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  1. kildeth

    Doom Streams

    Hey just about to go online! Starting things simple, doing a 100% UV Playthrough of Knee Deep in the Dead using GZDoom. If you wish to join, here's the link: https://www.twitch.tv/mike_k91 EDIT: For those who missed the stream, here's a video link:
  2. kildeth

    Doom Streams

    Hello! Haven't been on Doomworld in years, but recently I've started streaming on Twitch and was thinking of doing some challenge runs with classic Doom, starting with UDoom. First challenge run I was considering involves the elimination of certain types of items/ammo from the game in stages to see how difficult gameplay becomes because of this in otherwise easy episodes such as Knee Deep in the Dead. If the challenge is a successful one I may condense it into a YouTube video to show the findings of my experiment. If there's any interest, here's my Twitch channel. I'll announce if I'm going to go online. https://www.twitch.tv/mike_k91
  3. kildeth

    Thy Flesh Consumed with different progression?

    The MAPINFO patch had some interesting ideas. 'And Hell Followed' has a Cyberdemon in it and for that alone I'd put it a bit later than E4M2, even if from what I remember the Cybie isn't that hard to defeat. I've done a bit of a playthrough of my map order and I'd have to say that 'Hell Beneath' isn't THAT challenging when it is the third map in a set, it is still harder than the first two maps but it is nothing compared to what it is in the official IWAD. 'Sever The Wicked' also becomes slightly easier when in the fourth slot instead of the third, but it still has a sting to it. I still have to do a playthrough of the rest of the maps in the set I created to judge the whole thing though. I have to admit though, 'Hell Beneath' has a prettier design than 'Unruly Evil', especially in the start location. The little wooden box where UE starts isn't all that visually appealing for the opening of an episode, which ID Software would have taken into consideration (probably).
  4. Hi everyone, long time no see! I was thinking just now about how the fourth episode of UDoom has a rather strange progression, starting off hard until E4M4, when things become very easy before the difficulty builds up again for E4M6. It made me wonder if 'Unruly Evil' was originally intended as the first map of Thy Flesh Consumed before Id Software decided it best to throw some hard maps at the beginning to really showcase the bonus levels they created for the original Doom. I haven't had a playthrough of this new progression yet, but I've quickly drawn up a more linear sequence for TFC and I was wondering what everyone here would think of it. Does anyone else think TFC would have been better off following a more traditional difficulty curve, or is it fine how it is? E4M1 - Unruly Evil E4M2 - They Will Repent E4M3 - Hell Beneath E4M4 - Sever the Wicked E4M5 - And Hell Followed E4M6 - Against Thee Wickedly E4M7 - Perfect Hatred (entrance to E4M9) E4M8 - Unto The Cruel E4M9 - Fear
  5. The new screenshots are looking really good. Each NOVA looks to be a step up in quality from the last. I should get around to setting up my let's play channel on YouTube so I can go through them all and share my thoughts with everyone.
  6. No problems dude I don't think I've been here for about a year! :P Liking amok's screenshots, the big lava crosses make me nostalgic for when I was working on MAP27: Sensorium from the very first Nova a few years back.
  7. I like it. Looks reminiscent of 'Sensorium' from the original NOVA (one of the maps I worked on).
  8. NOVA III: Tenacious Trinity is a pretty cool name for this wad IMO, does everyone agree? I love how the screenshots look like this is going to be a step up from the other two NOVAs, it seems to get more professional each time as everyone tries to up the ante and make the coolest map.
  9. Since I was the one who founded the original NOVA project back in 2011 can I make one little suggestion? Can NOVA III have a cool extended title like NOVA: The Birth and NOVA II: New Dawn? I was thinking NOVA III: Unholy Trinity but if someone has a better suggestion I'm fine with it.
  10. This hasn't even been going for a week and virtually all the map slots have been claimed! Is NOVA becoming Doomworld's next Community Chest series or what? :P
  11. kildeth

    NOVA II Makes a Big Bang

    I'm surprised to hear my name as well, I essentially did nothing except keep track of submissions in the first few months of the project lol. That said, being the founder of the NOVA series and all, if anyone on TeamNOVA 2 wants to go ahead and create a third installment they are more than welcome to. I probably won't return as an alumni though as I've gone off Doom mapping for the time being and might do a standalone project instead if I get back in the mood. Would be interested to see progress on any future NOVAs though. P.S. - 'NOVA III: Unholy Trinity' would be a cool title for an upcoming megawad. :P
  12. Lucky I randomly logged in and found this so I could update the header. Nice job everyone :)
  13. Heyy I'm new to Doom can I join the project? :D Just kidding, it's me. Glad to see this is still running and thank you to Dobu for once again taking up the job in my absence. I was probably a bit abrupt in my departure back in January but I felt it was better to step out quickly with notice when everything was running smoothly than wait for a crisis I may have been too busy to deal with and just cave in. Hopefully I didn't cause everyone too much stress at the time. I'm not planning on contributing any maps, but I wouldn't mind being a play tester for this project since I did launch this along with the first installment. If May 31st is the deadline I'm sure you would all want someone to play through your works in the coming weeks and I'd be happy to take a look and offer some critique. - kildeth (PS. Did Plums ever come back? Or did he/she just vanish?)
  14. @Jaxxoon_R - Sure it is. Hope everyone had a good holidays. Listen guys, things in my life are changing at the moment and it looks like I won't have much time to spend on Doom projects. I hate to say it but I think I'll have to take a break for awhile as I don't want to suck at leading a project I don't have time for. :P Best of luck guys and I hope to play a completed NOVA II someday when I've got more free time again. - kildeth.
  15. Hi all, haven't looked at Doomworld for a couple of weeks as I've just finished uni and have been taking a break from everything but I'll be sure to check updates and release an alpha compilation of the works thus far when I'm ready for it. I haven't disappeared. :)