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  1. If you're thinking about doom wads then as well as the ones you mentioned you also have Memento Mori 3, Hell Revealed 3, Deus Vult 3, Scythe 3, Action Doom 3 - none of which really exist as proper sequels made by the same people/teams that did the originals (I'm referencing that Doomer boards HR3 thing that I'm not sure even ever got released). Then there's the old trope "the third album curse" where number 3 is supposedly more poorly received compared to the first two. I could also cherry pick some examples of third films in a series that were bad - Terminator 3, Alien 3, Hellraiser 3, Return of the Jedi, The Godfather just off the tope of my head...
  2. Well... I guess I might as well upload this to idgames now then. Unfortunately I'll have to replace a lot of the custom music to keep it all above board - if anyone can suggest a track that would fit MAP03 in particular then I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for something that would work well for a space station theme but that isn't too upbeat or cheery. Also the longer the better so as not to be too repetitive. I'm not entirely satisfied with the track choice for MAP02 either - anyone know a dark brooding track that might fit? Was thinking E1M7 but it's a tad too short really.
  3. I'm not familiar with that port but it says it's a fork of prboom so I should think it would run. The only problem may be the umapinfo doesn't work which would mean no level names and more importantly the skies would be wrong which might be particularly jarring on MAP03.
  4. Create a bunch of alternative accounts - try to do this in advance and make a few posts with each of them to try and not make it obvious - then use them to post glowing, in-depth reviews of your wad on the thread page. In all seriousness I don't know and it can be frustrating - I think it helps if people around here know you and you're an active, respected presence on the forums, which is something that takes time and dedication to build up. Also maybe don't release your project on the same day as KDiKDiZD like I did :P
  5. For some reason when I compiled all my resources into one file a couple of textures were deleted. I thought I'd caught them but must have missed a couple of instances - although I think most of those missing textures are for linedefs that the player can't see. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately lighting was a bit of an afterthought for me when I was making MAP01, with the exception of that dark techbase area. It's definitely an area that I worked on over the course of the wad. I always liked that track from Eviternity and the accompanying map - MAP19 I think - was one of the standouts for me. I've seen it get a bit of flack on here at times for being overly long but as I'm sure you've worked out I like long maps.
  6. Thanks, MAP01 was made back in 2018/2019 and is perhaps the only map in the set that can truly be described as non-linear. I'd probably do some stuff differently if I remade it today but I think it holds up well enough and is still fun to play through. Regarding coop I would have to say it's probably not suitable. Besides the fact that I haven't included any starts I think there'd be a lot of places where the player gets locked into and if you died in those fights you wouldn't be able to re-enter. Coop was not something I considered or had any experience with when I was making these levels but I have actually very recently started playing coop so I think the next project I make will cater for that.
  7. Well, realistically probably somewhere between 1 and 2 hours for each map
  8. Really? That's unfortunate, they show up on my end - anyone want to offer a suggestion as to how I can fix it? In the meantime I've uploaded them to imgur, I'll put the links in the post You're not missing out on anything with the title pic - just some word art stuff I generated online
  9. IWAD: Doom 2 Here are 5 large maps that I've been very slowly working on these past few years, each one will probably take several hours to beat, depending on how fast you play. For the most part they shouldn't be too hard for the seasoned doomer but there are some slaughtery fights, mainly at the end of each level. Each level has a different visual theme and I aimed to create large, sprawling environments in a similar vein to something like Jade Earth. Pistol start is strongly recommended for each level (but not enforced). If you want to play this in Boom there are 2 things you should note: MAP04 takes up too much space in the editor (I wasn't aware when I was making it but apparently no two points can be more than 32767 map units apart) and this causes some issues such as blockmap issues and audible monster closets. When I tested it, it got bad towards the end of the level but I have since made it slightly more compact so maybe it's better now. For this reason I would recommend playing either this map or the whole thing in something like GZDoom where it works fine. You'll need to play with prboom+ version 2.6 onwards for the UMAPINFO to work. This has been tested in GZDoom (4.7.1) and in prboom+ (2.6.2). Please see the accompanying text file for additional credits and acknowledgements. If I took a texture from your project and you have issue with it, please let me know and I'll remove/replace it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovb1mua1km796id/FHTE.zip?dl=0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots If you can't see the screenshots, use the links below: https://imgur.com/aHS9uZs https://imgur.com/A0nI8zo https://imgur.com/ZWGtHQK https://imgur.com/eZxtV0l https://imgur.com/dvRMAFI
  10. Foodles

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    I wanted to start off by saying I’ve really enjoyed reading your write-ups. Like yourself I appreciate long form in-depth analysis of maps, with Demon of the well coming to mind as one of the chief proponents of this style of content. What I’ve been doing is trying to play the maps myself then reading what you have to say about the level to see if I agree or missed anything. One thing that I seem to value is a level’s ability to create a coherent environment that projects the idea of being a “real” place – or at least a space that is cogent and believable. Maps like 23, 13 and 17 are among my favourites for this very reason. On the other hand, maps like 20 and 27 I really dislike because they seem to be all over the place with their theming. I think that what TNT does well is to create a sense of going on a journey through somewhere (usually a techbase), being able to explore and piece together the locale in your mind to end up with something that’s satisfying and consistent. I just wish we had a little bit more of that consistency in some of the later maps. As an aside, I noticed that Dario Casali has very recently uploaded a playthrough of Evilution. Might be interesting to see what he has to say about the project considering that I believe he created some of the maps – in particular to hear his thoughts about map31.
  11. Is brutal doom infamous though? I feel like it was pretty well received, even helped Doom reach a wider, modern audience with things like Totalbiscuits vidoes on it. Do the purists hate it? I have to admit some ingnorance on the matter...
  12. So I was wondering if the top 10 most infamous wads list was released today instead of in 2003, would there be any changes in the lineup? I feel that today's audience wouldn't really know what mockery or gothic99 was - sure stuff like Nuts is probably still well known but I do feel like there's scope for an updated list. So what's been released in the past 20 years that would make it onto the list?
  13. Didn't know this, that's probably the cause then. I'll try moving some stuff around but otherwise I guess I'll just have to reccommend people play it on GZdoom.
  14. Strange things are happening in one of my maps when I test it in prboom+ (2.6.2). I noticed that at several different points in the map I am deafened by the sounds of hundreds of monsters in a closet, although the closets in question are miles away. Also in one area I noticed that I can clip through some pillars - which aren't sectors - and my bullet puffs don't appear on walls. I also can't hit enemies (but they can still shoot at me). I checked in Doombuilder and the sectors seem fine and it works in GZdoom with no problems. The map is quite large with over 6000 sectors and 40000 linedefs. The complevel is set to current prboom+ but I've also tested it with Boom v2.02 - which is what it's intended to run on.
  15. Foodles

    Halloween wad - Beneath Phobos Lab #5

    Hey this looks pretty good - I'll check it out and get back to you. Do I need to have played the first 4 beneath phobos labs though?