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  1. Undying was a good Unreal engine game... Just throwing that out there.
  2. Trespasser is probably my favorite obscure-ish FPS. It had some decent publicity back when it was announced and some bad publicity when it was released, but I've only met 2 other people in my life that have played/knew about it. It's a pretty stupid game, but unique enough that I still go back and play it occasionally. Ambitious as hell.
  3. Alright, nice. So I could actually do this. I don't have a good reason to, but it's feasible. Thanks.
  4. I'd play it. How did you do it? I know I'm not well versed enough to repeat the process, but it's pretty interesting. (btw linguortals are the coolest thing)
  5. This is pretty dope.
  6. Space rock.
  7. Always wanted one where I could hum into my mic to get the timing and tone for the tracks, and convert that to instrument sounds - since I'm not a musician in the least, but occasionally hum a random tune I think sounds nice. Why does no one cater to my specific, borderline moronic wants?!
  8. Bzzrak: Maybe. You can send me some examples of your stuff if'n you please. I'll have some "bonus" slots open for episode 4 (story ends at E3M8), so if you're unsure you can potentially get something placed there and need not worry about the main story maps.
  9. You can listen to REKKR's soundtrack on YouTube now, thanks to HexenMapper (who made all of it) uploading it last night. It's super nice, especially if you like bagpipes:
  10. I can't make sounds very well, and I can't make music at all, but custom textures and sprites are mine. There's a grey area about what belongs to "you" though. If you photo source a texture and paint over it sufficiently it's "yours" legally (and morally I'd say), but just how much is a weird line. The law (iirc) says 80% different, but how do you judge the percentage of difference from source to final asset? Just wanted to throw that out there.
  11. I'll be sure to link the GZDoombuilder config when it's released.
  12. Good advice. I'll probably just try to make smaller maps. I've compared some of the ones I've made to vanilla doom maps and they're usually a bit larger. And since I use a lot of decorative things (grass sprites and such) it ends up being a bit much.
  13. The carriage driving segments will still be crap though.
  14. Coming out "when it's done".
  15. Thanks for the offer. The sprites are nearly all done though. Around 1000 of them... Just mapping left on my end (finished a map today actually, so that makes 8 done), and some final boss sprites and maybe some more decorations if I think of anything good.