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  1. It's just grossly outdated and I had no immediate desire to keep it updated (until now I guess, thanks for the reminder!) I'm sure it will still run just fine in the meantime but may require some tweaking to get it to the way you like.
  2. Very nice! I had commented out the default footsteps from player.def in order to link different sounds per foot for walking/running/crouching. Strange that all you got was silence, I had to test it again just now and it still seems to work fine. Sometimes if I get sound issues I will delete gamex86.dll from all game folders and let them generate again after playing. One thing I notice in your video is that you might have s_maxSoundsPerShader set to 1 . Setting it to 0 may help in that regard, as well as let each weapon play every random variation of sound tied to them (only hearing the first sound play from each shader is quite jarring). That's actually a good reminder for me to update the readme file for recommended settings. I've actually got a small update on the way which increases blood/gore (sorry WARDUST), separates the glowing eyes for imps to make them pulse independently from each other, and makes the barrel of the BFG glow when charging to fire.
  3. Other than the original exes in DOSBox, GZDoom gets the most use because of the type of mods I like to play and make, often running a dozen or so at the same time. Usually more subtle mods to energize the vanilla experience, but I'm not opposed to checking out anything interesting or novel. Though, every once in a while I'll update MSYS2/VS and check out the latest features of every port I can figure out how to compile. Less unusual and more purist maybe. 4:3, 35Hz, resolution no higher than 640x480. I like to see those pixels really sparkle and twinkle! Maybe the most unusual things are that I like random sound pitching if the range isn't too wide, I almost always enable the compatibility setting for the silent BFG trick, and I own several hardware MIDI devices but often prefer Gravis Ultrasound patches instead. In GZDoom I manually set the automap's custom colors to match the original instead of selecting traditional Doom, just in case I want to make secret sectors cyan as a cheat. I've been hardwired by the iwads to start at UV and work my way down if it's too aggressive. The way I play maps usually involves exploring the level and engaging in combat while looking for the exit switch, more often than not with the music as loud or louder than the sound effects. I don't deviate too much from classic styles that play similarly to the iwads, and I'm a sucker for Ultimate Doom replacements. I tend to replay the same few wads over and over, while slowly adding new ones that share a theme of not being too large or elaborate in architecture design. Seeing that a wad is vanilla compatible usually piques my interest, less for its actual DOS compatibility and more because the general size, style and flow of maps usually scratch my Doom itch. Honestly I still play the iwads more than anything. I still remember the magic I felt the first time playing Doom when it came out, and though I do sometimes explore different novelties and try to experience a wide range of fan creations, when I want to play Doom, I want it to be like Doom.
  4. Lippeth

    Share Melodic Death Metal songs

    I only listen to technical brutal death metal, and I absolutely hate brutal technical death metal! It's too brutal and not nearly technical enough! Along with every other music genre, melodic death metal is the only genre I listen to, and I hate everything else! none of it is nearly melodic enough!
  5. Lippeth

    Favorite Doom: The Dark Ages Weapon?

    I really like the flail, though from the trailer it does look like it'll be more of a special action than an inventory weapon you can cycle to. I do hope it's not randomized with the kicking animation, and though a separate key for kicking and swinging the flail sounds a bit cumbersome, I don't doubt it will be somewhat satisfying to use in whatever capacity. I just generally like maces and flails in games.
  6. Lippeth

    Looking for a challenge...

    One way to tweak Nightmare skill would be to set g_healthTakeLimit from 25 to 100 in either the console or DoomConfig.cfg so that instead of ticking down until your health is 25, it won't take any health. And then to remove the soulcube from your starting weapons you can remove it from line 774 in player.def located in pak000.pk4 inside the base folder of your Doom 3 directory. The cleanest way would be to create a new folder in your base folder and call it "def", then copy player.def into it and make it so that instead of: "weapon_nightmare" "weapon_fists,weapon_pistol,weapon_flashlight,weapon_pda,weapon_soulcube" it reads: "weapon_nightmare" "weapon_fists,weapon_pistol,weapon_flashlight,weapon_pda" Another way to do the whole thing would be to play on Veteran skill and change g_damageScale to 2.4, though you'd have to do this at the start of every level because it will always go back to the default of 1, unless you make a script to set it every cycle (overkill, but that's the only way I know how to do it). According to what I've found in the source code, the internal damage scaling (or at least that's what I think it is) of Veteran is 1.7, whereas on Nightmare it's 3.5, but setting g_damageScale to 2.0588235 etc. is kind of silly and also doesn't seem to be accurate in practice (the damage info I found was more to do with saving throws and survival chance anyway). On Veteran skill, a zsec with a pistol consistently does 6 points of damage to the player with no armor, and does 14 points of damage on Nightmare, so that's how I derived at setting g_damageScale to 2.4, as that's what allowed me to have the zsec pistol guy do 14 points on Veteran. I would still recommend playing on Nightmare, setting the take health limit to 100 and removing the soulcube from starting weapons, but if you want to play on Veteran without having to change g_damageScale every time, let me know because it would be much simpler to just make and send than to bloat this post even more than it already is.
  7. Lippeth

    Having trouble adding custom sounds to Doom 3's File 'pak003'

    I didn't even know BFGResManager could export idwavs as wavs until you mentioned it, and it's a lot quicker than the way I've been doing it, so I definitely appreciate that! I'm honestly not sure why it corrupts for you when converting, that's a bit beyond my knowledge and the most advanced thing I can think of is to restart your computer lol. Once you use the online converter to convert the mp3 back into a wav file, are you still resampling it with Audacity or using it in Doom 3 as is? I would still put it through Audacity and export as a 44100Hz wav just to be sure that the online conversion is doing something that Doom 3 can't read.
  8. Lippeth

    Having trouble adding custom sounds to Doom 3's File 'pak003'

    Here's a link to a few of the BFGed sounds I got working with Doom 3: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n462wn9mbyelpbq/z_d3bfg_reissue_soundtest.pk4/file That is a bit strange, when I export to standard format with BFGResManager, the files play as expected in vlc and Audacity, and after converting to 44.1 or 22.05 with Audacity, sound will play back in Doom 3. You could try using Doom 3 BFG Edition .Resource File Extractor & Sound Converter which has no real ui but should yield the same results.
  9. Lippeth

    Having trouble adding custom sounds to Doom 3's File 'pak003'

    Would you be willing to briefly list each step in your process in order to see what is going wrong and where? The only way I was able to produce the same warning message (other than the file path being incorrect or a missing file) was by using the wav files directly converted by quickbms, which for one, has a different yet equally uncommon sample rate for each sound, but doesn't give a warning about the sample rate or bit depth until converting it 1:1 through Audacity. I also work with other DAWs and have found that Doom 3 doesn't recognize wav files from Pro Tools either without running them through Audacity first, and I imagine a similar encoding issue is happening here as well. I've got some free time today and can put together a working patch file with some of the BFG sounds if you want to see what it all looks like when working properly in order to figure out where you might be going wrong.
  10. Lippeth

    Having trouble adding custom sounds to Doom 3's File 'pak003'

    You may need to convert the audio files (Audacity is a free and easy way to convert audio to specific formats) to one of the sample rates that the original Doom 3 recognizes (11025, 22050, or 44100). Sounds also need a bit depth of 16. When in doubt, open the console and read the warning text in red if a sound doesn't play(` or ctrl+alt+`). It may or may not give you specific details depending on what's wrong, but it will let you know which sounds aren't working. Sounds can be in wav or ogg and you can even define ogg files as wav files in the shader definition and the game will allow it for some reason, but not the other way around. File sizes don't matter (though there may be a limit I'm not aware of), and file names don't really matter so long as the sound shader lists the same name and location of the actual file.
  11. In maybe the 7th or 8th grade, after school I would often play F-Zero X with Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar playing on the stereo. I would play until the album finished and then start homework or chores or whatever I did as a kid. I know this isn't really what op is after but it's what came to mind. I've been listening to a lot of Fear Factory lately and it reminds me of playing Dawn of Fate, so I suppose it would be cool to play a new Terminator game set in the future with Demanufacture or Obsolete as the soundscape.
  12. Lippeth

    Way to extract BFG edition sounds?

    By using quickbms.exe from the above linked .resource file extractor and sound converter, a window will pop up for you to select a script or plugin; locate the folder quickbms.exe is in and open the script Doom3BFGEditionIDWAVToWAVConverter.txt. Another window will then ask for the input file, so locate the idwav, select it (or multiple files) and click open. The last window asks for the output folder which can be anywhere you like, including the same folder of the idwav, and voila!
  13. Lippeth

    Way to extract BFG edition sounds?

    There's also Doom 3 BFG Edition .Resource File Extractor & Sound Converter, though I think that instead of playing a single audio file combining the classic medikit pickup with the soulcube heal sound, the game either plays them at the same time on the fly every time or I just cant find it (usually the BFG specific sounds should be found in the "_reissue" folder). You can however achieve the exact same effect without recording game audio by combining "sound/patd/l_health.idwav" and "sound/weapons/soulcube/recharge.idwav" in a DAW like Audacity, after converting them to wav files, of course. It might also be even simpler to take the two sounds from the original Doom 3's "pak003.pk4". l_health_recharge.wav
  14. Lippeth

    CO OP #3 (Doom animation)

    Saw this in my recommended and quite enjoyed it!
  15. When I worked for a K-pop studio we would often go to the beach, movie theater, theme park, bowling, mini golf etc. but if there was still work to be done at the studio we would have to go back afterward to complete it, even if it meant working well into the night because deadlines don't change and we were all paid salary, and we couldn't stay at the studio while everyone else did the activity because we had to be a team. There was also a competitive tone to every activity dictated by the whims of the owner and his wife, with winners receiving substantial cash rewards and losers having to clean toilets or park far away and have to walk uphill through the neighborhoods of Laurel Canyon to get to the studio. Every Monday morning was "voluntary worship" where a Christian preacher would come in to speak and lead in worship songs and prayers. It was "voluntary", but those who didn't participate were either made to feel so unwelcome by the owners and their lackeys that they left the company or would eventually be let go for various reasons. After a one-on-one conversation with the owner at a lunch meeting about how vital I was to the studio's success and growth, and discussing all the plans going forward, the studio shut down during the pandemic and I was let go. Later on while working at a local Target, I was grateful anytime they would bring in pizza or a taco truck while doing overtime during holidays and special occasions, because the only thing that was required of me was to do my normal job and go home on time while enjoying free food.