Some sorta hydro pump base or something (legit beta beta)
"SOME SORTA HYDRO PUMP STATION OR SOMETHING" brought to you by Poohlyash (100% Terry trap free guaranteed).
no difficulty settings
no vanilla support, limit removing ports needed, gzdoom reccomended.
cc4-tex.wad required.
tested with gzdoom, qzdoom, zdoom

Special thanks to : @Dragonfly@Remmirath@Xyzzy01@AtroNx, @leodoom85, id software, Midway and Williams Entertainment Inc., Yuraofthehairfan, Konami, Filmation, and you!
Screenshots below.




Edited by Poohlyash
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Sadly, I already packed my bags and laptop to college hall, otherwise I would quickly test your map and provide feedback. And no, I won't have proper internet until tommorrow to provide important things. Anyway, good luck ;)

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5 minutes ago, Poohlyash said:

100% Terry trap free guaranteed

This is like a hotel that feels the need to claim it has "clean rooms". You just know it's going to be disgusting.

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@Grazza i posted here 1 wad with similar name and starting area here like week ago, i just felt the need to clarify that so noone gets spooked away, and apparently i spooked people away even more.

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Time to provide a little demo of mine with a casual gameplay. Played with GZDoom 3.1.0, first try.

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