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  1. Not owned: Prehistoric Man with MS-DOS in a pc that had Windows 95 like 20 years ago Owned: Doom >:)
  2. Wot?.
  3. And Ballistyx is really atmospheric as well as Deepest Reaches (aside for the red door that the developers forgot in that version)...
  4. Icarus doesn't do that anymore, he prioritizes Twitch now. And I think that he uses OBS....
  5. Maybe asking the ones that are streamers in this forum can help you...
  6. What things Doom taught me? well...to not suck in the game and git gud...basically
  7. @CsonicgoMy eyes for that image!!! XD Anyway, nice reviews for the maps. Great stuff indeed.
  8. Six????? what a letdown....the original had 22, I think...
  9. Today, the spring starts (north hemisphere will be autumn) and with that, the allergies will invade this place. That absolutely sucks!!!

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Do you have allergy to demons too?

    2. leodoom85


      Nope, demons are the least of my problems ;)

    3. galileo31dos01


      What (also) sucks is the cotton of the trees. The white fuzz, and the tiny things, when it's really windy. My eyes suffer a lot. But let's not focus on the negative, spring is great!

  10. I see. Also, I LOVE the eighth mission of MoH: Underground.....dancing dogs, dogs driving tanks, dogs with a bazooka, killing automated dolls, suicidal enemies....the most wtf gameplay ever and it's also really hard.
  11. Don't worry, it's easy... >playing Phobos Anomaly WHAT? now I can't kill those pinkies with the barrels???
  12. Damn....the MoH franchise (which, honestly, was buried by the CoD series) was really good and fun to play it. Playing the campaign and the deathmatch mode, especially for the PSX games, was a blast. I played almost all of the MoH games, except the modern Medal of Honor, Airborne and Pacific Assault. One of the main reasons that I liked it was the fact that you can shoot to the enemies to a specific part and the enemies will behave differently (obviously a headshot is an instant death). The music was also great, especially for MoH 1, Underground and Frontline. And also, as a franchise that has the WW2 topic, you could learn some history imo...and I think that in European Assault, the franchise went down.
  13. uh....play slaughter maps? Nah, just kidding. All of the above are good tips but sometimes, you have to remember the basics and practice in Doom 1 and Doom 2, like a comparison for your skills and see if you really improved (like not dying once, not saving once, adapting to some situations regarding the weapons and such...also, if you don't want to end up lost in a map, always use the automap just in case).
  14. Yeah, RO is basically "setting any map to an easier difficulty"
  15. Slaughter maps are like JRPGs like Dragon Quest and some FF, hard as hell...but back to the topic. Sorry...