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  1. Yeah I still lurk occasionally. :)
  2. Wow wasn't expecting this, definitely looking forward to it. :)
  3. Brand New Doom 2 Trick

    Silly Doomguy... I guess when you've been killing the same demons for almost 2.5 decades you want to get creative.
  4. Playing through the Metroid Prime trilogy for the first time, downloaded on the Wii U. I just finished 1 and started 2.
  5. A new trick discovery: zero press!

    It's safe to assume that Doomguy is really the Flash. He breaks the human land speed record, can vibrate through solid objects and now virtually nothing is beyond his reach.
  6. Games that Desperately Need Sequels

    Haven't played this game in years but I wouldn't mind seeing a continuation, especially since it left room open for one and the soundtrack was great.
  7. I recently played some Quake 1 addons that I had missed over the years and chose Hard mode the way I generally do. I did beat Nightmare at one point but I never really cared for the AI differences in casual play.
  8. The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Rather good Demilich worship.
  9. Your favorite Blood levels?

    Thanks for sharing this! Death Wish has been awesome so far (up to E2M10)
  10. Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    I did manage to get that glide after about 10 minutes of trying. I was not getting myself stuck before trying to wiggle through before. Still haven't figured out how to replicate the effect reliably but I'll keep playing with it. Thanks!
  11. Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    For those glides like in pl08, do you need to adjust the vertical sensitivity at all or can it be done with the default vertical sens? I haven't had much luck doing that one. :p
  12. Congrats on your achievement! It's cool to see so much activity on these games and new things being accomplished still.