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  1. kaiser_7 max in 5:15 kaiser7-515.zip
  2. kaiser_22 max in 12:15 kaiser22-1215.zip
  3. kaiser_20 max in 6:37 kaiser20-637.zip
  4. Demos attached. Darken1 is category 3 I guess (did not play but watched some demos) and darken2 is Category 2,5. Those darken2 demos were recorded late last year so I know the maps like the back of my hand. DWIronman_Veinen_darken1-2.zip
  5. kaiser_15 max in 4:39 kaiser15-439.zip
  6. kaiser_18 max in 9:57 kaiser18-957.zip
  7. kaiser_12 max in 14:01 kaiser12-1401.zip
  8. Next up kaiser_11 Demos are a bit lazy... Not really my preferred type of maps. map01 max in 0:41 map02 max in 1:08 map03 max in 1:41 map04 max in 1:44 map05 max in 2:56 kaiser11_01-05.zip
  9. kaiser_9 max in 8:19 kaiser9-819.zip
  10. kaiser_8 max in 5:49 kaiser8-549.zip
  11. kaiser_5 max in 7:58 kaiser5-758.zip
  12. kaiser_4 max in 9:58 kaiser4-958.zip
  13. kaiser_2 max in 2:19 kaiser2-219.zip