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  1. MAP22 UV Max in 3:54 - hr22m354.zip
  2. Vile

    Scythe 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    It took a while to stop dragging my feet and upload those movie runs, but if I get back into demo recording, maybe I'll try the D2ALL again. There's so many things I want to stream and demo recording tends to be lower priority for me nowadays.
  3. Vile

    Scythe 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    Episode 1 UV Max in 8:34 - s2e1m834.zip Episode 2 UV Max in 10:09 - s2e2m1009.zip Episode 3 UV Max in 19:46 - s2e3m1946.zip Episode 4 UV Max in 17:25 - s2e4m1725.zip Episode 5 UV Max in 31:01 - s2e5m3101.zip Episode 6 UV Max in 38:41 - s2e6m3841.zip MAP21 UV Max in 2:19 - s221m219.zip
  4. I finished the mod today. It's easily the best thing I've played for Hexen and I was repeatedly delighted at the new enemies/items, boss encounters and puzzle setups. I think everything was tied together as well as one could imagine and the pacing felt spot-on. I can understand the spawns in the hub map being a bit much, though I was largely dodging around everything going from place to place finishing up loose ends.
  5. Amazing set, instantly became my favorite to utilize Supercharge and I'm tempted to give it yet another playthrough after finishing it twice. The ruin mode felt like enough of a new experience to make it worth a second run as it is. Excellent work!
  6. Haha, now I feel bad for ragging on it but no, I had a great time with this wad overall. It looks great across the board and the challenges towards the end suitably ramped up to where I was hoping it would go. Congrats on the release!
  7. Good catches by @galileo31dos01, I recall running into one of those map21 soft-locks in my own playthrough. I suppose I should share one observation, the only secret I could recall not being reachable: Overall, I quite enjoyed this wad. It gave me heavy nostalgia despite never having played it and I thought many of the maps in this wad surpassed their original counterparts, but the ones that (I thought) didn't were still interesting in their own right. I think TNT enjoyers should definitely give this a try.
  8. It's nice when a multi-level wad is consistent in its sign-posting of damaging floors. To this day, I feel that I end up asking myself once per map "is this floor damaging?" just as I have to test it by standing in it. This didn't bother me so much with damaging floors but with MBF21 being used more often, not being able to tell which floors are instant death without testing it makes the potential problem more pronounced.
  9. MAP28 UV Max in 12:32 - jf228m1232.zip
  10. MAP41 UV Max in 2:23 - jf241m223.zip
  11. MAP50 UV Max in 9:56 - jf250m956.zip
  12. MAP89 UV Max in 5:44 - jf289m544.zip
  13. MAP51 UV Max in 4:04 - jf251m404.zip
  14. Vile

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Yeah this was quite the experience. I wish my poor laptop (about a decade old) handled gzdoom mods more smoothly but it was still a blast to play through and looked amazing.
  15. MAP38 UV Max in 5:10 - jf238m510.zip