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  1. Counterattack map02 max in 13:13
  2. I'll likely skip map03 since you have it done already. 12:xx seems like a good time for a Mek map so I doubt there are any major route improvements to be found there, so another max would be kinda pointless at this point.
  3. Counterattack map01 max in 17:49
  4. Here's a (not very well planned) D2ALL max for End Point for good measure. I guess I'm done with this wad then. D2ALL (maps 01-07) max in 37:18
  5. End Point map07 max in 6:14
  6. Another End Point demo. map06 max in 4:50
  7. Yes, more End Point. map05 max in 7:51
  8. End Point map03 max in 3:50 map04 max in 6:38
  9. End Point map01 max in 1:59 map02 max in 3:46
  10. Your Remain 1 playlist is actually UV-speed not UV-max.
  11. Finished, not blind. Time was 31 something I think.
  12. That would probably be a good idea, given that without the RL that fight is a bit too much to handle for most players I reckon and escape is the only reasonable way to survive it. And it's true that dealing with the horde later when they're stuck on the stairs is a tad tedious and provides no real challenge, so if you could find a way to rework the stairs so that the enemies can descend to the ground floor and pursue the player, it would definitely be a good improvement on that part.
  13. Always ready for more Steve D maps! Wasn't quite good enough to beat it under 15 minutes but perhaps you'll find some use for this FDA either way. That's some sloppy as hell playing though but ehh. Fun stuff, not very hard but engaging nonetheless. I think I managed to take the worst possible route in the beginning and I was horribly underequipped for what might be the most difficult ambush in the map on the path to the RK, but luckily you left the door open for an escape so no pelts for you this time. The fight in the PG area was rather nicely designed I think, wasn't expecting the Revs at all and they're a bit awkward to deal with among the small waterfalls.