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  1. Now I can't sleep anymore, but atleast I can listen some music.
  2. I use texture filtering, because I don't care what other people think about my preferences and if I want less refined stuff, I just can load maps in software mode and have those nice old good pixels and unfiltered textures. Oh and I mostly use trilinear filtering in gzdoom and zandronum.
  3. Russian synthwawe sounds so cool and refreshing.
  4. It's nice that you made this map, but could you include one screenshot in your first post? I'll test your map later, when I'll have accesss to my laptop.
  5. Yeah, this question also annoys me, as I use Ancient Aliens resources, which requires to convert iwad things in that colourful pallete, so main stuff won't look like garbage. How skillsaw got away with this thing?
  6. ^ You could dig deeper for threads like this one. Like resurrect thread from 2004 or 2007. Only question I have, is "why?".
  7. I would extend deadline for one-two weeks. Just in case if someone will show up. Well, I don't much to say about my map, because I scrapped a lot of them last few weeks, but not deleted, so maybe I'll check them again and see what I can do.
  8. Awesome, I hope my laptop will run this mod and I'm planning to download this later ;) Also, congratulations on release. I believe, it was hard work to fix all visible and invisible issues.
  9. Sadly, I don't have much space and money to buy that guy, unless I would sell my body parts and my room mates, but it's not possible and I'm not that bad.
  10. Just a random visual novel stuff there.
  11. I would like to spice things up and make it harder than previous "Alapolgy" map. Of course, first I need convert it in boom format, so no malicious stuff would show up due different map format. As you can see, it's very linear and I really want reuse that word for open space arena.