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  1. Dragonsbrethren

    WADs with best stock texture use?

    This thread doesn't have nearly enough pics.
  2. Dragonsbrethren

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Shield guys have no redeeming features. They’re just an irritation, and once you upgrade the plasma gun to stun them, a pointless one.
  3. Dragonsbrethren

    Things about Doom you just found out

    DoomEd did have a rudimentary texture alignment feature—the FirstCol calculator. It still doesn’t make this error any less baffling. My only guess is the texture or line length was changed after the alignment was done. I also find it amusing that Romero must’ve been dead set against using that calculator, given how poor his texture alignment tends to be. (Sandy actually aligns much better)
  4. Dragonsbrethren

    What are you playing now?

    I just started replaying BTSX E1 in GZDoom with the same controller setup Xbox 360 Doom II uses. This is definitely near the top of my best wads of all time list.
  5. Dragonsbrethren

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    I don't really understand the complaints about art in Doom 2. I suppose what people mean are that the episodes aren't as consistently themed as Doom 1...but I still think Doom 2 has more aesthetically pleasing maps than the opposite, and it follows its themes well enough, even if sometimes the sky alone is all that makes the difference between "city" and "hell". The techbases are still techbasey, with lots of great new texture series like TEKGREN and METAL2. American McGee's bases wouldn't feel out of place in E1, and he even gave the E1 maps a retexture to look more like his stuff in JagDoom. The end of the starport levels and the city levels suffer from Sandy Syndrome, like a lot of Doom E2/E3, but most of them are passable. There were even new BRICK and MODWALL series created for these levels...Duke Nukem 3D definitely sold a modern city setting better than Downtown or Suburbs do, but most of Doom 2's city levels work because they put you in a single structure surrounded by the city, rather than trying to model the city itself. Romero's stuff is very natural, he clearly fell in love with those STONE and ZIMMER textures and uses them practically everywhere. I will say that Circle of Death and Gotcha really stand out in stark contrast to their "episodes" where everything else is pretty techy/urbanized--the rest of Romero's maps mesh well, and both of these are supposed to be at the heart of hell's invasion, so I'll give them a pass. Hell in Doom 2 is just all over the place compared to the slightly more consistent themes seen in E3. I'd say only Barrels o' Fun really stands out as decidedly "not hell", and it's still no worse than Pandemonium.
  6. Dragonsbrethren

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    Pain Elementals, easily. Talk about a monster living up to its name.
  7. Dragonsbrethren

    What platform do you play on?

    Xbox One X. Not buying a new gaming PC any time soon.
  8. Dragonsbrethren

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    Current? Nah, these threads have been around forever.
  9. This sounds suspiciously similar to an issue I'm having with ChocoRenderLimits. Try disabling sound effects or changing to PC speaker effects (does Hexen even have these?) and see if the crash stops.
  10. Dragonsbrethren

    I hate DooM 2's level design.

    I really fail to see how Doom II is more mazelike than the original. I can only think of a handful of directionless levels, and one of those has a literal arrow telling you where to start... Meanwhile Tom Hall's levels basically were flat mazes. Doom II has American McGee levels, and his levels rival Romero's E1 stuff. The SSG and new monsters allow for much more varied gameplay in those levels. Level design is more than lines plotted on a grid and sector properties.
  11. Some of the levels are pretty tough to pistol start on PC, too, at least on UV, for me. I'd leave them alone unless they're a serious outlier in terms of difficulty.
  12. Dragonsbrethren

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    The start area of E1M3, the red key area of MAP02, and the start of MAP04 left the biggest impression on me when I played (PlayStation) Doom for the first time. Those were the only areas I distinctly remembered when I picked the game up for PC years later. (I really missed the translucent windows and green lighting in E1M3.)
  13. Dragonsbrethren

    How do I get PRBOOM+ working with ZDL?

    What exactly do you mean by "it doesn't work"? I have no problem loading wads in PRBoom+ using ZDL.
  14. Dragonsbrethren

    Your favorite WAD's to just kick back and relax playing?

    Boring answer: DOOM.WAD. Particularly Knee Deep in the Dead. Familiar, easy, but I still have a good time whenever I play through E1.
  15. Dragonsbrethren

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Also this elevator/tunnel isn’t present in v1.0/1.1, it was added in 1.2.