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  1. Matthias

    Jim Flynn

    What coincidence, I just played his Master's levels two days ago RIP
  2. I was like "Ha ha, it's fun to kill with Super Shotgun" Wait, you mean in Doom, not irl?
  3. Matthias

    infinite lost souls yes or no?

    Lots of lost souls + dynamic lights = Zdoom engine gets slower
  4. Matthias

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    Zombík Zombík s brokádou Zmrd s kulometem Pavouk Tlusťoch Jabko Kouzelník :)
  5. Matthias

    So, where are you from?

  6. Matthias

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    Hectic (but yeah, not Doom 1/2)
  7. Matthias

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    I am Hexen/Heretic fan I am actually more than just a fan I am a mapper and author of some wads like Fucking Hexen Now working on new project.
  8. ok I will let you know once it's done :)
  9. Matthias

    Random Image Thread

    COLONIAL MAN: My kid wants his pet squirrel in the portrait, is that cool? PORTRAIT ARTIST: Yeah, sure. COLONIAL MAN: Do you know how to draw a squirrel? PORTRAIT ARTIST: I know how to draw a black-eyed demon from the deepest pits of Hell. COLONIAL MAN: Close enough.
  10. Are you a good tester?:)
  11. I remember how I made an empty room with nothing inside expect the player start. It was so great. I was like "Geez I should make another room"
  12. When I put jokes aside and reply in a serious manner the most important thing for making the map hard is enemy placement... put enemies in places that give them an advantage. That's what Plutonia and Hell Revealed did.
  13. 1) Thin walls fun (The Chasm style) 2) Narrow platforms jumping while being shot by chaingunners and cacos 3) Archviles in dark places 4) Chaingunners in distant dark places 5) Archviles in the distant dark cages with chaingunners 6) Keys in secrets 7) unexpected invisible teleport to dark place filled with spectres
  14. Matthias

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like Doom
  15. Matthias

    So I'm doing a research project for college...

    27. Male Czech Republic Doom, Doom II, Doom 3, Doom (2016), Final Doom, Doom 64, datadisks and hundreds of megawads for each of them. I love them all :) I love them all equally :D I't still OK :) Well sometimes it has more like "Quake" feeling due to arena fighting, but all in all it was great. One of the best series out there! I like the game even tho I understand why some doom fans don't. And I play it from time to time... let's say I finish the whole gay each two years. I like trains