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  1. The OG 3D MMORPG still has its servers going.
  2. None of the music in Duke 3D is sad per se, just moody. Ranging from spooky to tense usually. But I found the game to be pretty moody even with the Dukespeak on - some areas are genuinely frightening. The humor mostly comes from Duke's ambivalent attitude toward it all (and the occasional pop culture reference). I used my favorite for the boss levels in Nerves of Steel cos I thought it was an awesome "big boss" prelude tune.
  3. Sorry for double-post, but I went ahead and made an update some players will be grateful for: a new, shorter trail animation for the gauss cannon. I recolored the old one and gave it to the new weapon in Midgard Outlaw's future episodes: the Glaive, a big-ass high-powered railgun that ruptures the sound barrier and anything the projectile whizzes past.
  4. A couple minor fixes recently, the most notable being that the Mako Gauss Cannon does more damage. Give it a test run and see if it feels too OP.
  5. I think it was Project A-ko, but I'm not sure. Was interesting renting those videos in the 90s and not knowing that I was probably in for animated titties or other weird shit.
  6. Been toying with the idea of remaking Angst after my other projects are done, but I'm not sure if I like the guns I've put together. They're definitely better than the original Angst's useless arsenal, but still.
  7. For me it's this one.
  8. I'm pretty sure the dogs are feral. Best case scenario they escaped their kennels and are living on their basest instincts. Worst case scenario is that, plus being badly abused by their new masters. I mean, I worked at a dog kennel where I was the only male employee, where half the dogs had been abused by men. If I was lucky they avoided me, but usually they outright attacked me.
  9. I was ostracized from a gaming group I had got on really well with for several years because of the following reasons: - The host's wife thought I'd had a crush on her in high school and was trying to creep on her (I didn't, and I wasn't - we interacted in high school once and I've never had any interest in her). - The group members thought I was trying to dominate the game because I was playing a cleric who wouldn't play along with every amoral or immoral decision the party made, and because I would talk to the dm about character ideas outside of the session, both of which are standard things for any regular rpg player. - The hosts thought it was rude that I hung around after the sessions were over, despite the fact that everyone else in the group ALSO hung out after the sessions were over. This probably related to the first point about the crush delusion, because I was the only male member of the group who was neither married nor with girlfriend. The group decided the best way to handle this was to just not invite me to the games anymore, and they told everyone else behind my back what the plan was. One of them at least had enough spine to tell me, and gave me an edited version of events. Later they told my close friends in the group what was up, and they told me the uncensored version because it baffled them as much as it did me. Recently found out that everyone now realizes it was the asshole wife who caused all this and basically ruined our group by projecting her insecurities onto me. Even talking about the incident illicits visible anger in me. And ever since I've found it difficult to be part of any group because I feel a need to be hypervigilant all the time, and any lack of response from members of the group in question makes me paranoid that I've done something wrong.
  10. When I listen to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" I sing along with her. Nice and loud.
  11. No kids? So no Ghost Stories then?
  12. Conceptually I didn't find it quite as interesting as Body Count. Everyone prefers Corridor 7 to Body Count, but I really liked the idea of "Jihadenstein 3D". They just royally dropped the ball with that concept.
  13. That'd require a TON of good resources and probably a decent RPG stats setup. I'd probably leave that to another modder. I kinda wanted to do either Angst: Rahz's Revenge or Island Peril next.
  14. Those would still fire too fast in the hands of a professional. That's kinda what it was in the original game (which has terrible palette and sprites for weapons, hence why I'm using better-looking equivalents), and it didn't quite make sense.