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  1. bioshockfan90

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    curse your self-promotion >:( kidding of course, whatever this chicanery is i'm too excited, demonfear is a favorite of mine
  2. bioshockfan90

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    dunno if it's exactly on "Doom 2" level, but I find the Back to Saturn X duo (trilogy? 2019? please?) to be fantastic, and I beat both of them at a point in my Doom career where I wasn't able to beat Plutonia. Granted, some levels I was playing over and over for a long time, but I was doing this on pistol start, so I'd imagine continuous play on HMP should be much more lenient. Give it a go sometime! :)
  3. bioshockfan90

    Northern Powerhouse

  4. mayhaps, now that i'm done moving and all that jazz it's probably been long enough to give this mapping thing another whirl thanks for continuing to put these on regularly, obsidian! :)
  5. bioshockfan90

    Blighted Moonbase IV - 100% this map for 200 bucks

    this thread in a nutshell
  6. bioshockfan90

    OTEX texture set to be released December 10, 2018

    no complaints here, just comin in to say that although i got denied when this was in the works (i sucked at mapping 100%), this might draw me out of my hole when it releases. cheers, ukiro! :)
  7. just popping in to say that doom's a niche community and anyone that cared enough to boost their ego to cheat speedruns would stick out like a sore thumb. whatever though, i just think it's a pretty irrel thing to debate over for 4 pages at this point but i can see where vorpal's coming from people'll make demos for years to come, the wheel keeps turning and i'm sure this'll be a question again at some point but for now the community's small enough to detect anomalies like this carry on as you will
  8. cool to see this out there,YEAH it really isnt that impressive but i'm glad it wasn't just lost to the sands of time i'd say you can't apply the same logic to every case of a situation like this (saying if i had a BTSX E3 beta and decided to just put it out there bc "they havent released it yet") but this was a pretty warranted scenario.
  9. bioshockfan90

    Probably abandoned

    haven't seen this much detail in a map since the mid 00's, this is a trip down memory lane and it looks cool i'd totally play it if you found the time to put monsters in it, it has promise and it looks nice :)
  10. bioshockfan90

    kmetal 2018

    Looking awesome Kurt! Can't wait to play this.
  11. bioshockfan90

    Infernew, a Community Project

    quite frankly i've been having a lot of trouble doing placement lately and i don't think i'll be able to complete that. this is just at an inopportune time where shit hits the fan and i don't really have motivation to figure out how this'll work. the best i can do at this time is send over what i have. the map's essentially done, the only things missing are some mechanical features and of course, the placement. below is a detailed diagram of plans i had and points of interest. sorry that i couldn't get this map out, yet alone 2 or 3, but it seems the slots filled up pretty nicely regardless. shit happens and sometimes you just gotta deal with stuff for a time, not worrying about this stuff. on this note i'm probably taking a break from doomworld for a while, but i'll be back. Download the unfinished WAD
  12. I just play on UV because it's what I've been accustomed to. Before that, I could only handle HMP. Before that, HNTR. Some mappers aren't the best at scaling down for lower difficulties, and that is something to keep in mind, but any WAD worth its salts will be as fun on HMP as it would on UV. But back to the matter at hand, I don't know what stigma you'd be talking about. Most of the controversy is in users that refuse to play a WAD on anything other than UV and they yell about how bad the WAD is etc etc.... their own mistake for not realizing you can play on HMP So I see where you're coming from, but just ignore those guys. If anything, you're doing the right thing by sticking to what you feel you can play. :)
  13. bioshockfan90

    Dad Wad: Single level for Doom 2

    Didn't think I'd find a Pavera level tonight. Fun, breezy stuff, the perfect thing to play on a muggy summer night. Hitscans being dispatched from below cooould trivialize it, but since it's just a simple level it's not too big a deal, I had fun regardless. Also, bit much ammo and health on UV, if you're thinking about putting an update out there I'd change that. Other than that, it's just a cool level that makes great use of stock textures and height diversity. Enjoy being a dad! And hey, once they come of age, maybe you can teach them how to map to continue the legacy of Doom even further! (you're never too young to start ;) )