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  1. The Bright Skins dmflag was enabled. It is valid in all game modes.
  2. It was definitely the lego one.
  3. One of the maps was not very easy on the eyes.
  4. May need to pick a card or flip a coin for that one.
  5. There was the odd bit of chat about that throughout the session. It did however make it all the more fascinating to fist the monsters to death, go at them with a chainsaw, or hope you don't run out of clips before resorting to the two former cases.
  6. This was an interesting session. Getting lost is right.
  7. The BFG IWAD(s) are indeed recognized and accounted for.
  8. That message is typically only received if the IWAD is not legitimate. If it were, then a patching attempt would have occurred. The "Don't bother trying to patch the wad; it's NOT possible." message would otherwise not appear.
  9. On ZDaemon, there are a few Greenwar servers up. At least one in Australia, one in NJ and a few in Europe.
  10. Damn, missed the completion of map14....
  11. Silly would be a clear understatement. Insane wouldn't quite describe it either.
  12. Surviving on map14 is futile. 4 hours now.
  13. Map14 will not end without a lot of pain...
  14. It'll be on: zds:// Non-DM port is: 10610