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  1. Running a batch file with "chocolate-doom -merge RoC25sprites.wad" makes it run in Chocolate Doom for me, which is like running deusf.exe for vanilla Doom. There might be another way to do it, and I don't fully understand wad merging and appending sprites, but here's a good page for some info. https://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/WAD_merging_capability I like the blue! EDIT: Ah, using DeuSF in DOSBox edits the wad which can then be used in Chocolate Doom without a batch file. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3941ivbz1j9praq/RoC25sprites-deusf.wad/file With both deusf.exe and RoC25sprites.wad in the Doom2 directory, type "deusf -app RoC25sprites.wad". It does increase the file size because (I assume) it's adding some of Doom's info to the wad. To restore the wad you can type "deusf -res RoC25sprites.wad".
  2. Lippeth

    Vicarious | 3 map limit-removing episode

    This was a lot of fun! The medieval style is great and the challenge felt right for a three map arc. It didn't take too long to finish and there were only a few spots I had to keep quickloading until getting through it, but it all felt justified. I really like how the sky gets darker with each map, and the palette's bold colors are nice. Putting this in the "Halloween vibes" folder. Great job!
  3. Lippeth

    Last Concert You Were At??

    Nice! that was a great era for Gwar, and when I saw them the most. I'll bet seeing Slayer with Hanneman was nothing short of spiritual, and I'm sad I never got to see them. The late 2000s were a really good time for live heavy music.
  4. Lippeth

    Last Concert You Were At??

    I used to go to shows all the time in my 20s. Mainly local bands but a few bigger acts like Gwar and Rob Zombie would sneak their way in if they were close. The last really real show I went to was Kraftwerk in 2015. I did see Jesca Hoop in 2017 but it was part of a school project so I don't know if it counts because I wouldn't have gone otherwise. I did see a co-worker's band play at some dive bar in 2019, so maybe that was the last one.
  5. Lippeth

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    The first one of course! Unless there was one or more before the one on idTech4. I don't think I've even seen any footage of the newer one(s).
  6. Lippeth

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    1. Wrath 2. Turok 3. Ion Fury 4. Hexen 5. Dark Forces 6. Prey 7. Rage 8. Doom 3 9. Blood 10. Quake 4 11? Perfect Dark
  7. Lippeth

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    Always had some variation of goatee, chinstrap, sideburns, stubble or clean shaven, usually changing it up every now and again just for fun. A few years ago I was looking for ways to cut costs in my life and razors were one of the first things to go, so I've been full beard ever since, only trimming with those tiny beard scissors every few months when it gets really out of hand. Haven't had a haircut in a while either.
  8. Lippeth

    Most disturbing film?

    Human Centipede 2 was pretty in-your-face. Begotten has some cool visuals but is more of a "throw it on in the background" type of thing because it really drags on. Inside (2007) is a cool home invasion film with some brutal scenes. Two films that aren't necessarily disturbing by modern standards but disturbed me in a narrative sense are The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) and Brain Dead (1990), both starring Bill Pullman.
  9. Lippeth

    What soundfont do you use to play doom?

    A few months ago I stumbled onto a paid soundfont called Voice Crystal made by Mark Wiens from Eye & I Productions who apparently helped develop the Gravis Ultrasound. The website is not secure which made me skeptical, but the order form is, so I took a chance and ordered it after a bit of research. I later got a phone call from Mark Wiens himself saying it'll be a little while before he sends it because he was troubleshooting his servers or something, but we ended up talking about MIDI and his involvement with Gravis. He probably thought it was unusual to have a customer turn into a fanboy but he seemed happy to talk about it. It was a really cool experience for me and after hearing the soundfont and testing it out, it's very well balanced and while it doesn't sound like the GUS at all (that wasn't the goal anyway), it does evoke the same tightness and is a great option if you've got $20 USD to spend on a soundfont.
  10. Lippeth

    Your Preferred Food?

    Chicken thighs (fried or baked), smoked salmon, Korean cheese corn, musubi, chicken katsu with curry, banh mi, pumpkin soup with crab, pig feet (not pickled), traditional English/Irish breakfast (sausage, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, black and white pudding), anything and everything Indian, etc, etc, etc.
  11. Lippeth

    Post a picture...that you took

    I've had it for about two years so that makes sense. A part of me thinks it broke so easily and so suddenly from prolonged exposure sitting next to the graphics card which can run quite warm when I stress it, but it's still glass and should be able to handle that kind of heat. I always kept it slightly under-tightened with the screws as well, but will probably go back to metal cases from now on. Honestly I wasn't even mad when it happened and my immediate thought was "birds fly, fish swim, glass breaks", almost agreeing with its inevitability and feeling lucky that it happened on such a easy to sweep surface; I don't even think I had a reaction. It did take a little while to remove all the stray pieces of glass clinking around inside, shifting it back and forth and pulling them out with chopsticks. I'm also glad it was tempered glass and not something that would've cut me up. Edit: Fixed! (good enough for me, anyway!)
  12. Lippeth

    Post a picture...that you took

    I took it out for its monthly* cleaning, unscrewed the panel, got my fingers around it to pull off...and it exploded in my hands with the slightest pressure in the most dramatic fashion. I'm just glad it didn't happen on my desk.
  13. Lippeth

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I was referring to vanilla Doom and didn't think to mention it because I thought it was a given based on the context. I usually don't save for fear of "vanilla" compatible wads making me go deaf from save game buffer overflow, and don't save when playing the original game because the maps are short enough that I don't mind replaying if I die. Of course none of this is applicable in most ports.
  14. Lippeth

    Looking for a very specific type of wad

    Several come to mind offhand: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/megawads/dtwid https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/d-f/dbimpact