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  1. Currently replaying Mass Effect 2 with my engineer Shepard after leaving it on hiatus for a time, this game is still pretty fun. I originally wanted to play it with a texture mod, but unfortunately it was causing my game to crash so I had to do a fresh install. It is still my favorite title of the whole series, I mostly love the dystopian atmosphere on Omega, and the Omega recruitment missions are still the most nostalgic to me.
  2. I remember the first time I played Quake with a source port and it happened to have water caustics, I thought it was the greatest thing ever as it oozed atmosphere.
  3. Maybe Hell Footmen would make more sense.
  4. Sun dried tomatoes, where have you been all my life?

  5. Whoa, that looks spectacular.
  6. What happened to Odessa 4, 5, 8, and 10?
  7. Spin-off or not, Doom 64 basically is a third Doom game.
  8. All this time I assumed that "Humble Bundle" was a term used for a sort of Steam sale, I never knew that it was a sale website which also gave away free games from time to time.
  9. I've always preferred the original Doomguy outfit, the new one just makes me think of Halo more than Doom, I like the Quake III Arena helmet variant also.
  10. I supposed the Mancubus could be Pizza the Hutt.
  11. I recently upgraded to 16gb's of ram and are now playing Deus Ex Mandkind Divided at a reasonable framerate, still I get some minor graphics lag at certain locations but I guess being one model of graphics card behind the recommended is the cause.
  12. Even without the repetition d_runnin really doesn't suit a game like Doom imo, it sounds a lot like food parlor music to me.
  13. I am using ethernet anyway because my modem died and my ISP wasn't able to send me a free replacement.
  14. A map I made for Jedi Outcast or Academy from the 15th of March 2003. Edit: Turns out it was actually Jedi Outcast since Academy was released in September.
  15. I kind of like that track but not so much the dodo dada dodo dada part. The organ part is where it shines imo.