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  1. Dragonsbrethren

    Places to upload WADs

    Not to threadjack, but out of curiosity, does anyone know a good application/hosting service that would automatically upload a file when it has been modified? Something like GitHub for binaries. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I love researching prerelease versions of games (I dare say I do more of this than actually playing games nowadays) and went absolutely nuts when Romero released the Doom 2 map sources and we got backups of the maps from months before release, but I'm the worst at keeping my own backups during development. I know they're just pwads and not anything official, but we obsess over individual mappers' styles at times and if a lot of us started using a service like this for our wads in development, it could be pretty cool to go back to intermediate versions and see what changes were made.
  2. Dragonsbrethren

    re-release Harmony

    Loading up the Xbox One port yesterday to pass a little time while waiting for another game to update and seeing Harmony on the release list was pretty neat, never expected to see it on this port because of the hi-res sprites. I haven't played this since it was originally released, forgot how tightly balanced the ammo was. I'm playing on HMP and it feels like I can't miss a single shot or I won't have enough ammo to deal with all the monsters. I even ran out of pistol ammo at one point.
  3. Dragonsbrethren

    Longest Doom break

    I don't remember how many years it was exactly, but I borrowed a copy of the PS1 version in '97 or '98 and didn't really play again until downloading a copy off some shady abandonware website in the 2000s, then I picked up the PC Collector's Edition. At the time, I felt like the PC version was a huge downgrade over what I had played on the PS1, but I loved the mods for it! I went through a weird Wolf3D phase after that, too, and I really can't even get into Wolfy nowadays. For some more fun: I thought Revenants were a custom Final Doom monster when I saw the first one in Plutonia...somehow, I had totally blanked it from my memory of the PS1 version, they're not exactly uncommon there, even showing up on MAP07, but I sure didn't remember them at the time. The arch-vile totally blew my mind but I hated it and was glad it got cut! I did warp to Plutonia MAP11 a lot to try beating that maze, though. The Icon of Sin was incredibly lame to me the first time I saw it (and the texturing in that level is so, so bad).
  4. Dragonsbrethren

    What are you listening to?

  5. Dragonsbrethren

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Release Thread
  6. Last month my luck with avoiding COVID ran out and I ended up needing to take a week and a half off work while I fought it off. To pass the time while I was sick, I went back to Doom and started work on a new MegaWAD targeting PsyDoom. Unfortunately, I got better, and my free time is at a premium again. Most of the maps aren't really ready for release, but the third map (now moved to the MAP02 slot) had a really strong layout, so I polished it up and decided to release it standalone. I still hope to finish the WAD someday, but at least this won't rot on my HDD until then! Note that this map uses a few Final Doom exclusive textures, so it needs to be run with a Final Doom CD image. Also a few areas aren't fully detailed yet, I just wanted to get what I had out. cdepths2.zip
  7. Dragonsbrethren

    The Unity Port Thread - PS4/Xbox One/Switch/IOS/Android

    This bug isn't exclusive to PC, I've experienced it on the Xbox One as well.
  8. Dragonsbrethren

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

  9. This is probably the best answer, since it would actually mix up the gameplay pretty good. You could bounce grenades around corners and things like that. I will say that I've never been a big fan of the Quake grenade launcher because it takes too long for the pipes to detonate if you don't land a direct hit, making it pretty much inferior to the rocket launcher in head on situations. I would rather see one like GoldenEye where it bounces off walls but detonates on contact with the floor.
  10. Dragonsbrethren

    PsyDoom 1.0.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Amazing update! I'm loving all the developer-friendly enhancements for loading and testing, too!
  11. Dragonsbrethren

    What is Your Job/Career?

    Retail store manager. Not the career I ever intended to have, but it's the one I fell into, and I'm pretty good at it.
  12. Had a friend who was super into the Mass Effect series, but every time he brought them over my place I just couldn't get into them. On a whim I bought the trilogy and ended up getting totally engrossed in those, then bought Andromeda and that was easily my favorite in the series gameplay-wise. It's a real shame internet crybabies got Andromeda's DLCs cancelled, I'd love to play what they had planned.
  13. Dragonsbrethren

    The Unity Port Thread - PS4/Xbox One/Switch/IOS/Android

    Just wanting to poke my head back into this thread and say that being able to play BTSX in this port has been an absolute pleasure. I never expected to see it made available and I'm so grateful that it is. Hoping to see episode 2 soon!
  14. Dragonsbrethren

    favorite game to mod outside of Doom?

    I loved making custom GoldenEye missions, but really hated mapping for the game. As long as someone gave me a map, I could make a cool, authentic Rare-style mission in it. Always liked dabbling with the Mega Man NES games (any of them), Castlevania, Super Mario Bros. 3, and the original Final Fantasy. These games all had excellent editors when I was first getting into ROM hacking, versus other games that were either very underdocumented, very convoluted to edit, or just too difficult to make good edits to.
  15. Dragonsbrethren

    PS5 Revealed! |ARE YOU EXCITED?|

    This was me last gen. Sadly, I feel like it was a bad gen to get back into consoles: I bought an Xbox One S, and like a month or two after Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. It didn't feel dissimilar to building a PC and then having a flashy new video card come out a month later. So of course I bought the X since I have a 4K TV and only use the S for playing multiplayer with my brother, since this gen decided to more or less kill couch co-op in new titles. (Halo 5. Fucking Halo doesn't even have split screen anymore. Practically everything on the god damn Nintendo 64 had split screen but we're supposed to believe consoles aren't powerful enough to do it anymore...) Anyway, the PS5 looks funny, the end.