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  1. Foodles

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Has anyone said Drake O' Brian yet? I'd love to see a redemption arc for him after his 3 memorable but flawed offerings in TNT Evilution.
  2. The title is a bit confusing, so as I understand it you are asking for levels with bad music choices, where the choice of music wasn't picked either ironically or as a joke?
  3. Foodles

    Dario Casali on Half Life development

    Interesting. Didn't realise he'd left Valve, wonder what he'll do next.
  4. I played HR for the first (and to date, only) time maybe around 5 years ago now, pistol starting each level on UV without saves. Overall I really enjoyed it, several of the maps were quite challenging but not really what you would call slaughter, by today’s standards at least (I think the most enemies on a map is only something like 400). The best levels, from what I remember (like city in the clouds and afterlife) were like puzzles that you had to slowly piece together and when you finally beat it, it was very satisfying. I played through this very much with the aim of challenging and stretching myself as a player and to that end I think it was the perfect level of difficulty for me. The first 9 maps or so were a little boring and it does fizzle out a little after map26 (which to me is the climax of the wad). I don’t really think too much of Hagay Niv’s offerings, not that they’re bad but the gameplay’s not as compelling as a lot of Yonatan Donner’s maps. Were they both speedrunners back in the day?
  5. Foodles

    Multi-level wad that only uses s.s and keen?

    It's hard to see how that would be fun to play. Not surprised that it hasn't been done. The enemy variety is one of the best features of Doom and the SS trooper is maybe the least interesting enemy after the zombieman.
  6. Foodles

    Looking for a cool wad i played onced

    If only we had some sort of pinned thread dedicated to finding stuff like this
  7. Foodles

    What is your favorite doom episode?

    You can do polls on here for this sort of thing.
  8. Foodles

    any cool city maps?

    Hellcore 2.0 has a couple of good city maps - map02 and map09. Still holds up well today considering it was released in the mid 00s
  9. Foodles

    Steam Spring Sale 2023

    I bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein for about £1.50 which I'm looking forward to playing again. I played it a lot as a child but the last time must have been, over 10 years ago now... I don't know if it's considered a good game but I certainly loved playing it when I was younger.
  10. What a rip off - I'm starting to think this CD isn't legitimate at all. The boys at US dreams inc have really let me down this time!
  11. I'm kind of surprised that there even were 2000 levels made for these games back in 1996. I always thought of Heretic and Hexen levels as being quite rare - no idea about the other games but I imagine it's the same story.
  12. I figured that's what it probably was. I can't imagine that it was legal to do that sort of thing - selling other people's work even if they didn't include the IWADS. I could be wrong but I seem to remember buying this off Amazon way back.
  13. We've had this old CD lying around for a long time now but I can't recall ever booting it up and seeing what was on it. It boasts that it contains over 2000 new levels for Hexen, Rise of the triad, Dark forces and some other games I've not heard of as well as some sort of level editors. It's made by the well known US Dreams inc (based in Holland?). I don't have a CD drive on my PC anymore so I was wondering if anyone knew what was on this - I imagine it's probably just a bunch of fan-made levels shoved onto a CD similar to maximum doom or something right? I seem to recall we bought it mistakenly when we were trying to get hold of a copy of Hexen.
  14. Foodles

    Favorite Small Map ?

    wtf were they smoking when they set the par time to 30s for that level? Just did it myself and got 47s after many attempts, pretty difficult for me to get that even.
  15. Foodles

    For mappers: How do you keeep in mapping shape?

    Like Jacek Bourne mentioned above, I find that I don’t get worse over a long break. There was a few years between 2014 and 2018 when I didn’t map at all and when I returned I found that what I made was better than anything I’d done before. I suppose the only thing you might forget is some of the technical stuff like dehacked or scripting if you’re making for gzdoom etc.