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  1. She gels perfectly precisely because she's a snob. Excel cannot STAND her pampered ass, and they constantly get under each other's skins. They usually have an Odd Couple dynamic with Excel the tired working class chick and Elgala the bitch who's used to the good life. Plus she always refers to herself "I, Elgala". "I, Elgala would normally balk at the idea of squatting here, but since we are strapped for cash, I, Elgala will tolerate it."
  2. Oh yeah, just like in the original Mario Kart, right?
  3. NECRO-BUMP! I'm taking a break from my exhaustive writing activities to touch this game up again, and decided to try to make it as accessible as possible. The previous version requires a LOT of prep work for a print and play game, and the rules and mechanics were convoluted. So I've simplified some things and produced new map sectors that are more visually interesting and allow for far more diverse map designs. Also, the latest version includes male and female marine sheets. I'll be uploading the new rules and components later tonight, but there aren't any mission packs for them yet. I dunno when I'll get that started, but if other people come up with their own I'd love to see them.
  4. I always prefer it to angled stuff like Duke3D. Especially since a lot of custom spriters don't know how perspective works. Besides which, someone who understands firearms (like Doomguy presumably would) would know how to hold them. As in, not off to his side at a 45 degree angle. He'd keep the weapon up and ready. Stuff like the fist and chainsaw are fine because they aren't handled the same way as a firearm.
  5. Honestly once I read the Excel Saga comic I couldn't go back to the dumb show. They even left out a character so important to the cast dynamic it'd be like the three stooges without curly. Soundtrack had some great tunes though. And I still like the end credits gag with the dog singing about how it's going to be eaten, with the translator lady translating the lyrics from dog, who doesn't even bother singing them. Then the series finale swaps their places, and suddenly the lyrics take on a whole new meaning.
  6. I love the intro to the Master of Mosquiton OVA. Dig, if you will, this picture: we open on a dark, creepy tomb, which a young 20s flapper is exploring. She crawls through secret tunnels, deals with ancient bones and thick cobwebs, coughs the dust from her lungs. She finds the chamber of the tomb's master and opens his coffin to reveal his cape and ashes. She does a ritual, cuts herself, bleeds on the ashes, which reform into a naked vampire lord, who sits up and gazes at her. The flapper, delighted, says ominously, "With this blood, I master thee!" This is followed by an eerie orchestral sting as the title "Master of Mosquiton" rises into view. Then it's silent for a few beats. Then...THIS happens:
  7. Lucky Star theme is best theme. On a serious note, I used to listen to a lot of anime music in the 90s. Most of it was cheesy as hell, but I still occasionally wax nostalgic for it.
  8. The SSG redesign should be a Street Sweeper auto-shotgun, and it takes a half-hour to reload when you run out cos it was a stupid design with an internal drum magazine and you had to unload each individual shell in the most inconvenient way possible, then load fresh ones the same way. That'd be fun.
  9. That's a show I could've gone the rest of my life without remembering... Why was it a musical on top of everything else?!
  10. Pretty much all the voices I use in my mods are from Sounds Resource. You might get lucky there.
  11. No way, blood alpha shotgun is best shotgun. Finally someone makes an angled Blood style revolver that not only doesn't look like shit, but actually looks awesome. Granted, I haven't seen it fire yet. Are there any gameplay videos of this in action? Also, if you want custom music, I can link you the soundtrack to Crypt Killer. Epic 2 had pretty bad music choices all-around.
  12. That final gif in the op made me laugh my ass off. I'm anal retentive, so doing everything the hard way is second nature to me. I'd just fanagle the stairs manually til it looked right. Never used stair or bridge mode before. The biggest issue I used to have was making stairs that rose or lowered with the flip of a switch. Rising stairs are no problem now, but I sometimes still have trouble with stairs that lower. During development of Strange Aeons every time I made a moving staircase it was a nightmare. The lowering staircase in e3m3 took about an hour to work out. Ugh.
  13. I just use female voices from Quake 3.
  14. DOWNLOAD There's a great lack of custom face sets, so I'm making these available for anyone who wants to use/modify them. Bear in mind that they're not all finished and intended for use as a base. They don't have true turn left/right states and always face forward. EDIT: Crap, some of them have their KILL states labeled as RAGE as well, but that's easily fixed. Addams (#1) lacks the rest of the turn left/right states, but is otherwise done. #2 and #5 are conceptual and barely started, but should be easily customized if anyone's interested in alt Freedoom faces. Brody, Chief, and Parker (#3, #4, and #6) are basically done. Brody works especially well for a generic female doom marine.
  15. I was inspired by Doom Delta to do a hero pack, using the protagonists from my Doom books. Neat thing is the characters are numerically listed to match the narrative "episode" in which they appeared. Mostly. There's no Thy Flesh Consumed book yet. Sarge: Pretty much Doomguy. He's the lead dude in the first book (and a supporting character in the third book). Brody: Female colleague of the second book's protagonist. I was itching to make her playable on actual Doom maps (especially Shores, since that's the book she's featured in), and now she is! Starts with a shotgun. Chief: Lead dude of the third book, a big, bad Cherokee captain in the marine corps. He gets a unique magnum revolver as his default gun. Parker: Another protagonist from book three, a UAC scientist and medic. She starts each map berserked.