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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! As someone who's barely had a chance to experience DM with more than 2-3 players at once, I'll have to join the next session. Sounds like a lot of fun! :)
  2. WIP collab map with @konamikode under texture restrictions. Really learning to create better-looking and better playing rooms! I'm pretty sure this'll actually release, for once.
  3. necropost for the sake of checking progress on this because it's 2018? either that or i've committed a cardinal sin by doing such
  4. the only way you're going to get the most authentic experience then would be to switch soundfonts per MIDI.
  5. I bit the bullet and downloaded this. It's just a copy of Entryway with... no actual sector edits i can think of? Just textures, and some different thing placements. Not to push any buttons, but I would recommend for your next wad to be original content, not edited IWAD maps. Well, at least if you're going to edit them, go all-out with it. Chris Lutz's Hellscape is a great example of this.
  6. Did the download link get removed? Can't see it.
  7. the only way to get better is to keep going at it, not complain about it on unrelated threads :p anyway, pretty cool to see Kurt Kesler make a return! KZdooms were some of the first maps I played after the IWADs, kind of a gateway of sorts. Long live Doom! :)
  8. If anyone has links to all known ToD WADs, could they please post them here? I enjoyed what I saw, and am looking to get a complete collection.
  9. How many questions do you ask per day?
  10. sorry for double-post but I ended up playin' through quite a few of the maps posted here, made some demos, voiced my thoughts on them tl;dr i now feel that my map looks horrible in comparison. good work everyone! once i get off of work I'll play some more.
  11. Damnit, I thought I was gonna make one just in time! Hope you got room for one more. NAME: i forgot what the name was for this, I assume it's something funny DIFFICULTY: easy as shit BUILDTIME: little over an hour, about 10 minutes or so because i forgot to place weapons, health, and ammo FORMAT: Boom MIDI: Theme from "Greatest American Hero" :^) EDIT: posted fixed version with bugfixes and some balance changes
  12. for the record (after playing through some of the suggestions on the thread I made) my absolute favorites minus the obvious fantastic Ribbiks stuff were... Italo-Doom. (shit, broke my own rules) but no really it's such a fun ride that'll leave you bloody, bruised, and in pain... but it's so much fun phmlspd was the only other one I went through within the past month or so, and it was a lotta fun.
  13. Screenshots please?
  14. Must...wait...until....the set... is finished. Lookin' great! Keep up the work.
  15. Would be pretty cool if you could track down the rest of the Doom Millennium folks who are still around and try to get 'em to release what they had, making it a more complete experience.