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  1. What's with the people constantly trying to replace SW4S0 and SW4S1? How are the originals bad and, more importantly, how are the new ones not worse?
  2. Since I played D64 before PSX Doom, the latter didn't feel quite right to me. It was like a weird transitional stage between D2 and D64 - some things were changed, some remained the same, and it was all clashing somewhat. Methinks D64 also looks like a legitimate transitional stage between classic Doom and Doom 3, regardless of who made it.
  3. Eternal has a lot of things. Like a whole buncha Raven assets - unmodified, IIRC (aside from palette conversion). But it's a very old wad. BTW, donut steel any of its contents - readme states they don't give you a permission! Gasp!
  4. I don't remember that wad requiring Zandronum. It was for PrBoom+. Maybe Zandronum broke something. In any case, it sounds like a bug, and bugs are always unwelcome, puzzles or not.
  5. Wasn't Minor Sprite Fixing thing accepted because it changed offsets?
  6. I disagree. If you're already opening wads and deleting music lumps in defiance (must have a really old HDD to do that for practical reasons), perhaps you could go even further. Custom textures are only essential in the sense that if you remove them, the maps will contain errors. But no one stops you from fixing said errors by retexturing the maps to only use stock textures. Screw those artsy types and their fluff.
  7. It also doesn't work on ghosts. Now I also wonder who was responisible for putting such a thing in the last slot.
  8. I almost never use powered mace because it steers projectiles sideways whenever you're strafing. I wonder whose bright idea it was. Same with powered phoenix rod. Make better ≠ doomify, although these things can overlap.
  9. A long time ago, I decided to play Heretic maybe for the second time, but not before I replayed the two Hexen games. The latter made me believe Raven has very good sound designers. Heretic added "only since Hexen" to that sentiment. Berserk fist is still fun. Still better than D_RUNNIN, I suppose. Heretic is a good illustration that more doesn't necessarily mean better. Doom has distinct weapons with clear uses. In Heretic you just spam whatever it is you have more ammo for. Though the bestiary might be largely responsible for this.
  10. Another World was made by one guy, IIRC. And the game wasn't of the cute primitive type back then. So I'd say stuff became much less accessible since those early times. Sure, the tools are better, but the standarts have also risen - astronomically. If we're talking about cutting edge stuff, that is.
  11. Why colormap though? Wouldn't it be enough to change the palette? This looks like it makes things greyer where they shouldn't be.
  12. Nah.
  13. Well. Duh.
  14. We already have Quake and Doom 64. Probably something along those lines. I doubt they'd go with the same old sprites again, would've been pushing it too far.
  15. We're on a forum largely dedicated to sharing our creations for free. Maybe it skews people's perception somewhat.