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  1. Yeah the Japanese do this sorta thing ALL the time. I was surprised the TV Tropes article on the subject has such a HUGE section on "live action stuff based on anime stuff". They did it with Cutey Honey a few times and it's pretty goofy shit.
  2. That's too bad, it was a cool idea. Guess it'll have to just be a summer project.
  3. See, THAT actually answers my question. Thanks vertigo.
  4. Then don't fucking reply. Look, if someone brings up a topic they think is important, and someone else challenges its relevance to anything, a defender's job is to give some kind of persuasive argument for who it affects and why anyone should care. So far nobody has done that, least of all the guy who just says "wtf do u care srsly".
  5. Why do you care that people say a topic is dumb and irrelevant? See? Two can play that game! Now you tell me "Why do you care if I ask why you care?", and then I go "Why do YOU care?" and we go back and forth until the teacher on playground duty tells us to go sit by the fence 'til the bell rings.
  6. Something that affects city infrastructure /= video game high scores
  7. Who even cares about high scores cheaters and speedrun cheaters? Why is this even newsworthy?
  8. i think so? didnt know it was animated too. depends if it was animated first, movieā€™d afterward. i dont count it if it was animated later, like zeiram.
  9. The general consensus I hear from my fellow nerds is that animated things aren't meant to be live-action things, which is frankly preposterous (especially considering how frequently it's done in Japan with moderate success). All you need is someone who knows what the hell they're doing, like with anything else. I grew up watching lots of then-obscure films based on animations I was also watching at the time and wanted to share my favorites here, and encourage others to do the same. So share live-action adaptations of animated properties that you think did it right, not the ones that fucked it up or half-assed it. There's plenty of those. Guyver: Dark Hero People joke about The Guyver being an R-rated power rangers anime, and then this movie came out and made that reality: it's directed by the Power Rangers guy. Unlike the shit first film, it also knows exactly what it's supposed to be, where it comes from, and how to pull it off reasonably well. The film is as dark and moody as the manga series, and even takes some character designs and scenes directly from the source material: one scene is a live-action frame-for-frame recreation of the Guyver origin story from the manga. Guyver even looks exactly like he does in the anime, proportions, coloring and all. The fights are better too, though they're few and far between given how plot-driven it is (again, a lot like the source material). I was pretty happy when I saw this as a young Guyver fan. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles This one needs no introduction, especially for yours truly. I enjoyed the cartoon like the other kids in the 80s who were entertained by any dumb flashy thing on tv, but the movie went back to the source material: the moody Eastman and Laird comics that started it all, combining two great E&L stories with the cartoon incarnations to make a package that is goofy with a hard edge (and lots of low-key lighting). I loved this version of the turtles way more than the cartoon versions, and found it hard to go back to the show once I saw this in theaters. Still the best portrayal of Shredder I've ever seen (the voice in the trailer isn't the voice from the movie: in the actual movie he's fucking scary). Dragonball: The Magic Begins Live-action chop socky interpretation of the original Dragonball story, cheesy effects and all? Sign me the fuck up. This movie is tons of goofy fun, and everybody is here: Goku and his extendy-stick, Yamcha and his fear of women, pervy Master Roshi and his flying cloud, Bulma and her car (and vanity), Oolong and his obnoxious shape-shifting powers. They take more liberties with the bad guys so they're actually fearsome and not incompetent: King Horn is especially badass and would fit right in on a super sentai show. The fights are pre-Crouching Tiger high-flying stuff, back when it was really fast and not as awkward. You can enjoy this one in original Chinese (not sure if it was cantonese or mandarin) or the silly english dub if you're into that sorta thing. GI Joe: Retaliation The first movie was exactly what the trailer made it look like: it looked like a bad hollywood cash-grab, and I was totally right. They couldn't even get Snake Eyes's costume right. When Retaliation came out, I wasn't gonna bother seeing it, until mom and dad rented it for the evening and I happened through the room during the initial scenes. Once it got to the Firefly clip above, I decided "okay, I need to see the rest of this." Turns out it was aptly named: this movie was made by GI Joe fans who "got it", and ended up making the GI Joe movie I wanted when I was a kid in the 80s, as if in retaliation against the abysmal first one. Even now, whenever I mention the movie, or see a clip from it, I feel like watching it again. Great cast of Joes and Cobras that're really well personified, look like they're supposed to, and get to use all the gimmicks they're known for: Roadblock uses heavy machine guns as infantry weapons, Lady Jaye gets dolled up and does some infiltratin', Firefly blows shit up, Zartan is master of disguise, even Duke was his usual boring "friendly alpha-douche" self. And the whole middle section of the movie is a fucking cliffside ninja battle. And they used some of the classic vehicles from the toy line. Eight-Year-Old Impie was bouncing off the walls. Bonus: Watch The Fate of the Furious and imagine it as a sequel to this. I swear to god they musta lost the license for a third and revised the script last-minute.
  10. To anyone who looks this game up on youtube as a result of my posting this, you're welcome.
  11. Can I make a suggestion? Upload a single wad file with all the current maps in it, so we can just update our copy. It'd be easier to manage one file than a collection of maps anyway.
  12. I wrote a book that expands upon it, so I guess I care quite a bit about it. I actually really like the plots behind the original Doom games. Sometimes it's the only thing I like about them, like with Plutonia and Evilution. Even a dumb action game needs a plot of some kind. It doesn't seem like it makes a difference in how invested you are in what's going on, but it does have that effect. That said, I appreciate the game keeping story in the backseat in favor of uninterrupted gameplay. I'm not a fan of the 3do Wolf3d port mainly because of its total lack of intermissions. If I'm shooting nazis because nazis should be shot, I'm not gonna play that long, and I don't really even know where I am. Tell me I'm going into a nazi bunker to shut down a chemical weapons program and I suddenly have a sense of purpose -- then I'm more likely to keep at it. If it's a game like Minecraft, where the whole point is to play in a sandbox, it's different. There's a lot more to do in Minecraft than in Wolf3D, and I can do it all at my leisure, so I don't need a plotline so much.
  13. Basically every asset that's going into the project -- textures, enemies, guns, sounds, maps, etc -- needs to be put into a single archive, and preferably organized. I usually load all the different wads into a pk3 file. Then I can load that as a resource when building maps, instead of having to load every single wad separately. Slade is highly recommended for all this.
  14. I dig it. I did something like this for the E5 secret map of Strange Aeons. Would be cool to see a more extensive Myst remake in Doom with all the different worlds and puzzles. I'd play it for sure, if it worked right, especially if you have monsters in there.
  15. Version 1.0 official release.