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Forest Swords

   (2 reviews)
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About This File

Some forest themed levels banged out by the best worst doomers you'll ever meet at Doomer Boards (doomer.boards.net)

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A handful (and more) maps of low challenge (mainly due to the use of BIG empty spaces, even in the more "corridor-y" levels), where only the occasional party of Revs will give you a tiny bit of trouble. An overuse of the same green rocks and brown textures, especially until map06 where the scenery starts to change a bit (way too late) - some questionable music choices (overly happy). Having said that, while nothing special, it's not bad either. It's one of those wads that are great if you have two hours to spend. You'll complete it... and that's it. Nice and simple - and forgettable - is the best way to describe it.

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Nice level. Not overly challenging. The architecture was simple but effective. Fun to play.

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  • File Reviews

    • By fnord · Posted
      Blocky, cramped, incredibly dull and repetitive with little to distinguish one map from the next - feels like your playing the same map over and over again. And too many revenants, barons and arch viles. All in all, very little to enjoy here.
    • By Maribo · Posted
      Adorable and soothing, I wish I could stay here forever with the dog.
    • By fnord · Posted
      Not a lot to like here. A handful of OK maps buried in a sea of absolute dreck. The last third of the wad was particularly awful - just skipped through that in unfounded optimism there would be at least one map that was interesting/playable. A last resort mapset when you have nothing else to play.
    • By fnord · Posted
      This needs a warning label - it has one of the most annoying "enhancements" ever to stain Doom. A countdown timer. I just abandoned the level when I noticed it. Also first hall you enter has a dozen Hell Knights and god knows how many Imps, while you have a single shotgun and a dozen shells. This kind of crap makes me want to punch my screen. So you've been warned.
    • By Ordon · Posted
      still better than myhouse.pk3