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  1. Foodles

    Problem with downloads

    Yes I haven't been able to download anything these past few days and I use chrome. Luckily my friends at Microsoft saw fit to install this neat little browser called Microsoft Edge on my PC and I'm here to tell you that I was able to download all sorts of stuff from that, including doomworld files. So I'm thinking it's an issue with chrome. Edit: I tried to download Mayan Mishap on Edge and it instead gave me a file called IoComplex. So I went onto the legacy idgames page for it and got the right file that time so maybe there's an issue with the doomworld database?
  2. Foodles

    Scattered Evil for Hexen

    This looks amazing, really impressive based on the screenshots. I realise that this is still being worked on, how complete is it at this point?
  3. Is Doomsday the one where everything is in 3D, also known as JDoom? Or are those two separate entities?
  4. Foodles

    Short gothic doom map

    Yep I played it and liked it. Was having a great time until the pain elementals and chaingunners showed up at which point I promptly died. Then I, uh, came back to life and proceeded to finish the level. I think it would have been easier if I'd found some of the secrets and other weapons before the PE part, if you take your time then this level isn't so bad. Verdict: Fun little jaunt - 6 thumbs up out 10
  5. Foodles

    Recent remaster craze

    I'd like to see Equinox remade. I love the visual ideas, theme and progression of this wad however it sadly looks quite dated these days. There's a lot of areas that could be made to look really impressive if it were remade to today's standards.
  6. Foodles

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I played Scythe X again recently which got me wanting to make a space station style map
  7. Foodles

    A Hole for Meat

    I thought this was really good actually, especially if it's your first map. For the most part I liked the architecture and detailing in the rooms as well as the texture usage - you used borders and trims well and the map looked very pretty - with a few exceptions (the big room with the walkway high up above). The difficulty was fine - I struggled a bit with health and armour but that was probably because I was playing a bit gung-ho and not taking as much care as I should have. A super shotgun would have been nice (maybe I missed it?) but there was enough rockets and cells lying around that it wasn't a serious issue. I liked some of the lighting effects you used as well as the bridges and slopes - they added a nice bit of variance. The theming was a bit all over the place - one room you're in a hellish dungeon area with wood and cobble texturing then the next room you go into a metal techbase style area. I think if you want to have a lot of themes in one level then the transition between them should be a bit smoother and less jarring. Also I couldn't figure out how to open the red key "door" that leads to the exit room - I picked up the red key, headed back through the teleporter but then got stuck, I had to clip through it in the end.
  8. Foodles

    A Hole for Meat

    Looks cool, I'll play it through tomorrow and give you some feedback, just posting this now so I don't forget!
  9. Foodles

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I was playing Scythe X again for the first time since around the time when it came out and I was sure that there was another level after the space ones end. I remember it beginning on a dark, rocky outcrop surrounded by nukage or some other liquid and there were these gasbag type enemies not dissimilar from the pain-elemental type ones you encounter at the end of level 10. There were also teleporters that took you to other areas but that's about all I remember. It was striking because of how different it looked from the other levels in the scythe series. Now obviously I seem to be conflating scythe x with another wad which I must have played about the same time because now I'm scratching my head wondering how I could misremember something like that.
  10. Foodles

    The Hardest Wad?

    I realise there's probably a lot of maps out there that aren't really playable but would qualify as hard. So take this as a criteria: Take each map as if you were locked in a room and told you couldn't come out until you beat it with no saves, from pistol start. What's the hardest map you could beat?
  11. Foodles

    The Hardest Wad?

    So... the search function (for me at least) seems to be broken so I'll ask this question again (I'm sure it's been asked before). What is the hardest wad out there? So far I've gleaned that Dimensions is pretty hard, do you know anything tougher than that?
  12. Foodles

    The Scariest WADs?

    Well, I'm no expert in this field but I would certainly say that City of the Damned: Apocalypse and Unloved fit the description
  13. Disappointing to see this, plagiarism isn't OK and should be condemned. That being said I think this could have been handled in better way, this thread has been effective at whipping people up into a frenzy which doesn't really serve a constructive purpose. I'd like to see an acknowledgement and apology of sorts from Tormentor and for the offending maps to be replaced if they haven't already. Beyond that I'm not sure what else we can get out of this beyond agreeing that copying other peoples work is not something that should be allowed.
  14. Do you guys know any levels with lift battles in them, in a similar vein to Hell Revealed Map31?
  15. the part where you build something, aren't completely satisfied with it then delete it