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  1. I said a while back that I was expanding the story of the mod into another book. I uploaded the first act of this book onto Tapas for a novel contest. You can read it here. A robot apocalypse looms on the horizon… After surviving a robotic drone attack in her own neighborhood, Juno gladly accepts the dangerous task of hunting the drone’s creator and bringing him to justice. As the only surviving member of the notorious Ghost Lion commando unit, she’s the ultimate hunter. Her mission takes her back to Jotunheim for the first time since the end of the war, where she quickly finds herself unwelcome everywhere she goes: from a land of femnazis and male slaves, to a macho dictatorship where women soldiers are forbidden, culture shock becomes the least of her worries. The trail leads to an old enemy who has a few bones to pick with Juno…and will take her pick of those bones from Juno’s corpse.
  2. The old Doomguy adventures

    This is fucking brilliant.
  3. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Daria from my urban fantasy comedy Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors (Bishop & Holiday Book 1). She's a Fleg, a type of daemon native to Inferno -- specifically Circle 7, although you can find them on any circle where there's fun to be had. Flegs are generally the fun-loving seductive devils; it's the Imps you gotta watch out for. I also do the art for the Bishop & Holiday radio plays.
  4. MikesToyBox.net. I link all my books, comics, and doom related stuff there. I hope he can find the wads that aren't easily available anymore, too. It'll be funny if he ends up visiting the "help me find a specific wad" thread a few hundred times.
  5. Share a random fact about yourself

    I make passable(?) erotic art for drawing practice, and almost never share it.
  6. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Thread over on Tapas asking for people's erotic art, but because it's a webcomic community, it's all shirtless dudes. I posted a few of these to mix it up.
  7. Correction, he's playing every wad on the idgames archive, not every wad ever made. He'd have to go fishing for some obscure wad archives, grab everything on moddb, and be the fifth person to ever visit my website. lel.
  8. No, I tend to just think they're crybabies.
  9. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Bad girls Juno Radcliffe and "Ruthless" Ruth Bowie, from my novel Last of the Ghost Lions, the novelization of Project Einherjar.
  10. PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Man, this would make Strange Aeons look badass. You can totally use that wad to experiment with this if you want.
  11. Uhh, I believe the canonical Doom Movie already explained that it was because he was pure of heart. Get ur sources straight, scrub.
  12. Wanting to play Quake mods, but stuck

    I use quakeinjector for maps. Basically you have access to the entire quaddicted database without having to deal with jumping through all those hoops. Dunno if that helps but it's worth checking out.
  13. How are you doing?

    It's tough to do it at first, yeah. You just kinda have to warm up to the idea.