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    I knew I recognized the Yharnam feel from somewhere! Great map, fun layout with good progression, and it feels a lot like classic Doom2 city gameplay. Ending is a little wonky, but other than that it's a super solid level.
  1. w8 did this dude change the thread to save face or have i gone insane @Dragonfly
  2. reminds me to work on my NOVA III map, too bad I'm super unhappy with the layout now so I've been working on a new map entirely. Might just use that for my submission.
  3. +Chris Lutz's Doom 2 hellscape
  4. to be fair I tried to contact erik on that email like a year ago and it's defunct also tell him to finish scythe X or i'm gonna burst a blood vessel
  5. /thread
  6. (but of course if you manage to make it work, then well i've been wronged and you're welcome to hate on me all you want. this is just my pessimistic self)
  7. Nah, doom1 and doom2 have vastly different beastiaries, locales, level design and atmospheres to them. on the subject of the project itself, why propose this idea if you're not going to take action in it, as far as community projects go i can't visualize this blowing over well without some heavy improvements. i like the idea of a 25th-anniversary project but i'd do it terms of 25 years of the community itself, not just 25 years of the game. so like someone said in another thread, have the first few maps be full of 1994-isms, have it slowly 'progress' as the years go on. etc....
  8. is this the innermost level of hell
  9. +an_mutt's 2017 collection
  10. MAP11: Will You Be My NME?, by Darkwave0000|19:55|96% kills| It's a giant, sprawling map with great aesthetics and the first time in this mapset I can say they pulled off using the AV well. In fact, this is PRCP's take on "Hunted". Felt nice to play, can't say I share the sentiment of having barely any ammo however. Always felt like I had enough. That being said, some of the AVs in this map can appear and will appear out of nowhere and destroy you. But if you can just stay aware and always be ready to take cover, you're not gonna be in any real harm throughout the map. Shoutouts to 2 random spider masterminds that add nothing to the map! still the best one in the set so far tho >>
  11. The archvile maps in Skillsaw's stuff tends to be great. (12 Angry Archviles, etc...)
  12. MAP10: Bloodbath, by JC|9:22|100% kills| Trying something new out tonight, so bear with me. So we start out in a cramped, tiny room. Not exactly the best starting position, but I'll bear with it. Some nice scenery outside, and a peek of what I assume to be a secret. Off to a good start so far. Computer paneling lines the halls of this brick structure (an odd choice but sure) as we blast past some low-tier baddies and pick up the RL and start shooting down a horde of cacoes outside. I find it really odd that for the red key door, they're using the skullkey texture to notate it, but the blue door uses the regular keycard texture. Clever mixture of Plutonic and techbase? Or am I looking into this too far? Most likely the latter. The imps out by the bridge don't really seem like they need to be there, it's just this one big horde that can easily be shot down and ultimately serves no purpose in stopping you. Up ahead there's a giant-ass building with some clever switch accent texturing and a manc sniping from up above. I tried falling into the blood after nothing seemed to click for me, and thankfully it wasn't harming. On the other hand, however, there was a pack of spectres waiting for me along with some much-needed SSG ammo. Down here we can find the first secret, nothing too hard. I think the invul's a bit too OP this early on, but it really doesn't get you that far aside from being able to take a more careless approach to taking out any monsters that stand in your path from the bridge to the building. The BK room has a great enclosure trap, having to rocket your way around some revs and hellknights. Nothing special here. I should also mention that the notated textures for the yellow key door look wonky as fuck. A rather pointless AV guards the BK door once you get back, nothing of note to see here. Once you get to the YK, things change quite a bit. The trap that opens up felt suuuuper easy at first, but then out of nowhere, an AV showed up on the other end of the bridge. And with it, a whole barrage of monsters. It wasn't anything too difficult, but it added gravity to the encounter, I suppose. Still don't know how I feel about that trap in particular. Once we get to the YK room, the author seems to put.... a whole row of chaingunners like a target range at a carnival? Probably the worst design choice I've seen in this map so far. They have no purpose to be there. And... another trivial AV encounter? This WAD really keeps throwin' em at ya. At least the RK trap makes up for it, with a huge onslaught of monsters funneling in from all angles. From there, it's a cinch. Not much to say. Overall, it's a damn good map with some odd design choices, like the inconsistent key door texturing (which is just nitpicking), the strange choice of putting AVs in easy situations or behind doors, and the fucking chaingunner row. But other than that, the layout's good, it looks good, plays good, has its difficult moments, and... Yeah, overall I enjoyed it. that was tooo much effort augh
  13. Boom compatible?