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  1. What's funny with my first few attempts with E1M3, is that I found most of the secrets but couldn't seem to find any of the keys. It was like everything I thought was the way out was another secret. I did play these maps out of order though, and E1M3 was the first one I played to completion, and the logic of the map actually helped me get acclimated to the other maps. But I still have that tendency to find secrets instead of the way out. Great secrets though! An update on my MIDI pack: Only one song to go, and it seems I've hit a wall. After a week and a half of beating my head against the keyboard and about five half-finished MIDI tracks that don't seem to capture the right mood, I had to just walk away and wait for the right mood to strike. I anticipate no longer than another week, but I just don't want to think about it right now. I considered asking the MIDTWID team if I could just use my latest submission for this as well because it does seem to fit, but that's just taking the easy way out and I want to write a completely original piece and have no overlap with projects. I'm not a very prolific producer in general, so the fact that I've done 10 songs in two months while also doing songs for another project has completely sapped me, as proud as I am to have done so much in the time frame. Anyway, thanks for bearing with me; it'll be done very soon!
  2. Lippeth

    Tempered Arms for Hexen v1.0

    Another year, another update! I took a break for a while, but recently picked it back up and had some ideas to refine it even more. New features are in the changelog. Enjoy!
  3. Lippeth

    What does anyone think about the mars volta

    YEAH! That was my jam!
  4. Lippeth

    What does anyone think about the mars volta

    I listened to At The Drive-In as a teen, and liked Deloused in the Comatorium when it first came out, but they sort of got lost in the fray for me amidst everything else I was into simply by chance. I'd hardly call them obscure though, there was a time in the 2000s where I couldn't walk two feet without someone mentioning them like they were sharing the secret of the universe, and if it wasn't Mars Volta it was Mastodon. Not a bad band at all though!
  5. Lippeth

    Top 5 Metal/Rock albums?

    Not necessarily in any order or well thought out enough to represent anything other than what's fresh in my mind right now. It's hard to pick just five, but luckily everyone here seems to have filled in the rest. Metal: Gwar - Violence Has Arrived Death - The Sound of Perseverance Opeth - Still Life Cryptopsy - None So Vile Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated Rock: Pink Floyd - Animals Nirvana - In Utero Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy Tool - Undertow
  6. Lippeth

    Positivity Thread

    Great taste in music, I always like to go deep diving into a full album after you post a song, and I still use your version of PrBoom+um you compiled last year fairly often, the sound just seems crisper than usual and I love it!
  7. Lippeth

    Positivity Thread

    I'm in need of this thread too much for it to be derailed so quickly. We're all friends here, that's just Murdoch's sense of humor. I am certain he meant nothing by it, plus there's no greater gesture of peace than removing it and apologizing. [Edit] Was trying to quote a comment but am on mobile and hit send while trying to go back a page so here we are...
  8. Lippeth

    Positivity Thread

    I'm watching your play-through of Crepitations by Soulless and those Cherry MX Blues (I assume) sound like they feel great. The evolution of your profile pic was cool to see, and I generally enjoy your presence around here, you seem like an interesting dude!
  9. Lippeth

    Hexen: Can't move second gate with the bull switches

    Aha, I assumed that since you already had the steel key you were coming from the other side, but I glossed over the fact that you would also need to know to enter the opposite side of the hub. To call Hexen confusing is an understatement, The Guardian of Steel puzzle stumped me for a very, very long time. It's the puzzle that prevented me from getting into the game altogether at first. Glad you got through it!
  10. Lippeth

    Hexen: Can't move second gate with the bull switches

    I've never inspected the map in an editor so I'm not exactly sure how they work, but there should be two sets of bull switches, one set for the first side, and one set for the steel key side, four switches in total. Normally I have to pull both switches on one side for each gate to move, but occasionally pulling only one switch seems to work.
  11. Lippeth

    YouTube vs vidlii

    Whoa, Vidlii looks like Youtube when it first launched, except Youtube never greeted me with racial slurs and Spongebob memes on the front page.
  12. Lippeth

    Adventures of Square (except not, because it won't run)

    Assuming you're using square.exe and your computer can at least run it well enough to mess with options, you can go to options>advanced>all engine options>set video mode, then set the render mode to Doom Software Renderer. Basically all the normal GZDoom options are hidden in the [all engine options] section. But setting vid_renderer to 0 in both gzdoom.ini and gzdoom-[user].ini should work, so that's something. Did you type in vid_renderer=0 or did you find the existing setting and set it to 0? If you added it, the original setting could be overriding what you added, but that's about the only way I can think of that would make it not register, unless there's another setting I'm missing. Hope you get it running!
  13. Lippeth

    Looking for an OP Hexen mod

    This is the most vanilla feeling, while making the combat a little more fluid; though it does change a few more things than just weapons, but very subtly. This is only weapons, but it's more to do with animations and alt attacks, while keeping the difficulty balanced. Neither mod is OP per se, unless you lower the diffuculty or change damage numbers.
  14. Lippeth

    [Crispy Doom] How do I use custom .sf2 Soundfont?

    Excellent! Glad to know it's working out. Doom with no music is like a car with no gas. Enjoy the soundfonts!
  15. Thanks for the support, all! Do let me know if anything sits weird with any of the maps. This is just my personal interpretation of what the maps should sound like, but I hope it's enjoyable and helps to enhance the experience of these already stellar maps. I'm having a lot of fun playing them while thinking of ideas and testing out songs; these maps have great replayability, and it's a fun challenge to capture several different visual themes with one looping song. Enjoy!