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  1. Impie

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm still hopelessly in love with my coworker, and she knows, but we've never talked about it, and I'm pretty sure she's not into me. Recently she did something in her personal life that made me really disappointed in her, and due to that and a few other things, I sorta crawled into a shell and distanced myself. Didn't wanna get involved and create drama. She noticed right away that I was upset about something, and kept doing shit all day to make me laugh, having no idea that she had anything to do with why I was mad. I can't even fucking talk to her without getting tongue-tied or making an ass of myself.
  2. Another update: fixed up the Crimson Witches' attacks. In Hexen/Deathkings they fire a few Bishop projectiles, and in all three mods their arballista shots are half speed. Also lengthened the Leonid's stun state so automatic weapons pin them down better.
  3. Impie

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    It doesn't suit the direction I took the mod in. I was going for something immersive, so I made the use of music minimal. Besides which, as I've stated before, level music makes it almost impossible to hear important sound cues, like monsters approaching from behind, environmental changes, zombies reviving, etc. Especially the loud music used in the original games.
  4. Its been around for some time now, but it's been really hard to get people to try it out for some reason. You'd think they'd want an excuse to break out Heretic and Hexen wads again.
  5. Impie

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    "Toon" isn't an apt enough title. It's more like abstract art.
  6. Somewhat minor update, but a much needed update nonetheless. - Tripod Cannon has a new graphic that makes it look a little bit more space-age. - Hexen/Deathkings chessboard sequence has appropriate graphics for the new heroes now.
  7. Impie

    If Doom 3 were to be completely remade...

    I believe you're missing the point of the thread by calling the people who contribute to it attention whores, but whatever. Being meant as a tech demo doesn't excuse a game from criticism. Shadow of the Beast was mainly meant as a tech demo on the Amiga. As a game it was utter shit, and it deserves whatever criticism it gets so people learn not to release a half-baked game just to show off their code.
  8. Impie

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    I'd love to play around on it. How much is finished?
  9. Impie

    If Doom 3 were to be completely remade...

    Or this. In fact, I'd like to change my answer.
  10. Impie

    If Doom 3 were to be completely remade...

    Quake still already did that better, also adding in the "ridiculously ancient civilizations" and "incomprehensible alien entities" part that Doom 3 eschewed for a more generic Quake 2 sci-fi monster route. All Doom 3 was, was a virtual haunted house attraction with a Quake 4 theme. That said, my biggest complaints outside of that, were the shit arsenal, and the shit story. The idea of being transferred to mars as a glorified mall cop, only to find yourself in the middle of a demonic holocaust is very cool. When Doom 3 added the megalomaniacal scientist stereotype, it sucked the coolness right out of it. When I wrote my books, I went out of my way to avoid that in favor of more interesting human villain ideas, like the overly religious security captain oppressing a colony of survivors, or the friend who was a puppet of the demons the whole time so she could keep the remaining survivors separated, or the UAC mailing human and tech sacrifices to the demons in exchange for a monopoly on supernatural wonders. Mad scientist bent on galactic domination is as boring and cliche as it gets. Basically Doom 4 really is what Doom 3 should have been in the first place. If it were me, I'd probably use a story similar to what I already wrote, as mentioned above. In this case, I'd probably use one I haven't written in detail yet: a handful of military characters holed up in a sorority house on demon occupied earth, making their way to an evacuation point while contemplating cannibalism as their supplies dwindle. Would you rather have that or yet another world dominating/destroying scientist? I'd also chuck half the fucking arsenal, and make sure whatever was left was worth a shit. Better-looking shotgun that isn't unnecessarily space-age in design, for one. Firearms are a "matured technology", meaning any firearms we develop in the far future will still greatly resemble what we have now. The space-age looking shit would be reserved for the unconventional arms. In Doom 3's case, I'd also remove the pistol and machine gun, make the rocket launcher more like an RPG-7 and give it a lot more punch, and spruce up the BFG so it doesn't feel so nerfed. Oh, and that pump shotgun wouldn't be able to miss the target at POINT BLANK RANGE. In other words, no need for more than one machine gun, nor any weapon that's out-performed by a fucking flashlight. Also the level aesthetic would be overhauled so every section doesn't look exactly the same, and would allow for more nonlinear exploration like classic doom. Even if there couldn't be nearly as many enemies onscreen at once, at least the maps would be fun to move around in and explore, and not be the space station equivalent to a fucking office building. Also, WAY more excursions on the martian surface -- as in, entire maps dedicated to it. You'd even get to drive mars rovers in a few areas. The map design overall would balance creeping dread atmosphere and sudden bursts of lead-spewing panic. The System Shock gimmick of picking up PDA's to further the story, I'd be torn about. I'd be half-tempted to tell the story with whatever you witness in the level itself. EDIT: Oh yeah, monsters would be overhauled too, so they aren't useless or redundant. Same treatment as the guns. And they wouldn't have a fifty-phase spawn sequence giving you days to prepare yourself for a fight that ends execution style while the monster is still doing its intro animation.
  11. Impie

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    I dunno if I have one, so I just went with this one from Midgard Outlaw.