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  1. Had a friend who was super into the Mass Effect series, but every time he brought them over my place I just couldn't get into them. On a whim I bought the trilogy and ended up getting totally engrossed in those, then bought Andromeda and that was easily my favorite in the series gameplay-wise. It's a real shame internet crybabies got Andromeda's DLCs cancelled, I'd love to play what they had planned.
  2. Dragonsbrethren

    The Unity Port Thread - PS4/Xbox One/Switch/IOS/Android

    Just wanting to poke my head back into this thread and say that being able to play BTSX in this port has been an absolute pleasure. I never expected to see it made available and I'm so grateful that it is. Hoping to see episode 2 soon!
  3. Dragonsbrethren

    favorite game to mod outside of Doom?

    I loved making custom GoldenEye missions, but really hated mapping for the game. As long as someone gave me a map, I could make a cool, authentic Rare-style mission in it. Always liked dabbling with the Mega Man NES games (any of them), Castlevania, Super Mario Bros. 3, and the original Final Fantasy. These games all had excellent editors when I was first getting into ROM hacking, versus other games that were either very underdocumented, very convoluted to edit, or just too difficult to make good edits to.
  4. Dragonsbrethren

    PS5 Revealed! |ARE YOU EXCITED?|

    This was me last gen. Sadly, I feel like it was a bad gen to get back into consoles: I bought an Xbox One S, and like a month or two after Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. It didn't feel dissimilar to building a PC and then having a flashy new video card come out a month later. So of course I bought the X since I have a 4K TV and only use the S for playing multiplayer with my brother, since this gen decided to more or less kill couch co-op in new titles. (Halo 5. Fucking Halo doesn't even have split screen anymore. Practically everything on the god damn Nintendo 64 had split screen but we're supposed to believe consoles aren't powerful enough to do it anymore...) Anyway, the PS5 looks funny, the end.
  5. Dragonsbrethren

    What are some odd mapping quirks you love to see?

    Entire rooms that open like doors.
  6. Dragonsbrethren

    Does anyone else hate hot-starts?

    People like interesting looking start areas, and interesting areas tend to be populated with monsters. That's not to say that some maps don't have totally bullshit starts that have you under heavy fire before you can react, but the start of the map is probably the safest place to put that sort of BS, assuming it's well-balanced for a pistol start.
  7. Dragonsbrethren

    (oddly specific topic) Textures you never realized were being used

    Heh. I remember making that exact same discovery. It really opened up the flat palette for E1-style levels. Probably chosen solely for its color, I guess you could interpret it as a slimy texture instead of marble in E1. A lot of the “base” flats are used in E3, too. Some of that is obviously how loose Sandy played with the hell theme, but some of them really do fit in, too, and definitely broaden the visual variety beyond green marble/red/wood/rock/guts.
  8. Are we talking today or back in 1993/94? Because I've always wished id read the level order, including skies and secret exits, from the WAD instead of hardcoding them into the executable. I feel like we would've seen a lot more quality releases if there weren't this "need" for major projects to occupy all 32 of Doom 2's level slots. Just think of how many unfinished megawads are probably rotting on a forgotten HDD somewhere because of mapper's block. Today it's pointless, although I still feel like it's taken the community an awful long time to add UMAPINFO to the Boom standard. Hopefully id's latest Doom Classic port motivates more ports to support their DMAPINFO lump.
  9. Dragonsbrethren

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    @Jimmy, this WAD is excellent! I had so much fun playing through this on the Xbox port.
  10. Dragonsbrethren

    unpopular retro opinions

    It's not so much that they changed the controls as much as it is they changed the player's momentum when changing directions. You can't really turn on the fly video-game style anymore. It's a more realistic lean into a curve turn. Tanky might not have been the right choice of word for it, maybe sluggish? In any case, I forgot about the mouse + keyboard controls in the PC versions. They're ok on foot, but for driving I prefer a controller for GTA. Thankfully there's a really good Xinput mod for the PC version of SA.
  11. Dragonsbrethren

    unpopular retro opinions

    I started with GTA3 and that trilogy was great, San Andreas being the best of the bunch. But GTA4 and 5 are no where near as fun because of their driving physics and tanky walking controls. Every time I try to play them, I just want to go back to one of the older games.
  12. Dragonsbrethren

    screen capture of 1992-1993

    Also you can literally see the colors panel in the second photo.
  13. Dragonsbrethren

    screen capture of 1992-1993

    IIRC, DoomEd let you change color preferences just like modern editors do. Too lazy to fire up the VM to confirm. Not sure why anyone would be calling a screen cap fake, this stuff was released 5 years ago.
  14. Honestly, I started designing levels in the late 90s/early 2000s and found Quake engine games so much easier to work with due to better editor interfaces. 3D previews were a godsend, plus grids for manipulating geometry in each dimension. It was very hard for me to wrap my head around mapping for Doom, filling in heights separately from map geometry was super unintuitive and confusing to me, and I remember absolutely hating the upper/middle/lower texture distinction. I had such a hard time getting things to look the way I wanted. I wished I could just block maps out with brushes like I was doing in Half-Life, so I gave up pretty quickly. It really wasn't until the first Doom Builder came out that I even took mapping for Doom seriously. Nowadays with equally good tools, Doom is much easier to map for than a Quake engine game. I can't remember the last time I even felt like making a Quake map, it's a much more involved process compared to the quick turnaround to fun gameplay that Doom offers. Plus the gameplay itself is just more fun to me, I love me some Quake (and Half-Life), but no where to the extent that I enjoy Doom.
  15. Dragonsbrethren

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Better controller support would be wonderful, it's practically the one way I play Doom anymore. PrBoom-plus was woefully outdated on that front the last I checked, which is why I gravitate towards playing with ZDoom or Doom Retro, even though I prefer something demo compatible. Hell, I think even Chocolate Doom had better gamepad configuration support, albeit still limited to vanilla buttons.