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Elf Gets Pissed 1.1

   (29 reviews)


12 Screenshots

About This File

An episode 1 replacement for Heretic.

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Great WAD, solidly nails that fantasy castle crawling feeling, not too rough on the player nor overly stingy/generous on supplies, encourages good use of items, plenty of navigation and switch puzzles as is apt for Heretic, but also lets loose with a little slaughter.


Some areas could use slightly brighter lighting, and sometimes the next switch or door isn't signalled too well, but overall a fun and feisty fantasy fight fest.

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Darman Macray

· Edited by Darman Macray


These levels are short, sweet, and pack a lot of punch. Complete with a humorous end-text-screen containing a healthy dose of silly shock-humor, this is a masterful triumph of Heretic map-making, and most certainly a must-play wad.

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This was a blast to play. Sometimes the difficulty felt like it was borderline dickish but never totally unfair. Good stuff!

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Good Heretic sets are all too rare, and this is quality stuff!

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Great Heretic episode, total play for every Heretic fan... fun layouts, monsters placed according to their traits, combined with the atmosphere, everything comes together to create something that feel like a reskinned Doom map. :P

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Heretic of the North Star.

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Intense, difficult WAD for Heretic. Definitely proves that you can make something not-boring with this game, although it still suffers from not enough ammo syndrome and nothing can fix the tiring graphics style.

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