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  1. I've made a few adjustments after playtesting some more, most notably the turrets being immune to blast damage. You'll have to hit them directly to slag them. Also made the flying valravens a bit weaker so they're a bit less annoying. And added some more health to map02, given the difficulty spike.
  2. Whoops! Just dawned on me you have mine listed as Arctic Wolf and not Sea Wolf. I hope casual browsers don't think I'm taking credit for Arctic Wolf. I'm also enjoying Voltcom's Wolf3D 2 thingy, mostly because of the hilarious flying blood squibs.
  3. Even if you didn't make a full megawad (mine was only 8 maps), events like this give incentive to finish something, so you still accomplished a thingy.
  4. I don't remember having much trouble with the framerate, just couldn't hit anything cos auto aim was so poorly coded. What I really wish is that they'd made all the game assets FMV style like Killing Time, since it was made in the FMV era. They originally planned to have terrible FMV cutscenes added to the game, but taking it a step further woulda made it a lot more interesting and helped it stand out as a port.
  5. Impie

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    I'd make her smaller and faster: like a bulky arachnotron as fast as the archvile. Being fast and more trigger-happy could make up for her low health, since now it's harder to hit or outpace her. Maybe she could also be walking on the ceiling? Posting all this without seeing anyone else's ideas, so chances are I'm just being redundant.
  6. The ports I played were as follows: SNES. My first time playing Doom. Never played anything like it, and loved it instantly. Scared the shit out of me. 32X. Fewer levels and not as nice looking, but it was smoother and gorier, so that was okay. Still fun even if it felt half-finished. Music indeed sounded like farts. PS1. Amazing atmosphere and sound. Wasn't keen on Doom and Doom 2 being mixed together, nor some monsters being nerfed or left out, but definitely played this port the most. 3DO. WHY. CAN'T. YOU. HIT. ANYTHING. FUCKING. AUTOAIM.
  7. Mine hasn't been updated in the OP yet so here's the download page again.
  8. Impie

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    As much as I love Blackbird... ...I'm going with Caleb from Blood. I say why in my HG101 review of the franchise:
  9. Hi Roofi, saw your avatar and thought you'd appreciate the fact that I made a Clock Tower themed map for the Spooktober project over at the zdoom forums.

  10. Impie


    I found the entry he was referring to. The video shows it's a nice mix of modern sensibilities and old school aesthetic. I really dig it.
  11. Finished with 4 hours to spare, didn't post before cos I was tired. Remake of Operation Arctic Wolf is complete.
  12. Just made a download page for the site, and added a gallery with an approximate recreation of all the screenshots on the Arctic Wolf page. Wasn't easy to do, considering how most maps actually combine several of the original map locations into one.