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  1. Since I won't be able to finish anything important in the following days, I decided to: holding area Replaced MP cacos with elementals on a whim, and set them free by removing impassable flags. They're typically useless in vanilla, but I doubt many people would use vanilla to play this in coop. research lab Scattered some MP-only blue keys in accessible areas. Changed some lines around the original blue key - it's easier to pick it up without triggering the bridge, but I was concerned about the opposite.
  2. Funny, a month ago I was still hoping to work on the skies some more after finishing with the maps. Maps have taken the priority because I thought they were in worse shape than the skies.
  3. N6emta5.png

    1. mrthejoshmon


      A phrophetic depiction of World War 3.

    2. Olroda


      Haha! I like it! I'm guessing that the knight on the horse is 40oz, but who is the knight behind him supposed to be?

    3. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      His nemesis, of course.

    4. Olroda


      Of course indeed. I see it now! Haha!

    5. bzzrak


      Is that me down there lol hahaha I'm genuinely overwhelmed 

      If that's indeed me, please never change

    6. bzzrak


      (Also if that's indeed me, would you mind if I used your depiction of (supposedly) me as my avatar? ayy lmao)

    7. 40oz
    8. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      Of course I don't mind.

  4. They aren't supposed to be hollow though. Maybe voodoo didn't work.
  5. I like how in MAP05 a couple of dudes were just punching each other in the face at the hub. Then after a while - chainsaw sounds.
  6. I had a feeling instant bridges weren't such a great idea.
  7. You can climb 5 ladders and use 10 elevators, but it won't change the fact that the next fight will be mostly on one plane. Maybe someone will snipe you from a balcony. But compared to something like Quake the player's involvement with complex terrain is relatively insignificant. Of course, there are games that are even simpler in regards to map design. When BFG Edition came out, I remember one reviewer pointing out that the game has pretty complex levels compared to what they were used to.
  8. This stuff is mostly for flair.
  9. Because we didn't have any of this in a while.
  10. I managed to get some traction, but I don't know how it will go.
  11. I expected the next gif being about a rocket flying perfectly between barons and blasting you in the face.
  12. I'd be very interested in a PC port of DNA. I'd even work on it, but I know approx. nothing about proper reverse-engineering. Just thought I'd say it.
  13. Can't say I relate, these things are easier for me.
  14. Isn't that essentially what he said, except with less edge?
  15. This thread wasn't that bad. If only because the phenomenon actually exists. Using Dusk as an example was apparently misguided, other than some of its visuals. Those bad Wolfenstein 3D clones are a much better fit, but does anyone actually like those? Then there's the usual amount of hardsplaining, but I didn't even notice at first, probably because I'm getting used to it. Which is pretty sad.