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  1. not grenade launcher, cus then u have COD :(

    but the rest, YES!!

    Not sure if you're trolling or just plain retarded. Probably both.

    1. Gothic


      Well, another member I'm not going to miss.

  2. Accuracy and hitscan offsets?

    Great! that is what I have been looking for! Now I shall figure out how to do something more advancedRIFG A 0 A_FireBullets 0, 0, 9, 5, "BlankPuff", 0) RIFG A 4 A_FireBullets 0, 0, 1, 5, "BulletPuff", 1)make the offset never spread the bullets like a shotgun would, but keep all of them hitting the same spot while the offset is active. One way to do this would be using A_FireBullets (angle spread_horz, angle spread_vert, int numbullets, int damage [, string pufftype [, int flags [, float range [, string missile [, float spawnheight [, float spawnofs_xy]]]]]]) (development version 3c7e1e0 only) tho I dont use that version I imagine that something could be done. Any one knows solutions to this?
  3. Accuracy and hitscan offsets?

    Thats some clue atleast, but I dont find sulotions without using ACS. is there are DECORATE variable that identifies player current movement speed?
  4. So is there a way to code this: If you run the attack will not spawn where you aim but from a random location depending on set offset, aka player accuracy is worse if you run and/or how fast you run. (and the set spread you have on your decorate gun stays the same inside this offset) I have seen that some things can be done in ACS but I need some guidence to do this.
  5. without the secret levels and the final level yes. what I may include in the final version is also improvements in the normal levels. I need some more time to finish what is left since I have passed the deadline.
  6. Threshold Of Pain II - ACT 2 RELEASED

    Oooh I love it. Let it rise my friends, let it all open the gates. Beat Bethesda, let the true spawn of DOOM rule forever more.
  7. this 6 year old project will have its joyrney, the deadline is june 2016. If I fail this I may not be releasing it at all, and forever be bouncing "my great mapping skills" in my home PC. the old thread is not relevant anymore. I spoil some things in advance: New Weapons: a total of 16 levels minus secret levels. since I suck at uploading screenshots there will be a delay of that I will miss this heap that took about 6 years to come this far with.
  8. Corrupted PNGs ???

    is there any maximum number of weapons you can add?
  9. Corrupted PNGs ???

    I have no idea what it is, here is the code: actor HybridRevolver : DoomWeapon 15115 { Weapon.AmmoUse 1 AttackSound "Weapons/M16GFIR" Weapon.Selectionorder 1900 Weapon.AmmoGive 6 Weapon.SlotNumber 2 Weapon.AmmoType "RifleAmmo" Obituary "%o Got Ripped Apart by %k's Loud-Mouth Revolver." Decal "BulletChip" AttackSound "Weapon/SPIFIR" Inventory.Pickupmessage "Picked up a UAC Magnum Hybrid Revolver." States { Spawn: UHRF A -1 Stop Ready: UHRF A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: UHRF A 1 A_Lower Loop Select: UHRF A 1 A_Raise Loop Fire: UHRF A 0 UHRF A 3 A_FireBullets(1.5,1.5,-1,19) UHRF A 3 UHRF A 3 UHRF A 3 UHRF A 3 UHRF A 2 A_ReFire Goto Ready Flash: UHRF A 3 Bright A_Light1 UHRF A 3 Bright Goto LightDone } } I named all frames the same as a experiment. it wount work with this code still
  10. Corrupted PNGs ???

    Hi! I wanted to make a revolver for GZDOOM so I found some image to make sprites out of it, wrote some code in decorate, find the item in doombuilder, but during the testing I cannot select the weapon and the pickup sprite is replaced with a "unknown" marker. it has to be the graphics that are corrupted, I did the editing in MSPAINT (I know its the oposite of impressive). and now I dont know what to do. Can anyone help a lost mapper out?
  11. Official Tutorial Request Thread

    perhaps handling sprite image formats, creation, modification, and bug fixing of image files that will be for example your brand new Ubershotgun?
  12. Semi Automatic Weapons?

    It Works! however, if I make AltHold call the Refire, then wouldnt accuracy be added if I tap the fire button instead of holding it, while holding it will add spread? edit: the ideal would be that the faster you click the larger is the chance that the shot will be affected by the set A_FIREBULLETS(X,Y) spread
  13. Semi Automatic Weapons?

    Yes, you have probably seen these before, ZDoom forums is probalby better bust still .. normal fire is full-auto standard, you hold the fire button and it keeps going. AltFire is suposed to be a single shot, no continuing fire even tho you hold the fire button. I am coding in decorate, I kinda suck at it, but here is the code so how should I do to make this work? it has been spinning in my head for days now
  14. -- 1-7 hours. but thats not with the mapping included
  15. Sanity pit [SFW]

    here is some intresting black metal documentary, for inspiriation to some doom mapping, perhaps ;)