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  1. Doom shovelware disks, because every map from random compilation like D!zone can be good or bad. Mostly bad due limited resources, but it's still fun.
  2. Yeah. No doors, barriers doesn't work. Monsters comes in main room way too fast. Typical starter map. I did this too in the past, but with invested time and experience I've got better. Study maps more. For example, Scythce or Valiant. Check how authors made things. Ask questions. Learn main stuff, before making whole epizode, because it can be tiresome for mapping newbie.
  3. Brutal Doom is mod, zdoom/gzdoom is advanced source port or advanced program which supports fancy things like slopes, 3d floors and scripting in Doom maps in specific mapping formats of course. In my opinion, you first should think about unmoded, balanced gameplay first while do mapping and later with mods. Yeah, and take your time for learn basics.
  4. Project brutality has a discord channel. Maybe you should try go there and maybe they'll solve your problems ;)
  5. Almost done with this map. Now I need include gameplay, finish texturing corners and other things related to them and test until my eyes bleed, but I'm getting mapper's block again. In my eyes, this map looks good, but I still need work on it. I switched off monsters and decorations for better view in second screenshot.
  6. To be honest, I don't care much about music formats. If author chosen nice track for suitable map, I won't complain. For example, Violence has mp3 or ogg music(I'm not sure, because I'm lazy to check it right now) and maps played good and music fitted in presented theme. I can't imagine that mapset with midi music.
  7. If you add monsters, don't forget add ammo, armor and health(I missed this at the start, while monsters attacked me and I got hurt badly). I'll do prboom+ demo, but first I need learn map layout.
  8. So, he needs copy and paste his iwad to gzdoom folder and problem should be solved. If not, I don't know what's next.
  9. Do you have Doom II iwad? If not, copy and paste it in source port folder. Or if you don't have it, you can buy it on steam or other platform.
  10. Now as I look at map plan, I can tell that map doesn't have doors or other things(like walkable lines or switches with tags) which could indicate moveable barrier to stop monsters before jumping in main action. Take more time to learn main basics of Doom mapping. It's good that you made this wad, but if you consider yourself to get into mapping seriously, learn main things like doors, teleporters and switches and how to use tags.
  11. Of course on the internet and they are free. For example, gzdoom, zandronum, prboom+, chocolate doom.
  12. You could easily edit your first post and include screenshot and write which program you used for map test and if it runs in Doom or Doom II.
  13. So, people will know what to expect in your wad.
  14. Check out prboom+, gzdoom source ports. Create two different folders for them and include Doom, Doom II, Final Doom files in your new created folders with Doom source programs(mentioned in the start). For playing custom content, you can drag and drop those files over gzdoom/prboom+ and they will run automatically, just check text files or you can use launcher as ZDL.