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  1. Because those are the tools that I have to make the map and edit it as many times as I want. Simple enough.
  2. Here I go with some photos of the places which I were during my vacations.....enjoy









    I swear it's fire but the cellphone camera recognized it as purple color for some reason. It looks really neat though....


    1. Gothic


      Wow, Ribbiks really stepped it up his mapping.

    2. leodoom85


      sending Ribbiks into the volcano


  3. Yes, I used a soundfont to reproduce music. The soundfont is SGM-V2.01.sf2 and to record the video, I have D3DGear 4.98 (psst...I have it cracked) which is a software recorder. There are similar software recorders like Fraps, OBS,Studio, Loilo, Bandicam or Lightworks. Forgot to say that I made the video with Windows Movie Maker.......
  4. Let me put an example of one of my videos....
  5. It's up to you if you want to include screenshots of the map in question for more info because you can add the basic info in the description, right? ;)
  6. It's the same when you record the midi in-game by using a soundfont, like I did for some tracks that I posted on Youtube...
  7. In ZDoom ports, in only shows the name if you enable "Display Nametags" in the HUD options. I'd also like to see the icon added...
  8. Make revenants revive other revenants with an agitated animated scream....
  9. What weapon was after the BFG in that version? the SSG, right? If so, then yeah....no sense in the order
  10. One well-placed shell to the poor imp is all you need to negate the access to E1M9..... :( Same thing happens when you need a pinky to unlock the door for you to the secret exit of map 15 in Community Chest 3 :/
  11. Sure, but still you would find the means to "write" anyway. One more thing about this thread. This thread derailed to the point that it's not good to read anymore. Well, what can anyone expect for such a simple answer if it ends up convoluted like in this case eh?
  12. That's why I said in the first page of this topic as "What plot?" In Doom, looks like that you can make the plot, not the game itself.
  13. >Have a soulsphere in front of you. >You have 190 hp >You decide to save it just in case >Kill all monsters and pick up all items and secrets before going back to grab that soulsphere >You realize that the area is not accessible anymore to grab that item >Fuck.......
  14. I had played most of the games out of pure entertainment and not because some lore obligates you to play it. Doom is one of those games. Same for shoot'em up arcade games. :)