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  1. Average


    Ah! Thanks for that. :)
  2. Average


    Hey folks, I don't normally post these kinds of threads but I'm at a total loss here. I came across Don't Play With Hell Black Edition on ModDB and I thought I'd give it a try. I'm stuck near the beginning! I picked up the red key and I've reached the broken airlock but I can't open it. I presumed I was to use a spacesuit or the oxygen tanks but 'using' these things doesn't do anything. I'm just using the standalone version 1.3 as found on ModDB. Any pointers would be great!
  3. Average

    The Best Infinite Runner Games

    For me, I still rate the stylish simplicity of Canabalt. It runs on everything (even my C64) and has no micro transactions or forced ads.
  4. Average

    ZDS #561 - Heretic CTF - Part I

    I've never played CTF or any other online team game. Would I still be welcome?
  5. Average

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Shareware Doom on my Amiga a couple of days after the the first source port appeared (ADoom). I was so pleased to FINALLY get to play this much lauded masterpiece. Up until that point I had heard so much about it but had no access to an IBM compatible computer. Still, Alien Breed 3D was a great substitute. 🙂
  6. Average

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Not sure why having a female lead sets off alarm bells of potential gender politics. Personally, I couldn't care less. Doom Guy is pretty much a tabula rasa so whether the character's black, white, yellow, brown, albino, green, born male, born female, pre-op trans, post-op trans, transvestite, homosexual or asexual it shouldn't preclude the fact that they can be a valid protagonist. As long as there're demons from hell and lots of shooting, I'll be happy.
  7. Nice. I know what I'll be playing after the F1 Qualifying today. :)
  8. Average

    In which U.S. State Region do you live in?

    Only an American would create a 8 option poll, 7 of which are for Americans and 1 is for the rest of the world. :P
  9. Thank you for the reply and explanation guys. I'd tried 'fire' umpteen times but it didn't work for me. I was obviously trying to put the crate down inside the wall and there was no reaction. Turning perpendicular to the wall I was able to put the crate down. Although, funnily enough, I accidentally pressed 'fire' twice and blew myself up the first time! Perhaps adding 'fire to drop' could be added to the Help screen? Anyway, this is really great work folks. Cone-gratulations on a brilliant release. ;)
  10. Please help someone who's not very clever. I know that the 'use' key picks up a crate but how does one drop the crate? I've tried 'use' again as well as pretty much every other button on the controller!
  11. Average

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Do you think you'll do Heretic as well? Everyone makes a big deal out of Heretic having fewer textures than Doom so it'd be an easier project for you to finish. :P
  12. Average

    Wanting to play Quake mods, but stuck

    Nehahra is, to put it mildly, hacky and quirky. It seems to be the bane of every engine dev in the Quake community. Dark Places does support Nehahra and is full of eye candy but is, in itself, quirky and doesn't really conform to what goes for standards in Quake. Mark V is a 'standard supporting' engine that supports Nehahra though I've ended up just sticking to the old original Nehquake when I want my Nehahra fix. Quakespasm seems to be the engine of choice these days. It's very compatible, very standard and is often the target engine of devs. As for Quake forums: Yeah, the 'community' is a bit broken just now. Quakeone is a ghost town. Quaddicted is quiet but you will eventually get a reply. Func_msgboard is really the place to go. It's always fairly busy and is also pretty non-toxic. There are a few particularly helpful folk there - including the main dev of Quakespasm. He's a super helpful chappy. RE: The Quaddicted anti-bot question - Did you use the search feature on the map page? It gives you the answer (2). Not the most intuitive, I know. Also, if you're still reading this, There's a frontend launcher thingy similar to ZDoom Launcher called Simple Quake Launcher (SQL) that can be found on func_msgboard. That's what I use. Keeps things clean and simple. :)
  13. Average


    Sorry if this is a silly question but is it possible to dl these maps yet?
  14. why did you change your profile pic to this I thought @plums came back. :( :( :(

  15. Average

    Heretic Speedmapping 2

    I had a lot of fun with this little mapset. The texture pack is really cool and adds a lot to the atmosphere. There are a couple of bugs in the 4th map but that's to be expected in a speed map. Certainly, there's nothing game breaking. Recommended for a quick play-through if you're looking for something a little different for your Heretic fix.