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  1. leodoom85

    Weird visual anomaly in GZDoom when testing maps

    Yeah, blame the node builder but there's a solution. You said that you use GZDB, so.... Press F4 to popup the map analysis window and search for off-grid vertices. If you find one or many, fix them right away...
  2. leodoom85

    The big fat thread of what phone do or did you have!

    Started with a Nokia (can't remember the model), continued with an LG (same, can't remember model), next I had another phone for my previous job (no luck remembering brand and model...fuck) and currently having a chinese replica (sigh) of a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Lenovo A2016 which I use it now.
  3. leodoom85

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    ON FIRE!!!
  4. leodoom85

    Stronghold skyes are broken!

    Stronghold is a pk3 file and it should have everything, including the skies. Maybe the skies are missing in your file. I recommend you to get the original file in Realm 667 and load it again.
  5. Looks like another big FPS game title is on anniversary.

    Remember the Unreal game? Yes the same one that leads to the all known Unreal Tournament 99 and following games? Today is the birthday of that game....20 years ago man...

    I admit that I never completed that game...maybe now it's a good chance to replay it.

  6. leodoom85

    What kinds of things needs improvement in Doom?

    Hmm...that too to make them more dangerous
  7. leodoom85

    What kinds of things needs improvement in Doom?

    I think Doom is pretty fine as it is, talking in a balance way. That being said, I think the pistol should have more punch to it rather than discarding after picking up the other weapons because it's like...why the pistol is there? Even the fist is useful.... Map topic, that's subjective...up to people-
  8. leodoom85

    GZDoom, Complex Doom, LCA and HEM

    Alternatively, if those mods can't work together in Zandro, use a launcher like ZDL. It'll bypass all errors and play the thing as normal.
  9. leodoom85

    GZDoom, Complex Doom, LCA and HEM

    @MajorRawneComplex Doom and all of the addons are recommended to play in Zandronum 2.1.2 and above. GZDoom is not suited for it because it recognize different shit that it's for Zandronum-code
  10. leodoom85

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Nice, downloading it NAU!!!
  11. leodoom85

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    If you see that symbol....prepare yourself. (A bit of update to that room)
  12. leodoom85

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    Like I said, move on and deal with it. That's how it is. BUT, there should be some games that still uses split-screen for specific gameplay mods...racing games can be one of them...
  13. leodoom85

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I played games with split-screen with my brother or cousin. Yes, it was fun at that moment but now it's like "Yeah, it's all online now...better move on" sort of thought on me. Better get used to the idea that this online type of gameplay is the standard gameplay for now. Simple as that.
  14. leodoom85

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Aquila ChrysaetosI like that sort of inverted hellish castle there. @AD_79Any progress of merging more textures? if nothing, it's ok. I'll continue from what I have...
  15. leodoom85


    Just saved the first map because I'm kinda lost after the freaking CYBIE PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Until now, very tricky and nasty traps and some superb architecture. Bit of a letdown with ammo though. The mom spider replacement is the nastiest monster of all but it does help for sure. Still I need to discover all the secrets hidden of this map.... Edit: I'm playing on UV and killed 294 of 380 monsters... Edit 2: The music works in a weird way, it has an unusual tone to it...peaceful but deceiving....