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  1. Good stuff as usual Doomkid, definitely had fun blasting through these. I like how free-flowing the combat is and you can go pretty much all out in the earlier maps. Dangers mount up in the second half of the set but there is still a lot of room for aggression. Health and armor are in abundance but I did find pretty much all secrets. The Rev that is inside the secret in map04 does not wake up until you shoot him directly, even when the secret is open; perhaps not intended? A customary offering of FDAs in the attachment, recorded with glboom+. FDA_mohawk.zip
  2. Very cool set, really enjoyed all maps! I'm a fan of big sprawling maps so these were right up my alley, especially 01 & 07. Recorded FDAs (glboom+ cl2) but they are for RC 1.0... FDA_UmbraPlatinum.zip
  3. Veinen

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    Hero Revenant taking one for team there for sure. Also don't mind at all, be my guest!
  4. Veinen

    Siderurgica - A Doom 1 vanilla map.

    Echoing others here, this is a very cool classic style map you've made. Great interconnected layout with a lot of optional stuff, but still compact enough that it's easy to navigate and progress. It's overall a pretty easy map, especially if you explore and find secrets, but perfectly fitting for a E2-styled map. Good work and hoping to see more! My FDA is attached, recorded with glboom+ and complevel 3. FDA_siderurgica.zip
  5. Veinen

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    Decided to give this a try earlier this week after some time off... Attached is my very casual and leisurely-paced survival in 1:39:54. It's a category 2 demo as I've played through Abcess and its beta versions a few times so I was familiar with the maps; some I remembered very well (01 & 02 especially) and some less so (04). Best part is when I lose all brain function in the very last stages of map04 yet somehow, and frankly pretty undeservedly, survive despite unimaginable stupidity and extremely low health (might have even dropped to 1% for a very brief moment!) so I can definitely recommend watching the part around 50-55 mins. Also sorry for skipping through the map06 intermission screen so quick, I thought there was one more to go. DWIronman_Abcess_Veinen.zip
  6. Veinen

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Just dropping by to unload this package of FDAs I recorded this week. there is one for every map, except for maps 26, 31 & 32. Everything was recorded with akeldama_b1.wad with glboom+ This was my first Dooming in months and I just had a cast removed from my now-recovering broken thumb so everything's maybe a bit rusty, but I do manage to finish all maps (unless I misremember) after a few attempts at most. Overall this is a cool and varied set of maps, definitely had a good time playing through! A few maps relied a bit too much on instapopping monsters to my liking and there were a certain few traps that I disliked (i.e. the ones where I immediately die because I don't have the correct weapon equipped). Map25 is one which I remember having some weird stuff happening but looks like EffinghamHuffnagel covered a lot of stuff already a month ago. There was a big visual glitch in the southeast corner of the map, when the big platform had lowered all the way down, but it could just be a glboom thing though. Anyway, good work guys and thanks for an entertaining experience! Edit: Forgot to mention that I actually played through E1 back when it was first released so technically the demos for E1 here are not real FDAs. I did remember a thing here and another there which definitely helped. FDA_akeldama_01-30_Veinen.zip
  7. Veinen

    Memorable video game songs

    What a thrill...
  8. It's a pretty cool map. Apart from the extreme dumbness in the first minute or so, resulting in a death, I didn't really have any issues with health, ammunition or difficulty. Looks like I took the "intended" route wrt weapon progression as I had both SSG and RL when reaching the BK, which did help my cause. i can see how taking a couple of wrong turns might lead to a tricky situation though, if you're underequipped when grabbing the BK. Finished in 17-18 minutes but didn't really go looking for secrets other than what I stumbled into while progressing through the map (and I'm also probably a bit speedier player than the average doomer). FDA in the attachment, recorded with glboom+. FDA_Hydrogen.zip
  9. Veinen

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Played through with glboom+ complevel 2. UV pistol start FDAs for all maps in the attachment. Map07 breaks on me in the RK wing, linedef actions on linedefs 811 and 809 don't work and prevent progress so DNF for that map. Enjoyable set of maps. Pretty classic stuff in that distinctive and recognizable nic monti -style. FDA_massexe_01-07.zip
  10. Happy to help! I'm glad to hear that just by playing I can give something back, even when the wad already feels so tested and "final" like here. Obviously it was E4M8 which broke not E4M9, apologies for the mix up.
  11. This is really good, great work! Already played through all of it and this is exactly as advertised: very traditional and very fun. I like the difficulty too, a little bit tougher than the original but still you don't have to think too much on casual UV. A few things I noticed in E4 (played with glboom+ and complevel 3: E4M3: I hear a Cyber roar at the beginning of the level but he never shows up. Bug or a case of me breaking the level? E4M9: This one broke on me, I think. I killed the SM and all three Cybers and the platforms lowered a bit but then nothing happens. Lots of monsters still left but I can't proceed (?). I hope you like FDAs because I recorded one for every map (in the attachment). Died a couple of times, got lost a couple of times but mostly they are pretty short. Sinergy_FDA_Veinen.zip
  12. Veinen

    Stifled Man Casino - new map

    I broke it. Picked up the red key and tried to go through the RK door when the map collapsed on itself. Happens around 5 minute mark in the attached demo, played with glboom+ and complevel 2. Seems like a fun arena-style map if not for the small technical difficulties. FDA_casino_Veinen.zip
  13. Veinen

    What are you listening to?

    Rigor Mortis is such a classic.