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  1. It takes a classy imp to recognise a classy imp! :)
  2. @LateToDOOM2020 That is actually pretty cool! :) Ok I was so stuck that I had to sit down and draw out the solution. haha there was no way I would have been able to work this out on the fly while playing the map. The blue circle in the bottom right is my current position. To get to the red dot marking the only point of forward progress, follow the red line to its conclusion. (I couldn't even manage that while in the map playing.) To get back to the top red dot and complete that blank section up there, simply follow the red line until it meets the dark yellow line. Follow the dark yellow line until it meets the flesh colored line. From there, follow the pink - white - blue - bright yellow - dark yellow lines to reach your destination. (the purple dots are nexus points where major paths branch off. The orange line was a dead end.) And then once you have explored that area, follow the same path all the way back in reverse. Even knowing the route, this is gonna take 1-2 hours to get there, explore that area, and get back. Fun times. Dear God what am I doing?
  3. Well done! :D Making sure every turn is a left turn and not making a mistake still takes formidable concentration and patience.
  4. Day 6 (Day 5 of current run.) Current Progress: As you can see there are only two points of progression. The northern one is inward, and will ultimately lead to dead ends, but there may be a key in there, and also I am UV-maxing this level, so I have to go back. The southern red dot is the only ultimate way forward. Now here is the problem. I have been wandering around filling in dead ends and alternate routes, and have managed to get myself stuck. After an hour of wandering around, I can neither find my way back to the dead end section, nor to the main exit. I am really stuck. Please send help. No really. Send help. Bring Gatorade. And some cookies. So far no deaths, but I am starting to wish for one lol. If I don't make it out, I want you to know it has been a privilege knowing all of you. I wish you all every blessing and success in your endeavours. Godspeed. (Cries quietly while curled up in foetal position, rambling incoherently about endless corridors of marble and brown overcast skies.)
  5. Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but you are all wrong. Because you see, Doom has par times for each level, meaning that this raycasting 3d engine thing is also travelling through time as it is being rendered into columns on a 2d screen. Ergo, the Doom engine is 4d... Or at least 3.5d. yeah... Science.
  6. I personally love Jupiter Hell. It is by far my most played game over the last couple of years, I have been playing it since the first betas were released and yes I definitely recommend it. That said, it is definitely a little bit niche. If you love roguelikes, overcoming challenges, thinking and planning, finding cool items and guns etc, then this may be your jam. You really have to like dying a lot!!! It feels to me like a game of murder chess. Plan your moves one move at a time, always have the right gun out for the right ranges of combat, always be thinking two steps ahead. (Of course I am playing it on a murderously difficult setting, if you play it casually, you are much more free to just have fun killing zombies and demons, and the game is immensely more forgiving of mistakes. On Apocalypse difficulty, if you run into the wrong monster at the wrong range with the wrong weapon, then you are most probably dead.) It really is a unique take on the roguelike thing, and the devs are continuously updating and adding new content. (over the last 6 months they have added new enemies, new weapons, and 3 entire boss fights) I think it is worth the money. :) Not necessarily better, I just have a thing for brutal survival gaming challenges. :) Also, I am on the Jupiter Hell forums, and there are elite players there, far better than me, and I have learned a lot from watching their gameplay videos, tutorials, etc etc. :) Happy Killing!! I am glad you are enjoying the game. If you are interested, search on youtube "sylph jupiter hell" or "Tormuse jupiter hell". They are some of the best players and have some really helpful tutorials and stuff. :)
  7. Jupiter Hell on the recently unlocked Apocalypse difficulty mode. (Jupiter Hell has two unlockable difficulty modes. Nightmare, which you unlock by finishing the game on Hard, and the Apocalypse, which you unlock by finishing a number of rather brutal challenges eg finishing the game on Nightmare using only pistols etc etc. Apocalypse difficulty is, to put it mildly, apocalyptically difficult.
  8. There is something oddly captivating about this map. I really am enjoying it. Like a cat inside a box. Just loving it in there.
  9. the look on a lost souls face when it sees you pull out your rocket launcher
  10. Day 5 (Day 4 of this second run.) Not that I would expect anyone to be super interested, but what the hell, I'll share it anyway. I hope some find this interesting. If nothing else, I am having fun. Previous Progress: Current Progress: Good Progress today! I FOUND MY FIRST KEY!!!!!!! A red one (Marked with the orange cross on the above map.) And even better, there is only one possible route for progression, marked with the red dot. Everywhere else is a dead end. Now here is the thing though. I found that route, then had to go back and 'fill in' a lot of routes and open areas that I had left behind, now closed off. Like this, for example: (You can see the white dot in the middle left. That is me and that is where the red key is.) Sadly for me, I got thoroughly lost, and the blue circle 2 pics up is where I was situated when I saved and ended the days proceedings. Nowhere near the red dot which is where I need to be. To anyone with the patience of a medium sized god, feel free to trace the route from blue circle to red dot. I guarantee, it is not a direct route. Good luck. :) ) (Spoiler alert. The next two hour recording, which I just did, is basically two hours of me trying with increasing frustration, to retrace my steps and failing. Getting turned around. Getting lost. Not being able to find the route. Even. Slightly.) Day 6 (Day 5 of this second run.) Here are some of the wonderful 'locations' I visited in my increasingly desperate attempts to find my way (that tiny white dot lol): I did eventually find my way out. Eventually. I think I permanently damaged my mental function. Anyway, enough fun and games for one day. My ability to endure fun of this magnitude ran out somewhere between hour 2 and hour 3. Finally I did find that elusive exit, and made some progress for the last half hour of the most recent recording. Final progress pic after 12 hours on the job: Some backtracking needed to fill in those gaps, and three progress points, so lots more backtracking tomorrow. No deaths yet. Two cyberdemons still to deal with. Ugh. (Op mentioned that Cybers guard each key is how I know there are two more in this map.)
  11. This occurred to me too. But somehow it didn't occur to me to actually communicate it. Hmmmm. Us weird introverts do things like that. [edit] ... unless you make every line in the level impassable, which would work perhaps?
  12. Kyka

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Thank you. I will check with the readme. :)
  13. I have found the red key now (9h 15m in so far) and killed the red key cyberdemon, which as you suggested, was indeed a looooong way away from the red key. Fighting cyberdemons in that maze is a nightmare. Back into a dead end and, ouch, game over. Thankfully no deaths yet! Good luck finding your way out.
  14. Thank you for the heads up. Good luck finishing this beast.
  15. Day 4 Progress ftw! (Day 3 of this particular run.) haha Probably no one is interested, but I have finally got to the point where I can admit my gaming masochistic tendencies. Jupiter Hell on Apocalypse difficulty? Check. Ao666 on DoomRL? Check. 6h 45m in, and STILL NO KEYS. That said, I have been in two places where I can hear cyberdemons through the walls, so I know roughly the area where two of the keys are. Did really well today. Massive amounts of backtracking, but have managed once again to explore enough to only leave two routes of progression. Everything else is blocked off. We are getting there. The video playlist for this UV Max is gonna be the dullest thing you have ever seen, with the possible exception being everything Disney has done for the last 5 years.