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  1. Yah. Didn't mean to imply that it used the same engine as SNES Doom, only that it wasn't an engine port.
  2. Not nearly as knowledgable as most here, but Super Nintendo Doom is usually considered the worst port gameplay wise. It's impressive as hell though, imo. Biggest thing to note about it is that it's not really a port of the Doom engine. It's a rewrite from the ground up (as is one of the GBA Doom ports - 2 I think). Apparently made by one of the developers of Bleem! (who knew) Randy Linden. Also: Had deathmatch...
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    what, i ask, the hell man?

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      "It wasn't me, I swear!"

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      Don't worry, you haven't been singled out or anything - the thread was just closed and helled I assume

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      I figured the same. Shame there's no post hell anymore.

  4. My dad taught me when I was like... 8? 9? Something like that. He used to be pretty big into map making for Doom, Unreal, and UT99. Newer games don't allow for a single person to map as easily, so he kinda fell out of it. Oh. As for level flow: Practice. That's it. I don't claim to be a master level designer or anything. Just keep getting a little better every time. WADED ftw motherfuckers. DOS ALL THE WAY EVERY DAY.
  5. Welp. I can't figure out if I can easily send messages to multiple people at once, so: If you've claimed a map and are still working on send me a PM and know when you think you'll be done, please. I'm trying to come up with a sort of internal release date. If you're not likely going to finish a map, let me know that too. Irrelevant pic.
  6. Just a thing. Edit: Some helpful dude (or dudette, how would I know) pointed out his proportions were fucked. It's a bit better now.
  7. If you wanted to make an action in photoshop for it you could attempt to set it up to duplicate the base layer, find edges filter, desaturate, adjust levels, and multiply it over the base layer. Looks like: I'm sure you could tweak the method. If you just want a black outline around the sides only, just add a stroke (actually don't use stroke, use an opaque drop shadow with a 98% curve to avoid anti-aliased edges). If you want to do it with 3D models like action doom did: duplicate the model, select all vertices and move them along their local z axis (inflates the model like a balloon), then invert normals, and apply a black texture. If you want to do it with a shader: ask someone else (not that you asked me).
  8. This is something that a lot of people seem to forget about Doom. When it first came out, it was scary. Monster closests opening, dumping enemies out, not knowing what was around the next corner. The original doom only had 11 (I think?) monsters, counting the spectre, but you never knew if you were going to see something new. You didn't know if you were going to get a new gun, or more health. Hell, it's still one of the only games that can make me physically move in my chair to "dodge" a fireball. Doom 3 was like what Doom 1 was for everyone just starting out. Tense, and unsure. Doom 4 is like what Doom was by the end of E3, or maybe by Doom 2. You were running and gunning to see what came next.
  9. There's a lot wrong with this guys analysis. You can't play Doom with 20 years of experience on a newer source port and complain that barons and cacos have too much health or that there isn't enough ammo (btw if you play Doom for 20 years and still run out of ammo - you suck). Barons are literally boss monsters. They should have more health. And their projectiles do more damage which - if you were playing with default controls in 1992 - were harder to dodge (thereby causing more damage). I agree that certain maps are poorly designed, but Doom 1 does remarkably well considering it literally the first time anyone had done this. Doom 2's maps don't bother me as much as others, but they're not as consistently good as Doom 1's. Sure, Doom 2's maps are more gimmicky, but they suffer for that reason. Having 5 or 6 memorable maps isn't the same as having 2 solid episodes worth of levels. Also: How a map or chapter feels or looks isn't level design, It's art direction. So he's pretty far off base there. Ahhhhhhiiiidunno. I think Doom 2 does a great job at integrating the new monsters, and the new monsters are fantastic, but Doom 1 was far from bad. Even when compared to Doom games that came out four (tnt/plutonia) to twelve (doom 3) years later. Whole video sounds like he just wanted to bitch about something that didn't need to be bitched about. Lazy controversy (which seems like the point of the video series, really). I mean, there is a lot that is wrong with many older games - Duke Nukem for example (doors that kill you, awkward enemy encounters, some later maps) but to bitch about it 20 years later is like complaining that the horse and carriage is a shitty form of transportation. Cars are faster, safer probably, cheaper, less poop - sure - but people still ride carriages through central park every day. Because it's fun. Barons then can't be bullet sponges in Doom 1, because nothing else short of a Cyberdemon in doom 1 does more damage (per attack).
  10. He sounds like a younger Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.
  11. I've never seen you before in my life.
  12. Looks okay, maybe. We'll see. Looks like they keep trying to one-up TOS with these reboots and "before kirk" things. I liked Enterprise (feel like I'm in the minority there), but it sort of suffered from the same thing.
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      They made such classics like Heathen: Shade of the Snake Pedallers and Hext!

  14. Picture I painted in gimp while on breaks during work like 2+ years ago.
  15. Yeah, but you'd still get all the player grunts what-not... Ah well. Good to know. I think the fanciest thing I could make is a chamber that when you enter it closes the door behind you, heals you for a while, then opens back up... Which is needlessly complicated for something that could be replaced by a couple of health packs.