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  1. MAP04 might be suffering from this. I picked the track mainly for the breakdown at the end, but the main part sounds a bit shallow.
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q5h_dCJY8xjPFNcodJsKktGIoPU0efyY It's funny that in this day and age I still have to resort to XWE from time to time.
  3. Two questionable mods

    I've been digging through backups a few months ago, and I stumbled upon my old Doom 3 directory. Being in the camp of people disappointed with the game's subtler aspects, I did some tinkering back in the day. This resulted in a number of mod folders exhibiting varying degrees of uselessness. Two of them I thought were alright to vomit into the world, but I only got around to do it now. materials The first one was an attempt at rectifying the game being stuck in 1997 in regards to its material effects handling. Seriously, one footstep sound (set) for the entire game? Not counting different characters and liquids, Quake 3 already had two. Even though the second one was applied to, like, 2% of the game's surfaces. Then you get interesting aesthetic solutions like trying to chainsaw the fleshy growths and getting sparks in your face. It took me about a week of grinding through material declarations, figuring out SDK, and so on. In order to fix as many of such errors as possible, I also had to modify some of the maps. This was probably the main reason I wasn't too eager to share the results - in addition to the mod's size feeling like a lot at the time, including barely modified id maps felt like a serious copyright violation. But I doubt a whole lot of people would care at this point. Aside from those changes, the goal was to preserve the look and feel of the game as much as possible. One major exception is my Amazing Chaingun Improvement that makes it look like you're actually holding the thing instead of it being glued to your chin. It was a horrible hack job involving me combining two meshes in a text editor (!), but it turned out surprisingly inoffensive, so I kept it. I also attempted to fix some of the bugs, like halos remaining after some of the light sources were deleted, but didn't have much success. Judging by my own test map, I could've added more effects, but stopped at laying the groundwork. aweap Stands for Alpha Weapons. This is an older mod, so it doesn't contain much of the other one's material changes. On the other hand, the experience of blasting someone point-blank should be improved. As the title implies, it was supposed to follow the spirit (if not the letter) of how the leaked alpha treated weapons and combat effects, but I also briefly used it as a test bed for some other crap. Besides the obvious changes like replacing weapon skins and sounds, behavior was also modified. The shotgun in particular is very different: it shoots less pellets with a narrower spread, and is considerably faster. It also only has 5 shells in the magazine, and you load them one at a time. Despite this, I think it's pretty fun to use, and I finished the entire game without running into balance problems. The shotgun still uses the "new" model because the old one wasn't available at the time. When it was converted much later, I didn't even like it - its normal map looks wrong in the finalized engine. Imp has Reznor sounds for some reason, but not other monsters - aside from body thuds maybe. Gore is less cartoony. There are more squishy sounds when bullets pierce the flesh (may still be a little muted due to some weird coding I'm not sure I dealt with at the time). Bullet hole decals aren't as ridiculously oversized (dirty hack alert #18: I just padded the image with more white), and there are new effects like plasma burn marks. Demons disintegrate, but humans don't, unless you blow them up or crush them with a door. Disintegrating is important for the final boss sequence, and also because ragdolls in the game are garbage. Apparently, my updated lost soul went into this mod. I didn't even notice until I uploaded it. It was made to resemble its own concept art more - gas burner flames, glowing eyes, creepy teeth, and some additional gore. Most of such updated art assets are fairly crude, but sorta work.
  4. Busy weekend for me.
  5. Not a lot of interest at this point, but since I already started, I'll try to finish it tomorrow. Also, here are some of the art assets I worked on before losing most of my inspiration (again). This one was supposed to become the first intermission map: It's a Martian crater, but I picked it for its resemblance of the classic Phobos double crater as shown in Doom. There were supposed to be tiny buildings spread across the bigger crater, and the smaller crater would look like a city of sorts and represent maps 7-11. The idea for the light poles I added to the tall version of the sky originated here. If it looks squashed - that's because it is, but it would look normal in the game. And this one is a test version of a new sky variation that I was making specifically for The Bleeding. I might actually be able to finish it. I considered it very unfinished, but it looks better than I remembered.
  6. There's also sky occluding tall decorations around the start area when you look from the courtyard, if that counts as a bug. And a thing I already reported: ugly lighting in the cave, easily fixable. What I haven't fixed yet is some untidy "scripting" and the fact that the eponymous lair looks like a 1994 cave, but I don't have a clear idea for what to do with the latter.
  7. The Lair needs work, at the very least. It has things that shouldn't exist in a 1.0 release. You can't max it because some secret sectors are inaccessible. And you can fall into an illusio-pit where the rocket launcher's at. There's a bunch of smaller things that, ideally, require some attention. I tinkered with the map, but I didn't ask for permission, and I haven't dealt with everything anyway, at least not just yet.
  8. Post-production. It's pretty much a finished megawad at this point, so dying isn't really an option, but we're waiting on some of the optional art assets being done (and also doing minor tweaking in the meantime).
  9. Forum Update?

    Doom actually has a heart. Remember that marble pillar?
  10. Forum Update?

    Would 100 likes (if that ever happens) convert into a soul sphere?
  11. Forum Update?

    Having the background for the body of the post to be slightly brighter seems redundant, but I guess it's a matter of getting used to it? Pleasant: the line informing you that the post was edited ISN'T IN A GIANT FONT CRAVING FOR YOUR ATTENTION WITH CHEERLEADER POMS. I swear to God, this forum used to have the most cynical and punishing way of displaying that information I've seen so far. Still have to add an additional line break so it doesn't snuggle with the other text (like here), but maybe it just feels wrong by association.
  12. Skies are a fucking nightmare. ZDoom and Eternity want different things. I'll have to create duplicate definitions that are cut differently, and TEXTURE1 is already a mess.
  13. Harder to work with, my ass. The composition displeased me until I finished the cloud highlights. I still think it looks a little flat when not lit up. But it's more elaborate.
  14. I know the feeling. Well, yeah. I have a bunch of layers grouped as "BLU storm" that I turn off to make the default sky. These turned out fine. The mountains are kinda rough. I see you've used the old version as a base. What I posted earlier was pretty much the first palette conversion - it turned out better than I thought it would, but worse than I'd like. I made a lot of small adjustments since then. Maybe I'll have a go at this myself today. The new clouds always gave me a strange feeling, like they didn't look ominous enough. I only asked for them because I wanted to use your lightning without the pains of trying to fit it to another background, but I ended up enduring said pains anyway. The old ones have a weird perspective, which makes them interesting to look at, but at the same time harder to work with. I'm still not sure I got the lighting right on them.
  15. Why though? I can see some problems with them, but they're minor, and I'm not sure it's the same problems you see. I may still attempt to replace them later, but it's gonna be low priority for now. Here's my current (finalized, more or less) PSD just in case: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-l4jsCIh4wP0D3dlIn-ZbKkVjzHy5Z-Q Its organization leaves a lot to be desired, but it was easier to finish it like this than to redo it.