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  1. Sorry I haven't replied recently but I've been tied up with other stuff. Still loving your work though! What little time I've had for Heretic has been fun with v12. Haven't noticed any issues and I really like the varied beasties. Normally, I use Eriguns 2 for Heretic but I'm looking forward to trying out your new sprite recolours. :)
  2. Heh! You're updating faster than I can run through builds! :P I played through some maps last night and didn't come across any issues. I'll post later with a fuller response.
  3. I'm just heading out to work but I'll be happy to do some testing this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done. :)
  4. I really like a lot of what you've done, WARDUST, but I thought I should mention that the fullbrights added to the textures don't align properly. The white switches aren't too bad but the wall texture with the large golden oval is off by quite a margin. I dunno if it's something on my end, though, as nobody else has mentioned it. I also have a request/suggestion. I'm not even sure if it's possible but would it be possible to have 2 different sprite sets, one for the gargoyle and one for the fire gargoyle. I really liked the dark red sprites that you used in earlier releases - it'd be nice if they could be used for, say, standard gargoyles and the newer, blackened sprites for the fire gargoyles. Kinda like male plumage as seen in the bird kingdom... Anyway, thanks for all your work. Heretic needs some love. :)
  5. Those shots look lovely. It looks like your dabbling in Quake has been rubbing off! :)
  6. That was quick! I think I'll play through HUMP with this one later tonight. :)
  7. No need to say sorry. This is a great start. :) I've been lucky enough to play with these sprites, Eriguns 2, Damnums, Droplets, Heretic Fluids, Heretic Widescreen HUD and Heretic II soundtrack along with bloom, ambient occlusion and the Heijl Dawson tonemap in GZDoom. It really feels like Heretic 1.5 (since we already have a Heretic II!). Good times to be a Heretic fan. :) Thank you for sharing.
  8. Oooh! This looks really interesting. Off to check it out. :)
  9. Only by using Give Blue Key. I should've said, I'm using GZDoom so perhaps that's the issue. I'll play through it again. Knowing me it's user error. Just thought I'd share anyway. :)
  10. I haven't played Miskatonic Trip yet but I enjoyed Epiphany though I think there's a mistake in the map. I could only find a yellow key and a green key but the map called for a blue key. Of course, I could be missing something but I think that perhaps the green key should be blue. Other than that, the map's quite nice for a first release. I like the texture choices and the atmosphere was nice. More please! :)
  11. A while back, I spent ages uninstalling all the Win 10 shite like "People", "Onenote" and the like. The update kindly reinstalled it all for me. Thanks, Windows...
  12. ^ That was me all afternoon! I'm glad I'm not as terrible at the game as I feared! :P
  13. Still waiting... :P
  14. Build 6? I'm still playing through Build 5! Where do you guys find the time!? :P