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  1. Matthias

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Demonfear & 1000 Lines 2

    Yeeeeah.... I didn't like the wad... :D
  2. Matthias

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    Oh, thanks for mentioning Penumbra
  3. Matthias

    Penumbra (Hexen megawad) - Released

    Sorry to bump old topic, but it was released https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/hexen/p-r/penumbra https://www.moddb.com/mods/penumbra-hexen-megawad Enjoy
  4. Just been wondering - are there actually texture packs for the very first Doom (Doom1, Ultimate Doom)? It seems the all texture packs are for Doom II, so when you load them, it returns many errors, because they seem to need TEXTURE1 and PNAMES and all these definitions from Doom 2. I think it's not possible without havily editing the texture pack to be compatible with Doom 1, huh? Also it seems to be impossible to google anything, as "Doom" is not only name of the first game, but general name of the whole franchise. Thanks
  5. Matthias

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I don't get it.. how it's possible to make such a complex map? Are you superhuman?
  6. Matthias

    Penumbra (Hexen megawad) - Released

    Well it simply takes time until the bridge is built :) I tried to make the player wait with "the sequience completed" message... it didn't help?:(
  7. Matthias

    Penumbra (Hexen megawad) - Released

    Thanks for your feedback here .) Well the Spirit Realm (The Void) was originally only the chess board with two Koraxes and Heresiarches, but evetually I added a little bit more :) Any other bugs found?
  8. Matthias

    Penumbra (Hexen megawad) - Released

    Hello, Thanks for your feedback! Well the affrits are kinda cruel if you're cleric (fighter is rather strong, but it's still meelee, I understand). But it's still doable. For the small spaces traps like the yorrick skull room and hexagon room, the trick is the use Dics of Repulsions, to keep them out of you a little bit. And lots of flachenttes :) If it's too difficult, I can make it easier, but lots of people reporting me so far the oppisite - it's too easy :D
  9. Matthias

    Penumbra (Hexen megawad) - Released

    Hello, Thanks for your very first feeback I received! And congratulations for being the first person who completed it! I didn't know the scripts are required and cause errors when unused :)) I wated to use Korax like common enemy because in doom Cyberdemon is used like that a lot, so I wanted to try the same with Korax. Also I felt wrong to do "just another Korax arena" in the same way as in original Hexen. So if I undestand well, I should add to avoid errors? script 249 (void) { } for all Korax scripts? Hmm, so you don't like The Chaos Realm? I just had the idea I need to use somehow the fact the Wings of Wrath works until you finnish the whole wad and I was like "Hmm, maybe I should make a map based only on flying" and I try to make some and I realized it's actually fun, because you're very fast when you fly and it can be used for the design itself :) ok, so bug reported: - Fix korax - Maybe remove some mashrooms? And I had lots of fun making it, indeed :) Thanks again
  10. Hello guys, I made this vanilla megawad with one new hub for Hexen with 8 new maps. And it's released @Not Jabba said in 2017 about my megawad Fucking Hexen the following statement: "The quality of the maps steadily improves as the levels progress, so Matthias's next wad is bound to be awesome." So... this is my next Hexen wad. Is it awesome? Download here: Map List: Trailers: Screenshots: World map: My/Our other projects:
  11. Matthias

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    https://imgur.com/WCHyn3F edit: I don't get it... previously Imgur normally showed previews and now it doesn't work :(
  12. I kill cacos and elementals with it... lots of ammo saved .D