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  1. Awesome! Thanks Aubrey!
  2. Love it, my favorite Doom II track. And that chainsaw is so cool!
  3. Yeah...my thoughts exactly. This one's definitely not for me. -edit- But good luck with the fundraising, Carn! :)
  4. I prefer most of the PC sounds, with a few exceptions like the plasma gun that has already been mentioned. I'm so sick of hearing the PSX shotgun.
  5. What, you didn't like the Teletubby demon?
  6. This. I've had soundfonts that sounded great with a few tracks, but completely ruined others.
  7. This probably isn't even that controversial, but I really hate the wallpaper-like use of STARTAN3 and STARG3 in E1. They're detail/transition textures, and they look much better used that way in Sandy's levels.
  8. Fuck, I'd play it.
  9. That strawman about modern game enemies is pretty lame, too. I mean, at the basis, yeah, if you're playing a modern military themed shooter or whatever, all of your enemies will be dudes with varying amounts of armor. But there's still a huge difference in fighting "dude with AK47", "dude with knife", and "dude with rocket launcher". Are these enemies really less interesting, gameplay-wise, than "dude with chaingun", "demon with teeth", and "robot demon with rocket launcher"?
  10. Yeah, that was stupid. And agreed that it should cover the Doom 2 monsters. They have even more thought put into them than the originals.
  11. ...I just checked this yesterday. http://www.abevigoda.com/
  12. I never got them fully documented, but you can actually see id's progress cutting down the levels in the 32X prototypes: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Doom_%2832X%29 There are later prototypes where they add the E2 and E3 levels that I never got around to writing up articles for.
  13. I've always liked them too.
  14. Of course not, but I will say the aesthetics are the most offputting part of E1M8b for me. That's coming from someone who thinks E1 still holds up well aesthetically, and is a great example of doing more with less using Doom's stock textures. (Though I feel McGee's maps in Doom 2 are even better examples.) The gameplay is great. The more I play it, the more I like it.