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  1. The Duke Nukem Forever 2013 mod for Duke Nukem 3D is actually quite good, when I first tried it I only played through the first map before losing interest, but now I got back into it and am enjoying it more. If someone told me that it was what DNF should've been I will heartily agree with them.

    1. Avoozl


      Oh, that ended quite quickly though, perhaps I should retract what I said about being "the way DNF should've been"

    2. cyan0s1s


      Yeah it looked pretty nice from what I saw in videos but it should've taken a few more liberties with design rather than to make an interactive trailer that lasts two hours.

    3. Avoozl


      Well I found a "DLC pack" for it which is another three levels as it says, but even with it it is still pretty short.

  2. They never scared me either, I simply enjoyed them for what they were.
  3. I am not a huge fan of the genre but the only horror games I've played and enjoyed were Dead Space 1 and 2, FEAR with its two expansions, and FEAR 2 (which disappointed me a lot).
  4. I've been looking up Youtube vids of Doom 3 graphics mods but a lot of them seem to over do it with reflections and bright neon lighting. I think they ruin the original art direction of the game.

    1. Marnetstapler


      Let's not forget bumpmaps used for things they were never intended for.

    2. DoctorGenesis


      It gets worse with Quake 2.

    3. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      Strong artistry and restraint are rare guests in amateur graphics overhaul mods.

  5. Apparently the Tasty Spleen community will be holding a 500 frag Deathmatch to celebrate Quake 2's 20th anniversary, I think I may get involved for the fun of it.

    1. Kapanyo


      Consider me present and ready to frag >:3

  6. I hate these Kleer Skeleton's in Serious Sam 3, they can be very annoying to deal with even with powerful weapons. They are like Demons/Pinkys on steroids.

    1. GarrettChan


      It is very annoying. SS3 took out the Grenade Launcher, which is a very strategic weapon for Kleer Skeletons in close range by laying a bunch of grenades. Rocket Launcher is very likely to miss. Also, there are too little ammo for Minigun, and there's no Laser Gun. All these increase the annoyance of the skeletons.

    2. R1ck


      @GarrettChan there's a lasergun but it can only be obtained when you accessing a secret in "into the spider's nest" and "no place to hide" and the ammo limited asf. I usually use either c4 or devastator when dealing with Kleers.

    3. HavoX


      And I thought they were bad enough as they were...

    4. Albertoni


      Rocket launchers aimed at the floor, my friend. If life doesn't give you grenades, but gives you rockets, turn those rockets into grenades.

    5. GarrettChan


      @R1ckOh yeah... totally forgot about the secret exclusive weapon...


      @AlbertoniNice sentence, love it. Just in case you're not joking, hitting the ground with rockets doesn't deal much damage, and you have a risk to "launch" the Kleer towards you, but it's difficult to compare because there's no such thing in 3.

    6. Albertoni


      I was half joking and half giving an idea. I don't remember much of SS3, sadly.

  7. I get the feeling that the Another Metroid 2 Remake fan game they tried to bring down with a DMCA request lead them to finally make their own remake version of Metroid 2.
  8. I have finally dropped soda and am drinking plain spring water, I got started with a 24x600ml pack and am going to go from there.

    1. Battle_Kirby


      I think it has been more than two years that I am "clean" from soda and energy drinks as well. Most I can go with artificial liquid is fruit juices, but even then coffee, milk or tea is my favorite "alternative" to water.


      water ftw

    2. Dragonfly


      Good move! I tried to make the switch this rear but just can't fully shift. I drink about 1 litre of water a day but then balance that with probably 500ml of some kind of 'fizzy drink'. 

    3. Dragonfly


      Year, not rear. Phone autocorrect combined with no edit button. Ew.

    4. Nevander


      I want to as well but Mountain Dew is just too delicious.

    5. Avoozl


      The only problem so far is I seem to be more tired than usual now, it might be withdrawal but I don't know honestly.

  9. Looks like Bethesda may be at it again with paid for mods.
  10. I hate it when Youtube video suggestions spoil parts of movies or TV shows.

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      I wish I had the power to dismiss the suggestions forever.

    2. geo


      Usually the Youtube thumbnails ruin the surprise. Top 5 video games of all time! Mario 3 and Half-Life 2 are in the thumbnail. Top secret hidden bosses of all time! Thumbnail has 3 bosses I've never seen before.


      What about spoiler warning.... as they're showing what they're about to talk about and the background footage spoils it. How about a video game Youtuber just randomly talks about TV shows and movies to spoil them when they go out of their way to NOT spoil video games they talk about.


      Oh I can go further.... trailers that spoil movies. Terminator trailers in particular.

  11. Usually I won't.
  12. I never would've thought that I would enjoy games like Serious Sam 3 but I have come to like it now and have found myself immersed in it unlike any other game for quite some time, of course there are moments which psis me off and I just quit the game to return to it another day but I am really enjoying it so far. There's so many similarities to Doom in it.

    1. Avoozl


      I also really like the Egyptian-based music, particularly the few ambient idle music tracks when not battling anything.

    2. R1ck


      I once invested myself some times on learning the engine when they're released the source code for their first engine. I love Serious Sam, the game brought me into Gaming at the first place. but the monster AI is really kinda unfair tbh.

    3. Phade102


      I like to think of Dooms slaughter wads as being similar to serious sam. its a solid game. You should try the HD First encounter and HD Second encounter too. They're obviously a bit dated, but they are insanely fun.

    4. Avoozl


      I am actually quite fine with old games so I wouldn't really care if they are a bit dated.

  13. All I know is I couldn't care less of it and don't plan on buying one anytime soon.
  14. GZDoom's fog doesn't work the way I want it to, there is only one set kind and no alternatives unfortunately.

    1. Dragonfly


      Just out of curiousity how would you like it to work? :)

    2. Nevander


      Make sure you are setting fogdensity in MAPINFO. This property "fixes" fog so that it gets applied evenly across all light levels. Normal GZDoom fog behavior is rather odd.

    3. Avoozl


      I wanted a fog which shows at a distance rather than fill up the whole room like the default fog in the source port.

    4. Dragonfly


      This could be simulated with some linedef trickery - have it so the fog is set when you cross a linedef at a distance, perhaps? You may be able to play with it enough that it has a 'gradual fade' effect. Alternately, if you're willing to get super advanced about it, have a script running that checks your distance from a hidden / invisible actor at the point of the fog.


      You could also use translucent, solid-colour midtextures which are activated the same way as the abovementioned idea.

  15. Those black tiles remind me of charcoal.