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  1. Agree with AgentBromsnor. The advertising is capitalizing on media hysteria. It's a bit distasteful.
  2. Still mapping. Don't have much new to tell, but wanted to let people know it's still coming. You guys like puzzles? Kinda hoping to wrap this up by Christmas, but we'll see how that goes.
  3. He mentions it in an episode too. One of the bots is making fun of his character for having been a temp and he's like "it was a pretty sweet gig, pretty much just hung out and played Doom..." He's talking about the character, but he probably wouldn't even have mentioned it if he wasn't a fan to some extent.
  4. I've played I.M. Meen.
  5. Puzzles are great.
  6. Bojack Horseman is only good for the first season or two. Then it gets tedious pretty much immediately at season 3.
  7. I remember that doom screensaver. Don't remember who I knew that had it though. Pretty neat. Would be cool if a real doom battle sim screensaver existed, using one of the source ports. Where it would spawn a dozen or so of the monsters on either side and let them duke it out. Johnny Castaway is still the best screensaver ever though.
  8. First one I played was Doom (we got our PC just for it) unless you're counting colecovision, in which case it was Venture. First one I bought was the shareware version of Cosmos Cosmic Adventure for 25 cents, and the first full PC game I bought was Dink Smallwood, that came with a patch floppy (otherwise the game was unbeatable) and a message from the creators mom that said, "Enjoy the game! -Seth's mom" I hope this information has helped you in some way.
  9. There may not be a vanilla friendly way to do that, since doom doesn't like too many moving surfaces at one time.
  10. Memes are an outdated meme. 4chan is only for collaboration and the betterment of mankind now.
  11. when do we get the cacoward??
  12. Rich people exist. No one should take out loans for that experience though.
  13. Education is worth it, but I don't think you need colleges to get a higher education anymore. Damn near anything you want to learn you can learn for free, few exceptions. You can even converse and debate on a forum about what you've learned. You can get truly foreign ideas in real time from actual foreigners. I'd argue that learning through the internet would make you much more of a critical thinker than filtering all that information through a college professor who decides what's reasonable and what isn't. The correlation between wage and education could well come down to smarter people, who would be more likely to do better and make higher wages, pursuing higher education. Versus dumber people just deciding that they already have all the answers (not that a degree doesn't help). You'd have to use anecdotal evidence to decide which is more likely I guess.
  14. All I really want from Doombuilder is a separate visual layer that you can sketch on. So you can plan a map to scale. Nothing fancy, no opacity options or cutting and pasting, just draw and erase. Maybe 2 or 3 brush sizes. Otherwise it has features I've only recently learned about. Probably some I'm unaware of.
  15. Used to map in a DOS program (WADED) in the 90's. It was fun, but I wouldn't go back to it. DoomBuilder is too god damn convenient. I remember having to draw the sector lines clockwise or counter clockwise to control normal direction. If you could flip them I didn't know how to do it. Everything required a lot more patience. Even testing took time, typing out file paths and commands etc, so you couldn't just pop in, see things were dicked up, pop out, attempt fix, repeat. Took a lot more thoughtfully staring at a screen. Youtube didn't exist, so tutorials were harder to come by and only came in textual format. Luckily the community was pretty forthcoming with tips and tricks, which were aggregated for me by family. I was eight or nine probably. Aligning textures was garbage, to the point that people usually only did it for special instances.