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  1. Avoozl

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I decided to give Wario Land Shake It another whirl after 10 years since I last played it only this time emulated instead of on the hardware. Personally I still don't enjoy it much unlike the Gameboy Wario Land games and Wario World but I'd sure take it over the Wario Ware games any day.
  2. Avoozl

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Is that a Mass Effect Relay on the middle right?
  3. Quite a few of the later Unreal engine games feel this way, I remember trying the Deep Space 9 game and I just couldn't hold my interest with it after how dated the engine felt.
  4. Avoozl

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    That just looks hilarious.
  5. Avoozl

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Well it's certainly not on the same level as HRP for Duke Nukem 3D.
  6. Avoozl


    I always enjoy going to the park nearby and visiting the ducks, geese and swans which are there. I was sitting with a few sleeping ducks.
  7. Avoozl

    Thoughts on Blood

    More precisely he's an undead cowboy. ;)
  8. Avoozl

    Thoughts on Blood

    Despite being java based the GDX Blood port is actually really good.
  9. Avoozl

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Kind of looks like a Zelda enemy like from Twilight Princess because of the skin patterns.
  10. Avoozl

    What is/was a meme you hate/hated?

    Not sure if it's a meme but I tend to grow tired of those youtube comments on videos of exotic pets joking about them being dogs.
  11. Well people in the BDSM scene certainly wouldn't find a problem with these terms.
  12. Quake 2 was only orange on the outdoor areas and rooms exposed to the outside with large windows or roof openings.
  13. The real issue I find with Blood is those damn giant stone gargoyles on the highest difficulty, the only weapon which seems effective against them is the tesla weapon but otherwise they are a real pain to deal with, in most maps I encounter them I just avoid them entirely.
  14. Avoozl

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    So I decided to get into Warframe, I enjoyed it for a time but now I am finding certain problems with it.
  15. Avoozl

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    I am sorry for the loss, but I am sure they are fine wherever they may be now outside of reality as we know it.