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The Terraces

   (3 reviews)


About This File

Classic Doom 2 city-style map originally designed for the cancelled "Plain Ol' Doom 2" community megawad. Originally designed as a Map 20 replacement. Level layout is a homage to "Central Yharnam" level from From Software's Bloodborne.

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I think I like the unique feel of this level. While the textures consist mostly of brown bricks with some green thrown into the mix, the city itself is constructed in an odd way that makes you feel like you're inside a great aqueduct. The map is expansive, it will take about 20 - 30 minutes to beat and the ammo is a bit scarce (though should be sufficient) so mind your shots. Other than that, the progression pacing is very smooth and an average player should be able to beat this level without sweat.

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I should warn you that I haven't visited Yharnam before, so if you're reading this review in the hope of finding some cool Bloodborne puns then you're shit out of luck. Sorry, pal!


This is a very good level. That it was sitting for nine months on Bauul's harddrive is pleasantly surprising, also, because it means that it was made roughly three months after the release of his debut map and troubled magnum opus Foursite, reviewed here. In that short span of time he must have been putting on some sort of clinic, refining his skills in preparation for the Plain Ol' Doom 2 community project. Are we seeing the emergence of another strong talent so soon?


Comparisons with Foursite are few, although honing in on any one of the quadrants in that level — which is deliberately sectioned and advertised as a four-in-one proposition — does bring into focus a few similarities. The broad, abstract approach to scene-setting is again at play, but whereas that level's direction was confused by the fusion of disconnected ideas, here is it delivered singularly and in quite an attractive way. In fact, everything from the appearance right down to the mix of monsters and the way they're used suggests that while Bauul's interest in building big, believable spaces is the same, his methods have shifted positively, prioritizing gameplay as the biggest factor when it comes to appreciating the mood and feel of the world. In this case, that world is a city; a medley of mortar and scattered guts. A little spartan in places, maybe, but you can definitely feel the vibe.


Combat is guerrilla. What the level lacks in set piece encounters it mostly makes up for with tricky, messy street fights that increase in intensity as you push through the wide boulevards of brick, wood and metal (it's quite a linear layout). The way the light provisions, decorations and monsters are spread out around you also helps to maintain this impression of a broken city that's perhaps already been purged, and is now just choked with renegade demons. No doubt the empty appearance of some of the areas — as well as the sound of Message for the Arch-vile playing in my ears — assisted my imagination, here.


If this level were about five to ten minutes shorter it may have snagged a fiver. It's slightly let down by an unwillingness to divorce any one part of its admittedly fun union of ideas for much longer than a few moments (though the nukage fight and ending setup are very welcome). A few distinctly scaled areas with a different look or dynamic would have gone some way to making this experience the complete package, at its current length. All up, though, a recommended download if you can spare twenty minutes.


Bullet-points of Interest:

  • A fun, skirmish-filled level that keeps the player wary of health and positioning.
  • A great sense of place that's aided by a liberal plastering of decorations and a limited texture set.
  • Slightly under-cooked in places, visually, despite the coherence.
  • A little more diversity would have gone a long way!
  • Reminded me of Romero's design in places, which makes me biased. Thanks, D_MESSAG.

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I knew I recognized the Yharnam feel from somewhere!


Great map, fun layout with good progression, and it feels a lot like classic Doom2 city gameplay. Ending is a little wonky, but other than that it's a super solid level. 

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  • File Reviews

    • By Amaruψ · Posted
      I played up to The Crusher and... frankly, it soured the taste in my mouth to the point that I don't want to continue and try all of the maps.    Surprisingly hideous and wonderfully claustrophobic architecture, with monotonic texture usage and gimmicks at every turn of the map. Then of course the Arch-Vile maze because apparently it's a necessity to copy the Casalis at least once in your mapping career. The crushing ceiling was just the cherry on the top. Not a fan.
    • By Xouman · Posted
      It was interesting,sometimes fun,sometimes hard,sometimes annoyingly hard but we later smile about it(Going Down feeling you know?),i loved the fact that everything feels and look different in terms of level design,sounds,texures and visuals,and the music is here to say to you "you're on a vacation/exploration trip...but not too much,it's Doom !",and technically some levels are great creations,obviously with a modified Id Tech 1,because the original one couldn't do things that some level showed i guess.   Ancient Aliens have a very good overall feeling to play,it's Doom,with a bit of Blake Stone,Star Wars,System Shock and maybe others inspirations,it's very risky to merge differerents inspirations into one big work.   DeadLostSoul,Commander Keen,EvilMarines new enemies are nice too.   My favorites Levels :   Arachnotron Arrival (Nice constant spider in the middle that keeps the pressure on you to move or hide,i liked the monster placements and traps too)   Last Refuge Of The Anasazi   Sinkhole Showdown   Dare To Fly Where Eagles Soar   Ancient Aliens   The Nectar Flow (Huge Level and fun to play)   Polychromatic Terrace   Blazing Boulevard   Wormhole Junction (Damn this is a Going Down Style level !)   Leave Your Sol Behind (A three time height ramp/elevator[don't know how to call that]in Doom? Didn't know that was possible,and flying saucers travel to others worlds,seriously?,didn't expected that o_O,loved the creativity on this level)   Daylight Under A Dark Sol   Culture Shock (A level in the clouds and touching the sky,successive teleporters,a tv working,ropes to elevate yourself,real scales,we need more levels like this,It reminds me that WOW EFFECT i had with Zeal World in Chrono Trigger when i saw all that,too bad it was short,but fantastic idea)   I Skipped Illuminati Confirmed (Too many details and enemies,lags as hell can't do anything,it looked like an insane level)   I Skipped Trinary Temple (Too Much Lags)   I Skipped The Ones Behind It All (Too Much Lags)   The lasts levels lags a lot on Brutal Doom,but that's not your fault,i don't want to play Vanilla Doom,BD is way better to me haha.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A half completed partial conversion based upon the late 90s anime franchise of Tenchi Muyo, that i'm aware It exist and It was relevant in the western anime fandom, despite i know It marginally but i saw a special (Tenchi Muyo in love!) and my first anime figurine it's one of Ryoko... Oh, and a pair of compilation wads using charatchers from this series (Mihoshi and... Ryoko maybe?) downloaded eons ago from anipike, only the site name will make you understand how old It was when i got them, if you know It. Back on the review topic, the levels itself are... Really crappy and cramped as i remembered them when i played this the same 00 decade period i talked before. MAP01 is a small structure that... I suppose it's... Uhhh... A prison? The Matrix massive glitching? Mihoshi fever wet dream? A schizotypical delirium in Doom level form? Anyway, it's a small abstract structure with a yellow key apparently missing from the map, with a central hub sex dungeon where unhappy Hitler cacos portrait are watching your suffering navigating uncanny small areas finding a way to progress in this place; MAP02 Is set in the titular orbital airship from the show where cutesy, badly paletted sprites from the RPG game welcoming you in the living quarters of the ship; MAP03 Is a unfinished Island map with a temple structure reachable only by idclip It. I gave up in this point and didn't played  Sprites and graphic work in general is... not that bad, actually, despite the raw nature of It. I liked the movie wall in MAP03 and the simple succubi sprite in MAP01. Music choice is a joke and have almost nothing to do with the original source over that... Japan and anime are involved somehow, but now i want to make a level where a slow blue lights walls room is rising up slowly while "Cruel Angel Thesis" MIDI blast from the speakers giving to all of this a bizzarre feeling. Cruel Lift Thesis, AH! What a funny guy i am! Overall a small weird project unfortunately not that good to be acceptable, but weird and "bad" enough to be remember in ages. Also, another "War and Peace" piece of review for a mediocre but bizzarre wad that i wrote after a very long time! Thanks Tenchi Muyo Doom!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A nice remake of Duke Nukem 3D "Red Light District" all made using stock assets and some liberties here and there from the original source, but it's a interesting concept after all. No exit and looks all kind of same-y, but the main areas are all here and it's not a bad remake. Maybe too many doors for DM?
    • By Maribo · Posted
      Violent mementos from The Inferno.