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  1. Matthias

    What DooM monster irritates you the most?

    That really depends on the enemy placement. Some mappers put hitscanners on places too difficult to kill them, pinkies and specters in too dark and narrow corridors, revenants on too much open spaces so you can't hide from their missiles, arch-vile on some platform so he has a great view to the environment while you barely can see him. Some mappers are evil :D
  2. All Sonics - especially Sonic 3 and Knuckles. And of course... Castlevania Bloodlines.
  3. Matthias

    CZECHBOX (first release candidate available!)

    Thanks! I am not sure about the other mappers, but our first project Zones of Fear was so slaughterfest-y that I grew tired of it and this time I use rather small numbers :)
  4. Matthias

    CZECHBOX (first release candidate available!)

    lol czech flags, czech lions @damned did you actually add these things there? I didn't know you're such a patriot.
  5. Matthias

    What's the best SNES game you've ever played?

  6. Matthias

    Postal 4: No Regerts

    It's kinda unplayable at this point, because FPS drops a lot :) Hope there will be updates soon and the game will be more stable :)
  7. Matthias

    Blood is underrated AF

    Well I've never liked it, but I could give it another change :)
  8. Matthias

    Blood is underrated AF

    Well Blood 2 was really annoying due to spiders and hands that could jump on your face and you have to get rid of them with pressing space. And there were literally everywhere in the game.
  9. Matthias

    Blood is underrated AF

    I wouldn't say it's underrated. I think Duke Nukem 3D+Blood+Shadow Warrior are three best build games. Not only in my book, but in general many people seem to see it that way. Also... the real underrated build game is actually Exhumed :)
  10. Matthias

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    Well no, there is no such a thing as a bad game, or bad anything. If someone likes it, then it's okay. I just don't understand why some people are so much online-oriented... Actually I would understand it... What I don't understand why MOST OF GAMERS are online-game oriented. I mean - outside of social bubble of retrogamers... Whenever I meet someone who is a gamer, he usually plays CS;GO, LOL, WOW, WOT and all these MMORPG... I tried World of Tanks couple of times, but it's over and over the same. I realized it's boring for me. I need a game that has its beginning and its end. End like... you beat that game, finish it, see credits and feel like "another game I completed!", not like thousands battles against other tanks in an arena.
  11. Matthias

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    The idea is actually great. I don't play Pokémon GO, but I play geocaching. You have to search for real physical cache containers and sign logbook inside. It's fun, because it's like collecting packages in GTA, except in real life. It shows you new places around your home you never seen before. It adventurous. You sometimes lost on a place you don't know, map looks very different from real and so on... But you're really happy when you actually managed to find the cache and/or way back home. It motivates you to actually walk, which is something you can do while you playing videogames. And you don't even need the app installed. You can just write down the coordinates and a hint and that's it. Or you can just print the map.
  12. Matthias

    What is 'The Void'?

    Void in the place where you can find lost lost souls. Like when you check statistics and there is 58 monsters in the map but you killed only 57, so you look EVERYWHERE in the map and you still can't find the last one monster, so you use IDDT cheat and you realize there is a lost soul outside of the map... probably got there when Pain Elemental exploded too close to the wall. Poor lost sould in the void.
  13. Matthias

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    For me it's all online videogames, because... I am 100 % single player gamer and I understand the online games like LOL, WOW, Fortnight and these games could be fun, however it seems the most people play ONLY these games. It's like you meet someone new and he's like "I am a gamer!" and you "oh orly? Me too! What games do you play?! I like Doom and Hexen a and you know, these old games, but recently I liked Amid Evil and new Doom from 2016 and so on... You?" "You know... Dota, CS:GO, World of Tanks..." Ok, whatever man :D
  14. Matthias

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    Well, old games like Doom 1 and 2 were more abstract due to lack of technology, so you have some textures indicating you're in a lab, but you had to more IMAGINE it, than actually see it. So in 2003 ID Software needed to interpret the abstract concept of Doom to something more specific and they decided the Doom is actually a survival horror and it's always been that way. But for some reason it didn't really work for many people. DOOM 2016 interpreted the Doom more like very action almost Serious Sam style game and it worked much better.
  15. Matthias

    Favorite Metal Bands

    Justin Bieber