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  1. Egyptian themed maps are my jam so I gave this a go; it's a great little set overall, had a lot of fun playing through first on UV and then UV with coop monsters. Your difficulty assessment is pretty spot on, it's pretty laid back but with plenty of hectic moments to keep you on your toes. You really do seem to like that crossfire gameplay mechanic to keep the player moving. The coop monsters make the maps a little bit beefier, but not actually that much more difficult I feel. It was my second playthrough so I did have the advantage of overall foreknowledge and there weren't any surprise coop extra monster moments (even the second AV in map05 I was kind of expecting). The music choices in the wad are excellent, digging the Greek folk type vibes and it makes the set more distinct from e.g. the Epics. Visually everything looks great and you've done an excellent job of creating a believable "realistic" ancient Egypt environment. Great work! Some misc commentary for each map below in spoilers: FDAs in the attachment, played with dsda-doom 0.26.2. The zip includes demos for both playthroughs. My laptop had some serious issues with map01 for some reason making it super laggy, so both map01 demos probably look a bit weird. In the coop UV map03 demo I forgot you respawn rather than restart upon death but I was pretty much finished with the map anyway so I just cleaned up and exited rather than start over. FDA_sekhemti_01-06.zip
  2. Veinen

    Scorn (4 new maps!) RC3

    This was a lot of fun. Very well balanced, not too difficult but vey engaging all the way through. I dig the RL and PG centric gameplay, pretty much allows you to pick the pace yourself and leaves room for very aggressive play. Good work once again! FDAs for all maps in the attachment, played on UV with dsda-doom 0.26.2 FDA_Scorn_01-10.zip
  3. Yeah this is pretty damn good. Really fun fast-paced gameplay and looks great too. I managed to find a couple of those super-secret chaos mode thingies but unfortunately only after everything was dead. Something to test on the second playthrough... A couple of things I noticed: I found out that you can somewhat cheese the RK ambush in map04 by triggering it from above, which I assume is not intended. I feel like it makes things quite a bit easier, though still not completely trivial. There's a floating energy cell in map08 near the beginning, it's shown late in my FDA when I'm finished with the map other than secret hunting. Recorded FDAs with glboom+ cl2. FDA_glaive3_01-10.zip
  4. Category 1 Finished in 60:06 DWIronman_BeyondRevival_Veinen.zip
  5. Veinen

    32 in 64kb demos [-complevel 2]

    Map09 UV-max in 0:19 3264k09-019.zip Map16 UV-max in 0:20 3264k16-020.zip Map25 UV-max in 0:14 3264k25-014.zip
  6. Veinen

    32 in 64kb demos [-complevel 2]

    Map04 UV-max in 0:16 3264k04-016.zip Map05 UV-max in 0:14 3264k05-014.zip Map07 UV-max in 0:18 3264k07-018.zip Map08 UV-max in 0:08 3264k08-008.zip
  7. Veinen

    32 in 64kb demos [-complevel 2]

    Map03 UV-max in 0:11 3264k03-011.zip
  8. Veinen

    32 in 64kb demos [-complevel 2]

    Map27 UV-max in 0:09 3264k27-009.zip
  9. Played through this today (on UV), some really fun and fast-paced stuff you have here! Lots of bloodletting with some moderately mean traps here and there but still very manageable even in a blind playthrough. Great layouts as well, the way the maps open up is pretty neat. I believe I may have found one small thing to fix; a softlock (I think?) early on in map01, see attached demo (DSDA doom) for demonstration. ps. sorry for the nauseatingly janky movement in the demo, I'm still trying to get used to DSDA doom's mouse sensitivity which is rather different from prboom+ that I'm so used to. Caff_01_softlock.zip
  10. Just played through this and enjoyed it a lot. Lovely Scythe-like medium sized levels with good action, neat aesthetics and definite old school vibes. Not very tough overall but the third episode does start turning the heat a little bit with Rev, AV and Cyber density increasing noticeably. Also liked your style with secrets and how accessible they all were, quite easy to find most of them if you just pay a little bit of attention and use the automap for clues. Great work! I recorded FDA demos for each map (attached), if such are of interest. Played on UV with glboom+ FDA_nostalgia_01-32.zip
  11. Category 1 finished (map15) in 44:46. Tried to play fast, which moderately well I guess. Backfired a bit in a few maps where I just got confused and lost due to not paying enough attention in certain areas. Last map had me sweating a bit until I finally found the way. DWIronman_Intime_Veinen.zip
  12. Veinen

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vigor!

    Here's my effort, category 1 and dead on map10 with 191 kills. I've played very little doom all year so surprised to get even this far. Fatigue and stupidity killed me in the end, which was to be expected. Seems like a fun mapset though, one of the many I'm sure that I have missed in my inactivity. DWIronman_Vigor_Veinen.zip
  13. I finished RC1 a while ago but forgot to post. Had a really good time with this overall, I have always liked your mapping style a lot and this classic & chill version is no different in that. Very much easygoing as advertised and that was exactly what I needed after a few months of zero dooming. Excellent stuff as always! Attached are my UV FDAs for RC1, dunno if they are of any use at this point though. Recorded with prboom+ FDA_AR_RC1_01-32.zip
  14. @valkiriforce Quick heads up: map02 has a tag 0 linedef (574) with W1 Door Open Stay action, which completely breaks the map if you happen to cross it (at least in prboom+ Not exactly in the main path but secret hunters might stumble upon it. FDA attached for evidence. Also sector 97 as secret in the same map seems like a mistake. FDA_AR_RC1_02.zip
  15. Veinen

    [Doom 2] A One Rabbit Open Slay

    Really good exploration-heavy map with a festive theme. The "realistic" style is very well done and there are a lot of little details to love, especially all the doomcute stuff and of course the BFG factory part. I admit skipping the op's objective description but I got enough hint from the exit gate to understand what needed to be done, although I was briefly confused as to what to do when I completed the first area. The map is not particularly difficult, mostly just incidental combat with plenty of supplies, but it's fine and I suppose fitting for this stealthy delivery mission. I feel like I went through the map in a kind of a backwards order since I went to the factory floor section first which is the most heavily populated area and has the most threatening encounter in the map. Wouldn't call that an issue and I think it fits the theme to have an open layout, just a little unexpected to have something of a climax combat-wise so early. Enjoyed this very much, so thanks and well done! My FDA in the attachment, recorded with glboom+ on UV. FDA_drlzoros.zip