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  1. I'm not totally depressed, but I keep getting weird random thoughts in my mind, and sometimes, I feel a little anxious in a few situations which is kind of ridiculous. There are also other stuff I go through other people do not. Point is, is this just me, or am I going through typical teenage?

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    2. Sokoro


      It did not get better for me. I dislike other people even more. Especialy after I learned about all that mess that is in this world.

    3. dg93


      I'm turning 21 in less than a month and I gotta say that I really don't miss much of my teenage years. Looking back to my teenage years, I was pretty much an immature/insecure asshole. After you graduate from High School things will most likely be better. You will be in control of your life, which is by far the best thing about being in your 20's. You will also be more wise/knowledgeable than you ever were as a teen. Just remember to make good decisions and you should be fine.

      EDIT: Having those random thoughts (whatever they might be) is probably normal for teens.

    4. Clonehunter


      The boys and girls in the clique, The awful names that they stick, You're never gonna fit in much, kid