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  1. Archie and a lone pinky 1 - Doomguy 0. Yup, wanted to evade a burn and ended up being cornered by a fucking pinky....and got the burn obviously. Great eh? SO.....map 2 was my demise after having a great run in the map. Blind category, UV difficulty. DEMO: dwie_enigLD85.zip
  2. Torches are conspiring against me....EVERY SINGLE TIME, and helped to that fucking cybie!!!!!!! Map 3 is really the grim reaper of the set. Category 2, because I played this set years ago. UV. It hurts that some torches can block the player and I had the plan to escape......... ;_; DEMO: dwim_2002LD85.zip
  3. leodoom85

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    Honest time. I barely even watched Civvie, Gman and Decino, probably a couple of videos. The other YTber that I watched some videos is Karl Jobst, some of them were fun (especially the video of cheaters being caught). Watched Icarus the most because of his reviews, however, I agree that it spoils a lot for something that you wanna play and see some surprises. Saw that BigMacDavis was also mentioned. Seen a couple of videos too. And won't deny that Aquarius199 was in my list too. Basically here, we have two groups of doomer boomer ytbers. The one group that has more views, with their style and commentary, like Civvie, Gman, Icarus and others and the one group that's "silent", has less views and has no commentary, like some of us here, me included.
  4. leodoom85

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Back for more!!!
  5. leodoom85

    Collection of kid friendly mods?

    @Old-Doomguyprops to you to induce a well known game that has violence and show the kid a goreless way to do it. You know that the kid will embrace the dark side sooner or later :D
  6. I have a batch file for Pr/GLBoom+ instead of doing command lines each time I wanna play different wads. Still, I'm one of those guys who prefer doing the whole run saveless if possible, even if saving the game is really tempting. That would happen in shorter wads (longer wads however, I'd still do it saveless with some rest between some maps). And I wouldn't like desyncs to happen anyway thanks to saves.....
  7. So, streams/videos with the provided demo are acceptable (that is, if the recorder doesn't shit bricks or if some power outage screw the run)? Because having both will help to be more believable in case that needs to be checked by some other people to see if the player cheated or something.
  8. uh....... Been participating ironman and ironeagle for months :D I think you should check and read both of those sessions and gather some info if you have the time. Then you can have some ideas that can help to improve the rules.
  9. Up to them to save. But, 4 times might be too much, except if some nasty set is chosen. 2 or 3 should be enough for more casual sets. When and where is up to the player.
  10. Basically, this is a quick wrapped fusion of both Ironman and Ironeagle. And this is a third "competition" to add in the ranks of this forum....welp. Still, the basic play-until-you-die-or-survive-saveless-and-modless rule is what I like to do. Just one run and that's it. Can't wait to see what wad you will choose.
  11. leodoom85

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    Funnily enough, Zdoom ports are MUCH harder for map 28 of Scythe. It's almost near impossible to clear that map in those ports. It's easier for me in other ports like Pr/GLBoom+ though. You said your favorite map is 16? Mine is 31.
  12. Metal Gear Solid has stealth as well, remember? :D Duke Nukem Forever is another example of regen health. While I agree that regen health doesn't work as intended, escort missions can go to hell. That annoys me the most overall. And in Quake 2 as well. Funnily enough, armor doesn't decrease the amount over time....well, except if you pick up all the adrenaline items scattered in the secret areas, which increases the max health by 1 point...
  13. leodoom85

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    @whybmonotacrabIt is the bingo blood pool map indeed and I agree with him. That map was one of my least favorites of the set as well.
  14. leodoom85

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    That's one of few positive points from that map. The other point is the monster placement. Action galore.