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  1. leodoom85

    The DWIronman League dies to: H2H-XMas

    Finally. Well, congrats to the new winners, at least...and a bit late of that. And I'll try the set as soon as possible. Also, I think I'm gonna try the DSDA port for a better demo.
  2. leodoom85

    The worst doom maps ever

    Doesn't matter. This is boring. And probably done so many times.
  3. leodoom85

    It's new name is..

    I know that Delta+ mutation is here. We have the unvaccinated that didn't have the time to do it for X reasons and there's the anti-vaxxers. So yeah, it never ends, as annoying as it sounds. Btw, I have 3 shots in my body already. 2 weren't enough. *shrug*
  4. leodoom85

    It's new name is..

    I just hope that the virus doesn't mutate so many times that not even the vaccines can do the job. That would be the worse situation. And the mutation naming is turning into a joke...what's next? japanese alphabet to name a mutation?
  5. leodoom85

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    1997. 12 years old. I do remember vividly the first time that I got Doom on the SNES. However, I had to rent that cartridge many times because it was really rare at that time. Yup, never managed to get that cartridge by myself... So, the first time I've played the game, I got rekt most of the time but I got better over time. Of course, I can't forget the music...
  6. E3M1 is....ok-ish. It's definitely not the worse of that episode, unlike E3M8, but it's not a good opener in my opinion. A remake is fine and there are different remakes of E3M1, after all. One thing though...any opinions of the PSX counterpart of Hell Keep? It looks way different but it kinda works as a fine opener...
  7. I agree 1000% The map should have a proper buildup to reach a big area to kill the mom spider properly. I mean, she is the fucking mastermind behind the invasion, so...it should be a lot of monsters and the boss to make it harder.
  8. leodoom85

    rats learning how to play doom

    "The only thing they fear.....is YOU" - A rat.
  9. leodoom85

    Creative Uses Of The Automap

    Dump 3, map 21 :) Also, please check Dragonfly's snow/icy map in Joy Of Mapping 5. It's pretty mindblowing for the automap.
  10. leodoom85

    Mapping Cliches

    Then let's go back to that "post your controversial doom opinions" thread and continue from there because here's just a room that needs to be cleaned. Over and out.
  11. leodoom85

    Mapping Cliches

    Nukage is just green colored water. Water damaging surfaces can be explained by adding, who knows, electricity... Besides, we've seen harmless nukage floor in slaughter maps, colored/paletted maps and many more.
  12. leodoom85

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Btw, archvile's favorite track is Jump by Van Halen.
  13. leodoom85

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    No 666 linedefs either. Shame on them.
  14. leodoom85

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Did something different this time. Some music from NoRe SP3 to relax... Music in map 13 rocks though. Map 19 is the chilliest one.
  15. leodoom85

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    Someone here mentioned this: Which, funnily enough, I have a similar filter extension to do it and forget that the section is there. So yeah...