacked, Keendie, ZDoom, and You

    Something to look into, for sure. I imagine replacing the weapon would be easier so I don't have to replace two monsters, the chaingun and the chaingunner. We'll see. Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it.
  8. DeHacked, Keendie, ZDoom, and You

    Aha! That's definitely it. Here's an example wad if'n you want. Try it out with just the pistol start, and then with IDFA. It thinks the players chaingun is alive... edit: Guess I didn't need the example file. Just saw gez's replaced the chaingun too. keeny.zip
  9. DeHacked, Keendie, ZDoom, and You

    I looked into that, but there doesn't seem to be a way to point to toward anything with a keendie action. There's BaronSpecial, CyberdemonSpecial, SpiderMastermindSpecial, IronlichSpecial, MinotaurSpecial, and DSparilSpecial. But no KeenSpecial or somesuch. I also tried using SpecialAction = "<monstertype>", "<action special>", but that didn't take. I assume... maybe... because "Chaingun" isn't a monster type? Idunno.
  10. So I have a monster created in Dehacked whose death fires off a "Keendie" action, which opens a door (tagged 666) in an Ultimate Doom v1.9 map. 1.9 has all the same states and actors that Doom2.wad has, just many of them aren't used in Doom 1. This works fine in vanilla and every source port I've tried, except ZDoom derivatives (where the door doesn't open, and you're just stuck). I stabbed and prodded at it for a few hours trying to get it to work, but to no avail. The monster replaces a Chaingun (which is necessary), if that matters. I'm not too familiar with ZDoom based ports and their features/idiosyncrasies, and I couldn't find much online that helped this specific issue. What's the dealio?
  11. REKKR - an Ultimate Doom total conversion

    Not everything. Music and sound are hexenmapper and terminus, respectively, and there are a few other mappers. Credits will be a pretty short list overall though.
  12. REKKR - an Ultimate Doom total conversion

    Spooky spider shooting snakes in GZdoom. Brightmaps are pretty fun. Still a vanilla wad, but will have a few extras in GZDoom. Upon further inspection, I'll probably need a separate Zandronum version though - was trying to avoid that. We'll see. I don't know much about these fancy modern ports yet.
  13. REKKR - an Ultimate Doom total conversion

    Still being worked on. Closer to done than not, just not close enough to put a specific date on it. Thanks. Someone else mentioned it too. It'll be necessary when it's done. A fair few maps break it.
  14. REKKR - an Ultimate Doom total conversion

    some somewhat quick paints i did of 2 of the monsters. haven't painted in a while, so it was a fun diversion.