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  1. I love all Doom games. Doom 1 (+Ultimate) = Great Doom 2 = Great Doom 3 = Great Doom (2016) = Great Doom 64 = Great No Rest For The Living = great Master's levels = well not so much Resurrection of Evil = Great Plutonia+TNT = Great, even tho some maps have horrible design I also like PSX version of Doom Tell me if I forget something
  2. Well I tried one version that always shows the windows "please, update", but if you hit update, nothing happens. Some other version doesn't bother me with it, but the mouclick sometimes does nothing and it's very annoying when you do some very complex thing. Probably I used some bad version because I noticed some "newer fork" mentioned in some other topic here.
  3. I have a coati as a pet
    Well as a creator of megawad "Fucking Hexen" I could look like a jealousy ass because I didn't get into Cacowards and you did, but... Yeah, the levels look epic and the architecture is breathtaking, however the gameplay itself it too way hard. It was sometimes absurd, like... if you play as Fighter, you spend lots of time only with the basic weapon and it takes some time to get another one. In first level I had to kill thousands of slaughters only with fists. I had to fight with Zedek boss only with fists and... in the end you won't find the last weapon. Ok, it's just not quite right.
  4. Well I use DB2 and Slade 3. Gzdoom Builder is too buggy.
  5. well I love E2M4 - the map is perfect, the design, the atmosphere, the music, the idea of a city under a rock behind a wall... Love it! E1M4 fascinates me how complex the layout of the map is to such an old game. I don't remember episodes 4 and 5 much, I will have to play them again soon :)
  6. it's a totally different room :)
  7. oki oki thanks for all your suggestions people :)
  8. I am not sure what do you mean by glass :)
  9. ok maybe I should stop, starting to feel like a spammer :D
  10. how about now
  11. better or worse?
  12. Sky or not sky?