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  1. Well personally I think all the James Bond movies during Craig's era are overrated. To me they feel more like Jason Bourne films than James Bond films. There's hardly anything I like about Craig's version of Bond, I find him boring and dull with the wit and suaveness of a brick. However I also didn't like two of Brosnan's James Bond films such as Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day. Tomorrow Never Dies was absurd, I thought the idea of a news reporter being a villain was absolutely ridiculous. There's hardly anything I like about that movie except maybe the remote control car scenes. As for Die Another Day my complaints are pretty much the same as the majority of people who dislike this film, it was way over the top for a Bond film. License to Kill was another Bond movie which I really can't understand all the praise it gets, it didn't even feel like a James Bond film, it felt more like an 80's undercover cop drug bust movie of some sort, it was dreadfully boring to me. Also On Her Majesties Secret Service was another, it was just very dull and boring to me, I thought Lazenby didn't make a good Bond and his accent didn't seem to fit the character well imo, I thought the mind control scene was pathetic and the car chase just went on and on that it sometimes put me to sleep.
  2. Avoozl

    What do you think comes after death?

    I have been watching videos where Dr. Jeffrey Long interviews and researches the near death experiences people have had when they were temporarily or clinically dead before being revived. These people generally avoid telling other people these experiences in fear of being ridiculed, people have even changed after having these experiences. People never saw anything related to their prior religious beliefs.
  3. Avoozl

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Was Announced... Again

    I was referring to what they said when they announced the second game in 2011: https://kotaku.com/5847942/stalker-2-requires-a-permanent-internet-connection?IR=T I am just hoping that they don't go with that idea this time around. Also I hope they allow a drm free release for GoG and retail while also releasing it on drm platforms such as Steam.
  4. Avoozl

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Was Announced... Again

    Please tell me they dropped the previous idea to make it an always-online game?
  5. Avoozl

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Well I am not happy with Bethesda these days, they don't always fix every bug and rely on the mod communities to do that, not to mention how they are fool proofing and stripping features from their main IP's TES and FO per every release, but now they are charging for mods a second time which has crossed the line for me, the first time they did it it received a lot of backlash. I think charging for user mods is the worst thing any company has done so far. I really think they should let Obsidian work on their future FO and TES games.
  6. Blasphemy! Personally I felt the shotguns had the better sounds of all the weapons in the game.
  7. Honestly I preferred Blood and Shadow Warrior over Duke Nukem 3D but definitely not Redneck Rampage which I think is the worst Build engine game, but I do enjoy DN3D from time to time, I have also played the most custom maps on it than all the other Build engine games.
  8. So basically there's games out there both good or bad which have guns with underwhelming or half-arsed designs and/or sounds. In GTA San Andreas most of the weapons were grey or washed out and most of them made crappy popping firing sounds. In the Stalker games a lot of the weapons also look washed out but had decent or great firing sounds at least.
  9. Apparently there's someone working on recreating the Metroid Prime engine in the effort to make a mouse and keyboard enabled PC port which requires an iso of the original game for the game resources. For the longest time I was actually wishing someone would do something like this and it's actually happening now, I really hope Nintendo doesn't discover this project as I would really like to see it completed, it would give me an excuse to actually play through the game unlike with my second-hand copy I barely ever played. This would be the next best thing after the Another Metroid 2 Remake fan game.

  10. I hated the mission GTA4 where you had to chase after a train with a car on the road, it made for some frustrating moments.
  11. Avoozl

    Rage 2 leaked?

    From what I originally heard before the games was released that the graphics made the original game too big to be distributed digitally and this was before Bethesda bought out ID Software. After seeing how crappy a lot of the textures were in game I was under the assumption that they reduced the graphics in order to make the game smaller. IIRC Rage was talked about in some news articles well before Borderlands was even dreamed up.
  12. Avoozl

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Okay, but there should be free software out there that can convert image types. You could always try Irfanview. This is besides my point though.
  13. I don't really agree with it being as bad as Doom 3's shotgun, I mean it does have a longer range and less spread and it is effective enough on the foot soldiers, and considering how most of the enemies are large cyborgs I don't think the regular shotgun should be able to take them down as easily.
  14. Shotguns in modern games particularly in CoD games usually tend to suck, you can never really kill more than one enemy with them for the most part.
  15. Avoozl

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Oh, I don't know how I missed that.