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  1. Bungalow's water realm: the water stairs nearest the player entry point has no side textures. Everything else looks okay. I dunno if you want me to fix that or if you're supposed to fix it at this point since you compiled everything.
  2. posted some trailers
  3. @danielhday The intro corridor is really swanky. If you're gonna block the player from walking over the main structure's ledges, I'd also add metal grates as "railing" cos it doesnt make sense that I wouldn't be able to walk off those tiny ledges. Also kind of odd that you put so much detail into the columns of a room that is otherwise completely devoid of detail. Level structure often left me wondering where i was supposed to go next, or what that switch i flipped just did, and I frequently questioned the texture choices in a lot of areas. Final area with the maulotaurs was pretty cool except for the lift that wastes most of my tome's time on the way down there, and then the two cramped switch hallways with maulotaurs in them, which is kind of pointless and bullshit. I would just let the player reach the switches once the main maulotaurs are dead.
  4. @ETTiNGRiNDER This is easily my favorite of the submissions so far. Really great progression with a sort of Sandy Peterson setup (big central room where the rest of the areas all connect). The spawn/closet traps kept me on my toes each time a new area opened and were a great touch. If this were a contest it'd probably place in the top 3. @Cacowad The exploding teleporters trick is pretty ingenious. I think this map would work great as a secret level because of the novelty of it.
  5. i think the last upload was the final one
  6. I had to include my own sky so the void effects would look right. Is that okay? It doesn't work with the stock skies.
  7. Man, everyone's craving 40oz's deathmatch cock lately. I'm kinda jealous. In hindsight, maybe that doesn't really work as a metaphor...
  8. I guess not then. I've been using the latest gzdoom. Can you give 3.0.1 a shot and see how that works?
  9. I adore the original. One of my top five ps1 games for sure. I was a huge nerd for Prince of Persia, Out of This World, and similar games as a kid.
  10. EDIT: wait, mighta loaded another mod by mistake. lemme check again. Also I went ahead and threw together the text you requested. Tell me what you think of this draft:
  11. I don't think Map07's music is appropriate at all. It's a very cheery map and the boss music track throws off the vibe. EDIT: Whoops, my own stupid fault. Loaded an extra mod that changed the music. Ignore this post.
  12. I think you're on to something! Everyone plays Outlaws instead!
  13. I find them boring and tedious. I like maps with a little bit of everything: combat, labyrinth navigation, and some amount of tactics. Even if I were proficient playing slaughter maps I don't see how they could continue to be interesting for more than ten seconds. It feels like a novelty.