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  1. Kyka

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    l only need twelve letters to post two vowels even wooooooo
  2. @Uncle 80 Thanks so much. Appreciated. Gonna go have a look at this map. I now have to work this somewhere into TNT Forever if at this map. I'll credit you if I do. :)
  3. Thanks so much for the explanation. It would never have occured to me to use donuts in interesting ways. Nice creativity. Don't go to any trouble, but I would love to see an example map, sooooo, if one were to magically appear in this thread or something... :)
  4. Wait... you can use dummy sectors on donuts? I always assumed that donuts would just raise/lower to the floor height of the sector surrounding the outer sector of the donut. Does the donut take on the properties of the sector in front of the first sidedef of the triggering linedef? And can you get the inner and outer sectors of donut floors to move to different heights? That is super cool! How do you use donuts differently from, well, how they have always been used? Really interesting idea. Cheers
  5. This is definitely worth looking at, as long as the increase in linedefs doesn't put the area over any visiplane limits or other limits. Thanks for the suggestion. Not gonna even attempt to answer these questions. But it was definitely a limit that I also never knew about. At least until a few weeks ago when suddenly Chocolate Doom went away, and left me with the mysterious windowed message I posted above.
  6. Aaaaah. I see. Well we are never gonna get that under 22 linedefs. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
  7. Update: 17 sectors and still crashing. Weird
  8. There is exactly 20 now, so I will reduce it by one further and see what happens there.
  9. So could that mean that if I reduced the sector count further, to say 18, it may work? Thanks for the reply.
  10. In a map I am working on for TNT Forever, there is a large pool of lava. In the lava is a switch that raises the floor by 1 unit and changes it from lava to water. The switch has action 20: Floor raise to next higher floor (changes texture). Now here is a picture of the pool of lava in question. Now when I hit the switch, CHocolate Doom crashes with this error: Now the interesting thing here is that there is exactly 20 sectors adjoining this particular sector, which is obviously less than 22. (There were many more than 22 sectors originally, but I merged many sectors and altered the geometry to meet this limitation.) I should also add that there are no other problems with this area, or this map. No visiplane or seg overflows etc, though the level does break the savegame buffer. The map has been thoroughly tested, by a number of people, and there is nothing else really wrong with it that is known. So would anyone have any ideas why this switch is crashing chocolate? A number of the sectors are segmented: (all of the rectangles with the red circle floor textures are one sector, for example.) So could the engine be counting segments perhaps? Is it counting sectors that share a vertex and are touching on one corner, but not along an entire linedef? Any other thoughts? (The sector itself is a single 'piece' and has no dummy sectors or anything else like that.) An interesting problem. Appreciate any replies.
  11. Welcome back, Kyka. :^)

    1. Kyka


      Hey Bio. Thanks so much. Appreciated. Hope you are well.

  12. Just posting to say that I am pretty much back, or will be within the next few days. Between being banned and moving house, where I didn't have much in the way of internet for a couple of weeks, I have been unproductive-in-a-Doom-sense for the last month pretty much. Will be back to being useful around the end of this week. Thanks for all the interest in TNT Forever everyone. :)
  13. dmslr

    Post count: 1984

    1. P41R47


      awfully horrible number :S

  14. what!!


    why's he banned again ):


    edit: if this was done for the reasons that i think it was then i s2g this community is gonna end up cannibalizing itself. hopefully i'm wrong about this

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    2. roadworx


      @Obsidian so then this is just a case of me being gullible and not looking at the bigger picture


      gotcha, sorry for being a dummy 😔

    3. Obsidian


      @roadworx No need to be too harsh on yourself, it's okay. :) It can be difficult to pick up on these sorts of things at first glance and that can often be deliberately exploited by bad actors: it's something that can happen to anyone and I wouldn't begrudge you for it. We live and learn, yeah? 

    4. omalefico32x


      @Obsidian i had noticed that in the thread but the way i saw it was more like he was starting to fall in the alt right rabbit hole he even liked a comment i made in it about how this was a dog whistle and he needed to change the content he was consuming


      im just glad i didnt use social media on my teenage years otherwise i would be banned just as him was as i believed in the same shit anti sjw propaganda he no doubt is consuming now

  15. Kyka

    home improvement reboot (split)

    I have apologised if I have caused offence, and removed the post. In current climate, the post certainly was open to interpretation, to say the least. The post was not directed at any minority group, racial, gender, sexual or otherwise, and I appreciate the gains we have made over the last few years in equalising opportunities and understanding for all such groups. My post was directed predominantly at the media and its hypocrisy and presumptuousness, and the way the media is increasingly enforcing a kind of social groupthink and creating a climate that is the opposite of true diversity and equality. We live in a culture that is increasingly recognising and understanding the vast differences between groups of people, of differing gender, race and creed, which is only a good thing. It is a difficult road, but it is the only way forward. But on the back of that positive movement is also coming a conformity of thought and confluence of social dynamic, caused predominantly by the media, that is really not a good thing. That was the point of my post. I certainly could have worded it better, but dark humor is a part of how I see the world. That isn't gonna change. I spent decades working in creative projects, and the reason they have been good is less because of individual talent, and more because of opposing ideas and strongly differing creative visions that ultimately leads to the best final outcomes. Strong disagreements, if handled well, can lead to great outcomes and increased understanding between people with strongly differing viewpoints. The media is increasingly being a polarizing and ugly influence, while wearing the mask of tolerance and virtue and healing tensions between people. It makes assumptions and then calls on us to act on those assumptions, instead of genuinely seeking to understand differing viewpoints, which leads only to conformity and uniformity and a form of social tyranny. My aforementioned dark humor is tempted to say 'Much like this thread,' but I probably shouldn't, because at least some of this thread has expressed, thoughtfully and reasonably, some good points. I apologise for my earlier post, and have retracted it.