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  1. Good picks this year cacoward team! sadly the drama is still there, but you can't please everyone
  2. map27, hell i guess?
  3. i'll take a slot
  4. inb4 all the awards go to square rooms with 150 hellknights
  5. my first wads were pretty bad, just keep learning and play PWADs and you'll figure it out over time if it makes you feel better, here's the automap for my first map 2 years ago, compared to now:
  6. delicious stock texture usage
  7. faviti thread alert
  8. if you have completed maps to show off first, i'm sure people would be willing to contribute.
  9. YES YES YES on No End in Sight. The best UDoom megawad of all time if you ask me.
  10. After making a green map, it's only fitting I start using some other colors.
  11. Alright, I'm in.... I'd like to improve my skills yet again
  12. Amazing work! How much work did it take porting the game?
  13. /idgames EDIT: just realized full context of post. yeah i wouldn't be opposed to atleast a collection of wads seperated by category for easy access
  14. one last writeup for tonight MAP04 Is that "Dim" in Turkish? A considerable spike up in difficulty from MAP04, frantic running around to get a foothold and weapons quickly. I can't help but fall in love with the opening plaza, that "dim" room with all the imps in boxes, and THE GODDAMN AMMO ON BENCHES. so much fun to roam around in. The giant traffic cone is lovely as well, pretty fun going up to get the key in there. if there's one thing that I'd suggest here, it'd be to convey the blocked-offness of the red key section of the bat, it's in a pretty awkward scenario as it stands. Comedic, yes, but it could better. Other than that, design was unique. Especially liked taking potshots at the revenants hiding in the sewers from above. Ammo was surprisingly tight. Also, shoutouts to the fun crouching setup you can do in the "parking lot" room near the end. MAP05 An even bigger step up from MAP04 in terms of difficulty. Fair warning, I die A LOT here. The opening fucked me a few times, as well as your uncanny sense at preparing for players trying to back out of combat situations or hide. The doomworld meme at the start made me laugh, I actually recall a conversation in discord a while ago where someone said "If you can make a speedmapping session for both the Breezeep types and the Pinchy types, you've succeeded" or something like that This is a pretty big thematic switch from previous maps aswell, but it works wonderfully and the usage of 3d floors and the like ( i sound like a broken record but) are pulled off with success. I guess my main gripe with this one is scarcity of ammo, so I'd work on adding a bit more? Also, I think I broke the map near the end, skipping some sections because I only ended up with 76% kills. :( Good map though!
  15. Just gonna up and say it. +1 The Alfonzone, by Pinchy Came straight outta left field, and it's so goddamn good.