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  1. Lippeth


    Just checking in to show off some Synthwave I've done. Feel free to enjoy it or ignore it!
  2. Lippeth

    [WIP] Super Slug VI: Full Metal Racket [ZDoom]

    Info added, thanks for the feedback! The cells are a hint for a relevant secret in the area, and thanks for having a good eye for the wrong texture, it can sometimes be easy to miss for me. Thanks again! I've also updated the op to be more informative and descriptive.
  3. I've been working on this map for Doom II in UDMF sporadically in my free time over the past few months. It isn't the sixth of anything, I just thought it was a fun title. This map is for those still hung up on the tech base aesthetic. It's basically a water powered base built underground, but has partially collapsed due to the machines turning the water into toxic waste. Full Metal Racket I wanted to make it reasonably difficult, but it's hard to gauge the difficulty when you know where everything is. There are secrets here and there designed to make it a little easier, and a few shortcuts are available to clear a room before you actually enter it. I also made the music (Patch93's SC-55 soundfont or an actual Roland Sound Canvas are recommended) and I'm interested in feedback and suggestions if you'd like to give it a try. Things like difficulty and monster/item placement as well as the overall flow and fun factor. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you like it! http://i.imgur.com/n3JxfD6.png?1
  4. I suppose it's too late to get in on this action, but I'd love to make a contribution if there's room. If not then I'm still excited to hear the result!
  5. Lippeth

    [Map] Interrupted

    I know this is an old project, but I've added a second map and nearly overhauled the first one. EDITED: to remove naggy feedback request.
  6. Lippeth

    WIP: The Id's RPG series coming soon

    At first I was thinking, "Y'think you have enough screenshots?" and then I noticed how each one is more impressive than the last. I'm all over this when you release it. I do agree that the sky could use more color, but that doesn't take away from it looking absolutely stellar.
  7. Lippeth

    Minor Gameplay Mod [updated 2/3/2016]

    I haven't seen anyone make the shotgun pump like that before I made these sprites originally, but I can't say who did it first. Here's your mod with the classic shotgun barrel, I hope you like it!
  8. Lippeth

    Minor Gameplay Mod [updated 2/3/2016]

    Haha, no worries, I've had my share of goofs as well. I'm forever tormented with comments I've left on idgames. But I can still add the original Doom barrel to the shotgun if you want.
  9. Lippeth

    Minor Gameplay Mod [updated 2/3/2016]

    Minor credit issue: Weapons of Saturn was created by me, not wildweasel. I can remove the vent holes for the shotgun in exchange for proper crediting if you're interested.
  10. Lippeth

    [Map] Interrupted

    Ha, I knew someone was going to call me out for that, and rightfully so. Good call. I wanted to refrain from using actual audio files and had no luck finding a MIDI version, so I was limited to choosing between vgm and spc files (Genesis and SNES formats) and even though I think the Genesis version still sounds better in every way, the SNES version fits better in the map, though using the Sega CD version as an ogg file is only 2 MB, so there wouldn't be too much harm in that. But the music would have to stay consistent if I add more maps which could end up making the entire file more bloated than it needs to be. Another decent call on the radsuit placement. I thought that would be a good place for a quick secret but didn't know what to put. What would be a better fit? I could add a new secret area that is submerged in slime halfway across the whole map, requiring a radsuit to get there, just a quick afterthought.
  11. Lippeth

    Favorite Doom Sound?

    Agreed. I also really love the Hell Knight's death scream, which sounds like it's saying 'agua'. I can just imagine its last request is for a drink of water.
  12. Lippeth

    [Map] Interrupted

    Wow, thanks Salt-Man Z! That demo was very fun to watch and gives me good insight, like where to fix minor issues and how a player might problem solve. You were so close to figuring out every secret and gave me ideas on how to implement better ones in future maps. I couldn't ask for a better play test, thanks again.
  13. Lippeth

    [Map] Interrupted

    I hope you're not sick of tech base maps. I made this partly to learn the UDMF, but mainly to try and make a cool map and share it. Nothing fancy, just Doom. I'm still tinkering to clean it up and better implement difficulty settings, and I may try to make a few more maps to make a little set with the same theme. I did use a few textures and flats from Doom 1 for more of a tech vibe, and I have no idea where that sky is from. It's just been collecting dust on my hard drive so if anyone has a keen eye, maybe you can help me give a proper credit. Interrupted I called it that because things need names. It has nothing to do with anything.
  14. Lippeth

    Doom sounds on your phone

    I have DSITEMUP set as my Facebook notification, Metal Gear Solid's codec for phone calls, and Diablo 2's town portal sound for text messages and emails.
  15. Holy cow, it's on /idgames already? I need to get with the times. Thanks, Jimmy for letting me take part in this project!