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  1. I'd say DNF's shooting is much much worse than Doom 3's, and I wouldn't really call D3's shooting bland I have played a lot more far worse shooting games than it.
  2. Third Person Action Adventure Games

    Beyond Good and Evil of course, I found that game very refreshing when I first played it a few years ago. They are currently working on its sequel but it's going to be a prequel and I am not sure how I feel about that, you don't play as the original main characters Jade and Pey'j in it. Jade Empire is another good one but it's more of a fighter with different fighting styles which you can unlock and upgrade, the game also has a nice mythical ancient China theme. Project Eden is a pretty interesting puzzle game made by developers of the earlier Tomb Raider games which has you switching between four team members with different specialties to deal with particular puzzles, the graphics may look dated but I feel they give the game a certain charm since it's based in rundown and abandoned cities and industrial zones.
  3. Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Also Battlespire was originally going to be an expansion for Daggerfall but it ending up being its own standalone game under the title of An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire.
  4. Nostalgic for the 90s

    I don't think the early to middle 2000's were bad for gaming either.
  5. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    As I recall there was also GL patch for Hexen 2 which wasn't Hammer of Thyrion.
  6. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I am still slogging my way through Unreal and I am currently up to Mothership Lab. I don't think it's a bad game but I just haven't been enjoying it much now, I have been doing the same playthrough of it over 5 years now as I have left it for a while and came back to it quite a few times. It was a bit more fun when I first got into it 2013.
  7. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Well I didn't find Hexen II bland at all.
  8. Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Hidden and Dangerous 2 along with its expansion Sabre Squadron.
  9. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Shamefully I finished Portals of Praevus before the main game which I still haven't even finished.
  10. What is your favourite secret Level?

    E4M9: Fear. I think the PSX version makes it a little more interesting with the added ambience of the music and coloured lighting. E1M9 is pretty cool too, simple but effective, it also has a useless but interesting spot of caged imps.
  11. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    I lean more towards Hexen than Heretic, I also didn't like Heretic 2 nor did I care for the extra episodes for Heretic 1. I still have yet to finish Hexen 2 though. I really want to play a co-op game of either Hexen games at some point.
  12. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Nice Eradrop, not so fond of the brown in that sky though.
  13. Morrowind with graphics extender and the graphics and sounds overhaul mod, it looks like a damn painting.
  14. Well I meant TV series as in a series fo shows which used to air on TV but can still be watched on DVD/Blueray or various internet movies sites. I haven't watched actual TV since 2004.
  15. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I don't think the combat is sloppy, but a bit dated yes.