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  1. I just wanted to say that I've played through the mapset a couple of times now and I really enjoy it. There are some nice moments (changing scenery etc) in most of the maps and some pretty fresh ideas. I played through with the vanilla weapons, Doom Weapons in Heretic and Descent into Heresy and each playthrough was equally fun and balanced. Well done guys and gals. Looking forward to DUMP 2. :)
  2. Over the years there have been a few threads regarding movies that have a Doom vibe to them but I've never seen any threads about movies that are like Heretic (or Strife or Chex Quest). So, what movies would you say that are like Heretic - and I don't just mean your bog-standard fantasy flick which revolves rescuing the princess. I mean something that really shares some of the essence of Heretic (or Strife or Chex Quest :P).
  3. It's a perfect storm of tech and inspiration. It bridges the gap between old arcade sensibilities and modern immersion. It looks old but plays well giving it a timelessness that no other game has ever captured. If Doom was an album it would be Black Sabbath's Vol 4. A true font of inspiration for everything in its sphere that came after it.
  4. "The file you are trying to download is no longer available." :(
  5. I'd love a collection of Reaper miniatures but that's never going to happen now. When Bethesda re-released them I wasn't working so couldn't afford them. That was a painful time - just watching them slip through my fingers! Other than that, I'm pretty happy with my collection. My most cherished collectibles would be my Id Anthology (hard to find complete and affordable) and the 90's novels (easy as hell to find cheaply). Both these things really capture the coolness and cheesiness that is DOOM!
  6. Ann Veal. I've been here since the beginning of DW but I don't think anyone has any idea who I am.
  7. I don't see much difference between a perfect clone of myself and a twin. I wouldn't consider having sex with my twin... so, no.
  8. ^ Indeed. It's almost like Bethesda doesn't give a shit about anything other than making lots and lots of money... I really wish Id/Doom had stayed independent. It's just not the same these days. /oldmanwhinge
  9. Will this be compatible with Brutal Doom? Seriously though, will it? Really seriously though, this looks fantastic. I can't wait for the release. :)
  10. Doom ports are pretty interesting to me. In fact, I've completed every official (English) release except for the 3DO and the Pocket PC (mainly because the 3DO version is unplayable for me and I don't have a Pocket PC). I miss the days when each platform had its own quirks forcing devs to give ports of their games different 'flavours'... @DMPhobos: I use a built-in tone map in GZDoom called Hejl Dawson that gives off a similar vibe to the Jag port. :)
  11. To be honest, I'm surprised that it's taken this long to even announce a figure like this. Bethesda aren't exactly shy of pumping out merch these days and this one seems like a no-brainer... Still, cynicism aside, I will be buying one of these!
  12. I hate and have never come to terms with the fact that I can't pick up a rifle even though every single fecking zombieman carries one. Drives me mental!
  13. This is a bit off topic but this thread has got me wondering just how many copies of the OG Doom games sell on GOG and Steam these days...
  14. Yeah, the 3rd and 4th 90s novels are kind of bad. They just go so far off the rails there's nothing of Doom left. Still, they're not exactly huge books so don't demand a great amount of time to tear through. Read them on a holiday. :)
  15. ^ That's an idea though I'm not sure how Bethesda would feel...