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  1. Yeah, you need to compile them first, then you need to redefine the slot of the map by changing it in Doom Builder 2/GZDB in the Map Options (press F2 for that)
  2. @Flying01Welcome to the forums m8. I tested the map and it's quite good for a start. Just found some misalignments but that's not important to the gameplay. The gameplay flow is good, the detail on the areas is also good and the secrets helps for a introduction map. The plasma gun is a bit overkill though, you could replace it with a chainsaw or a chaingun but since this is a test to show your map, it's fine for now. I left a demo for you if you want to check it out. Played in GZDoom 3.2.1. Enjoy the demo and solid map man. You can extend this map and turn it into a short megawad if you want. Thumbs up. fmld85.zip Oh...in case that you don't know how to check the demo, it's simple. Just select your wad with the file inside of the zip and load both files by drag&drop or copypasting to the GZDoom executable.
  3. I agree with you that we did good points and for both sides but sadly, negative points are more "relevant" than positive points. The lolz are optional nonetheless. And I called it before that we continue arguing with points that we ALREADY discussed 5 pages ago....
  4. Ok, I finally released the remastered map and the OP is updated. Try it now for more fun and guns!!!
  5. Heat and lunch and mapping and recording.......what a way to enjoy the day as time passes faster than Doomguy with the turbo cheat on...

  6. The Finale for Pigeon 2!!!
  7. Or simply putting action 126 (WR teleport-monsters only)?
  8. Damn right.
  9. I'm afraid that with that specific situation, people will come back to the same point as before by comparing both formats and that thing was already discussed :( Yes, UDMF has potential for sure but others will say that Boom/Doom format is better and yadayadayadayadayadayadayada....yeah...
  10. so uh.....should this topic get closed for good?
  11. I grew up with Captain Tsubasa (the original version) and Dragon Ball but there was another really older anime that I can't remember the name. If talking about cartoons, He-Man and some Looney Tunes...
  12. True. It can lead to sarcasm, misinterpretations and confusion. But all of this is just offtopic to the main post anyway.