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  1. For my money, the SNES port is by far and away the worst. It looks like a low res Doom in screenshots but it plays very differently. I also think the music is over-rated. I reckon nostalgia has a LOT to do with that port's defenders, but to each his own. Speaking of nostalgia, I really like both Doom games on the GBA. There are differences from the vanilla PC games but the overall experience of Doom is there - at least for me. :)
  2. No worries. Thanks for the quick reply. I just tried out the above test build and all is well again. :)
  3. Hey Brad. I finally got around to trying out the latest release and I have a strange sound problem. Music plays fine but all the sound effects are really high (like Alvin and the Chipmunks!). I haven't played Doom in a while but was hoping to use DR for some vanilla map play-testing. I'm on Windows 10 Pro using on-board Realtek 5.1 audio and on-board Intel 4600 GPU on an ASUS Z87 Pro motherboard. All drivers are up to date. :)
  4. Ah, of course! Cheers. Been a while since I've used anything other than GZDoom and ZDL. :)
  5. I tried to load it up in Chocolate Doom latest 3.0 branch and 2.3.0) but I get this error: R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump 2970 Am I doing something wrong?
  6. My personal favourites are BTSX Ep1, Eternal and Freedoom. Those 3 are really cool and each have something a little different from each other. PS: Somebody (with the knowledge!) should package up all these HUDs and release a mod that allows one to choose their desired HUD from a menu...
  7. We should start a bounty to have someone translate these into English and get them printed.
  8. My GPU died last week so I'm stuck using my mobo's onboard Intel 4600 for the foreseeable future. That also means I can't run GZDoom with all my fancy little tweaks in place. So, yeah anyway, If you're interested, Mechadon, I'd be happy to do some dedicated testing in vanilla (Chocolate) Doom and on the lower difficulties (ITYTD and HNTR).
  9. That wasn't my intention. Sorry. :) The cartoony sprites and palette are one of the reasons why I like Heretic and Doom waaaaay more than todays photo-realistic FPS games. :)
  10. I love Heretic. I played it before Doom so obviously nostalgia gets in there but I have never felt that Heretic was any more flawed than Doom. Both games come from the same 'stable' but both offer their own thing. I think the music in Heretic is much better than the MIDI metal of Doom. When I first played Doom I couldn't get the music to play back for a really long time. When I eventually did get to play Doom with music I found it totally jarring. Heretic's music (for me) is much more fitting. I like the hand drawn art of Heretic. The monsters may not have as many frames of animation as Doom but at least they're not based on photographs of foam models. :P Seriously though, I don't find the art any less realistic than Doom's. Let's face it, they're both pretty cartoony. I tend to play both Doom and Heretic using GZDoom. In my opinion, Heretic works wonderfully and looks beautiful with bloom and ambient occlusion and using the Heijl Dawson tone map. These 'small' tweaks, to my mind, mitigate the issue of a limited texture set. Bonus random thought: If Doom had come out after Heretic I wonder what the Heretic World forum would be like!
  11. Perhaps Night Dive or Devolver Digital would be the best bets. I mean, they've already shown form with regards to remastering old titles and Night Dive has already worked with Kaiser who's already got a remastered D64 sitting there ready to go. :)
  12. The Spanish version of the 1931 Dracula is pretty cool. Obviously, any of the classic Universal horrors are great but I presume you've seen most of them. There are loads of other from that era too but I just can't think of any of the top of my head. Perhaps Tod Browning's Freaks? Have you watched Gothic? It's a British spooky film based upon the night in Geneva when the Shelleys, Byron and Polidori had their competition. I have a real soft spot for that one. :)
  13. I know you're probably already elbow deep in D64RTR stuff but I was wondering, if you have time and the inclination, if you could make the mod compatible with nashgore. It works really well together except that the death animation of the imp 'freezes' leaving a floating body. I'd fix it myself but I've no clue where to even start! EDIT: I added the version of nashgore that I use (just in case you don't have a version to hand). :) quiet-nashgore.zip
  14. Yeah, I'm glad you've the wisdom to hold off on the Halloween release for the sake of your project. We can all wait for quality. :) Slight aside here, but I just wanted to say that it's really cool to see Doom 64 garner some recent attention from the modding community and, of course, Aubrey Hodges. Good times to be a Doom 64 fan!
  15. I can't wait till pay day. I've been looking so forward to this but typically when it was put out I was in serious penury! Still can't really afford it on pay day but what you gonna do!? :P