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  1. This was a great map and I'm glad I heard about it through the memorable maps thread, thank you for making it!
  2. Vile

    More Memorable Maps

    I feel this could have just kept going but I'll stick with 20. Ephemeral (1000 Lines 2 MAP32) - Aurelius, 2020 A vanilla puzzle map that gives you an exit button right at the start to let you know it's not to be taken lightly. It's an unusual inclusion given the traditional style of gameplay in the rest of the wad but it certainly felt rewarding to go with it and it also taught me some things, as one of the very first tricks to get the map moving was something I didn't know about. The Gripping Hand (Abandon MAP10) - Benjogami, 2020 A wad where a number of maps could have made the list, MAP10 stood out as being the most memorable for the meme appeal of the final act with the absurd number of lost souls appearing to light a literal fire under your ass for the platforming section. Arcanum (Adventures of Square Secant Edition E2A10) - Jimmy and Xaser All of Adventures of Square was memorable but I feel the second episode's boss map was suitably climactic and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from there. It's the kind of complete transformation that shows what makes Doom great even at its base. Ultimus (Axolotl MAP09) - Xyzzy01, 2021 A clever wad inspired by the gimmicky maps of the frog and toad series and showcasing the newly accessible MBF21 features, Ultimus is the climax of that crazy experience. I think talking about it further would spoil it and this wad is best experienced blind anyway. Cosmogenesis (MAP05) - NoReason, 2021 Slaughter on an Okuplok scale and done better. Technically, I didn't play map05 since I opted to play the individual pieces in the 01 thru 04 slots but regardless, it was quite a journey and the Okuplok experience helped put me in the right mindset to deal with these massive encounters. Criticality (MAP01) - Scotty, 2020 An intricate and complex map with tricky combat set pieces, it takes quite a while to figure out as well but feels rewarding for having invested the time. Luminescent Synapse (DBP37 Auger Zenith MAP17) - SuperCupcakeTactics, 2021 I loved the cyberpunk theme of this set and while an argument could be made for Altered States (MAP12 by 40oz) with its intentionally trippy experience, I think this map is a standout for the theme in general and makes it feel truly alive. Entropy (MAP01) - Nirvana, 2019 I'd count the remastered Breathless as well, though that may be cheating. A large map with a distinct orange/gold theme and tricky set piece combat that continues to thrill the demo crowd looking for a challenge. Anagnorisis (Eviternity MAP32) - ukiro, 2019 A lot has been said already of this map and its enormity but it's truly remarkable that a map of this size has so many possible paths and each playthrough could be quite different as a result. Elysium (Eviternity MAP29) - Eris Falling and Dragonfly, 2019 Not only an amazing build-up to the final stretch of the heavenly theme prior to the final boss but also features the astounding Godhood Suite by Jimmy as the mood setter. The Event Horizon (MAP01) - Killer5, 2021 Playing this and watching people play this for hours felt like an event, as it encompasses everything about Killer5's unique brand of punishing map design. Mechanical Embrace (FCFF MAP07) - Ribbiks, 2019 I wouldn't have seen the majority of this map if not for the folks watching me play who were helping me along. It's difficult to put into words, but similar to Event Horizon, it seems to encompass much of the quirky map design the author is known for and that midi will change your life, for better or worse. The Outermost (Fractured Worlds MAP06) - Nirvana, 2021 It was hard to pick just one from Nirvana's maps in this wad but I think the finale stands out the most, particularly when taking into account the secret area requiring the white key and the less said, the better for those who haven't experienced it. Amarite Accelerator (Fractured Worlds MAP32) - Insane Gazebo, 2021 Another architectural masterpiece by I_G and it turned out to be a great showcase for GDQ of what's possible with modern Doom mapping. The Beating Heart (Heartland MAP07) - skillsaw, 2021 One of the top releases of the year and showcasing the Eternity Engine's capabilities, it was difficult to pick this or map06 and while I think the latter served as the combat highlight and my favorite map, the final map was ultimately more memorable with the stark contrast in theme and the presentation of the final encounters. Lullaby (MAP01) - Danlex, 2021 This map received heaps of praise this year and rightfully so; a visual stunner that serves as a perfect example of what I appreciate about GZDoom's capabilities, despite being a mostly DSDA-Doom player. Moonlight (MAP01) - dobu gabu maru, 2019 A monsterless puzzle map utilizing cryptology. While admittedly I have yet to go back and actually finish this map, it remains unlike anything I have ever seen in Doom. The Harlot's Garden (Sunder MAP32) - Insane Gazebo, 2019 I played Sunder for the first time starting from map01 over the past year and while a number of maps in new Sunder could have made the list, I'll single this one out. I was in awe after making my way into the mansion finally, seeing the huge rooms, hallways and paintings. I remember saying at the time that it felt like a vampire lived in this place and the descent into the final area felt appropriately climactic for such a place. Technicolor Antichrist Box (MAP01) - Major Arlene, 2020 My first experience with the incredibly fun Supercharge mod and, like Lullaby, it's a visual marvel between the architecture and use of color, plus the anniversary edition released this year is a good example of the author's continued support and refinement for past works. A Kiss from Gaia (Time Tripper C1M7) - Emma Essex, 2021 As with The Adventures of Square, the entire package of Time Tripper (visuals, music, style) was memorable but the semi-final round is probably the best representation and this is still just the demo circuit. I'm definitely looking forward to more of this as well.
  3. Vile

    Cold Front | Mapper's Commentary

    Interesting stuff. I hadn't heard of this mapset until recently but I'm glad I did and, as noted in the commentary, it reminded me of Erik Alm's style which certainly appealed to me. I hope more people check out these maps. :) My playthrough is towards the end of this vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1214849840
  4. I played through this and had quite a bit of fun overall! It's certainly a throwback to the classic and rather abstract style of level design, which I feel may be difficult to appreciate for some, but I know Doom 2 quite well and this wad felt very nostalgic despite playing it for the first time. I hope more folks check out this megawad, and I'll have to check out The Journey as well. Thanks for making this! Below are some vods of the playthrough: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1211663419 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1212027220 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1212431077
  5. Galileo asked me to share the gameplay vod for this. I suppose I should do that more in general if it helps with playtesting and such. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1208511258
  6. Swim With The Whales MAP02 UV Max in 8:26 sw02m826.zip
  7. This was a fun set, thanks for making it! My favorite was the secret map, but I enjoyed all of the maps and there are some clever setups throughout.
  8. I played through this earlier, quite a fun set and very detailed. I got a bit confused regarding the progression in map03 but eventually figured out where to go. I also ran out of ammo in a later fight in the penthouse but that probably could have been avoided if I explored a bit more.
  9. Vile

    Italo-Doom demos [complevel -9]

    MAP12 UV Max in 2:34 it12-234.zip
  10. MAP01 UV Max in 1:36 MAP10 UV Max in 13:35 tn01-136.zip tn10-1335.zip
  11. Vile

    Cydonia - RC1 - map32 & co-op added!

    Played the new map32 earlier, good stuff! I had fun playing through it once then a few more times to try different routes. There is a bug and some other notes below.
  12. Finished this set earlier - great stuff in here, very thematic and some maps were especially inventive. Thank you for making this!
  13. Played this last night, a bit too late for Halloween on my end but I still quite enjoyed this. Map03 in particular took some time to figure out and seems like it has many angles to consider for maxing. Thanks for making this. :)
  14. Just finished this and had a blast. The weapons are insane but I'm glad the levels ramp up the challenge to accommodate them. Really good stuff, thanks for making this!
  15. I had an awesome time with this wad, great job to everyone involved! I noticed there were a few monster closets that didn't work but aside from that, I didn't have any issues. The maps were visually appealing despite the line limit, quick paced and fun to play. The new midis were great as well. Thank you for making this! The dehacked changes for quicker weapon switching is also something I wish I could have more often since it just encourages faster play in general.