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  1. Damn I like hell keep, thought it had some cool bits in it particularly when you run across that bridge to get the shotgun and it collapses behind you. Now Nirvana I'll agree is pretty poor...
  2. Foodles

    Scythe *Sigh* Syke!

    I've been meaning to ask this and this thread seems a good enough place to do so... where does the music for map29 come from? I always liked that track.
  3. Foodles

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    falling into a damaging pit from which there is no escape
  4. Foodles

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    I think you have to ask what the reason for calling this Hell Revealed III is. If it's because the maps have been designed, from the start, to pay homage to the original HR and to try to take that style of gameplay and maybe update it a bit for the modern era then it's commendable. If however it's simply a cheap way to try to drum up attention with brand recognition with the maps bearing little resemblance stylistically or combat-wise to the original then it's a bit disappointing to see. As a big fan of HR1 and perhaps as a bit of a cynic by nature I have to say I feel that this project falls more into the second category. That's not to say that these aren't good maps or that there wasn't a lot of work and thought put into them but I feel that if you'd called it something else I don't think anyone would have been saying "Oh, this feels like I'm playing hell revealed!"
  5. How do I do this? I tried clicking on my wad first then on otex and dragging them onto gzdoom. Then I tried clicking on otex first then my own wad, however both resulted in the same thing. Is it some kind of command line thing? I'm afraid I'm a bit clueless when it comes to this sort of thing.
  6. Hello So I'm trying to boot up my wad in GZdoom and since I haven't compiled in the new textures yet I also need to load it up with the OTEX texture pack. The problem is when I do this it seems to overwrite the settings in my wad file, for instance DBRAIN, which I replaced with waterfall textures in my wad goes back to being the default and the sky also goes back to default. How do I set my wad to have priority over the texture pack?
  7. It would be very interesting to see what 20 years of experience as a level designer for a top games studio would yield in terms of doom mapping. Also I have to say I'm enjoying watching you play through Plutonia 2.
  8. Foodles

    Any recommended Halloween maps or mods?

    I think this was released today. I played through it, took about 10 minutes and had a few spooky moments, would recommend. Broken Whispers
  9. Foodles

    Broken Whipsers: short spooky GZDoom map.

    Nice! It does indeed look spooky from the screenshots, I'll be giving this a whirl tonight.
  10. Those two projects look very interesting. Hopefully there's something similar next year so I have time to make a map.
  11. Well I think most of it has been done at this point however some themes that I, personally haven't seen much of/would like more of: Underwater bases Nepalese style Himalayan village Greek/Roman style (I've seen plenty of Egyptian but not so much Roman) Techbase (just kidding)
  12. I just finished this up and I was really impressed - I thought the screenshots looked good so I decided to give it a whirl, not really reading any of the comments here so I didn't have high expectations as such. It wasn't long however before I was totally won over by the very impressive visuals and texture usage, I think in that respect the maps only get better as they go on and the micro-episodic structure means that the themes stay fresh and don't overstay their welcome. I'm by no means an expert on what makes good gameplay in a map but I found myself having fun playing through this. I enjoyed the relaxed nature of many of the fights - I found that if I played smart I could get through the levels without dying for the most part and I don't consider myself an especially good player (played on UV). I thought that ammo and health were plentiful, which is something that you could maybe tighten if you were looking to make it a bit harder. That said there were a couple of instances where I died, mostly from getting blasted by a spawning in arch-vile while having to dodge revenant rockets. Also great job with the soundtrack!
  13. Hey Dario great to see you on Doomworld. I actually just finished Memento Mori and thought your map (map24) on that was one of the highlights, if you can remember that one.
  14. Foodles

    How do you pronounce the word "Cacoward?"

    So you're saying it like Cake-o-demon? This reminds me when I realised people said "zee-doom" instead of "zed-doom"
  15. Foodles

    New Guy's Thoughts on Alien Vendetta

    Yeah I think that after Dark Dome (which was great) the wad ends on a slump. My least favourite map by far was stench of evil (Map27 I think) which was just very unfun to play. Overall though the project still holds up very well 20 (?!) years or so later