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  1. not grenade launcher, cus then u have COD :(

    but the rest, YES!!

    Not sure if you're trolling or just plain retarded. Probably both.

    1. Gothic


      Well, another member I'm not going to miss.

  2. D_GARG

    Accuracy and hitscan offsets?

    Great! that is what I have been looking for! Now I shall figure out how to do something more advancedRIFG A 0 A_FireBullets 0, 0, 9, 5, "BlankPuff", 0) RIFG A 4 A_FireBullets 0, 0, 1, 5, "BulletPuff", 1)make the offset never spread the bullets like a shotgun would, but keep all of them hitting the same spot while the offset is active. One way to do this would be using A_FireBullets (angle spread_horz, angle spread_vert, int numbullets, int damage [, string pufftype [, int flags [, float range [, string missile [, float spawnheight [, float spawnofs_xy]]]]]]) (development version 3c7e1e0 only) tho I dont use that version I imagine that something could be done. Any one knows solutions to this?
  3. D_GARG

    Accuracy and hitscan offsets?

    Thats some clue atleast, but I dont find sulotions without using ACS. is there are DECORATE variable that identifies player current movement speed?
  4. So is there a way to code this: If you run the attack will not spawn where you aim but from a random location depending on set offset, aka player accuracy is worse if you run and/or how fast you run. (and the set spread you have on your decorate gun stays the same inside this offset) I have seen that some things can be done in ACS but I need some guidence to do this.
  5. without the secret levels and the final level yes. what I may include in the final version is also improvements in the normal levels. I need some more time to finish what is left since I have passed the deadline.
  6. D_GARG

    Threshold Of Pain II - ACT 2 RELEASED

    Oooh I love it. Let it rise my friends, let it all open the gates. Beat Bethesda, let the true spawn of DOOM rule forever more.
  7. this 6 year old project will have its joyrney, the deadline is june 2016. If I fail this I may not be releasing it at all, and forever be bouncing "my great mapping skills" in my home PC. the old thread is not relevant anymore. I spoil some things in advance: New Weapons: a total of 16 levels minus secret levels. since I suck at uploading screenshots there will be a delay of that I will miss this heap that took about 6 years to come this far with.
  8. D_GARG

    Corrupted PNGs ???

    is there any maximum number of weapons you can add?
  9. D_GARG

    Corrupted PNGs ???

    I have no idea what it is, here is the code: actor HybridRevolver : DoomWeapon 15115 { Weapon.AmmoUse 1 AttackSound "Weapons/M16GFIR" Weapon.Selectionorder 1900 Weapon.AmmoGive 6 Weapon.SlotNumber 2 Weapon.AmmoType "RifleAmmo" Obituary "%o Got Ripped Apart by %k's Loud-Mouth Revolver." Decal "BulletChip" AttackSound "Weapon/SPIFIR" Inventory.Pickupmessage "Picked up a UAC Magnum Hybrid Revolver." States { Spawn: UHRF A -1 Stop Ready: UHRF A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: UHRF A 1 A_Lower Loop Select: UHRF A 1 A_Raise Loop Fire: UHRF A 0 UHRF A 3 A_FireBullets(1.5,1.5,-1,19) UHRF A 3 UHRF A 3 UHRF A 3 UHRF A 3 UHRF A 2 A_ReFire Goto Ready Flash: UHRF A 3 Bright A_Light1 UHRF A 3 Bright Goto LightDone } } I named all frames the same as a experiment. it wount work with this code still
  10. D_GARG

    Corrupted PNGs ???

    Hi! I wanted to make a revolver for GZDOOM so I found some image to make sprites out of it, wrote some code in decorate, find the item in doombuilder, but during the testing I cannot select the weapon and the pickup sprite is replaced with a "unknown" marker. it has to be the graphics that are corrupted, I did the editing in MSPAINT (I know its the oposite of impressive). and now I dont know what to do. Can anyone help a lost mapper out?
  11. D_GARG

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    perhaps handling sprite image formats, creation, modification, and bug fixing of image files that will be for example your brand new Ubershotgun?
  12. D_GARG

    Semi Automatic Weapons?

    It Works! however, if I make AltHold call the Refire, then wouldnt accuracy be added if I tap the fire button instead of holding it, while holding it will add spread? edit: the ideal would be that the faster you click the larger is the chance that the shot will be affected by the set A_FIREBULLETS(X,Y) spread
  13. D_GARG

    Semi Automatic Weapons?

    Yes, you have probably seen these before, ZDoom forums is probalby better bust still .. normal fire is full-auto standard, you hold the fire button and it keeps going. AltFire is suposed to be a single shot, no continuing fire even tho you hold the fire button. I am coding in decorate, I kinda suck at it, but here is the code so how should I do to make this work? it has been spinning in my head for days now
  14. D_GARG

    Survey: How much Doom do you play per week?

    -- 1-7 hours. but thats not with the mapping included
  15. D_GARG

    Sanity pit [SFW]

    here is some intresting black metal documentary, for inspiriation to some doom mapping, perhaps ;)