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  1. Kyka

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Seconding what @Tango said.Beautiful sense of color and shape. Great stuff.
  2. Kyka


    @Moai Welcome back. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  3. Kyka

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    I hope things are better for you and your health has really come good. Thank you for sharing. If you don't mind me asking, what did you do to get over/rid of the mold infection?
  4. Kyka

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    The first time I finished MyHouse.wad. That empty yard with the for sale sign. It was like my entire life, all my experiences, had simply never existed.
  5. Please please do this. I mean now the community has 32 new variants on how to use the icon of sin? It'll become a classic. On topic, I would remove the icon of sin from Doom 2. Even in 1994, I thought it was rage inducing trash. And I didn't think anything was trash in 1994. We were just grateful to have any games to play. Those were dark times heh.
  6. Kyka

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Are those textures from Blood? They remind me of Blood. Looks good though.
  7. I wish this had happened. And that I had been there to see it. And while I was there seeing this extraordinary scene play out, I would have removed the Hell Knight, which is and always was a cheap shitty recolor, and replaced it with an actual original baddie that filled a similar mid-tier-but-not-too-tanky-beastie role in the game. And then I would have been asked to leave the office, because I also don't work there, and hopefully no one would have noticed that I had deleted the hell knight sprites and replaced them with something infinitely cooler but still recognisably Doomy. And after that eventful day of us two random strangers invading the Doom offices, id software would have hired a security guard.
  8. It seems to me that the damage is much less random than Wolfenstein. Great work. Really interesting.
  9. Kyka


    Damn this thread for getting my hopes up. What a treat a real modern MM megawad would be. Just gotta wait for Memento Mori 5: Meme 2 More.
  10. Kyka

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    This map looks cool and interesting. I will give it a play. However I am not going to drink it. Just sayin'
  11. Kyka

    Fellow insomniacs?

    For me, the problem is less about the alarm clock itself, and more what the alarm clock is returning me to.
  12. Kyka

    Fellow insomniacs?

    I have experienced (thankfully) relatively short bursts of insomnia - all in the last 10 years, and always as a result of either trauma, or finally being out of said trauma, weirdly enough. Grateful that I have never had really long term (more than a few months,) insomnia. Really wish everyone here rest, and peace. I know something of the anguish and grief that insomnia adds to an often already pretty shitty situation. Wish you all every blessing.
  13. Kyka

    Rate That Custom Enemy!

    I really like this thread. Custom monsters are cool and I have already learned a lot about monster use and design philosophies on how to use monsters from this thread. I hope this thread keeps going. I also love when people use weird/unique rating systems, as above. Like when Civvie 11 rated something Quake related: "I give this game three weird english words that I can't pronounce out of five." (slight paraphrase on my part as I can't remember the quote word for word.)
  14. Kyka

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    What a monumental amount of work. Congrats to all involved.