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  1. Bobby :D

    Fallout 2

    Hmm, maybe it's as if they want to KILL THE PLAYER
  2. Bobby :D

    Fallout 2

    Grungo no use many speeds, will bad the play feel
  3. Bobby :D

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    Bro told me he knew a spot, where the hell did he take me
  4. Bobby :D


    Cool WAD! Gotta admit, I didn't figure out the complete solution to the puzzle so I brute forced what I couldn't figure out, but great idea anyway! If I was more explorative and less tired, I'm sure I'd figure out the full password. Either way, some of these level concepts are really dope, and I can't wait to see E2! (also, thanks for being a future inspiration for packaging more meta game stuff with Doom WADs!)
  5. Super Shotgunning killed my Grandma!
  6. Unironically trying to insert his original failed project idea into it's revival, classy.
  7. Bobby :D

    Mind blowing wads

    Here's two WADs that blow me away that are NOT UDMF/ZDoom Reconstruction/Decomposition It's a WAD that strikes such an immaculate balance between an amazing depiction of a spacecraft and an actual playable level with some memorable beats and rooms that create a pacing so tight everything stays fresh in my head even after a dozen playthroughs of a relatively short map. Every detail entices me to ponder about the way of life in this facility, it's so startlingly realized that if you upscaled everything you could almost mistake it for concept art. It's not wasted either, there's an emotional and narrative curve to the progression between the lit and still "active" areas to the cramped and dimly lit abandoned ones, and further on into REDACTED. It might not be the gargantuan structural monstrosities you see in alot of GZDoom wads or technical implementations of absurd concepts in super conceptual wads, but it strikes such a subtle, professional sense of narrative and environmental storytelling that I never ever see in any other WAD, let alone one that's now 10 years old. Comatose: A survival horror map that floors me in two ways. In terms of technical specs, this map is an insane CPU hog. The map is massive and littered with details of many magnitudes of scale, like individual cigarette buds, stocked but vacant storefronts or police stations, or an inaccessible detailed village that takes up a third of this tens of thousands units wide level. The way that this map organizes it's structures like a real city but still makes it fun to explore and navigate is an absolute wonder to me. As for it's concept, the map is the real deal when it comes to its subject matter. You navigate a ruined town besieged by industry, the occult, and other fringe factions, yet all that remains of anybody or any presence are merely specters of the past ;). Compared to RC/DC, there's absolutely no sense of direction and the map is designed for you to wander about it's dilapidated municipal and industrial districts, and it balances these more elaborately choreographed interior/exterior areas with the always-changing looming presence of what things have appeared in areas you cleared before. From my perspective, the WAD is a metaphor for the fallout of the Soviet era and how the specters of it and other things of the past will continue to haunt us if we are powerless to change anything. I'll be sure to share more WADs when I can!
  8. We can't even release the projects we have been working on for a while now, a sequel to either of those is so far down the pipeline it might come up the other end. Maybe in a few years we'll do some sort of spiritual successor or something, but we want to do some of the original wad concepts we've been working on and off for many years first, so sit tight :D
  9. First note, funny thing, I did some playtesting and a little project management for Doom Refired a few years ago! I'm happy that team has gotten on good footing! Second off, I think that while Squonker does do a more "modern" style of design namely influenced by Alm and his progenitors, I think there's more than enough in the department of wads that deliver low-key, out of the norm, and esoteric experiences. That's not to say we don't ever do something out of the ordinary; for example, Tetanus has a good amount of maps that explore a sense of constraint and subtlety contrasting with the immense and explosive maps, like AD's Map 5 or Skronk's Map 9 (both of which are some of the longest maps in the set). Thirdly, the whole "artistic" merit thing is completely relative and has no place in a conversation about aesthetic complaints, you only get as much as you put in when it comes to appreciation. If you appreciate the low key stuff through caverns, that's cool! If you don't go for straight up gameplay wads, that's cool too! Just don't get in a twist about the "worth" of either of these (unless you want to go Kantian on my ass and start using pure reasoning for why a Doom WAD has the value of Walmart paintings of christmas cabins). As a middle ground statement, Daylit District is itself a sequel to a gameplay heavy, minimalist detail wad. If we did something like a sequel to Vigor or Pagodia we'd definitely place a huge emphasis on aesthetic exploration!
  10. I'll remember to put 10x more enemies next time, sorry for taking it easy!
  11. Skelly, I know I don't talk much anymore, but I should. It's always good to talk with you, just know that whatever comes before doesn't matter much if you and others can move on, so be motivated to keep moving forward! There's only as many people you wish to interact with as you decide, so make it matter.
  12. Started work on my map, doing a sort of modern take on burial grounds with a planned twist. Doing some non-almy things like using angles and and more intricate structures, but I want to capture what I think Alm did best; clear, concise paced adventures with a twist around every corner and an abstract implementation of a endless barrel of concepts (and yes, there will be an alm hell somewhere). Not using the resource yet, just doing some blocking out :O
  13. Bobby :D

    Pirate Doom II (finished!)

    Oh my god I seriously can't fuckin wait! Pirate Doom was one of the first mods I really dug into when I was in High School, and really made me fall in love with community works, if this is even half as amazing as the first I will be happy.
  14. Post 2010, without a doubt I won't forget, the community has had a damn renaissance recently because of the incredible leg work of groups like TNT in the 90s and the innovations made by the high profile ZDoom teams and solo god mappers like Alm, B.P.R.D., Gusta, Espi, Eternal, etc. that was all over the 2000s. Still, the artistic and revolutionary merit of the new generation has proven itself with the ability to take the old and make something new and fresh, and for every Scythe 2, Equinox, Epic, Kama Sutra, Shrine, there's dozens of reinventions and some truly excelling works. You could boot up almost any somewhat prolific wad made within the past 5 or so years and they would be much more technical and riveting than most things you could possibly find from the 2000s (darn dark ages!), and may parallel in eccentricity of most 90's projects. Please people, play the new stuff, we should be beyond grateful to have this.