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  1. You prefer milk or tea or coffee for breakfast?

  2. D_ROMERO, also called as "Waiting for Romero to play"
  3. Oh yeah, that too. Even a mix of music and sounds (if the sample coincide, that is) are enough for the YT content ID to put a mark on you. That's ridiculous.
  4. Message from the Archvile...
  5. 1-UAC doesn't care apparently... 2-Because humans... 3-Demons are stupid... 4-Same as 3...facepalm... :D
  6. A strong tremor happened recently here...

    1. KVELLER


      Thankfully we're used to those things over here ;) foreigners usually freak out with them.

    2. leodoom85


      Yup, it's 4 tremors in a few minutes

    3. leodoom85


      The strongest one was 6,1 MW in Valpo

  7. Recognized .mp3 songs as well as .ogg songs are a problem thanks to the YT content ID. I'm a youtuber who uploads Doom gameplay and I got marked for Unloved and Unloved 2. That's why I suggested the idea for getting to the page that I posted a while ago...
  8. Try to convert it. I had no luck btw...maybe I haven't found the right converter. I have Total Audio Converter and you can't convert .mp3 files into .mod or .xm or .it files...
  9. Well, I don't know if this one is considered as a hidden gem but...I've played a game called Tenka for the PS1 console (or Lifeforce: Tenka)
  10. Yup. If no player one is in the next map, it should say "Player 1 not found". But this time, it's just an error on the position argument. It should be 0 (nothing) or the same position argument value, in this case, 3.
  11. No problemo
  12. The position argument is only used on hubs. Remember that well...
  13. I know what happened...change the position argument of the Exit_Normal action to 0. Now it's on 3...
  14. downloading the wad...
  15. Have you tried putting the F_SKY flat for the trick? It could be the cleverest solution :')