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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply Gez. Incredibly knowledgeable as always. Reading through this, the pertinent piece of new information would be this: I launched chocolate doom from GZDB, and obviously Chocolate Doom loaded the map 10 mapslot. Once I had finished looking around, testing that particular map, I then IDCLEV'd to map 29, another map that I wanted to test, and that I know runs in Chocolate Doom also. (Barring one area that has visiplane issues.) And seeing that I type really fast generally, I figure now that the error message could have come from me perhaps typing the wrong number... '39' instead of '29' perhaps? I am guessing here, but it is the only thing that I can think of that might explain what happened. Chocolate Doom crashed immediately upon entering the final key of "idclev xx" [edit] yes upon actually trying this, I launched chocolate doom and typed in "idclev 39" and it gave the error "Bad Music Number 71". Typing in "idclev 38" gave the error "Bad Music Number 70" So apparently I typed in both numbers wrong. 29 /= 38. Thanks again Gez. [/edit]
  2. Haha thank you so much for the encouragement. And even if I stick to just the layout, there really wasn't much more than a couple of rooms. Actually literally there wasn't much more than a couple of rooms. I really like the fact that there is a speedmapping 'sticky' thread like this. I don't have a lot of time irl, but I do like to watch the demo's posted here. I am such a perfectionist. lol I made my first map for TNT Revilution in 2009. And everytime I play it, I see things that I have to change. As well as some other old maps that we are working on for TNT Forever. I just realised that I should start a slowmapping thread: a lot like this thread, but the rules are you have to take more than, say, 5 years to finish a map, and then you can post it on that thread. A minimum time requirement, rather than a maximum one! I have a tendency to do that too. To get super focused on the small details, and lose the bigger picture. I do it much less than I used to, but I am still not great with it. But your time limitations seem reasonable to me. :) Thanks for the reply.
  3. Purple really is a fruit.
  4. So chocolate Doom just crashed with this error. I thought I would post it and see if anyone knows what causes such an error. Cheers.
  5. I did a speedmap for 30 minutes coz I got all inspired from this thread. If I was to continue this speedmap beyond 30 minutes, I might get really ambitious and add such luxuries as non default textures, a P1 start, and if I get really funky, a door. I really suck at speedmapping, is what I'm saying here. Also, severe mappers block, which I have had for literal years, is a thing. People who can speedmap, you guys are awesome. Legit.
  6. Kyka

    Dumb Movie Ideas

    Bad movie ideas? I have one. What if George Lucas sold his beloved Star Wars franchise to a soulless corporate entity who proceeded to turn it into a zombified, soulless parody of itself? That would be a bad movie idea. 0_o
  7. Kyka

    I Made A Quake Clone In 10 Days

    It is rare that someone has all the skills at such a functional level. Very impressive well done. What music software DAW do you use? Was it reaper? I'm not familiar with reaper but it did look like it from the couple of quick views I saw. :)
  8. Kyka

    need tips for killing archviles

    I was just gonna say "with guns" But I like that you have gone to way more trouble to mildly troll. :) On a slightly serious note, you can actually see the archvile-hurling-fire-at-you frame for a split second, and you can quickly duck behind cover. You don't have to be in cover at the very moment that the arch fires at you, but a moment after.
  9. I watched the first episode a few days ago, and thought it was a reasonably faithful recreation of the original, which I really liked. But I can see how you would see it this way too.
  10. Kyka

    Stupid Bunny's Stupid Speedmaps

    ...also, major props for the use/creation of the phrase "pressy-press." I approve. On a more macro level, good speedrun. Nicely done. And props to @Stupid Bunny for such interesting layouts.
  11. I watched @Clippy's playthrough video above, and boy was this savage. Really loved the layout. Well done. I like how you said "don't jump," and I figured that this is because the archviles will be jumping you around, no need for you to use your own legs like a sucker.
  12. Kyka

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    A few Random screens from map 19, tnt forever
  13. Kyka

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Glad that you got some good results Lee. That interview you posted on this thread recently was fascinating too. Really enjoyed listening to it. You worked so hard on Rise of the Triad. :)
  14. I know a good chiropractor for that neck thing.
  15. Kyka

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    The Hell knight. A cheap, rushed recolor of a genuinely great beastie. I understand the niche it was meant to fill, but surely someone could have made some new sprites or something?