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  1. bioshockfan90

    Insanity Edged

    Alright, I played this and LOVED it. I doubt the thoughts in the hyperlink really would mean much to you, Pieruskwurje, but let it be known that if you're hesitant on playing UDMF PWADs, this is the one that'll sell you. In the past, it was Winter's Fury (funny how that works out, doesn't it?), but this just takes it to a whole 'nother level, man. I did find a small area where I assume I got stuck in MAP07, among the landscape whilst trying to find my way around. I didn't play with mouselook on, and that led to me missing some things that I probably should've picked up on earlier, but that's about all the bad I can say about it. Wish I had screenshotted the softlock, but I'm sure if it could be found before, someone else'll pick up on it eventually. Or maybe there was a way out, and I just didn't notice. Casual difficulty for me was plenty hard, thank god for the autosaves or a couple of deaths would've made me very, very upset. Overall, yeah, this is fantastic. Give the Tumblr post in the hyperlink a read if you want, but I'm happy with just telling you that this (although I played it way later than I should've) is fantastic.
  2. bioshockfan90

    [RC2] NaNoCollabMo: Autumn Harvest

    Sweet, way to surprise me about this! Remind me to finish the PUSS episode playtesting bud. PRO-TIP: Embed the link in some text and change the "dl=0" part at the end of the URL to "dl=1". Direct download that way, no fussing about with dropbox clicking. Congrats to all involved! Screenies look good.
  3. Congrats! Sorry I never gave any more feedback, kinda got tangled up into one thing and then another... you know how it goes. Holidays have been hella stressful so wheeeeeeeeeeee that's fun. In any case glad to see it's on the almighty /id and I do want to beat this sometime and blog about it. Thanks for addressing the stuff I brought up while not compromising your vision. :)
  4. Oh man, between the UAC Crate Project and STRAIN I may have to make room for a 3rd WAD to play before the year ends. So much quality stuff coming out, plus whatever ends up being at the cacowards. As I usually say on topics like these, great job on making something and uploading it that appears to be high-quality, and I will seriously try to find time for this. Speed of Doom is something pretty special to me and screenies sold me so I'm betting I'll have fun with it. :)
  5. 17 monsters on HNTR? I'll take an easy win against the demons any day but surely Hell has more opposition than that, even for the newcomers. Either way, cool architecture and texturing! Reminds me of something straight out of a quality Community Chest 2 map. I'd record a demo if I weren't using GZDoom. Me no good at platforming otherwise the completion time probably would've been at least a minute lower. Not bad, I should probably play it on Nightmare as intended sometime. You have what it takes to make a cool layout and definitely a pretty cool aesthetic style, just maybe a bit of work on the gameplay front. RE: loud MIDI, I didn't run into this problem but then again I play with my music at 0.25. Was noticeably louder than the titlescreen music but it wasn't that big a deal. Thank you for the upload! ^^
  6. Ah yes, my bad. I should've just said Steam release. I guess one more I forgot to mention but should be obvious: AlephOne for the Marathon games!
  7. GZDoom/DSDA-doom for Doom, depends on what I want out of my experience. Sometimes I'll even use Crispy Doom. Aaaand Quakespasm for Quake? I don't really like Quake that much, my first time playing through the whole campaign was with the Unity port so I guess that takes precedence, but if I were to play Quake again I'd use Quakespasm.
  8. Congrats A2Rob! Running Late I believe I've played a bit of but that was back when I wasn't so much into doom (the dark ages of my Dooming career, if you will). I need to catch up and not run too late on "Arriving Early"! I'm playin' through STRAIN right now but I'll dig into this series as soon as I get done with that as I am in dire need of modern PWADs to play after this dry dose of 90s dirt.
  9. Probably not, I've always been very sporadic about the games I play (Doom or not) so short playseshes are my go-to. Like most others here I can probably stomach E1 of Ultimate Doom in 1 sitting at most. Also like others have said, there's been so much objectively better Doom content released that is easier to binge. If we factor in PWADs, I've gone insane sometimes on PWADs, playing for hours at a time either grinding out one map or beating 12-13 in 1 sitting. Right now I'm playing through STRAIN for the first time and it's one of those wads where I just feel like taking my time with it. So I fire it up during the morning after I've had my coffee and beat 1 or 2 maps, write about it in my Journal app, then go on about my day. I got sidetracked there, sorry! ^^ point being, the IWADs don't lend themselves particularly well to single-sitting playthroughs unless you're a speedrunner.
  10. bioshockfan90

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    Exciting stuff, I'll play it and have a good time! SIGIL, despite its flaws, is pretty fun and it's not every day you see the dev of a (borderline) ancient game come back to make more levels for it 25-30 years later. Re: did SIGIL deserve a cacoward, I'd say yes, if NRFTL could get one and TNT could get mentioned in 10YOD I don't see why SIGIL (and its sequel) couldn't get a nod either. It technically got mentioned that year if I'm not mistaken, so I don't see why anyone should be complaining to begin with! I read somewhere on here once that it really doesn't matter on the order of the 'wards, the gold and silverness of it all, or even beyond that - if you get mentioned, you basically get the merit. And that's the way I've always seen it. There was a WHOLE ASS SECTION dedicated to SIGIL that year (once again, if I'm not mistaken) and the fact that people have the audacity to say "Oh well it didn't get the same honors as (wad I like)" (which is all preconceived anyway), boo cacowards" is pretty funny to say the least. But that's probably just feeding the trolls as it tends to go, back on track I'm curious if the episode will keep using the bright red hellcracks and evil eyes. I know he's been streaming development on youtube, can anyone confirm if these features were shown during a stream?
  11. Well, no video for you but I did review it over on my Tumblr if you're interested to go have a look. Took me around 12 and a half minutes to get all secrets and kills on HNTR. I did get a bit turned around, but I'm kinda notorious for that in general so I wouldn't worry about it being confusing. Fun stuff here! Room for leniency in case you get zapped by an archie or two, which I'm always a fan of. Combat maybe wasn't like super orchestrated or anything, but for a roamer it's got all it needs to succeed. Thumbs up + additional thumbs up for vanilla mapping in 2023. :)
  12. Gotcha, in that case I will try to give this a spin. Tangentially related but whenever I struggle with coming up with map names I think of horror movies or song names.
  13. I'm not exactly I'm sure I'd call 3 scattered maps a beta, especially when one of them is the final map and the other is the 32 slot, but screenies look promising. I'm not really in a mapping state of mind right now, but I wish you the best of luck on finishing this!
  14. In preparation for the recently-released sequel, I played this because I was not playing Doom when this dropped. Fantastic stuff, HNTR balancing was spot-on and I like how there's room for plenty of error in case you get zapped or botch a fight. Maps 20 and 28 were unusually high in difficulty compared to the base 32, but that could just be a matter of how I play Doom. The slaughtermap was really fun, gave me big "Going Down" vibes. Lots of emphasis on hot starts, newschool style play is not required but I ended up utilizing it quite a bit especially in E3 just to make things easier on repeat attempts. Ended up beating all 32 maps pistol starts saveless on HNTR without a preliminary saves playthrough. I like that you're not afraid to use boss monsters on lower difficulties, a lot of megaWADs hold back and you instead opt to just make it a fair fight instead of sacrificing the experience. I got a Cyberdemon stuck on a sector in one of the E3 maps, I forgot what map though. That was the only 'bug' I ran into and it's not even really a big deal. Review on Tumblr here in case you use that network, either way thanks for making this. It was fun to blast through in a couple days.
  15. That's a lot of imps! Imp-ressive. Details are great for 3 hours and it was pretty fun but I died. Lots of enemies, not much firepower or ammo. The RL earlier would be nice. Idk, something about hordes of imps and the pump action is kinda unfun to me. Thank you for giving me something to play. :)