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  1. Dragonsbrethren


  2. Dragonsbrethren

    Best NRFTL level?

    I absolutely love No Rest for the Living! While it often falls into the trap of being too visually noisy for my tastes (something I feel is nearly inevitable when using the stock Doom 2 textures with detailed geometry), it's a wonderful blend of modern design sensibilities and classic gameplay. It justifies the cost of the X360/PS3/BFG Edition alone. Hell, I bought it before I even owned a console to play it on. I've never given much thought to a favorite level, though. The Earth Base is pretty great as an introduction to its style, and Vivisection is just brutal, which has already has gotten a lot of love in this thread. I also really like Canyon of the Dead.
  3. I know it has already been released, but this. If anyone has any of my old unfinished work that I've completely forgotten about, please upload it somewhere. It's so easy for digital content to just disappear. I don't even have most of my old Half-Life levels and ROM hacks because I just didn't care about most of them at the time.
  4. Dragonsbrethren

    What are you listening to?

  5. Dragonsbrethren

    Doomie id Tech 1 frontend launcher Release 1.7

    This doesn't seem to be passing paths with spaces to the chosen source port correctly. Doom Retro can't find the IWAD I specified (the default Steam Doom 2 install directory), GZDoom gives the IWAD selection dialog and doesn't have the PWAD loaded. Additionally, the buttons at the bottom right overlap if I resize the window too small. I run at 125% DPI (150% when I use my TV as an external display). I see some great potential here with playlists, though! I feel like there needs to be a field for extra parameters to pass to the source port, saved as a part of the playlist.
  6. Dragonsbrethren

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    I think megawads are more a consequence of Doom2.exe's hardcoded episodes/intermissions and secret exits than 32 being some "magic number" of levels. Doom saw plenty of 9 level episode replacements, after all. We might have a lot more small projects if overriding the level progression wasn't limited to the advanced source ports. I really wonder what today's Doom projects would look like if DOOM2.EXE read its episode progression from the IWAD. Anyway, I have the Doomworld Megawad Club to thank for completing a lot more wads than I would have otherwise. Something about tackling a 32 level behemoth as a daily task alongside others really helps my motivation to keep going, even if I don't participate in the threads that much. Before the club started, I hadn't finished much of anything.
  7. Dragonsbrethren

    How to make Heretic and Hexen fun to play !

    I started having a lot more fun with Heretic when I decided to just activate items as soon as I got them.
  8. I just used the switch in its current, non-animated state in the hopes that either its animation can be fixed or another functional but unused switch texture has its graphics replaced. Nothing else looks right in that map.
  9. Dragonsbrethren

    The "old doom friends who disappeared" thread

    We didn't have much personal interaction, but @fenderc01 hasn't posted in years now. The PSX TC is still a great piece of work.
  10. Dragonsbrethren

    How hard is to balance a level for coop?

    It depends? Vanilla Doom is pretty tough: There's only the Multiplayer flag (so any Deathmatch additions will also be in co-op, and vice-versa) and no way of changing how many of a given item spawns based on player count. It's much easier in ports that allow you to flag things for specific modes and number of players, however most co-op servers use respawning items that wreck any semblance of balance, anyway. (Co-op is much better the fewer players present, IMO.)
  11. Dragonsbrethren

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Neat, but the prices are absurd. These need to come down in price a lot for me to truly be interested, considering most developers will still be targeting the current gen consoles and any graphics improvements these bring will be fluff.
  12. Dragonsbrethren

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    The Mark V Winquake executable has the option to upscale 320x240 or 640x480 to your desktop resolution, for that wonderful chunkiness without the headaches of getting low resolutions rendering on modern cards/displays. I ❤ the look so much.
  13. Dragonsbrethren

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    "I Can't Believe It's Not Software™" Oh my. I never played around with tonemaps before, this is amazing! Edit: I think it's lousy for colored lighting, though. That's where truecolor is really needed.
  14. Dragonsbrethren

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've realized that, after playing with hardware and truecolor software renderers for quite a while, I actually prefer the COLORMAP-based light diminishing. I still really dislike how the pink range used by Demons and Barons fades, but I love the way other colors become less saturated in darker environs. Doom Retro is my favorite port at the moment and I remember being really disappointed that @bradharding shot down a truecolor renderer, but now I don't care. (I still want 16:9 widescreen with an expanded FOV, though!) I've switched back to software rendering for Quake, too, since I found the Mark V engine. It similarly does darkness "better" than hardware rendered engines.
  15. That may be true nowadays, but the designer of a level always has intimate knowledge of its flow and encounters. (This is why getting others to test your levels is important!) Providing fun experiences on lower difficulties is something many wads struggle with, where HNTR and HMP are just UV with fewer monsters or lower tier monsters. That doesn't mean it has to be this way. I put a lot of thought into how HNTR plays in my levels now--I want that difficulty to play like breezing through a familiar map, even if it's the first time you've played it.