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  1. Doom Eternal wants you to think of the old ones so badly they even recreated the stuck lost soul bug.


    It's not the best part though. I'm pretty sure they don't shut down the playsim during the credit roll, because I kept hearing that distinctive "lost soul trying to break up with a wall" sound throughout it. Thanks for a great final impression, id.

  2. Da Werecat

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Can you describe what is wrong with the sounds?
  3. Da Werecat

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Do you have pitch effects enabled?
  4. Da Werecat

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    I doubt it would apply to all of the industrial levels.
  5. Da Werecat

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Sounds like -shorttics though? I recall there were issues with that, but I don't remember when/if they were resolved.
  6. Da Werecat

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    You can say that the opposite applies as well. Switch-operated crushers aren't obvious by definition, so the "protagonist" may very well activate one by accident. So there is no inherent difference, from the hero's standpoint or from the player's. But the idea appealed to me on some aesthetical level, I'm not sure exactly why.
  7. Da Werecat

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    I kind of feel the same here, TBH. More clarity = good. Making things nice and cozy and achievable in a straightforward manner = giving up, pretty much.
  8. Da Werecat

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    Crushers could be separated by activation method. Switch-activated are obviously intentional, while walkover crushers are obviously not exactly? As a frequent watcher (but not a runner) I had more problems with Tyson due to the fact that you're allowed to pistol everything to death. Not only does it look like a huge compromise, it's also excruciatingly tedious to watch.
  9. Da Werecat

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    The thing about making the monsters infight is that you're using their own hate against them. It's poetic. You may have provided an opportunity, but it's their desire to kill that produces death. It's not the same with crushers, because stupidly walking into a hazard is not a crime. And crusher isn't a living being, so it's more akin to a weapon than a monster you manipulate. These are "feel" objections that would make the rules impossible on several maps though. Kind of like MAP30 was thought to be impossible, except I doubt people would try as hard with a PWAD map.
  10. Da Werecat

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I thought syntax changed in PrBoom from MBF?
  11. Da Werecat

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Having legacy OPTIONS would be sweet. However, new features would require a different lump to preserve compatibility with stock MBF.
  12. Da Werecat

    Weird demos

    IIRC, aggroing is tied to pain animation. A single rocket only has two chances of triggering it: from the rocket itself and from the splash damage. Which is more than most attacks in the game, but still not a lot.
  13. Da Werecat

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice damage boost.
  14. Classic Doom in BFG has plenty of shortcomings, TBH. They only did about enough to sorta make it run, kinda, and that's about it.
  15. Da Werecat

    DEHEXTRA discussion (split from Pr+ UMAPINFO thread)

    Hmph. Is there a comprehensive list of such quirks exhibited by certain thing numbers, states, or codepointers? I only knew about arch-vile. I also know that moving around chaingun flash states can be disastrous if done wrong, and maybe a couple more minor things. But this seems to go deeper, with subtle changes in behavior that wouldn't be noticeable right away.