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  1. Foodles

    A shorter and better Doom II

    You seem to have missed out the masterpiece that is Nirvana
  2. Foodles

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    The thing that I enjoy is the fast-paced nature of the gameplay. I find myself having less patience with games these days and things like loading screens, unskippable cutscenes and prolonged death animations/restart times frustrate me. None of these are present in Doom and that fact, combined with the fast speed of the character and simple gameplay mechanics lends itself towards the fast and furious playstyle that I've come to really appreciate.
  3. Foodles

    The /newstuff Chronicles #497

    Hey, just checking in to say thanks to gaspe for the review of Estranged, thanks for taking the time to play it and I'm glad you enjoyed it
  4. well here it is - the idgames release of Estranged! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/estrangd I'll be hanging around for a bit but will probably disappear at some point, let me know what you think by leaving a review on the idgames page!
  5. Wow awesome! Thank you, it actually sounds pretty good and I really appreciate the work you put in to help me out. OK so here's where I'm at, I've replaced all the custom music with the respective midi versions except for map29 and the breaking benjamin track for map32 (the midi didn't sound very good at all). I understand why map29's music would be hard to make a midi of and I was actually thinking of replacing the map29 music with the doom track from computer station - it's not as good but I think it has a foreboding atmosphere that would fit quite well. As for the music with map32 I'm not sure yet, I'll have a ponder make a decision soon! (Also a side benefit of replacing the OGG tracks is that the file size has gone down to 17MB uncompressed)
  6. If you could whip something up without too much trouble I'd be really grateful. Also thanks TGH for the links, I'll get around to adding them and maybe we'll see an idgames release!
  7. Had you made the tracks specifically for your project? if so then that's allowed, it's because the tracks aren't my own which you could get away with in the past but not anymore :(
  8. Yo I'm back to give to you the Final version of Estranged! Unfortunately at some point in the last 5 years the rules for uploading to idgames have changed and OGG files are no longer accepted and since I feel that changing the music to stock doom tracks would change the spirit of the affected levels it seems there won't be an idgames release :( Fear not thought because I have provided a link below that will let you download and play this 32 level mapset! I'd like to thank everyone who left feedback, particularly kmxexii for his in depth, level-by-level review of the project, I do appreciate it and I enjoyed reading it. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s1gdhofpowathvt/estrangd.zip
  9. Foodles

    Deus Ex Wasabi

    An average effort by todays standards, good if you want to kill 15 minutes but there's nothing noteworthy
  10. Foodles

    Rogue Elements

    complete trash, in every way. I don't want to be nasty to the author but I suspect he knew that what he was uploading was garbage.
  11. Foodles


    Pretty good for a 97 wad
  12. Foodles

    The seven tongues of Satan

    Pretty fun map that's not too hard although its not long enough to leave a lasting impression.
  13. I've posted the latest (and hopefully final) version but if anyone does find any issues please report them here or PM me, otherwise I'll try and get around to uploading this to idgames within the month. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qvlt16ojz3cykls/Estranged_1.3.zip
  14. Foodles

    Wads with heavy stories?

    Cold as Hell is a gzdoom wad but it was very good and had an interesting story if you're into those sorts of features
  15. Good highlights, its a shame I couldnt be there for more of the session, it's also a shame there's no part 3 so I can make it even harder ;) I was there for map19 which was too hard but I don't think I changed map30 much, if at all from the previous version though