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  1. Still being worked on. Closer to done than not, just not close enough to put a specific date on it. Thanks. Someone else mentioned it too. It'll be necessary when it's done. A fair few maps break it.
  2. some somewhat quick paints i did of 2 of the monsters. haven't painted in a while, so it was a fun diversion.
  3. "966 frames ought to be enough for anyone" - Bill Gates
  4. y dont u fite me u punk azz bich? Is shitposting allowed on Doomworld? I'm not sure where the limit is.
  5. It's a meme. A variation on a pretentious Reddit post about Rick and Morty.
  6. For quick and silly mods it's convenient. For anything large scale it gets more and more inconvenient the more ambitious your project gets. There are probably better tools out there for most things, but it has it's uses. And it's fun to limit yourself and try to get tricky. It's a good tool.
  7. There used to be an fps made exclusively for blind people where it simulated sound propagation. You could tap the walls and hear doors and such. I don't remember it being fun, but it was a cool idea.
  8. Agree with AgentBromsnor. The advertising is capitalizing on media hysteria. It's a bit distasteful.
  9. Still mapping. Don't have much new to tell, but wanted to let people know it's still coming. You guys like puzzles? Kinda hoping to wrap this up by Christmas, but we'll see how that goes.
  10. He mentions it in an episode too. One of the bots is making fun of his character for having been a temp and he's like "it was a pretty sweet gig, pretty much just hung out and played Doom..." He's talking about the character, but he probably wouldn't even have mentioned it if he wasn't a fan to some extent.
  11. I've played I.M. Meen.
  12. Puzzles are great.
  13. Bojack Horseman is only good for the first season or two. Then it gets tedious pretty much immediately at season 3.
  14. I remember that doom screensaver. Don't remember who I knew that had it though. Pretty neat. Would be cool if a real doom battle sim screensaver existed, using one of the source ports. Where it would spawn a dozen or so of the monsters on either side and let them duke it out. Johnny Castaway is still the best screensaver ever though.