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  1. A single vanilla map for Doom II that is blue. Nothing more, nothing less. Info: Screens: ••• Download link again for people who will looking for downloading link below screenshots: Found a bug? PM me.
  2. Matthias

    Blinking something

    Ok, thank you guys. Yes, it was chocorenderlimits, but I somehow assumed it will show up in regular chocolate too, but indeed, nope... I also remember seeing it in many maps in Unity Doom :D
  3. Matthias

    Blinking something

    What causes this weird blinking line glitch in Chocolate Doom/vanilla and how it could be potentially fixed? Thanks!
  4. Matthias

    SIGIL II - Episode 6

    So I just beat it. I was a little worried first four maps that Romero will be extremely unoriginal because it was the same as first Sigil again - the same hellish style with red estetiscs. However later on he started experimenting with new ideas and there was this sewer-like level and such. I like how he uses very small cramped style. It was oddly satisfying how compact some levels were. What I personally didn't like much - first he uses too many Barons. They are boring walking damage-sponges. The only good thing is that there is enough ammo for plasma... Second, he uses these evil-eyes switches which are OK I guess, but if you don't have ammo for hitscan weapons, you can't active them and you get softlocked - which happened to me in map 04, so I had to pistol-start it again. And technical things: There were too many these weird HOM errors on some places - at least in Unity Doom. Overall four stars out of five.
  5. Matthias

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I don't know
  6. Matthias

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    Actually, I have a little feeling that this is how it happened :D Cyriak made Going Down and puf, it was far better than anything I made previous 15 years.
  7. CT_v9.7.0 - Map26 updated with a newer version. https://liquiddoom.net/upload/files/CT_v9.7.0.zip
  8. Matthias


  9. Matthias

    Oficial nickname list for Doom monsters

    In czech language we - me and my brother - we used: Revenant - kostra Mancubus - tlusťoch Arch-ville - kouzelník Cacodemon - jabko Lost-soul - lebka Demon - prase Spectre - neviditelný prase Arachnotron - pavouk Spider Mastermind - velkej pavouk Imp - opice Chaingunner - kulometčík Cyberdemon - kyberdémon (pronounced very phonetically) Pain-elemental - plivač lebek
  10. A regular boss fight. Another boss enemy would be also a good thing for mapping in the future, because it feels like you don't have much options aside of Cyberdemon a Spider-Mastermind.
  11. I would be strongly against Icon if Sin, as it's a boring boss-fight, with annoying endless spawn of enemies. It also ruined thousands of megawads, as they have to end up with icon-of-sin-like finale...
  12. Matthias

    Hexen: Veil of Darkness (UDMF Mapset, GZDoom)

    I played the first version. I noticed the update but I was already in a half, so I didn't want to start over. I couldn't find The Gold Tomb key for two reasons. First - I though the map (dungeon.wad) is completed and there is nothing else to do. And second - I confused the door in the tower - I though it's still the same door, but there are two different exits. Personally what I do in my maps is printing "(levelname) completed" so the player knows that he has everything and there is no need to return to the map. :)
  13. Matthias

    Hexen: Veil of Darkness (UDMF Mapset, GZDoom)

    Ok, I just beat it. I'll skip the positive and good things about your megawad - not because I am a negative person (which I am actually) but the good things were already told by many here and you probably know by yourself that you created some Cacowards winner thingy. First, I totally agree with others that the endless spawn is soo annoying. I understand that even vanilla Hexen had some sort of script to spawn some ettins so the maps won't feel so empty once you kill everyone. But still... you killed a blue plant and there was another almost instantly. Later on I was so bored by the endless influx of monsters that I just bunny-hopped from place to place, ignoring everything around. They keep spawning ever during boss fights. Hexen was always more about exploring rather than action, but spawning monsters was very distracting from solving-puzzles and exploration. Second - this is probably subjective, but was too insanly difficult. Especially with Warrior who has only melee weapons most of the time. The Wywern boss was almost impossible becuse Axe was out of question and Hammer wa too slow - there was not even any way to hit him and it took me an hour to kill it. Later on it was so difficult that it felt ridiculous - I died almost every second. There is almost no health and I beat some bosses with 1hp :D I don't know - maybe I just suck... Third - I was totally lost all the time. I mean it's Hexen - what do I expect? Of couse I'll be lost and frustrated by back-tracking, switch-hunting and so on... But still - for a modern UDMF megawad I would expect to be less 90s-like and more user-friendly. I literally had to export maps from the .pk3 file and search in UDB where is Ruby Planet and where is the Golden Tomb key, because I was soo lost. So this is my feedback :) These are my feelings. Thanks for the megawad and good luck! Also, this one made my day
  14. Matthias

    R_TextureNumForName: SKY1 not found

    Ok, thanks It seems that insane solution actually works
  15. Matthias

    R_TextureNumForName: SKY1 not found

    ok thanks Now I clearly see why there is not a single Hexen megawad with custom sprites :D