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  1. Ah sorry, it was while using DOSBox Staging, and the error message is Z_CheckHeap: block size does not touch the next block, so the secret map likely just has linedefs with no sector attached. I imagine that true vanilla compatibility is lower priority anyhow, and the wad is still perfectly vanilla compatible without level warping.
  2. I'm a sucker for E1 replacements and this is one of the coolest UD episodes I've ever played. Played it once through in DOSBox and another in GZDoom with a few subtle mods for blood and other effects. Don't hate me but I did end up removing the Doom 64 sound effects, but the overall setting and moody lighting really made for a wonderful time. Being vanilla compatible and actually being able to save without crashing is such a nice thing; though I did get it to crash, but only when warping to e1m9, and only when warping from an even numbered map for some reason.
  3. Played through the first few maps episode whole thing in dsda and it's been fantastic so far! Getting up the waterfall in e1m4 to get the red key did take me a minute to figure out for some reason (and I figured it out by accident), but everything else has been pleasantly intuitive, and the action ramps up nicely. The only issues I found are two slime trails, no pun intended. One minor one in the first area of e1m3 on linedef 153, and a larger one in the last main area of e1m5 on linedef 635. And lastly in e2m1 the sector in the slime tunnel with the switch that lowers the wall forward has a rock flat but still has a damaging floor.
  4. Lippeth

    Post your Desktop Background

    Just can't bring myself to change it.
  5. Lippeth

    Which sector light mode do you use in GZDoom?

    I suppose what I'm getting at is that as a mapper I try not to stress over what settings a player might prefer to use. That's not to say I don't make suggestions in the text file or even enforce some things (namely compat settings), but I've also not made a map where having or not having light diminishing would obstruct progression or be anything other than a preference, despite mainly testing with a specific one.
  6. Lippeth

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Which video was this from? I'd imagine that even if he ever had said that, it was likely less of a soapbox claim and more of a hyperbolic character exclamation. The show is after all comically focused on the negative elements of old games.
  7. Lippeth

    Favorite piece of horror media?

    But that stuff's the best part lol! Nah but Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining is absolutely a masterpiece of horror film making. And Lovecraft is pure atmosphere, I most recently read At the Mountains of Madness and while more sci-fi than outright horror, it's presented in a very dry and scientific way which makes it all the more curious and unsettling. And Twilight Zone is always entertaining, usually punchy simple concepts with great twist endings usually involving the protagonist's comeuppance.
  8. Lippeth

    Favorite piece of horror media?

    Inside (or À l'intérieur) from 2007 is a favorite of mine. An expecting mother recently widowed in a car accident is tormented in her home by a woman determined to cut out her unborn baby with a pair of scissors. Lots of great tension and over-the-top violence with a unique soundtrack.
  9. Lippeth

    Which sector light mode do you use in GZDoom?

    Software most definitely. On occasion I'll cycle through while playing a few maps to see how I still feel about them, and while "Doom" comes close sometimes, they all have a sort of dull looking ambient quality except for "build" which is a fun novelty every once in a while. As for the second question, I haven't made a ton of maps but I only remember testing in software sector light mode, and don't really care or worry if someone misses out on my intended experience because of their preferred lighting mode, or any other setting really. I could be dense but I can't think of a scenario where using a different sector lighting mode than the author intended would ruin anything other than either seeing or not seeing something obscured by a particularly dark sector.
  10. Lippeth

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I had a lot of fun with this game, first playing through with Leon then Claire, and then again with Claire first and Leon second, which I don't really recommend because other than an extra weapon in the B scenario that you'll likely not use much anyway, each A and B story plays out the same no matter which combination. Either way, RE2 has got to be one of my favorite types of 'remake' because its such a different overall experience that it still makes you actually want to play the original. While I like both the og and remake versions of RE1 and RE4, the overall experiences are a bit too similar for me to get immediately primed for the other version, whereas both versions of 2 and 3 feel more complimentary. I don't think I share the sentiment of wanting remakes to be simply the same game with modern amenities and new engine/models/textures, they can be tedious to play and I'm sure they're even more tedious to make. Not that the remakes of RE1 and RE4 are 1:1 by any means, but they do allow for more direct comparisons from scene to scene, unlike 2 and 3 is all. The Sourcenext version of Biohazard 2 for PC with the Classic REbirth patch is the way I went into it for Claire A Leon B, and I emulated the PS1 version for Leon A Claire B. Even after playing so much of the remake, the original RE2 still feels fresh and is totally worth replaying, and it still even makes me appreciate and want to replay the remake again.
  11. I probably quote lines from this more than any other piece of media in existence.
  12. I'll switch between them on any given day for any or no reason at all. Sometimes the floor clipping and/or height difference bugs me, sometimes not. Usually hardware if mouselook is required, and most mods I use do look better with the floor clipping in hardware mode (the footprints in Nashgore aren't visible in software afaik), but almost always software with Hexen in order to get the bold blue color of the stained glass to look right.
  13. Lippeth

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing through F.E.A.R. for the first time since first trying it on a friend's computer in like 2007. Really great atmosphere, and better lighting than most games that come out today. Hearing the sound of bullet casings pour out onto wooden floors is so satisfying, and all the jumpy-kicky melee combinations feel great to pull off in a firefight. The spooky set pieces are whatever, there's always something like a flickering HUD or sound sting to telegraph when something "sPoOkY" is about to happen, so it all falls flat for the most part, and the creepy little girl with dark hair cliche was played out even in 2005, but the overall vibe with dramatic lighting, droning ambient music and excellent foley create a cool atmosphere with the setting of office buildings in a big city.
  14. Lippeth


    I haven't played it, should I check it out or what? I've seen Mutahar and Moist Charlie make videos on it, and I have it sitting in my downloads folder but I don't know, I haven't been playing much classic Doom lately other than to test DOSBox settings. As far as it causing a mapping boom, the WADS and Mods subforum already seems to be split into more specific subcategories on a monthly basis in order to manage the high volume of wads that are constantly released, I think it's already a'boomin.
  15. Lippeth

    Doom 3 in 2023

    Checkmate, atheists. As much as I love messing around with mods, I still consider the original Doom 3 exe with no mods to be the definitive way to play. But when it comes to modding, I usually just make my own patches to give all weapons a dryfire sound and animation, firing offsets that bug me with the machinegun and chaingun, and fix a few odds and ends like weapon gui screens, the weird armor percentage, or the plasmagun sounds being linked to the world model causing it to play over itself, sometimes at a delay and in your right ear. I don't know what this says about the quality of Doom 3, but sometimes playing with the code in a text editor can be just as fun as playing the game. If you want to get the most out of the vanilla game with nothing but the console, Doom 3 Tweak Guide by Koroush Ghazi is a great resource, giving proper explanations to as many cvars as possible, instead of the all too common "just trust me and copy paste all this into your autoexec.cfg to make teh bad broken gaem more gooder". That said, CstDoom3 is a favorite of mine when it comes to 2023-ifying old stinky Doom 3, it's main features include reverting the HUD stretching that happens when using a wide aspect ratio, displaying cabinet codes, and all the more contentious options like a head mounted flashlight and reduced spread for the shotgun. The best part is that everything is optional, and the menu goes pretty deep with cool options. They've also got one for the BFG Edition which is just as extensive.