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  1. Actually...this should be more appropiate 1.-Doom 2 2.-Plutonia 3.-any megawad with 300 monsters combined 4.-Sunlust-tier 5.-Chillax, Holy Hell and the Nuts series combined
  2. Let's see how it goes playing Urania with Complex Doom+LCA in UV...:D

    1. Deadwing


      Good luck! Hahahaha

      Don't forget to check every hole (even underground), because you'll find a chaingunner ready to melt you >.<

    2. leodoom85


      Right now, I saved in map 04 with all keys and I killed 5 legendary monsters and a 6th one is left!!!

      Talk about hard difficulty...and map 01 had a fucking REDEEMER (the caco variant)!!!

  3. I don't know it this one counts as a proper video for Doom but here we go with some music :)
  4. Continuing Moonblood https://www.twitch.tv/magusmarisa
  5. THE FINALE!!!
  6. Freelook for the win...
  7. Nah...it's only a chaingun illusion :D
  8. Yet more bosses incoming in Hexen...
  9. Mind tricks are coming....
  10. Ending some puzzles and an interesting enemy is coming...
  11. More puzzle and great music...
  12. So that's what happen when you kill those barons and that particular sound I hear...thanks, I'm dumb for that kind :D
  13. Question. How can you clear map 04? Because I'm killing everyone while spawning and I haven't saw a switch or something to even damage that Overlord...or is that for decoration and I have to kill EVERY single monster?
  14. Yet more Moonblood :) https://www.twitch.tv/magusmarisa
  15. Really?. It's possible to do a map of this kind. The thing is, since you have the option of selecting whatever format you like (usually UDMF), you'll use whatever effect that you want...