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  1. Average

    Activity Link in Forum Broken?

    Ah, okay. Thanks folks. :)
  2. I normally use the Activity tab to check new content since my last visit: Home - Activity - Unread Content - Last Visit But for the past wee while it invariably tells me there's no no content so has become useless. Is this broken for everyone or is and end-user issue?
  3. I'm just curious, is there much chance that the guys behind the Doom 64 Kex port will open source the code sometime down the road? It seems a bit of a shame that the game is a little hobbled from a hobby-dev point of view. It'd be great to see the latest official release get support for custom monsters, extra bright maps, weapon mods (a reloading shotty?!) and the like.
  4. I think I found another wee bug. It's an alignment thing. The icicles from this side look fine: But from this side they're sticking in the ground: It's on level 27. I'm using the GOG release. I'm not sure if anyone's pointed this one out already. Just thought I'd share. :)
  5. Average

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    @Doomkid , Heh, no worries. It was just a throwaway bit of self deprecation. :)
  6. Average

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    I suppose my feeling is that every source port that runs Doom 1 also runs Doom 2 and quite a few also support Heretic and Hexen, whereas Doom 64 still requires its own engine and/or source port just like Doom 3 and RoE and Doom/Eternal. I haven't really thought about it too much beyond that but that's why my smooth brain separates D64 from the other classic titles. For me, it just doesn't feel like one of the OG PC titles or that it sits comfortably in that pantheon. It's kinda like an interstitial thing between OG and New Fangled Doom all on its own... If that makes sense.
  7. I haven't updated yet so this may be addressed but I just came across this issue: In Level 11 - Nukage Facility these walls won't trigger until the rocket launcher is picked up. I had full ammo at the time and had to fire off a few rockets to then pick up the ammo and then the RL. Anyway, thought I'd share just in case. :)
  8. Well done! Thanks for taking so much time to fix this. I really appreciate all your hard work. :)
  9. That is a possibility. I've tried myself to replicate the issue but haven't managed it. I don't really know what I'm talking about I noticed that the game stores the save files in the same "Nightdive Studios" folder in my "User" folder on the C:\ drive regardless of being the Steam version or GOG version. Could it be possible that I've loaded a save file from the Steam game and that in itself could cause a problem or are the save files compatible with both releases. It makes me wish the game saves were saved in the installation folder. It'd keep things a little 'cleaner' for my smooth brain. :P
  10. Got a weird bug on level 17: Coming back along this route the space in front of me is impassable. I had to noclip through it. I've only played to here on the GOG release so dunno if it happens in the Steam version. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, just a wee thing but this candle floats in midair: Obviously, it's no biggie but just thought I'd share since I was posting anyway. :) EDIT: This is the wee secret place on level 18.
  11. Average

    GOG Has Released Doom 64

    Glad to see another way for people to buy and play Doom 64. I had absolutely no need to buy the game on GOG but I did it anyway! It'll come in handy to have a DRM-free version that I can stick on any old random laptop I come across. :)
  12. Average

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    I'd be really interested in a specific Doom 64 category. Lumping the game in along with console releases is pretty out of date. Apart from the fact that unofficial PC versions have been around for a really long time the official PC port has been out for years in its own right. I feel like setting up a separate category would be worth a try. If it turns out to be a 'ghost town' then it could just be merged back onto whatever category would best suit - no harm, no foul. Concentrating the topic of a very specific game can only help focus discussion and development. As it stands, there is a small but dedicated community around D64 but it lacks a home here on the biggest single hub of all things Doom. It just seems a little unfair to this fantastic entry in the Doom canon.
  13. That's a pretty long list. I started playing through last night and it's been really cool playing this on the official version of the game. Again, congratulations on the release. It must've taken some amount of work! May the D64 renaissance continue!